XDTH Chapter 6: You are worse than trash


It was still early in the morning and Xiebing was already yawning repeatedly. The sky was already turning light when she came out of the ring after fixing up/helping out Lingxiao yesterday. This morning, she still had to reach the training room to receive the family’s training, even though this training is of no help to Xiebing.

Walking on the road half asleep, shouts and screams were heard, waking Xiebing up abruptly. Xiebing who just awoke turned around to walk to the direction of the noise. It’s so early in the morning, who had so much energy to fight?

“All of you, Jun clan’s, trash! Still, have the cheek to go to the training site?!”

“Damn you! Who is the trash are you talking about?! We are not trash!”

Hearing the 2 voices cursing at each other, Xiebing raised her eyes to have a look. It’s a group fight? To be more precise, two groups of wimpy kids are fighting, obviously, one group of teenagers were bullying the other group.

After watching for a while, Xiebing slowly understood the cause of the fight. One group was the Jun family geniuses, the other group was the Jun family ‘trash’ who couldn’t reach the spirit ability of rank 6 and the reason for the fight was that the geniuses deemed these ‘trash’ have no rights to come to the training site, complaining that they embarrass the Jun family.

Rage flashed across Xiebing’s black eyes, not knowing was still alright but now, after knowing the reason, the anger in Xiebing involuntarily shot up. She gathered the true element in her body and shouted in a very loud voice,


Everyone heard her roar stopped and looked over to Xiebing. When the realised the person whose roar made them scared was just a little girl, they laughed, a little girl actually scared them?

Someone from the crowd shouted, “It’s her? Innate gold spirit ability, Jun Xiebing!”

Hearing that, everyone looked at Xiebing unfathomably, so this is the clan’s number one genius? The people who originally wanted to teach Xiebing a lesson had lost their voice.

The clan’s current top genius is not someone that they can offend yet, even more so that Jun Xiebing is the granddaughter of the patriarch, a direct line of descendants.

Xiebing looked at the two parted groups, both groups were around 12 years old, one group had an obvious scar/bruise/wound, and their eyes held inferiority and unwillingness.

The other group lifts their head up very proudly, looking just like a peacock.

Looking at the two very different expressions, Xiebing felt profoundly wrathful!

If the Jun family continues to advance like this, they might as well just choose to perish!

“Genius? Trash? What is a genius?! What is trash?! You guys? Think that achieving over rank 6 spirit ability in the spirit ability test means you are genius already? All of you so called geniuses are just an ant in front of stronger opponents! What rights do you have to ridicule them as trash?!”

“And you guys! Others say that you are trash, they give up on you, so you also abandoned yourselves, gave up on yourselves? Since the heavens didn’t give you outstanding talents, then you guys should work even harder than others! Two times is not enough then 10 times! No one is born into this world as a genius neither is anyone born as trash! People who give up on themselves are the real trash!”

Xiebing’s anger was directed to the two groups by howling at them, even her face turned red.

Some of the teenagers looked down feeling ashamed and some of them refused to accept Xiebing’s criticism.

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“What? You don’t want to accept it?! I tell you, this group who loves to boast are worse than trash!” Xiebing looked at that group of people and reprimanded feeling furious.

“Even though our status is not a high as yours, you also can’t humiliate us like that!” one of the teenagers shouted at Xiebing, his whole face expressed flames of fury and he clenched his fist tightly.

He is one of the geniuses in the Jun family, but now he was scolded to be worse than trash?! He, who is extremely arrogant, refuses to let others humiliate him like that.

“Humiliated you?! What qualifications do have for me to humiliate?! One group of people who only know how to use talents to bully others have what kind of qualifications?! Complain that they will cause Jun family to lose face? Is bullying your brothers and sisters very honourable?!”

“Three months, in three months, I want them to defeat you, ‘geniuses’! I tell you, only good talents nothing else matters! A genius who doesn’t work hard is only one of the trash!” Xiebing said pointing at the ‘trash’ group, declared war on behalf of them!

“Fine, in three months, if we win, I want you to apologise to us publicly!” the teenager who was clenching his fist demanded.

“No problem! Then if you guys lose, from today onwards, I do not wish to hear trash this word and definitely do not want to see this situation happen again!” Xiebing said, looking at the teenager. If he can change his arrogant attitude, then the Jun family will be outstanding in this generation!

“Ok! In three months, this old man will personally host the event!” a deep, resounding and full of dignity voice come through the crowd, giving everyone a fright. Soon after, three people, Jun Canghai, Jun Ruohai and Jun Ruotian walked to the centre of the crowd in a straight line.

The three of them were in the study discussing official business but jumped up in surprise when they hear Xiebing’s holler. Hurrying down to the source of the holler, the three of them heard the young, tender voice of Xiebing speaking forth words with a commanding tone, a tone that screams ‘no one is allowed to deny’ and their faces showed both excitement and shame

A group of teenage girls didn’t dare say anything else after seeing that the patriarch had spoken.

“Grandfather, can you gather all the people whose spirit ability is below rank 6 tomorrow morning? Bing er will trail them personally!” Xiebing looked at her grandfather Jun Canghai, he just needs to nod his head and she will cut off the word trash from the Jun family!

Jun Canghai and the other 2 looked at Xiebing who was full of confidence and showed a slight smile. The three of them look face to face and sighed. Although they were very interested in Xiebing training them personally, but she is only a 5-year-old girl.

Xiebing noticed the disbelief on grandfather, uncle and father’s faces and she also knew of her current age but this doesn’t mean she will just give up.

“Grandfather, within three months, just give me three months and in the end, even if it doesn’t succeed, it wouldn’t harm the clan.

Jun Canghai and the other two listened to Xiebing. They looked at each other and at last, the patriarch, Jun Canghai revealed a smile. He said to Xiebing, “Ok, bing Er, grandfather promise you. Grandfather is looking forward to another great surprise that you will give.

Jun Ruohai and Jun Ruotian looked at Jun Canghai with disbelief.

Why did Father agree to Xiebing’s ridiculous request?

“Grandfather, uncle, father! Bing Er will end the name calling in the family once and for all!” Xiebing looked at the three elders seriously, Xiebing’s strongly promised!

Bidding farewell to the three, Xiebing walked towards her room.

“Father, is it really appropriate to agree to Bing er? She is only 5 years old!” The three stunned people returned to the study room, Jun Ruotian asked. Even though he was shocked, his eyes were filled with pride. No matter what was the ending, he would be proud of his daughter! After all, she said all that even though she was only 5!

Jun Canghai and Jun Ruohai rolled their eyes when they saw his smug look.

Jun Canghai said, “Ruotian, the surprise Xiebing brought to us in 5 years is not small. All of you should understand, if Bing er managed to solve this issue, then our Jun clan will have a great impact on the entire continent, don’t you think so?”

“That’s right, let us give Xiebing free reign! I believe Xiebing wouldn’t disappoint us!” Jun Ruohai said with great confidence in his niece.

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