RSMLP Chapter 35 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.6)


Gu Jinmi stared quite shocked at Jun Hao who was running non stop on the court. Seems like the gentle supporting male lead can be so… hmm, how do I say it? Have a wild and boorish side! But no matter he is gentle and soft or wild and boorish, he is still so handsome!

“Woah! Prince Qin Ming! Prince Jun Hao! Go go go!”

Listening to all the fanatical fans cheering the team on, made Gu Jinmi blush. Haha, they are not the male lead and the supporting male leads for nothing! The cheers for them are so loud, is not something that just anyone can compete with! But cheering for them seems like it creates a better competitive atmosphere! Eh! I’ve got it!

“Jun Hao gege good luck, Qin Ming gege good luck!” Gu Jinmi cheered, stood up and waved her hands.

Jun Hao heard Gu Jinmi’s shout and turned around, responding to her with a smile.

Gu Jinmi was love-struck, WOW! He is so handsome! But to the people beside Gu Jinmi, they thought that the smile meant for Gu Jinmi was meant for them and at that moment, their young hearts filled to the point of bursting!

“Woah! D-d-did you see that? Prince Jun Hao was smiling at me!”

“No way! It was me he was smiling at!”

“It’s me, it’s me, it’s me! Are you all blind?”

Gu Jinmi looked at the two people engaged in a heated argument because of Jun Hao’s smile. At once, she felt the power of a handsome man is really strong! Just a smile from him can cause a stir. But sisters, sorry but you guys got the wrong message thinking that Jun Hao was smiling at you! He was obviously acknowledging me ok?!

Half the match was already over, it had no suspense. Jun Hao had an overwhelming victory over him! This kind of basketball match was not interesting at all! There is no suspense! How can they lose if the male lead and supporting male lead are in the team?! Hai! Boring, boring! The opponent is too weak!

It had reached the rest time at the half game. Gu Jinmi saw Jun Hao suddenly leave the court and wondered what happened. Eh? What’s going on?! Why is he not playing anymore?

“Wow! Wow, Prince Jun Hao left the court! Ah! Why?!”

“Exactly, exactly! We are here because we want to see Prince Jun Hao play!”

“Eh! It looks like Prince Jun Hao is walking towards the audience! Prince Jun Hao, over here, over here!”

“Woah! Prince Jun Hao is walking towards us! Prince Jun Hao, over here, there is a seat over here!”

Gu Jinmi frowned hearing all the screams. Honestly, must they be so excited? I’m going deaf hearing all your screams.

Jun Hao looked at the surrounding people with a smile and said gently, “Sorry, excuse me.”

Because of this one sentence, the females around him screamed incessantly!

“Ah! Prince Jun Hao spoke to me, he spoke to me!”

“Prince Jun Hao your voice is so nice, so gentle! Ah! I’m going to be drunk on your voice!”

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Gu Jinmi rolled her eyes, honestly, only know to womanize.

Jun Hao noticed Gu Jinmi little movement and innocently rubbed his nose. You can’t blame all this on me! It’s also not like I want this to happen! It’s just that this school’s female students are too crazy!

It was not easy for Jun Hao to squeeze to Gu Jinmi. He looked at the student next to her and smiled, “Excuse me, but could you please move a seat down?”

The student immediately moved a seat down and smiled foolishly at him, “Haha, Prince Jun Hao, sit, sit!”

Then she quietly said to the girl beside her, “OMG! I have the blessings of 3 lifetimes! Prince Jun Hao sat down beside me, it’s like a big meat pie just dropped from the sky! And it’s the kind of big that I cannot handle any more! Ahhh! No, no, I going to faint feeling so fortunate.”

Gu Jinmi felt like vomiting when she heard that, puh-lease girl, can you be a little more normal, more restrained?! You being like this is making us females lose face!

If that girl knew what Gu Jinmi was thinking, she will definitely retort back, “What is normal, what is restraint, I only know that Prince Jun Hao is sitting beside me!”

Jun Hao noticed Gu Jinmi looking gloomy and asked, “Haha, what’s wrong?”

“Humph! Nothing, don’t talk to me, I’m afraid once you talk to me, the glares from the surrounding female will kill me.”

“Haha, little girl, are you jealous?”

Gu Jinmi rolled her eyes and said, “Cheh, I don’t like jealousy! I am only worried that I have no chance to walk out of the basketball court today.”

“Humph! Show me, which person in this school dares to bully my girl.”

Gu Jinmi glanced at the proud Jun Hao and smiled, “Hahaha, Jun Hao gege, do you know what you look like now?”

“Like what?”

“Haha, like a child, Jun Hao gege, you are so cute!”

Jun Hao wordlessly stretched out his hand and knocked Gu Jinmi head. Then he said, “Child! Cute! En, little try saying it again.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao’s threatening face and hurriedly shook her head, “No, nothing, it was nothing. I didn’t say anything, you didn’t hear anything!”

“Oh! Really? So are you saying that I am deaf?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao pitifully, “Jun Hao gege, I’m wrong, don’t look into it anymore. I know you are the best.”

“Haha, oh! Really? So Jin er now then realised I’m the best! I’m hurt!”

“No, no, no. Jun Hao gege, wuwu, twist the flaw in other people’s words?! Hateful, hateful.”

“Ok, ok, ok, it’s my fault. Why, are you tired already?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao dumbfounded, “Jun Hao gege, you are the one in the match! I am only sitting here, watching you play, how can I be tired?”

“Haha, is it? But I think someone is tired because she was shouting!”

“I was encouraging you, didn’t you see all the other girls shouting crazily, no that’s not right, it should be crazier than crazy. Looks like Jun Hao gege, you are very welcomed in the school! So many girls like you.”

“Haha, still say you were not jealous! I think I am smelling a spilt bottle of vinegar! So sour, so sour! I wonder who spilt it?!”

“Jun Hao gege, humph! You are too hateful, I’m ignoring you, you are such a scoundrel, taking me for a joke. I-I-I…”

“Haha, ok, ok, carry on watching the match! I won’t tease you anymore.”

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