XDTH Chapter 7: Refine pills, demon training


Once she reached her little courtyard, Xiebing immediately entered the jade ring to prepare for tomorrow’s training.

“Xiebing? You’ve returned!” Lingxiao who was training, said excitedly, immediately standing up.

“En, I want to refine a batch of pills. Eh? Lingxiao, you have already cultivated to the seventh level of spirit scholar? Tomorrow I am going to train a bunch of people from the clan, you shall come and join us!” Xiebing was very happy, looking at Lingxiao’s spirit level quickly increasing.

“En, ok.” hearing Xiebing praise him made him beam with joy.

Xiebing walked further in but couldn’t seem to find Xueying so she asked him through telepathy, “Xueying? Are you ok?”

Xueying quickly answered, “Xiebing, this place has an abundant amount of spiritual power, I am going into advancement, may need to lie dormant for a long period of time, you have to guard yourself properly.”
Xiebing was happy for him hearing that he was going to advancement. She told him to go into advancement without worry and that she will take care of herself.

After that, Xiebing began to prepare the ingredients needed to make the pills. In the five years, she planted and grew many exotic flowers and rare herbs. so gathering all the ingredients needed was easy she also asked Lingxiao to help her classify the herbs.

Xiebing took out a furnace and step-by-step refined the foundation pill. Even though this is her first time refining, but her skills are not bad at all!

As time goes by, the spiritual power in the air seeped in and a faint sweet scent flowed through the air within the jade ring. Not long after, the furnace produced a burst of light!

Pills succeeded!

Xiebing opened the furnace and nodded in approval, looking at the 600 foundation pills that were created.

The quality of the pills is also of the highest grade. After that, Xiebing also refined 500 Hundred Flower pills which are used for advancement and 500 Strength Returning pill which is used to recover physical strength.
At present, the medicinal herbs in the jade ring can only be used to refine these 3 simple pills. Xiebing made up her mind, next time, I definitely have to plant many more different kinds of exotic flowers and herbs in the jade ring.

Xingbing very happily refined the pills. Lingxiao was behind her, looking at Xiebing as if she is a goddess as if there is nothing she cannot do. He swore to himself that he would work hard and be even stronger.

After refining the pills, Xiebing and Lingxiao said goodbye to each other, then she left the jade ring. Seeing that it was still early, Xiebing ran to the training area to put up a gravitational force spell at the back and returned to her little courtyard to sleep. Wheww, refining pills really takes up a lot of energy.

After a good night’s sleep, Xiebing and Lingxiao went to the training site together. At this present moment, there are over 200 teenagers, the youngest is only 6-years-old and the oldest are 16.

This group also consists of Xiebing’s older brother, second cousin, oldest cousin and the little fatty, Jun Zixuan.
On the stage was all the Jun family’s attendants. Xiebing greeted them and received a nod from grandfather. She then stood on the stone step and looked at all the 200 teenagers.

Among these people were not only the ‘trash’ of Jun family but also around 10 geniuses of Jun family.

Other than the few people Xiebing was familiar with, almost all the people looked at Xiebing eagerly. 3 months, even though no one believes that this girl can raise their spiritual ability much in 3 months, but they rather believe in a false hope than nothing at all.

Because they never want to hear the word ‘trash’ ever again, not willing to become trash, not willing to become the family’s burden, not willing for their natural talents to be the cause of their loved one’s hair turning white. They are not willing, not willing!

“Tell me! Do you want to cast off the words trash?! Do you want to become a person who other looks up to, a person who is known as strong and capable?!”Xiebing loudly asked the audience of all different ranks of spirit power.
“Want!” Even though they doubted her, but none of them wants to reject. After all, this is everyone’s deepest desires and answered without hesitation, cause Xiebing to nod her head.

“Since all of you want to become strong and capable people, so the next step you have to do is to obey! Remember! Obey without any conditions! If you can’t do that, right now, immediately turn around and walk out!” Xiebing’s voice rang with authority. No one left even though they had objections.

“Very good! Since all of you are willing to stay, so you have to go through great adversary and prepare yourself! I will train you ruthlessly, inhumanly! So much so that some of you may die! Starting now, everyone run 12 rounds around the training room! You are not allowed to eat until you finish all the rounds!”

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Jun Xiechen and a few others gasped with horror at the small, confident and proud figure, Jun Canghai and the rest on the stage were also caught off guard and their jaws dropped. Is this really their cute, lively little Bing er?! Did someone swap souls with her?!

After saying that, Xiebing unleashed one more time of gravitational force power, and shouted, “Do you not want lunch?!”

Everyone came back to their senses and immediately started running. All of them moving their feet after stepping into the gravitational force spell but some fell miserably to the ground due to their lack of strength.

Feeling the obviously heavyweight in their steps, everyone knew that it was caused by Xiebing. They kept in their unwillingness and continued running, at the same time, Xiebing ran with all the others.

After the third round, many of them are already losing their energy, so Xiebing asked with a taunting tone, “It has only been 5 rounds and you can’t go on?! I can continue why can’t you guys keep up?! Don’t tell me you are even inferior to me, a five-year-old?!”

Shame filled them when they heard Xiebing’s words. Since she can endure, why couldn’t they?

After the fifth round, many of them fainted while the rest have reached their limits.
Xiebing ran up to the stage, took a deep breath and yelled, “STOP!”

That was the best word they have heard in their entire life! They immediately collapsed on the ground panting.

Everyone, stand up and slowly move your body! No one drinks water until they have recovered!” hearing that, they all stood up unwillingly and slowly moved their body.

“Grandfather, order somebody to dissolve these pills into the water and distribute the water for them to drink even the people who have fainted! This is a strength returning pill, drinking it will allow you to recover your physical strength!” Xiebing said, handing a bottle of pills over to him.

Xiebing’s voice woke Jun Canghai and the others from their shock, not once have they thought that Xiebing would train everyone like this. Besides what good would this method be?!
Suddenly, they remembered hearing an important message, Strength Returning pill? Recovers your physical strength after drinking it? Jun Canghai quickly ordered someone to follow her instructions and looked questioningly at Xiebing.

Xiebing knows what they wanted to know, so she playfully winked and said, “After the training, Xiebing will give another surprise to everyone!”

In this period of time, the people below the stage have recovered all their strength even those who fainted stood up glowing with health and radiating vigour! Xiebing looked at the people who now have quite a good level of strength and commanded straight away, “There is still 12 rounds, continue running!”

Everyone continued running after noticing the swift and fierce expression in Gu Jinmi’s eyes. Even when they felt extremely exhausted, they continued running after they ate the Strength Returning pill and recovered their strength.

In a day, Xiebing instructed those who have finished all their rounds to do frog jumps, do horse stance squats, do duck walk and sit-ups. She asked them to do whatever she can remember and is useful in her previous life.
At first, some paid no attention to her training methods, some of them started complaining and some even started thinking whether this was Xiebing’s way of torturing them! What is the use of using such bizarre methods? Isn’t it better and more logical to train their spells?

But as they trained even more in-depth, they realised, every one of these movements had helped them develop a stronger physique. Just doing it once, helps the spiritual energy in them flow faster by one minute!

Feeling the speed of the spiritual energy flowing in them increase, no longer did they complain, but continued work hard and follow her instructions!

Finally, on Xiebing’s command, the one day of hell training that everyone had toured through, had ended!

All of them released a sigh of relief and collapsed on the floor…

Even the younger generation that is recognised by the head of the Jun family, Jun Xiechen, was sprawled out on his back on the floor. He said jokingly, “Going through Xiao Bing er’s training feels just like we have returned and survived the 18 floors of hell!”
Everyone who heard that nodded feebly!

Now everyone didn’t have the initial suspicions they felt towards Bing er anymore. Even though they were already feeling half dead after one day of training, each one of them could feel the spiritual energy in them moving at fast speed and felt the increase of their spiritual energy.

They also thought, if they continued this training, they would receive breakthrough soon!

Xiebing looked at the very sore crowd and the corner of the lips curved up into a smile. With a clear, innocent tone, she said, “My older brother and sisters, don’t worry, this is not the 18 floors of hell! Today’s training is only the foundation, as for hell, you will slowly be able to taste it!”

The clear tone she used was as if she was saying, “Today’s food is really delicious, but tomorrow’s will be better!”

Everyone who had just staggered up onto their feet heard her and immediately collapsed on the floor again!
In front of them was just a small, innocent looking girl but the two words they were thinking of and shooting out of their eyes were the words, devil! This small kid is the devil’s incarnate!

Xiebing looked at them smiling happily, turned around and walked towards grandfather and the rest. But before she turned around, she left one more sentence, “We will continue tomorrow, today’s schedule has been completed!”

The limp crowd on the floor have no more strength to ponder over Xiebing’s words.

Xiechen, Xiesi and Xieyun, looked at Xiebing and sighed loudly, “Next time, never irritate little sister! This girl is a wolf in sheep’s skin!”

But Lingxiao and Jun Zixuan looked at Xiebing and silently swore: must train even harder, must not be left so far behind.

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