RSMLP Chapter 36 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.7)


As the competition went on, the score gap between the two teams gradually got smaller and Gu Jinmi started to get nervous.

Jun Hao smiled and reassured, “Don’t worry! It’s ok, this is not our best yet! Besides, look at your Qin Ming gege, he is not even running!”

“Cheh, I am not worried!”

“Haha, really? So much faith.”

“Of course!” The aura of the male lead will definitely not lose to anyone, so there is no suspense! But because the supporting male lead is beside her and with the score distance shrinking, she has to pretend to be concerned!

Without a doubt, in the end, the male lead’s team won the match by 3 points.

Jun Hao stood up and said, “Ok, let’s go! Let’s not keep the others waiting.”

“En, ok, but shouldn’t you change your clothes first?”

“Jun Hao bent down his head and smelt his sweaty body. He nodded and agreed, “Ok, then wait for me for a while. Let’s go! We’ll go to my changing room first!”

“En, ok.”

When Jun Hao finished changing, Gu Jinmi opened the door. Behind that door was a group of people smiling and looking at them, “Yo, Jun Hao where did you kidnap this adorable young girl from?! And you didn’t introduce her to us, so unfriendly!”

Gu Jinmi’s face turned red as they said it and Jun Hao was wondering what kind of friends did he make! Talk so openly! So embarrassing!

Seeing that Gu Jinmi was uncomfortable, Jun Hao smiled and said, “All of you enough! You know it why do you have to say it out as well?” Then, he pulled Gu Jinmi into his arms.

“Wah! Understood, understood, let’s leave! Don’t stay here and be a light bulb!”

After they left, Gu Jinmi glared at Jun Hao and said, “Jun Hao gege, you, how could you?! When did I?”

“I what?! What when what?!”

“Jun Hao gege, you know what I’m talking about, you are such a nuisance. Saying it like that can cause people to misunderstand!”

“Haha. Misunderstand? But what to do? Little girl this is not a misunderstanding.”

“Huh? What?” Gu Jinmi said, pretending to not know. “Enough, let’s go! We are going to be late. Didn’t you say you don’t want the others to wait too long?”

Jun Hao pulled Gu Jinmi into his embrace, “Those people are not that insensible, little girl what is your answer?”

“Answer? What answer? What did you ask me?”

“Don’t pretend to be stupid. Little girl, I will not let you go unless you give me an answer today!”

“Pretend, I didn’t pretend! Jun Hao gege, relax your hold, it’s too tight.”

Jun Hao looked at her flushed face, “Oh, you want to be like that! Then I’ll ask again, little girl, will you be my girlfriend?”

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Gu Jinmi smiled and kept him in suspense, saying, “Ohh that! Jun Hao gege our age difference is 5 years! In this day and age, 2 years is one generation gap, if not 3 years is one generation gap! Since that’s the case, we are over one generation gap! So Jun Hao gege in between us there is an impassable river that is separating us! So! Jun Hao hehe this matter!”

“En, little girl, what are you saying?” Jun Hao asked looking at Gu Jinmi, “Little girl, are you trying to say that I’m old?”

“Haha, no, no, Jun Hao gege, you are in your prime, no one is able to be on the same par as you.” Wuwu isn’t she just smash a huge rock on her feet?! You can’t blame her for kissing up to him! You have to know Jun Hao is not a pleasant guy to be with when he is angry!

I remember once when we were younger, I didn’t listen to him and it resulted in a torturous lecture! Most importantly, my parents have already betrayed me and shove me under someone else’s care! Wuwu, wuwu, I was so miserable!

“That’s enough, you can’t fool me, now tell me! You haven’t given me an answer yet!” he cornered Gu Jinmi against the wall and stared in her eyes with one hand beside her head, on the wall.

Jun Hao was so close that his face was nearly touching Gu Jinmi’s. Gu Jinmi noticed that and blushed uncontrollably. Woah! His face is really very good! Even though my skin is considered good, but if I compare it with this demon in front of me, I would suffer a crushing defeat! And why are guy’s eyelashes longer than the woman’s?! How are they, women, going to survive now?!

Jun Hao observed Gu Jinmi looking at him in a trance and felt perfectly contented. Looks like this little girl is very satisfied with my facial features! Not bad, not bad. “Why are you still not answering whether you want to be my girlfriend?!”

Gu Jinmi said, still in a trance, “Jun Hao gege, your eyelashes are really long, so thick, so pretty!”

Once Jun Hao heard Gu Jinmi, his face turned serious. He straight up forced himself onto Gu Jinmi and bent down his head to kiss the place where he had always wanted to kiss.

Until Gu Jinmi felt herself had no more breath then he reluctantly parted with her lips and said, “Little girl, your vital capacity is so poor, looks like you have to practice more next time.” then he licked his lips, en, not bad, sure enough, it was the taste he had imagined before! No, it’s actually even better, let’s taste it one more time! But Gu Jinmi is out of breath, hai, nevermind, we’ll do it another time! I can’t wait to eat hot tofu [1]!

Gu Jinmi swallowed her saliva when she saw Jun Hao sexy action. Woah, so handsome!

Jun Hao noticed that little action and a smile tugged on his lips, “little girl,  how, is it not good?”

Puh-lease, can you not be such a monster? Can you please walk in your gentle route properly? Wuwu. “En, ummm, but mother told me not to have puppy love, I am only in high school!”

“Haha, I think if aunty knew that your puppy love is me, she wouldn’t object us!”

Haha, regarding this, Gu Jinmi only smiled, of course, I know that! My mother is unreliable, of course, she hopes to throw her own daughter to someone else! Loosening the reins to keep a tighter rein on them, but there must be a limit to doing this! If not, when the time comes, what can you do if that chance slips through your fingers?!

“En.” Gu Jinmi agreed bashfully, “But, if you treat me poorly, I’ll… I’ll…”

“Haha, then what you’ll do?!” Jun Hao realised he liked seeing her have enough of him so he purposely keeps denying her.

“Humph! Then I’ll have an illicit lover and find someone else.”

“Don’t worry! You have no chance of doing that.”

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1. taking advantage of her

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