XDTH Chapter 8: gifting a treasure, consuming pills


When the training was over, Xiebing, grandfather, uncle, father and 5 elders went into the study and all of them stared at Xiebing.

“Bing er, should you explain something?” Jun Canghai beamed, looking like an old fox.

“Un, Bing er is here to deliver a treasure!” Looking at their actions, Xiebing decided not to tease them any longer and prepared to present her methods of training and the pills she had created.

As for the secret of the jade ring, Xiebing felt it wasn’t time to reveal it yet.

“Let’s talk about the pills first. This is a Strength Returning pill, the main purpose is to recover your physical strength, at the moment I have 500 of it! Next, the Hundred Flower pill, the main purpose is to use at advancement to break the bottleneck! Lastly, it’s the Foundation pill, which is also the most important one, however low one’s natural talent is will become a genius when they eat this Foundation pill!” Xiebing laughed mischievously, looking at the people whose jaws have dropped to the floor.

Jun Canghai and a few others regained their composure and looked worriedly at the pills, especially the three elders who are crazy about pills! Xiebing’s two-faced thinking intimidated them! And there is still more!

“Hai! Are all of you not going to see what these are?” Xiebing said pointing at all the skills book. It appears to be that the books would have higher usage than the pills!

Xiebing picked 4 skill books that are suitable for everyone to grasp and train: Shang Gu Spirit Cultivation, Comprehensive Collection of tool smelting, Completed Works of pills and Magic Arts of Taming!

They were in shocked as they flipped through the books, Oh heavens! All these things were taken out today to purely frighten people right?!

Father, Jun Ruotian suddenly thought of something, and asked her solemnly, “Bing er, where did you get all these from?” Everyone returned from their shock and simultaneously turned to Xiebing.

“It’s left behind by Bing er’s master, one time when Bing er went out, she saw a heavily injured old man. Bing er helped the old man to bandage his wound and he not only gave all these to me, he still took me in as an apprentice! Bing er didn’t want to let down the wishes of a critically ill old man so she formally acknowledges him as teacher! But little did I know that as soon as I bow my head, he took his last breath! Binger returned home after burying him!” Xiebing didn’t know how to explain it, furthermore, she cannot say that it was brought over from her past life! So the best option was to lie about having a master!

But from the time Xiebing broke into the ring, it had already acknowledged Xiebing as its owner and conducted the ritual (kowtow 3 times, worshipped 9 times)!

“Oh, so that’s why! Bing er, why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Jun Ruohai asked.

“Bing er only wanted to give you a surprise!”Xiebing innocently blinked her eyes, her black eyes misted over.

“That’s enough, stop pressuring Bing er. Bing er inherited all these from acknowledging her master is a good thing for the Jun family!” Jun Canghai defended, feeling heartache for Xiebing’s distress.

“Then, I’ll be going back to my little courtyard to rest! There is still training tomorrow.” Xiebing said and walked out of the door after obtaining permission.

After opening the big doors, Xiebing turned around and informed them, “Master also said, these training methods is his whole life’s blood, sweat and tears. He hopes that we, the Jun family can help him pass it down to future generations!”

Now after saying this, no one should have any more questions. She turned around and left.

Half a month flew past and the 200 teenagers have gone through several series of physical training. Their body and vital energy channels were comparably much better than half a month ago!

The expression in their eyes had changed the most. Previously, their eyes only held discontentment and inferiority but now, their eyes distinctly held confidence. Even though they wouldn’t win if they faced those geniuses right now, they wouldn’t be cornered so easily and wouldn’t embarrass themselves as much!

After observing them, Xiebing knew that their bodies can finally bear the power of the foundation pill.

Not saying much more, Xiebing instructed the servants to distribute one pill to everyone. They looked at Xiebing and the pill in their hand with puzzled gazes. Even though they do not know what was the use of a little pill, but in this half month, using the weird methods and items Xiebing have been taking out,  their strength has increased by a huge margin, therefore, it wasn’t too weird either.

“The medicinal pill in your hands is the most important step for the growth of your strength! It will change your body, meridians, so much so that you’ll become a genius!” Xiebing coldly said then she continued warning in a serious voice, “Take note, the process after eating this pill is very painful. However, if you persevere and endure, training after that will be very smooth sailing. But if you cannot endure… the best outcome: you will be crippled, worst outcome: death!”

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Woooooo…. [1]

Everyone felt a cold chill run down their spine as they take in what she said… best outcome: you will be crippled, worst outcome: death!

In this world which honours and respect your strength and power, if you get crippled, it’s just like you are already dead.

So at this moment, their heart and minds only had one sentence: persevere, no matter how painful, we must persevere on!

Don’t want to be trash, don’t want to be a cripple even more!

Jun Canghai and the others looked at Xiebing panic-strickenly, why didn’t they know that it carries such high risk?!

Of course, regarding what Xiebing said, it’s so that they would endure all the way. Even if the sentence ‘best outcome: you will be crippled, worst outcome: death!’ wasn’t exaggerated, with Xiebing here, this kind of situation definitely wouldn’t happen!

Xiebing is doing all these to allow the Jun family to have more geniuses, not to destroy them!

Xiebing gazed upon the audience whose determination was growing and nodded her head in approval. “Consume the pill, sit down comfortably in the cross-legged position, maintain your spirit energy!”

They immediately obeyed her orders without hesitation and sat down cross-legged. Not long after, they winced, feeling the pain travelling through their body.

The pain felt like ten million worms gnawing away in the meridians then blowing up. After which, a warm feeling would engulf that particular spot, repairing the meridians. It was a continuous pain of exploding and repairing!

All the trainees clenched their teeth, enduring the pain. Especially the 5 years old little fatty, Jun Zixuan. His small, adorable face was very pale and twisted with agony! Yet, he did not produce a single sound.

Endure, must keep enduring! Must be able to stand up and be able to support both heaven and earth [2]. We will not be Jun’s family trash, We are not burdens!

“All of you better persevere all the way, if anyone of you faints, you are just a useless scoundrel!” Xiebing howled at them. She had to use foul language as most of the people were about to faint.

I have no choice, this is the most critical moment. If they continue to persevere, the rewards the achieve is immeasurable!

Those who couldn’t bear it any longer sat upright again at the sound of Xiebing’s voice. They clenched down on their teeth hard. We can go on, we are not useless scoundrels!

By just persevering, they would eradicate the name trash, they will stop disappointing their families and they will not let themselves suffer being looked down upon by Xiebing.

It was good that Lingxiao had trained in the Jade ring if he hadn’t, he might have fainted hearing his goddess speak a word of foul language.

But then again, based on the obsession Lingxiao have towards Xiebing, he reckoned he would have said, “Wuuu, Xiebing scold foul language is so cute!”

Finally, after 15 minutes, all of their meridians have been restored. They felt a ‘hong’ feeling [3]! The pain disappeared and a tepid spiritual power flowed throughout their bodies! They have not felt this much strength in them before!

Xiebing looked everyone’s comfortable and at ease faces and turned around to look at her grandfather and the others. She took a bow and said with a sweet smile, “Bing er is lucky that she did not fail!”

Jun Canghai calmed the storm in his heart and the churning of his stomach. The knowledgeable spirit teachers closely examined each one of the teenagers sitting below the stage.

Jun Canghai expressions changed from being relieved to pleasantly surprised and lastly to be on cloud nine. Finally, he couldn’t hold back anymore and started laughing loudly…

Just by looking at Jun Canghai’s expressions, Jun Ruotian, Jun Ruohai and the 5 elders knew that Bing er succeeded!

As the spirit teachers were examining, the trainees themselves were just standing there in a daze, looking like fools!

The original 200 students of level 1 / 2  spirit scholar, in half a month, they entered level 9 spirit scholar!

Those geniuses who also joined this training were even more frightening!

Jun Xiechen was originally a level 4 spirit master but now, he has entered the level 9 spirit master! In half a year, he can reach the border of spirit ancestor! A 15-year-old spirit ancestor! What in the world is this?!

Jun Xiesi, 13 years old, level 6 spirit master!

Jun Xieyun, seven years old, level 9 spirit scholar!

Jun Zixuan, five years old, level 4 spirit scholar!

Observing the people who are still training, Jun Canghai and the others on stage could their hearts thumping away in their chest!

What do all these represent? What do all these numbers represent?!

Everyone knows! It represents strength! Represents power!

If this spreads throughout the continent, what structure would the continent create?!

The people who have returned to their senses looked at Xiebing with a scorching hot gaze. Feeling those gazes, Xiebing’s scalp tingle.

“Ke! Grandfather, I’m a little tired, I’ll return back to my room for a rest!” Not waiting for a reply, Xiebing ran back to her courtyard as fast as her little legs could carry her, leaving a trail of smoke behind her.

Xiebing thought to herself, I believe they do not need me anymore for now.

The people who were left behind stood at the same spot shocked!

In this half year, Xiebing gave them too many surprises! It seems that they couldn’t take in anymore already!

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1. you know like that sound effect where the wind blows when everyone is quiet and in disbelief.

2. In other words, much stronger than before

3. Like those effects from mangas

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  1. By the way, what “half year/half a year”? Earlier, it was just half a month. It can’t be half a year when the bet is only for three months.


  2. Isn’t it clearly a lie meeting a master since she rarely goes out and when they do they have guards around? Burying her master was probably a difficult thing or at least will take a long time for a 5 yr old child right? did she ever gone out that long?? And they easily believe that kind of lie?


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