RSMLP Chapter 37 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.8)


When everyone saw Jun Hao walked out with Gu Jinmi hand in hand, all of them started whistling. They gathered around the couple and exclaimed, “Yo! Jun Hao finally carry a beautiful woman in his arms! Sister-in-law, you are really small! Sister-in-law, let me tell you! Don’t think that Jun Hao treats everyone so gently, he is very unhesitating in rejecting girls! There are many times where he made those girls cry!”

“Exactly! Exactly! Sister-in-law, Jun Hao is very welcomed in this school, you must be alert! What if Jun Hao becomes a red plum tree jutting over a wall [1] to you?!”

“Huh?! Red plum tree jutting over a wall?! But isn’t that phrase normally used to describe a woman being unfaithful to her husband?” Gu Jinmi asked confused.

“Haha, ignore him, his Chinese language was taught by a gym teacher (PE teacher), hmmm, actually, saying that the gym teacher taught him was already exaggerating!” Jun Hao said, stroking Gu Jinmi’s head.

“En, is it? His Chinese teacher would be crying miserably in the toilet if you say it like this. Haha.” Gu Jinmi said, following Jun Hao’s lead.

“Wuwu, sister in law, why do you and Jun Hao bully me, a weak boy.”

Gu Jinmi started laughing uncontrollably until tears appeared in her eyes. This is the first time I heard a guy call himself weak!

Jun Hao wiped her tears away and said, “That’s enough, didn’t you want to sing?! Let’s go now.”

“En en! I knew it, Jun Hao you are the best, so generous. Since it’s going to be like this, we’ll reserve a big private room!”

“Fine, up to you guys!” he then bent down his head, looked at Gu Jinmi and said in a small voice, “Just take it as we are celebrating that we are finally together!”

Hearing what Jun Hao said, Gu Jinmi blushed, “Jun Hao gege.”

“Haha, let’s go!”

When they reached the bar, Gu Jinmi felt excited, after all, she has never drunk before!

Jun Hao looked at the extremely excited person and urged, “Follow me closely, there is a lot of things happening in the bar. Don’t wander off.”

Gu Jinmi hardly comprehended Jun Hao’s warning and continued to looking everywhere, making Jun Hao feel depressed! If I knew this would happen, I won’t agree to come drinking with all these people.

Jun Hao didn’t care about the other people look of surprise and just carried Gu Jinmi inside.

Gu Jinmi immediately struggled, “Wuwu, put me down, put me down! Jun Hao gege put me down, I can walk by myself!” Gu Jinmi said, noticing the surrounding people curious gazes and struggled even stronger.

Jun Hao lightly hit Gu Jinnmi’s bottom and said, “Stop making a fuss, if you fall, it’s not my fault!”

Gu Jinmi was thrown into an awkward array. Glancing around the surrounding, she released a sigh of relief, fortunately, nobody saw that! Gu Jinmi glared at Jun Hao, “Jun Hao gege, you… how could you hit my that!”

“Why can’t I?! When you were younger, isn’t it nothing out of the ordinary?”

“But, but, I have already grown up! You… you… you…” she said feeling awkward and hid into Jun Hao’s hug. Humph! Whatever, want to carry then carry! Save my energy!

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Jun Hao noticed her little action and whispered into her ear, “Jin er, do you know how cute you are now?”

Gu Jinmi ignored Jun Hao. She only knocked his chest and ordered, “Hurry up!”

“Yes, yes, yes, my miss.”

When they reached the private room, Gu Jinmi quickly jumped out of his arms and looked at the playful expression of the surrounding people.

“Aiyo! Jun Hao and sister in law are really joined at the hip! Such a short distance and yet she still needs to be carried in!”

“That’s right! That’s right! You are just torturing us single! But on Jun Hao behalf, we would even eat dog food [2] and if Jun Hao gets married, all the pretty ladies in school will be left for all of us! The chance of us finding a partner would raise by a huge margin!”

“Exactly! All the ladies in the school chases Jun Hao, running behind him!”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao gloomily and said sourly, “You are so welcomed in school! I didn’t even know!”

“Haha, why are you jealous? Relax! I don’t even notice those women, because, in my mind and eyes, it is filled with a certain little girl, no one else can come in anymore!”

Gu Jinmi listened to what Jun Hao had to say and her face turned red, “Seriously, you only know how to say the good things. Sweet talking, Jun Hao gege, you have learnt the bad things!”

“Oh! Really?”

“Of course! Last time, you would never say this kind of intimate words, tell me, who did you learn this from. Plus your kissing technique is so good, did you…”

Jun Hao stretched out his hand and knocked Gu Jinmi’s head and said, “why don’t you believe me?! I only say words of love to certain people. But when I’m with you, my words of love comes out naturally and as for the kissing techniques! I think that I don’t have enough practice! So little girl, you must practice with me, then it’s good!”

Ah! Gu Jinmi would just be torture if she confronts Jun Hao’s love words and full skill points! This still does not consider as skilled, I can’t even imagine what is called skilled! “Humph! I’m hungry, let’s go eat something first.”

Jun Hao looked at the defeated and fleeing person and was not in a hurry to chase her. After all, this is only the first day that we are dating! The loss outweighs the gain if she was scared away by me! But playing with her like that is quite fun.

If Gu Jinmi knew what he was thinking, she would have ridiculed him, “what kind of evil preference you have?! Who makes fun of someone like this, seriously!”

“Why are you not going over.” Qin Ming walked to Jun Hao’s sie and said, “I didn’t even know when you have abducted Jin er this girl!”

“Let her have her fun! Relax relax. Haha, as for when did I claim her! Anyways, from the start, one day, she will be mine.”

“Haha, you are so confident!” Qin Ming didn’t know why when he saw Jun Hao walked in with Gu Jinmi in his arms, his heart felt empty like he had lost something very important. But he didn’t take it to heart, if he knew he would regret in future, that time, he wouldn’t have… but, when he finally understood, it didn’t matter anymore.

“You have to treat her well if I found out you didn’t, I will not let you go easy, we grew up together, I have always treated her like my little sister.”

“Don’t worry! I definitely wouldn’t give you a chance to lecture me. Ok, go find some other people! I reckon that this girl is bored already.” after that, Jun Hao ignored Qin Ming and walked straight to Gu Jinmi.

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1. [1]: red plum tree jutting over the wall: being unfaithful

2. [2]: (internet slang) public display of affection (term used by singles)

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