RSMLP Chapter 38 – Childhood Sweethearts (3.9)


Jun Hao looked at the person eating cake, he picked up the napkin, cleaned Gu Jinmi’s mouth of the cream and said, “You! Seriously, just like a little kid. Eat until your whole mouth is all dirty.”

Gu Jinmi pouted, how am I like a little kid?! Gu Jinmi looked at the unfinished cake and suddenly thought of something that made her smile mischievously.

She dipped her finger in the cake cream and smeared it on Jun Hao’s nose, “Haha, now you have become a kitten.”

Jun Hao cleaned off the cream on his face and said, “You! I don’t know what to do with you.”

Gu Jinmi playfully stuck out her tongue, “Humph! Who ask you to tell me off.”

After a while, Gu Jinmi curiously asked Jun Hao, “Jun Hao gege, why are you not with them?! Aren’t all of you celebrating your victory? Can you not go over?”

“Don’t worry! They wouldn’t mind. Besides, even if I go over it’ll be an awkward silence.”

“Hngh, and you knew! But that’s so weird! Why are you so cold with others?!”

“That’s because they are not you!”

Gu Jinmi face turned red when she heard that. Seriously, can he not say such words of love anytime and anywhere?! She will die of sweetness! As expected, she has to have the mental support being with the supporting male!

“Ayy! Strange, why didn’t Qin Ming gege and Ling er Jie Jie come?! Shouldn’t they have reached earlier than us?”

“Little girl, I’m jealous, I’m sitting beside you yet you are still thinking about someone else.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Jun Hao who was pretending to be treated unjustly, she laughed, “Jun Hao gege, why haven’t I realised that you have a cute side?!”

“Cute! Little girl, did you not know that cute cannot be used to describe a man?”

“Ehh! Why?!” Gu Jinmi asked Jun Hao.

“Why?! What is your opinion?!” Jun Hao said to Gu Jinmi continuously moving closer to her.

Gu Jinmi helplessly moved back, she used both her hands to resist Jun Hao and said, “Jun Hao gege what are you doing?!”

“What?! Little brat, didn’t you want to know the consequences of calling a man cute? I’m giving you a demonstration now!”

“There’s no need, no need, I got it, I got it. You quickly go further away from me! I can’t breathe anymore.”

“Haha.” Jun Hao returned to his original place, “Little girl, now that you know the consequences, would you dare to say that again?”

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

At that moment, the door was suddenly pushed open. A male and a female walked in, the male was all smiles while the female was uncomfortable and her face was beet red. But looking at her swollen lip, even a blind person knew what had happened between the two of them!

It was ok if I was clueless last time, but now! Her lip was red and swollen, I am really stupid if I was still clueless.

Hai! Really, was thinking of stopping them originally, but it looks like there isn’t a ‘break away from story plot deity’! Hai! Depressed, depressed, not satisfied, not satisfied.

Jun Hao suddenly lowered his voice and asked, “Little girl, what’s wrong, weren’t you very happy just now?”

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“Nothing I was just thinking about an unhappy situation.”

“Since it’s something you are not happy with, then don’t think about it, be good!”

“En. I’m thirsty, I want to drink water.”

Jun Hao looked at the alcohol filled table and nodded his head, “Ok, I’ll pour you a cup of water, wait for me.”

Feng Ling walked to Gu Jinmi who was sitting alone and asked, “Jin er, why are you sitting here by yourself?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Ling, Gu Jinmi could see the jealousy that flashed across Feng Ling’s eyes, even though her mask was good. Gu Jinmi felt unsatisfaction. But seriously, why does it look so unpleasant to the eyes. Why does she know how to act so well?! Admire, admire.

“Good, Ling er Jie Jie, you are here! I came with Jun Hao gege.”

“Jun Hao? Then where is Jun Hao?!”

Gu Jinmi noticed Feng Ling excitement and frowned, this female lead wouldn’t be eating from her bowl but eyeing the pot right?! This cannot be, she has to know that Jun Hao is mine! Humph! I’ll make you die of anger. “Exactly! But Jun Hao gege is getting a cup of water for me! Jun Hao gege knew that I am bored, so he especially gave me these cakes! Here, Ling er Jie Jie, I’ll give this to you. Because Jun Hao gege knows that I love the chocolate flavour so he took the chocolate ones only, Ling er Jie Jie, you wouldn’t mind right?!”

Feng Ling looked at the cake Gu Jinmi passed to her, she smiled awkwardly and said, “Oh! Is it? Since he brought it for you, then Jin er you eat it! I’m not hungry.”

“Haha, you sure? It’s really very delicious!” Gu Jinmi ate with a delicious look on her face.

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Ling from her peripheral vision, she saw Feng Ling twisted look and laughed, Humph! This is the wanted result. “Ayyy! That’s right, why did you and Qing Ming gege come together?!”

Feng Ling turned red when she heard Gu Jinmi’s question and said shyly, “Ummm, ummm, today, we just clarified our relationship. So to say.”

“Oh! Really? That’s great, today, Jun Hao gege and I…” she trailed off, shyly lowering her head.

Feng Ling’s expression immediately changed and said a little awkwardly, “Oh! Really? Haha, congratulations to both of you!”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Ling’s unsightly expression, she looked at the approaching Jun Hao and hurriedly stood up and exclaimed, “ Jun Hao gege, you returned!”

“Why, you are so thirsty? Here, this is for you.”

“En, thank you Jun Hao gege, I knew it, Jun Hao gege you treated me the best.”

“You! Ehhh! Ling er you are here too!”

Feng Ling heard Jun Hao‘s words and her face turned even darker. What is the meaning of this, why did he say she is also here?! Why is it that every time I am with Gu Jinmi everyone around us will overlook her, this is the reason I hate Gu Jinmi. I am the main character, everyone else should be the supporting characters.

But in front of others, I cannot reveal my true nature. “Haha, Jun Hao gege. Hello!”

Jun Hao nodded his head and said, “En, Jin er, are you alright, sleepy? Why not let’s go home.”

Gu Jinmi looked around feeling a little embarrassed, “But is it ok to leave like that? This is your basketball victory celebration, is it alright if we leave first? It is not good is it?!”

“Why would it be bad. I’m also not the captain.”

Gu Jinmi yawned and nodded her head, “Ha! Ok then! I am a little tired already.”

“Ok, let’s leave!”

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