TGCMM – Extras

Hi, sugakookie here.

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates.
Don’t worry! We’re not dropping this novel.
I’m currently working on editing Chapter 11.
It’ll be up by tomorrow. I promise!
In the meantime, here’s a little extra something.

These are the little descriptions(?) that the author wrote. They can only be seen if you click into the chapters from the main page. I realised it’s existence the same day I realised the future chapters are not free.

I think some of them are kind of cute so I’m sharing them ~

So without further ado,

(Fuhua is the author)

1. Migrate into the story
Once again, Fuhua couldn’t help herself and looked for death by starting another novel _(:з」∠)_

2. What is she trying to do?
The female lead’s foolishness is making me cry. o(*≧▽≦)ツ┏━┓

3. Suspicion

4. Loser with a Fighting Power of Five
Little puppy* hiahiahiahia~
*(a younger guy who is good-looking, loyal and clingy)

5. Male Pet
BOSS’ acting is outstanding _(:з」∠)_

6. Cure Kidney Deficiency without Sugar
BOSS, start towards Holy Father*!
*(can’t find anything on what this means. I’ll assume it’s the male version of Holy Mother (圣母) which refers to someone who is loving and caring) Basically asking BOSS to become ‘Holy Father’.

7. Half Demon Transformation
BOSS’ big chess board

8. Night Talk
At a moment like this, BOSS’ self-control has practically fallen apart.

9. White Lotus
Xiao Wang* is the most kind-hearted boy I’ve ever seen.
*(Refers to Fu Wang, it’s a nickname)

10. Idea
Taking an alternate route

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