TGCMM Chapter 11 – Love Rival

~ Oh, doesn’t count as a love rival. ~

“He must be Sir Bai Che of the Tiger Clan! He’s as impressive as the rumours make him out to be!” A little demon looked up at the tall man who was riding on a white tiger that just leapt over the gates of Xin City. His eyes sparkled, “If I could be Sir Bai Che’s attendant, how great would it be.”

“Hmm, can you do a reality check? Sir Bai Che values power. Little demons like us are nothing, we can only admire him from afar. Sir Bai Che’s weakest servant is more powerful than us combined. Moreover, Sir Bai Che looks strikingly handsome.” A demon scorned at his previous comment as his eyes followed the retreating figure, his tone full of praise.

Just as he finished talking, a little demon next to him couldn’t help but to sneer: “Lun Jun Lang, how can White Tiger Clan’s Gongzi[1] be compared to our Feng Xuan Gongzi of the Winged Clan. Since you do not know, don’t embarrass yourself.” The demon that just mocked the other had thin feathers growing on his hair. With one glance, you could tell that he’s from the Winged Clan.

Adding to the dispute among the Five Clans, the Tiger Clan demon that started the conversation sneered: “Do you mean that Feng Xuan Gongzi of the so called Winged Clan, the one who is thin like a bamboo? How can he compete with our Sir Bai Che? Besides, what’s the use of being handsome? In last year’s ranking, he was still beneath our Sir Bai Che!

That Winged Clan demon refused to back down and shouted back: “Your Sir Bai Che is indeed powerful, but he still couldn’t beat Lady Jin Yu of the Fox Clan, you still have the guts to blow your horns here!”

The Tiger Clan demon turned red-eyed and gritted his teeth: “Hmm! Our Sir Bai Che will defeat her sooner or later!”

“Yes yes, you can say how amazing he is.” the Winged demon said with a sharp tongue, “You say that every year, and every year he still can’t defeat her.”

The Tiger demon couldn’t stop himself anymore and attacked the Winged demon. The two demons soon engage in a fight. The rest of the demons who are passing by all turn a blind eye. Afterall, the annual Lingyin party is where the Five Great Demon Clans gather together. It’s inevitable that this kind of incident will occur and many demons will die every year, it’s simply treated as practice.

All demons admire strength, things like fighting and killing is engraved in their bones. Even if one looks gentle and well-mannered, violence will be written on his bones.

The Lingyin party is held at Xin City. On the day of the meeting, Xin City is nearly fully packed, with the low to middle ranking demons coming to celebrate and following their respective master and lady to pay tribute to the five elites of the Five Great Clans. The entire Xin City is filled with evil.

Low to middle ranking demons can only wait at the outer City while high ranking demons naturally earn a place in the inner City. As for Jin Yu who represents her Clan, there’s an additional courtyard just for her. The Lingyin party will last for half a month and Jin Yu will need to appear for the performance in seven days. Before that, it’ll be sparring sessions with the subordinates of the leaders of many clans. Besides strength, they’ll be competing with various skills.

On the first day of the Lingyin Party, the representatives of the five major clans gathered at the Yangtian Pavilion located at the centre of Xin City. The Yangtian Pavilion has a total of thirty-three floors, towering into the sky and overlooking the entire Xin City.

Right now, at the top floor of Yangtian Pavilion, three out of five seats have been occupied.

A dashingly handsome man wearing a gorgeous green-blue robe with peacock feathers marked on the corner of his eyes is Feng Xuan Gongzi of the Winged Clan.

A man wearing dark green clothing, with a head of long dark black hair and icy green eyes emitted a chilly presence around him that made everyone fearful to approach him. He’s Fei Pu Gongzi from the Snake Clan.

There’s also a beautiful and elegant lady in white, her crystal clear eyes full of vitality. She had a green leaf marked on her forehead and she wore a kind smile that made her seem amiable but the noble presence she had made her unapproachable. She is Ji Sheng Lian of the Spirit Clan.

The Five Clans consists of the Tiger Clan, Fox Clan, Snake Clan, Winged Clan and Spirit Clan. You can tell the situation by its name. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that those from the Fox Clan, Tiger Clan and Snake Clan are made up of fox, tiger and snake demons. It’s based on the majority type of demon each Clan has. Others like the leopard and wolf demons belong to the Tiger Clan, while deer and rabbit demons are affiliated to the Fox Clan, with crocodile and turtle demons belonging to the Snake Clan.

The Winged Clan is made up of demons with wings, including peacocks. Even Feng Xuan has a trace of ancient phoenix blood. The Spirit Clan is a bit complicated, its numbers are small, but it’s the most uncontested, because the spirits are all jaded plants, everything that has no soul is cultivated by spirits. Like Ji Shenglian of the Spirit Clan, her true form is a lotus.

The three that had arrived first occupied their own spaces. Feng Xuan chose the large couch and he was surrounded by four stunning servant girls that gave massages and poured him wine. Snake Clan’s Fei Pu was alone, sitting far from everyone else as he practised, not even stopping for a moment. Spirit Clan’s Ji Shenglian sat at the table quietly as she sipped her spiritual tea, an expressionless servant in black stood just behind her.

The still air in Yang Tian Pavilion disappeared when Bai Che dashed in riding on his white tiger. Compared to Feng Xuan’s refined appearance, Bai Che is more wild and rough. It’s on another level of sexy. His top revealed his muscular chest beneath his neat clothes, revealing an explosive side to him.

His white tiger stopped in mid-air and with a tap on its head, he sprung onto his feet, landing lightly on the white long wool mat, making big strides into the Pavillion. As soon as he entered the pavilion, he glanced at the rest of the people as he raised his eyebrows and voiced unhappily: “What, Jin Yu is still not here?”

“Hmm, Jin Yu Jin Yu, you call her name so intimately, but everyone just ignores you. Bai Che you’re impressive, always chasing people’s tails. How many times have you been defeated?” Feng Xuan casually remarked with his half-closed listless eyes.

Bai Che and Feng Xuan have always been at odds, Bai Che has never wronged himself and beats anyone whenever he feels like it. Feng Xuan particularly loathes Bai Che and always satirizes him whenever he gets the chance to do so. Seeing that Bai Che’s face had grown dark, Feng Xuan sneered at him. It’s as though the both of them are itching for a fight. Ji Sheng Lian who had been sitting comfortably smiled as she came to appease them.

“Lady Jin Yu has always been the last to arrive, she’s been doing it every year, both of you are not unaware of it, it won’t take long before she arrives. Seeing the both of you after a whole year, Bai Che Gongzi and Feng Xuan Gongzi appear to be more powerful, both of your demeanour have become more amazing, it’s hard to tell the outcome on the day of the performance.” Ji Sheng Lian implied that the both of them should conserve their powers before making a decision on the day of the performance.

Bai Che grunted, turned around and returned to his seat. After he sat down, a butler led two outstanding servants that bought fresh Spiritual fruits and wine, afterwhich Bai Che waved his hand and the two servants retreated quietly. To be able to serve the highest level, servants will have to be brought by the leaders of the five clans. Those that don’t bring their own servants will be temporarily served by the butler from Yangtian Pavilion.

Bai Che’s servants were just retreating when he walked towards a beast hide chair and sat down, picking up his wine and gulping it down. Feng Xuan Gongzi looked at him intensely, as though he was waiting for some drama to start as he eagerly waited for Jin Yu to arrive.

These young representatives were recognised by the Five Clans. With their outstanding abilities, they’d inevitably look down on the other Demon Clans. It’s just the few of them that were suitable to be opponents. For the past few years, they had gathered at this annual meeting and although they couldn’t be considered close friends, they were somewhat familiar with each other. There are many things that they’re all well aware of, such as Tiger Clan’s Bai Che’s love for Fox Clan’s Jin Yu. He’d pursued her for many years but still couldn’t get her attention.

Tian Feng Jin Yu is a maniac, who has neither a heart nor feelings, a killing machine that’s temporarily bound by the Fox Clan’s rules. Feng Xuan has no doubt that a day will come where Jin Yu starts to loathe those old fart Elders[2] and will stop suppressing her urge to kill and stir up the whole demon world. It’s a pity that those demons covet the blood in her body and are unable to kill her to prevent future trouble.

In short, Feng Xuan is sure that with Jin Yu’s character, she’d never fall for anyone. Therefore, regarding Bai Che’s proposal, he’d always treated it as a good show. However, the recent news that came from the Fox Clan’s Tianfeng Household surprised them all.

The maniac who only knew how to kill and torture people had actually fallen in love with a low ranking half demon. Not just within the Fox Clan, the whole Demon Clan had been raging with groundless gossip. Feng Xuan of course didn’t believe it but this piece of news made things more interesting for him.

Regarding this news that had been spreading like wildfire, perhaps Bai Che the practice fanatic was the only one who was unaware as he’d been practising in the Clear Wilderness for the past year. Just the thought of Jin Yu bringing along her so-called inseparable male pet got Feng Xuan really eager. It didn’t matter if the rumours were true or false, as long as he got some fun off it. Who cared if she was really in love? As long as it made Bai Che unhappy, he’d be happy.

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Feng Xuan curled his lips maliciously as he held the wine cup, frequently staring outside as Bai Che did, looking forward to Jin Yu’s arrival.

Not long after Bai Che had finished a bottle of wine, outside Yangtian Pavilion, a vehicle could be seen flying over from afar. Two huge Fox Clan beasts with snow white fur could be seen stepping on the blue clouds, pulling a magnificent and exquisite sedan painted with red lacquer. It drew closer quickly, stopping in mid-air outside Yangtian Pavilion in the blink of an eye.

The golden bell hanging on the four corners of the sedan rang, the fringed curtain that obscured the inside of the sedan was pushed aside by a slender hand. What appeared next was not what everyone had expected. Instead, it was a gentle-looking man dressed in simple green.

The man’s eyebrows were straight, although not very refined, but it was well worth a second look. His warm quality has another strange charm that’s able to attract others.

Bai Che noticed the Fox Clan’s sedan and laughed as he prepared to receive Jin Yu, but seeing an unfamiliar person, he stopped and observed on the side. Jin Yu doesn’t like to be served by many people because she’ll kill everyone around her uncontrollably. Therefore, she wouldn’t bring a servant everytime she came, not to mention a low-ranking half demon.

Knowing that Fu Wang was a half demon, Bai Che furrowed his eyebrows as he examined him. It’s strange that a low-ranking demon would appear in the sedan that solely belongs to Jin Yu. Moreover, this half demon is wearing the best skein clothing, even his accessories were spiritual devices, each one a hundred times more valuable than the half demon himself.

This half demon, just what is his identity? How is he related to Jin Yu? Looking at him evoked an uncomfortable feeling in Bai Che. He is obviously a low-ranking demon but when he looked at him just now, that gaze instantly made Bai Che feel like he’d met his mortal enemy. Even though he’d restrained himself quickly, Bai Che believed his intuition, that this half demon displayed hostility towards him.

As for why there is hostility, Bai Che quickly understood. Because he saw Jin Yu emerge from right behind the half-demon, donning that crimson red dress that she always wore, an arrogant expression on her face. For someone who took no interest in anyone, she actually took in a half demon and brought him to Yangtian Pavilion. That intimate gesture, anyone could see the faint caring movements. Bai Che’s face turned dark, his heart filling with the intent to kill.

Very well, this lowly half demon dared to tarnish the person whom he could not get. Bai Che’s urge to kill broke through the highest point, nearly matching his most hated Feng Xuan.

Tian Feng Jin Yu, that is Shu Yu, didn’t spare anyone a glance, guarding Fu Wang as they entered Yangtian Pavilion, heading towards the last empty seat. She firmly remembered the words Fu Wang told her before, that she must hold on and not make a fool of herself. No matter how much Shu Yu wanted to cry, she could only display a disgusted expression.

Because she didn’t dare to look at anyone in fear that she’ll expose herself, she could only pretend not to see. When she wasn’t looking around, she’d look at the weak BOSS whom was lying by her side.

Therefore Shu Yu didn’t know that, with her eyes that saw no one but Fu Wang who was in her arms, and that cautious behaviour due to her fright, in the eyes of others, had become —— omg Tian Feng Jin Yu has a half demon man in her arms! Seeing the way she carefully protects him, is this the killing machine Jin Yu? Are you kidding me?!

Seeing is believing. Let’s not mention the mood that changed from doubt to anger to shock and back to anger again. Bai Che who was standing alone in the distance and even the other demons who had heard about it long before, were all surprised. Feng Xuan lost his composure, his mouth wide open. After collecting himself, he coughed twice before closing his mouth. The cup in Ji Sheng Lian’s hands fell and was caught by her servant dressed in black before returning it into her hands. As for Snake Clan’s Fei Pu who had been silent all along, he looked straight into Fu Wang’s eyes, which was unusual for him.

Shu Yu didn’t pay any attention to their lost composure, extracting Jin Yu’s memory of the Lingyin party. After some time, she realised that Jin Yu was a recluse, not liking to mingle with people to the point that at every Lingyin party, she wouldn’t have spoken more than three sentences to anyone. So she just has to ignore them completely and be a moving backdrop, that should do it……that should do it right?

Stepping out of the house and leaving that familiar place, Shu Yu felt unsettled. It’s good that Fu Wang was always by her side and that gave her great comfort. Whenever she felt slightly nervous, Shu Yu couldn’t help but to turn to glance at Fu Wang. Under everyone’s gaze, he was currently safe, seeming to serve Shu Yu spiritual tea and fruits wholeheartedly.

Upon eye contact with Shu Yu, Fu Wang would smile at her calmly. Shu Yu immediately felt safe, her gaze immediately relaxing. To have BOSS next to me is really comforting! Sure enough, there’s not much correlation between comfort and power, the most important thing is whether there’s an aura[3]!

Bai Che returned to his seat with his head lowered but his eyes were fixed on Jin Yu. Seeing Jin Yu and that half demon making eyes at each other angered him to the point that he was starting to be emotionally strained. With a wave of his hands, he smashed the small wooden table beside him.

This movement wasn’t small. Shu Yu had been trying to keep her eyes about three meters around Fu Wang but she couldn’t help but to look over. With just one glance, Shu Yu knew who this improperly dressed, chest showing guy was. Tiger Clan’s Bai Che, her, wait, Tian Feng Jin Yu’s suitor.

At the same time, he’s also the person Fu Wang has selected, the person that would help them in the early stages of their plan to train in the Clear Wilderness for a year. He’d also be responsible for pulling up the hate score towards Fu Wang, then chasing him into the Clear Wilderness, the role of the villain. Because Fu Wang and him are love rivals, with this point, Fu Wang thinks it can be put to good use.

Shu Yu had thought that it wasn’t a bad idea before but it now seems like even though the hate score hasn’t been pulled yet, Fu Wang was already first on the blacklist. Shu Yu was anxious for Fu Wang’s safety. BOSS is currently still defenceless, would it really be alright? If she was too late to save him, he’d be done for!

After undergoing demon training, Shu Yu had become sensitive towards killing intents. As for Bai Che who constantly emitted such a huge amount of killing and malicious intent, it’s difficult for Shu Yu to remain passive. Her reaction was to shoot a cold glare at Bai Che before pulling Fu Wang into her arms.

Bai Che frowned, the things surrounding him rattled. Inwardly, Shu Yu raised her guard up as she subconsciously tightened her hug around Fu Wang.

Silence prevailed in Yangtian Pavilion, no one daring to speak. Feng Xuan wanted to continue watching this show, Fei Pu was uninterested in their affairs and even Ji Shenglian didn’t try to get them to make peace. Seeing that Bai Che was about to go crazy, she didn’t want anything to happen to her too.

After a few deep breaths, Bai Che forcefully suppressed his rage, speaking in a gloomy tone: “Jin Yu, why have you brought a plaything here, don’t you usually kill them off, why have you brought him here.” If it were not for his inability to win against Jin Yu, Bai Che wouldn’t be this tolerant. If he were able to defeat her, it’s likely that Jin Yu would’ve already been carried off by Bai Che, not just talking like he was now.

“Seeing that you usually held everyone in contempt, I’d thought that you shared the same sentiments as me, a dislike of weaklings. Who knew that you’d be blinded by a piece of weed, you’ve greatly disappointed me. Bringing this thing along, becoming the subject of mockery for all Demon Clans. I think you might as well kill him, why don’t you do it right here, I can help you to clean up after, how about that.” Bai Che was fuming with rage between gritted teeth as he spoke every word.

Hearing this, Shu Yu flared up instantly. Where in the world did this little bitch come from, nevermind that he looks like a crazy tyrant, how could he talk like this! Even wanting to kill, he’s her BOSS alright. BOSS looks good, has a nice voice and is gentle, has a good temper and is lovely, better than him in every way! He’s even better at deceiving people than him! How dare he look down on BOSS! I’ll punch out all your teeth sooner or later.

Fu Wang continued to smile, treating all of it as a breeze to his ears, Shu Yu on the other hand was angry. She then remembered Fu Wang’s warning and ignored Bai Che. Instead, she pinched Fu Wang’s face and planted a kiss on his lips before glancing at the peeled spiritual fruits. Whispering intimately into Fu Wang’s ears, she said: “Feed me.”

Hm! Secretly in love with Jin Yu right? I’ll infuriate you with public displays of affection!

Fu Wang lowered his head as he fetched the spiritual fruits, a faint smile appearing in his eyes. When he looked up at Shu Yu again, his eyes were filled with love and affection. Since Shu Yu was unhappy and wanted to make Bai Che angry, he of course had to act along. Moreover, this could also be linked to his plan. Suitor or not, whoever comes will die, if two came then both shall die.

The Demon Clan hate it when others cast greedy eyes on the person they’ve taken a fancy to.

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1. 公子 (Gōngzǐ) Can be used to address the son of a duke or ranking official. In this case, it’s just a title, like “Sir” but the ancient Chinese version.
2. 老不死 (lǎo bù sǐ) Literal translation – Old but still alive (with a derogatory meaning). Meaning – Old fart / Old bastard
3. 气场 (qì cháng) Literal translation – Gas field. (There’s no direct english translation for this because “Qi” is a concept of ancient Chinese philosophy, which can be understood as vitality and energy) In this context, it means that Fu Wang’s demeanor, manners, speech, etc. (especially in public) is comfortable and confident.

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