XDTH Chapter 9: Selling slaves! Want me to get lost?


It was early in the morning, the sky was just beginning to turn bright, Xiebing was alone in her room on the right side of the table. She was leaning her cheek in her palm, deep in thought.

For the past 5 years, Xiebing had been comfortably enjoying the blissful and affectionate feelings from her family! She doesn’t have to plan her next steps, she doesn’t have to think about her future!

The only person the previous me couldn’t let go off was probably the silly boy who keeps accompanying me. I wonder how is he faring these days? She shook her head and let out a sigh.

After reflecting on this half month, Xiebing decided on something, to use her previous experiences to build her own business empire in the Oscar continent! Xiebing had always remembered a legend saying that you can open a seal of the ancient times and enter another continent if you have the innate god spirit ability! Xiebing doesn’t understand why but she had always believed that it was true besides, she had a vague feeling that she would definitely be able to open that seal!

Xiebing understood that she would leave the Jun house soon. Sooner or later, she would reach the other continent in the legends and start making a living there! So, to establish her influence, she must first solidify Jun family’s strength! Even though the main body may be peaceful and flourishing, Xiebing would not allow her clan to suffer any form of menace! Even if her family has a millennium of information!

Just do it! Xiebing stood up and informed Liu er that she was going out, also notified her mother and went to the slave auction house alone.

Xiebing used a light muslin to cover her face and entered the auction house. A young lady attendant came up to Xiebing and asked with a smile, “Good day, do you need any help?”

“I want to buy a slave, age 7 to 10! Can you bring me to see them?” Xiebing asked with a good impression on this lady.

“Yes, please follow me!” The lady said leading Xiebing there.

“Here are slaves between age 7 to 10, do you need any of them?” the woman asked Xiebing.

Xiebing looked at the deathly still child and felt a sense of powerlessness. Xiebing had already resigned herself to this unkind generation but looking at the child’s hollowed-eyes and a body full of scars, she felt the world’s unfair treatment towards them! She retracted back her thoughts, even if these kids were bought, it would be difficult to groom and cultivate them!

Turning back, she asked, “Are there any more?”

The woman saw that Xiebing was not satisfied and hesitated for a while. Suddenly, her face brightened up and she answered, “there is another batch coming in soon, they are very stubborn and unyielding and have not been able to tame until today. Do you want to see them?”

Hearing all that the woman said, Xiebing’s expression did not change. She only said indifferently, “Show me the way!” Xiebing was in fact secretly very happy. Being stubborn and unyielding is good, I wouldn’t want them if they are not!

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Following the lady to another room, Xiebing saw a group of children either standing or squatting in the room. Every one of them was covered in scars but their little bodies expressed unyielding, anger mixed with a little sign of despair! One of the 8 or 9 years old boy stood at the corner of the room with his head bent but was proud and aloof. His body emitted a message of danger! Like… like a cold and arrogant lone wolf!

Looking at this group of kids, Xiebing nodded her head, “It’s them!” She exclaimed, fishing out a purple gold card and passing it to the woman.

Oscar continent currency:
10 silver coins = 1 gold coin
10 gold coin = 1 crystal coin
10 crystal coin = 1 amethyst coin

The woman received the purple gold card and used it to transfer the money, confirming, “Total of 49 slaves, the total amount is 108 crystal coins. It has already been deducted from your card do you need us to help you deliver them?”

“En, deliver to Jun family, someone will arrange it!” Xiebing agreed. Xiebing shows a king smile to the proud and aloof boy who lifted up his head a little.

It was already noon when she walked out of the slave auction house. She found a family restaurant and walked in. She went up to the second floor, found a seat and ordered a few dishes from a waiter.

After a while, all her dishes came. This restaurant is not bad, Xiebing thought while eating her food leisurely. Not long after, the bustling sound could be heard from the stairs. With a frown, Xiebing went up to check it out.

It was a few powerful looking imperial bodyguard and a waiter smiling apologetically.

“Hurry, chase these people out! My young miss wants to dine here!” an imperial bodyguard ordered aggressively!

“My sincere apologies dear patron, but please do not make this any more difficult for us!” the waiter pleaded, looking as though he was about to cry.

“You are not chasing them, then I will do it!” the imperial guard said arrogantly walking to the stairway and shouted at the diners on the second floor, “My young miss likes quietness, so all of you to get out of this shop!”

At this point in time, a pampered and pretty voice travelled up from below, “It’s still not cleared, You are so slow chasing all these people out, Uncle Ming, you go!”

After a while, a middle-aged guard came up. When the furious diners on the second floor saw the symbol on his chest saying level 3 spirit ancestor, they immediately went quiet.

Not waiting for the spirit ancestor to say anything, the spoilt and pretty teen had already walked upstairs. In that instant, everyone who looked at her felt that she was incredibly beautiful. This girl was only 13 or 14 years old, her light yellow clothing hugged her delicate body, her pretty face was enhanced by her exquisite makeup!

The teenager enjoyed people’s admiring eyes on her and said, “This young miss loves quietness, everyone, please give me face. Today’s dishes that have been ordered will be paid by us!” Even though this young miss speech was good, her expressions revealed conceit and contempt!

The people on the second floor weren’t many in the first place, all the others also didn’t want to stir up trouble so one by one they left the second floor. As the teen looked at the people leaving, she became even more proud.

Gradually, the people had all left. Only Xiebing was left, still eating unhurriedly. When the teen looked at Xiebing, Xiebing still poured herself a cup of tea and savoured it!

“You?! This young miss words did you not hear? Still not leaving?!” She shouted, feeling jealous when she looked at Xiebing fine and delicate small face.

Hearing the woman’s voice, a look of ridicule flash across Xiebing’s eyes. She put down her cup of tea and turned her head to the teen, “You, want me to get lost?”

“Is there any other human other than you?!” the teen shouted full of jealousy, looking at Xiebing.

“Oh? So other than me everyone else is not humans? So older sister, what thing are you?” Xiebing’s eyes held an obvious glint of ridicule.

“I am not a thing! No…. no, I am a thing…. But that’s not right either! You… Humph! All of you are still not chasing her out?!” No matter how she said it still sounded like she was scolding herself, so she shouted at the guards that were suppressing their laughter!

The guards heard her and one of them went up to Xiebing saying, “Young lady, I think you should quickly leave now!”

“Oh? What if I say no?” Xiebing said coldly, with a hint of anger in her eyes.

“Don’t propose a toast if you can’t drink as a forfeit! You, throw her out!” She ordered the guards seeing that Xiebing is not buying her crap.

Xiebing smoothen her sleeves and her lips twitched. She was prepared to give this woman an unforgettable lesson when suddenly, a voice was heard, “Who dares to touch her?!”

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