RSMLP Chapter 40


After a few months, Gu Jinmi and Jun were engaged.

When Gu Jinmi was in her second year in college, Jun Hao had already started his company for a while, from scratch. In school, Jun Hao was a legend that no one could surpass!

Even though 3 years have passed, both of them were still glued together! Every day, he fetches Gu Jinmi to and from school and every weekend, they would go out on dates together.

Today, Jun Hao was leaning on the car and waiting for Gu Jinmi to finish classes.

Gu Jinmi looked at the clock, hurriedly packed up her things and ran out. Jun Hao wouldn’t have been worried sick right?!

When she was reaching the school gate, Gu Jinmi was stopped by an unfamiliar male student. Gu Jinmi jumped up in shock and asked, “Keke, this student, hello, you are…”

“Haha, junior, hi, I am a third year in the computer department, senior Li Gu.”

Gu Jinmi looked at him strangely and nodded her head, “Oh! Hello senior! May I ask what’s the matter? There is someone waiting for me, so…”

“Ummm, junior wait a moment, I have something to tell you.”

Gu Jinmi looked at him utterly helpless and said, “Senior if there is anything, go straight to the point!”

“Ummm, junior do you have a boyfriend?”

“Ah! Ummm, ummm.” Gu Jinmi awkwardly furrowed her eyebrow, seriously, it so troublesome every time something like this happens!

At this moment, suddenly someone hugged Gu Jinmi from behind. Gu Jinmi was startled and thought of struggling but smelt a familiar scent. She smiled and looked at the stranger, “Keke, ummm, this is my boyfriend, so, senior I’m sorry!”

Li Gu stared at the two people in front of him and felt like an ignorant person. Even though he knew about the relationship between them, he still didn’t want to give up. At first, he still thought of forcing his way between them. But now, it looks like no one would be able to force their way between them!

“Ummm, junior, sorry, sorry for the disturbance, I’ll leave now.” and he immediately ran off.

Gu Jinmi looked at the defeated and fleeing senior and laughed, “Haha.”

“Looks like Jin er is happy!”

“Ah! What’s wrong? Why am I not supposed to be happy?! I didn’t meet any situation to be unhappy about.”

“Oh! Really? I didn’t think that Jin er is so welcomed in school! I never knew!”

Gu Jinmi felt dangerous aura radiating off Jun Hao and said, trying to curry favour, “Ummm, ummm, I’m actually not very welcomed! Only that every week I receive a few love letters here and there, there is nothing else.”

“Recieve a few love letters and every week. Little girl, why have you never told any of these to me?!” Jun Hao smiled and asked.

“Ah! Ummm, ummm, this is not the main point ok?! If you say anymore, I don’t believe, have you not received any girls love letters before?”

“En, you this girl, have learnt to twist words and force logic. Then let me ask you why have you not told me about this?”

“This is also not anything important and besides, these things, I have never seen before ok?! Can you not be so difficult?!”

“Gu Jinmi, you actually dare to say that I was being difficult. Your courage has grown right?”

Gu Jinmi observed Jun Hao’s angry appearance and felt grieved. She actually was excited to see this person and yet this person. Tears gathered in Gu Jinmi’s eyes and flowed out, “Wuwu, wuwu, you, you, how can you be like that?! I ob-obviously, Jun Hao you bully me.”

Jun Hao noticed Gu Jinmi tears and felt that he took things a little too far. But when he saw that another man was lusting for Gu Jinmi, he felt very angry. But seeing her tears, his anger vanished and grabbed Gu Jinmi and said, “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s all because of me, it’s all my fault. Stop crying, stop crying, alright?”

Gu Jinmi leaned into Jun Hao’s hold and said, “Jun Hao gege, you shouted at me, you have never treated me like that before, wuwu, you are bullying me, bullying me.”

“Hai! Yes, yes, yes, I’m the bad one, I am the one who is wrong, I shouldn’t have yelled at you. But Jin er you should understand my feelings! We have not seen each other for almost a week and once I came back, I saw someone confessing to you, so why wouldn’t I be angry?”

“Humph! But even if that’s the reason, you still shouldn’t be like that! Humph! Do you not trust me?”

“Hai! It’s not that I don’t trust you, I don’t trust myself. Little girl, what should we do, I can’t wait for 2 years. Little girl, why not let’s register our marriage today. Then the wedding will take place right after you graduate alright?”

Gu Jinmi looked at the man in front of her and felt helpless, this person, on the outside, he passes like the thunder and move like that wind [1], but in front of myself, he has no confidence, she let out a sigh, gathered her courage and kissed Jun Hao on the lips, saying, “I love you, don’t suspect anything.”

Gu Jinmi sudden action caused Jun Hao to be shocked, “Jin er, you.”

Gu Jinmi was embarrassed. She bent her head and rocked on the balls of her feet, “Ummm, ummm, let’s hurry back! If not it’ll be late when we reach home.”

“It’s fine, I think mum and dad wouldn’t mind. But little girl you were so automatic! But it’s so rare for you to be so automatic, why not you do it again?”

“I-I don’t want!” Really, he has to know it was not easy to gather my courage to do that. To ask her to do that again, she would just be playing then!

“Haha, since the mountain didn’t come, then I’ll be the mountain.” he bent down his head and kissed Gu Jinmi, “Little girl, your lips are so sweet! What should I do?! I don’t want to let go of you!”

Jun Hao gege, that’s enough from you! Don’t want! Go! Everyone is looking at us!” she doesn’t want anyone to look at her like she was an animal in the exhibit! This is so awkward, wuwu, public display of affection in front of such a big crowd, I wish the single people wouldn’t be jealous because of us!

On the day of her graduation, Jun Hao impatiently pulled Gu Jinmi into a grave.

For that reason, Gu Jinmi ignored him for a few days! Humph! Who asked him to say he wanted to register their marriage but pulled her out of there on her graduation day. Made her make an awkward shout! Looking at the students and teachers who were causing a commotion is something she will not forget even after 10 plus years! Humph! I just had to let that jealous person look better.

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1. [1]: I guess it’s something like on the outside he is confident and decisive.

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