TGCMM Chapter 12 – Fanciful Confession

~ But he’s not BOSS ~

With windows on all sides, you can reach out and touch the sky right at the top of Yangtian Pavilion. After Shu Yu and Fu Wang’s arrival, there was a strange atmosphere, mainly because Bai Che’s face had turned black just by looking at the two people behave intimately.

Sensing that the atmosphere was getting weirder, Ji Shenglian coughed lightly: “Since everyone has arrived and it’s about time, everyone, shall we head down?”

Privileged people always have a temper and are not easy to get along with. At every year’s Linghui party, there’d always be someone who does something like this to make a statement. Normally, it’ll be Tianfeng Jin Yu, who was accepted as the number one most powerful demon, who should start first, but with Jin Yu’s temper, she couldn’t be bothered with it.

The others’ rankings fluctuate every year so there’s no saying who was stronger. As time went on, the responsibility of taking charge fell on the only other woman, Ji Shenglian. With Ji Shenglian’s gentle spirit and most of the Spirit Clan withdrawing from society and disliking fights, the other clans gave them some respect.

When Ji Shenglian spoke, Feng Xuan’s demeanor immediately became elegant and he gave a graceful smile, saying: “Lady Ji is right, it’s getting late, we should go.”

Snake Clan’s Fei Pu hummed in reply. Bai Che was still heated with anger but also hummed in acknowledgement. As for Shu Yu, in Tian Feng Jin Yu’s style, she lifted her chin slightly to indicate her understanding, showing wilfullness and arrogance but she had the right to do so, so no one dared to say anything.

Ji Shenglian smiled at them before turning to Jin Yu, “Miss Tian Feng, please.”

Shu Yu stood up, her arm still around Fu Wang as she led him to leap down from the thirty-third storey of Yang Tian Pavilion.

Below YangTian Pavilion was a wide public square, with the following performances and other activities taking place here. The plaza was surrounded by five platforms on all sides. Below the platforms, the crowds pushed and squeezed, looking like a section of dark mass from the top of the Yangtian pavilion. The Five Clans’ members were clearly separated as they encircled the five platforms.

As Jin Yu jumped from Yangtian Pavilion, she did not fall rapidly but like a feather, she fluttered in the air, her posture graceful as she fluttered down, her dress forming the shape of a flower.

Her movements were elegant but she couldn’t control her expressions, which were somewhat stoic. Fortunately, besides Fu Wang, no one else could see her expression. Because of the crowd, Shu Yu’s fear, that many other homebodies in the modern time have —— fear of being in crowded places, acted up. There were too many peopleee! Also, even though she’d practised beforehand, being a normal human and having to do a leap of faith from such a high place, she still instinctively felt unsure and breathless!

As Shu Yu tensed up, she couldn’t help but to hug Fu Wang as if he were a pillow. Her eyes were wide open as she put a stranglehold on his waist. Shu Yu was unaware of her own strength and accidentally overexerted herself, causing Fu Wang to let out a low groan. He could feel that his waist was going to bruise. With a helpless smile, he wrapped his hand around the hand Shu Yu had on his waist and with a slight smile in his tone, he covered her ear.

“My lady, be gentle.”

The tone was questionable, as if there was a strange meaning hidden behind it. Shu Yu blushed, immediately forgetting about the crowd.

Bai Che was right behind them and couldn’t see their expressions but he heard Fu Wang’s words. His face turned dark at once. The rest followed suit, entering the plaza one after another. Once the Demon Clans below saw the red figure taking the lead and fluttering down, peals of cries immediately broke out and when the others appeared behind, the cries got louder and the blast surged.

At this moment, the window on the thirty second floor of the Yangtian Pavilion opened wide and someone cast scarlet petals from above. It fluttered down like a rain of flowers, adding a layer of fragrance to the light breeze. The petals disappeared once they touched the demons, transforming into a shimmer which then merged with the bodies they came into contact with. Apparently, the petals were created using a secret method, merging into the body it comes into contact with, increasing the demon’s spiritual powers and giving a great advantage.

It’s only when the Five Clans gather that an activity of such a scale was done. Every year, the demons that came just for the flower rain were in no small numbers.

Shu Yu led Fu Wang as they floated in the air, trying her best to overcome her slight fear of heights and crowds. After turning her attention to the dancing petals around her, then looking back at the petals flying around her and her red dress, she had the urge to ridicule it.

This feeling of being under the public’s gaze was somewhat humiliating but besides herself, everyone else was used to it, so this feeling of not being able to tell anyone because they don’t understand it is……although she had imagined this scene of petals raining from the sky on her twenty eighth year, there was an unspeakable shame in reality.

Fu Wang who had kept a constant eye on Shu Yu naturally detected her uneasiness immediately. However, after being with her all this time, Fu Wang understood that Shu Yu could be very imaginative at times and as for what she was thinking at that time, he wouldn’t be able to get an answer out of her. That’s because if he questioned her, her gaze would wander as she forced a smile. Fu Wang gradually understood that when Shu Yu showed this expression, he just needed to smile.

The five of them landed on their respective platforms. Probably because Jin Yu loved the colour red, her clothes and all her belongings were red, just like this platform of hers, glazed red tiles accompanied by red curtains. Even her servants were dressed in red.

The servants standing on the other platforms have been serving their masters for many years. Only Jin Yu’s platform changed a few groups of servants every year because Jin Yu’s thoughts were unpredictable and no one could stop her urge to kill relentlessly. Shu Yu noticed that the servants on her platform were hanging their heads, their faces pale.

Fu Wang suddenly spoke, “All of you, stand down. We’ll call you if we need anything.”

The servants exchanged looks with one another, no one daring to stand down but they all knelt down instead. Shu Yu gave a hum of disapproval: “Didn’t you hear what Fu Wang said?”

The moment Shu Yu spoke, the group of servants dispersed immediately, leaving Shu Yu and Fu Wang on the platform. There are large spaces between the platforms and others could only faintly see the movements of the people on the high platform. Shu Yu involuntarily relaxed and sat on a soft seat. Fu Wang sat down next to her and in a natural manner, he massaged her leg.

Fu Wang looked soft and gentle on the outside, well he was also gentle when they were alone, but that feeling is not the same. Now that he was under the public eye, the gentleness appeared more obvious but it wasn’t as comfortable as when they were alone.

But this feeling wasn’t bad either. Fu Wang had skillful hands that’s able to make people feel relaxed. As she enjoyed the massage, Shu Yu gradually went from sitting upright normally to being in a half-lying position with her eyes half-closed as she continued to slide down further. Shu Yu allowed Fu Wang to pose her in a crazy cool position because she was too used to it. Usually, after she was tired out from practise, Fu Wang would give her a massage like this. So after a short while, she fell into a resting state, turning soft just like a silly hamster that was having its back massaged.

Shu Yu who had almost fallen asleep was frightened awake by a sudden racket. She only heard what sounded like a roaring thunder of “Love me, Lady Jin Yu!” coming from the square below the platforms. The voice was wistful and poignant, comparable to Meng Jiang whose tears broke down a stretch of the Great Wall.

Startled, Shu Yu slightly raised her head towards Fu Wang questioningly. Fu Wang chuckled as he moved to sit behind her, settling her head to rest on his lap and holding her from behind. Lowering his head next to her ear to explain: “Someone is offering to be your pillow, my Lady is quite popular isn’t she.”

This slightly acidic tone, is it time to enter acting mode? Even after practicing for this, Shu Yu still couldn’t comprehend the situation but out of habit, she immediately acted along. She sat up and embraced Fu Wang, not batting an eyelid as she whispered sweet nothings, “My darling, are you jealous, you can be rest assured that I’m only interested in you. The rest aren’t my cup of tea, don’t be upset, if you are, I’ll be heart broken!”

She didn’t lower her voice and because a man had just confessed and was waiting below, the crowd had fallen into silence, watching and waiting for her reaction, so many of them heard her words clearly.

It’s time for the song and dance performance segment, just like the Olympic Games opening ceremony. Below, a theatrical performance by the Fox Clan was just starting. The Fox Clan has always been proud of their enchanting song and dance, their dance breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a pity that Shu Yu didn’t get to see one bit of it. In this situation where the one who boldly expressed his love and offered to be a pillow was a high-ranking demon in the Fox Clan and was also the lead dancer of this performance, a bewitching man with a slender torso and long legs.

Jin Yu is of noble status. It can be said that besides her brutal temper, she had no flaw. Unfortunately, it’s that one small flaw that left everyone that has feelings for her, dead at the door. After a great number of deaths, no one dared to approach her anymore. Then the highly favoured Fu Wang came along, alive and well as he stayed by her side, the male pet who never left her side. The Demon Clan’s thoughts spun out of control at once.

A large portion of the demon clan doesn’t possess this kind of consciousness, especially the Fox Clan who loved enjoyment. Which of them didn’t have complicated relationships? Now someone not from the Tianfeng household has come along and been the first to try eating crabs.

There is no doubt that the ending is destined to be tragic. Inside Jin Yu is Miss Shu Yu, who has no intention whatsoever to date! Moreover, there’s a BOSS that’s still crouching by her side!

(Rough proofreading done up till here)

So……Tian Feng · Overbearing boss · Shu Yu · Jin Yu, and male pet · Jack · BOSS · Demons · Emperor · Hope, the two of them didn’t notice that the ambitious BOY wanted to join under Jin Yu. Instead, he began to perform a Qiong Yao play.

“My Lady, I’m just a despicable servant, how am I deserving of My Lady’s love. If there are more beauties around in the future, I’m afraid that I’ll be forgotten forever.” Fu Wang turns around, using his sleeve to cover up his mournful voice, impersonating a concubine that couldn’t survive more than three chapters.

“Darling, I won’t allow you to look down on yourself. What you’ve just said, my heart aches for you.” Shu Yu noticed Fu Wang’s eyes and laughed quietly in her heart. Making a seriously pitiful expression, she gently cupped his face with her hands and turned his head over, softly coaxing him.

“My Lady, you sure know the right words to coax me!” Fu Wang gave a hmmm sound and threw her a resentful glance but his face turned red and he immediately leaned on Shu Yu’s shoulder.

Shu Yu looked down at him affectionately and patted his hands: “I’ll only humour you, hmmm~”

Inside Shu Yu’s mind: In fact, at first, I found it weird to say these but after getting used to it, I don’t find it weird. Although there is a strange sense of character mix-up but once I’ve accepted it, I am not going to stop! (chest puffs up)

Fu Wang: haha (smiles)

Below was the self-recommending boy who was waiting for a reply: Holy shit in this broad daylight this shameless pair of dogs are just falling into each other arms! Is Tian Feng Jin Yu too blinded to see my beauty! Can you look at me and say that again? This is just too much to bear!

The crowd: Who knew that Lady Jin Yu had this side to her, what a surprise! It’s just, why does it sound so strangely revolting?

On the platform, the person concerned was busy with her male pet, without the slightest intention to care for the one below. The fox clan man who had not died could just comfort himself for not being killed this time, this counts as an improvement, then he retreated with a stiff face.

However, this would not be the last one. In the following performances, from time to time, shouts of “Lady Jin Yu, we have admired you for years, we hope that My Lady will accept us as a pet!” or “My goddess, I’ve liked you for a long time, give me a chance to love you!” and even “My Lady look at me look at me look at me look at me look at me please look at me I love you so much ahhhhh!” could be heard.

This was the first time Shu Yu was aware that Tian Feng Jin Yu, who was shunned by others, was desired by many who wanted to sleep with her. In Jin Yu’s memory, those who came near, all died.

Listening to all these fanciful confessions, Shu Yu calmly ate the spiritual fruits that Fu Wang fed her.

The performances at night were better than the ones in the day. Shu Yu had lain for a whole day and was feeling a little sore. She leaned on the railing, watching the show listlessly. Of course, she had sat up because Fu Wang was away and since he wasn’t here, it made no sense lying down.

After a while of looking at the brilliant lights and dances on stage, Shu Yu felt that Fu Wang was taking too long. She would rather go outside to look for him. She hadn’t seen Fu Wang in a while and felt like there was something wrong. There wasn’t a single person that she knew here and all the fearful or pleased faces she saw were all directed towards “Tian Feng Jin Yu”, not “Shu Yu”. These demons feared her and even yearned for her, but none of those emotions felt real to her. Maybe Fu Wang’s kindness towards her was all but a play, but at least his emotions towards Shu Yu were real.

After heading out, Shu Yu was suddenly lost as to where to start looking for Fu Wang. As she hesitated, she heard a woman’s sharp voice saying: “Do you think that you’re no longer a lowly half demon now that you’ve climbed up?! You’re just a plaything and you’re dreaming of becoming a higher class?! You better listen to me and work together with the Qing Hu Clan, or else I’ll spill all your dirty little secrets to her and we’ll see what happens to you!”

Shu Yu turned towards the sound of the voice that was coming from the dark alley and heard Fu Wang’s voice. He was still calm and composed, just that Shu Yu felt like his voice was colder than usual.

“Is Lady Qing Shuang done talking? If you are, I must return to serve Lady Jin Yu.”

“Great, Fu Wang, you’re capable now! If I hadn’t saved you back then, do you think you’d be living a good life now? If the Qing Hu Clan hadn’t sent you to that person’s side, would you be able to enjoy this wealth? Now you should be returning the favour yet you’ve refused repeatedly. Sure enough, a shit kind will always be a shit kind, you don’t even have the slightest bit of gratitude.”

“Ah, say, if that person knew that you were like a dog back then, doing anything to please me in order to survive. Do you think she’d still care about you? Fu Wang, you must know that a shit will always be a shit. A leopard never changes its spots! This is your last warning, do as I say, or else……”

“Or else what.” Shu Yu leaned against the wall as she asked, her eyes staring at the ferocious woman that was across from Fu Wang.

Upon hearing Shu Yu’s voice, the lady turned her head, startled. Seeing who it was, she knelt as her legs went weak, “Lady, Lady Jin Yu……”

Shu Yu walked past her and stopped in front of Fu Wang. With a gentle expression, she held his hands: “I noticed that you were taking too long so I came looking for you.”

Fu Wang smiles, “I’ve kept my Lady waiting, it’s Fu Wang’s fault. Let’s get going now.”

Shu Yu looked at the woman on her knees and narrowed her eyes, “You’re from Qing Hu Clan? You’ve upset me.”

Qing Shuang broke out into a cold sweat and hurriedly begged for mercy: “My Lady forgive me, I’m Fu Wang’s ex, ex-friend. Today was just a rare encounter and we exchanged a few words. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Fu Wang, we were just joking around! My Lady forgive me!”

Shu Yu seemed to laugh as she casually continued: “You’ve repeatedly said that you have a past relationship with my man, now I’m even more upset.”

Qing Shuang was speechless, quickly changing her words: “I have spoken mistakenly, I and Lord……Fu Wang do not know each other!”

“That’s enough.” Shu Yu interrupted her, “Return and tell the Qing Hu Clan elders that if they dare to try me, we’ll see if they have the lives left to do so. Also, you dare to touch my man? Hmph.”

Qing Shuang escapes, leaving Shu Yu and Fu Wang in the dark alley. Shu Yu’s shoulders relaxed as she heaved a sigh of relief, “Alright, let’s go back.”

As she took two steps, someone grabbed her wrist. Looking back, she could only see Fu Wang’s smile. He stood in the shadows of the dark alley and chuckled: “You’ve heard everything right? What do you think of it?”

Shu Yu shook her head hard. But with this shake, instead of smiling, Fu Wang just faintly looked at her, causing her to have goosebumps all over.

Fu Wang spoke after a long time, “I was born from a lowly servant of the Qing Hu Clan, I do not know my father, I lacked spiritual power since birth and cultivating is harder by a hundred times for half demons like me. With no one to rely on, any weak demon could easily kill me. I lived in hunger with the constant threat of illness, wild beasts and demons. I couldn’t let my guard down for a second. When I was young and helpless, even breathing was considered a luxury, you may not understand that feeling.”

Fu Wang laughed as he spoke. Shu Yu couldn’t tell what that laugh meant, only that she felt sorry. She wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.

Not giving her a chance to speak, Fu Wang continued: “When I was starving, heavily beaten, and having fallen into the depths of despair countless times, I always had the thought that if I could survive, no matter what I do, I’d willingly accept it. Regardless of pride or any other thing, it didn’t matter. So I learnt to please others, I pleased them in order to escape my plight.”

“There were many, that woman was just one of the many. She’s right, she saved me. When I was almost fed to her wild beast to entertain someone, my actions delighted her so she spared me as I lay there half-dead. In order to survive, I had to please her and was no different from her dog. I then pretended to be in love with her, solely devoted to her so that she would fall for me and I could achieve a higher status. All until I was sent to Tian Feng Household.”

“I’ve been doing this all along, even when I was by your side, I was also doing this despicable thing. I could keep this from you, but rather than letting someone else tell you, I’d rather say it, at least when I say it myself, I’ll look more pitiful. You are soft-hearted, maybe you wouldn’t mind anymore.”

Shu Yu held his hand tightly. She’d never seen Fu Wang’s sneering expression, it’s unlike his gentle self, full of gloominess.

“I don’t think what you did was wrong, in order to live, you had to work hard for it. Someone like me who lives in happiness has no right to say anything.” Shu Yu said seriously.

Fu Wang suddenly laughed and shook his head “You are soft-hearted.”

“……This has nothing to do with being soft-hearted.”

“Then do you mind?”

“Mind about?” Shu Yu asked with a doubtful face.

“Mind about whether my body is pure or not.” Fu Wang smiled.

Shu Yu: “……Why would I care about this!” What should I do, BOSS and I are not on the same page!

Fu Wang stroked her cheek, “Don’t worry, I’m still pure. After all, a despicable person like me, who wants to eat someone, understands the theory of worthlessness.”

Shu Yu: “……” That’s why I’m asking you why I should care about this! Since you understand this theory, then why did you offer yourself to me at that time, do you know that you had frightened me!

Being stiff and mad inside, Shu Yu was caught unguarded with a hug. Just as she wanted to struggle, Fu Wang whispered: “Do you hate me? Someone like me.”

Shu Yu paused and shook her head. As BOSS is more delicate, she cannot hurt him.

“Shu Yu is the gentlest person I have ever met.” Fu Wang placed his chin on top of her head, as he suddenly said this.

Shu Yu instantly replied: “No no, you are too kind. Actually, you’re the gentlest person I have ever met!”

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Fu Wang: “Don’t talk, kiss me.”
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