RSMLP Chapter 41


Gu Jinmi returned back to the Space. She thought it was strange so she asked, “System, what happened?! Why did I suddenly finish the mission already?”

“That day, every action that you and Jun Hao did outside the Gu house was seen by the female lead, her jealousy has always been very extreme. After that, the attitude of the male lead towards the female lead became cold and her heart became even more twisted. She then confessed to the supporting male character.”

“Huh?! What? That cannot be! When did that happen?! Why didn’t I know of it?!”

“It could be that the supporting male didn’t tell you! But you don’t have to worry, your supporting male has forcefully and righteously rejected her! But this matter was known to the male lead and you know the male lead possesses a greedy heart so how could he want the female lead to do this? So he locked her in his villa and tortures her every day, causing her to scream. Surviving is equal to being dead! And she committed suicide. Your luck is really good! Every mission is not directly completed by you.”

“Haha, ummm, luck is also part of my capabilities! Don’t be envious. Oh yes, System shouldn’t you be giving me some award?!”

“Don’t be so anxious! I have not finished my sentence yet! This time, the mission completed by Host was not bad, only that the original owner has a few places where she was not satisfied with.”

“Areas she was not satisfied with? Which areas?!”

“So that means Host didn’t fulfil the original owner’s wishes.”

“Huh?! Didn’t I complete it already? Besides, didn’t the original owner wished that the female lead didn’t have any good ending?”

“But Host you should know that this mission wasn’t completed by you and in fact, the original owner wishes that Host would be able to expose the female lead’s true colours and cause the female lead to be utterly isolated and deserted by all her friends and loved ones.”

Gu Jinmi seemed lost in thought and nodded her head, saying, “Oh so that’s the case!”

“But, Host, don’t be too discouraged, even though you didn’t fulfil the original owner’s wishes, but you didn’t complete the mission too badly, so the award I will give you for this mission will be 2500 points, 10 distribution points and the ability to read rapidly. May I ask how would you want to distribute your points?”

Gu Jinmi thought for a while and decided, “Appearance 5 points and charm 5 points.”

“Ok, I got it. Name: Gu Jinmi

Sex: Female

Appearance: 10

Intellect: 5

Strength: 5

Charm: 10

Points of allocation: 0

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Total points: 5500

Skills: Aura of Mary Su, an exceedingly beautiful woman, causing the fall of a city.
Ten lines at a glance.”

“Oh right, Host you are able to upgrade System! After the system upgrades, I can help you better!”

After hearing the System’s pleased advice, she smiled and said, “Oh! Is it?! What do I need to pay for the upgrade?”

“Haha, Host you only need to pay 5000 points. This is very worth it! Just think about it, you only need to pay 5000 points and you are able to shout for the System in the mission world and I can help you whenever you need help! In addition, after a certain level of upgrade, I can go into the mission world to help you with your missions! I guarantee you that this is the perfect choice! So do not miss this opportunity!”

Gu Jinmi ponder about it and said, “Ok then, System upgrade! Oh yes, if you have upgraded then how about my missions?!”

“Don’t worry about it! Host, System will send you to the mission world first, give you the information, then System will start the upgrade. But during the upgrade, System will not know whatever Host says so you can only depend on yourself.”

“This, you can be at ease. Anyways there is no difference when you are around and when you are not around.”

Hearing what the Host said, System crouched in the corner and drew circles on the floor, wuwu, Host you are so mean! How could you say that about me? Wuwu. Wuwu.

Gu Jinmi saw how System felt wronged and smiled, “Alright, alright, I got it. Right, System, how many levels do you want to upgrade?!”

“System can upgrade 5 levels. And after each level, the points to upgrade raises up by 500. But Hot don’t be anxious! As I have said before when I have upgraded to the highest level, I can be of better help to you! I said it just now! When I have reached the third level, I go to the missions with you! It’s definitely not a loss!”

“All right, stop praising yourself already.”

“Haha, Host don’t confuse yourself with all that already. What do you want to do, rest or what?”

“There’s no need, just go straight to the mission.” Anyway, there is nothing to do in the space, and besides, the faster I finish, the faster I’ll be able to go home! Although I have experienced love in the mission worlds, these people aren’t my parents. Hai!

The system felt the mood of Gu Jinmi dropped and comforted her, “Host, actually when you reached a certain level and have completed a SS mission, you can get a chance for a lucky draw. And in this lucky draw, if you are lucky enough, you can go home.”

Gu Jinmi was pleasantly surprised, “Really?”

“Of course it real, System has never lied before.”

“If it’s like that, then when will I be able to reach the SS level mission?!”

“Don’t be in such a hurry! From your abilities now, you will only die. And all your missions now has only been C level. Above C there is still B, A, S then SS level. In fact, SS level missions are abnormal, something dangerous can appear at any time. SS level missions are mostly worlds that are on the verge of breaking down. If the mission fails, the Host can never return and will forever dwell in that world until the world completely crashes.”

“ What, no way! So dangerous.”

“Exactly! That’s why every time the Host completes those missions, they will be compensated, the System will give them a lucky draw chance. But I don’t agree with those Systems doing it that way, after all, there is no certainty in these matters. I still encourage the Host to accumulate the points, it is safer that way. Of course, the choice is up to you!”

Gu Jinmi thought and nodded, “All right! Nevermind, System you just send me to my mission world.” As for the SS level mission! We’ll decide it next time! After all, I definitely do not have the ability right now!

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