RSMLP Chap 42 – Substitute princess (4.0)


Once Gu Jinmi woke up, right in front of her was just red. Observing closely, she realised it was just a piece of cloth and breathed a sigh of relief. “Huuu, lucky. I thought I have met some kind of bad omen or disaster! It’s only a piece of cloth! Ay?! Wait, red cloth, it looks like a kerchief [1]!” Overhearing the deafening sounds of the gongs and drums, she felt uncomfortable, what kind of situation am I in?! Why am I marrying someone when I have just transmigrated?!

“System, system are you there? Hurry, give me the details!”

“Okay, the information has been transferred to you, I’ll be leaving first.”

“Okay.” Gu Jinmi closed her eyes and looked at the information.

After reading it, Gu Jinmi ruefully thought of only one word— melodramatic, really very melodramatic!

The most important information is that the original owner has only seen the male lead once! From then on, she was banished to the cold palace by the male lead and never met him ever again. Bummer.

Actually, even this whole marriage is a huge melodramatic scene! Originally, the one who should be getting married should be the female lead, it’s regrettable that the female lead has transmigrated from the modern world! She has never seen the supporting male character before, why would she listen to the command of her parents and the good offices of the matchmakers! So she ran away from home the day before her marriage, and simply said she was travelling the world, such bad luck.

You say you want to tour around then go tour! Why did you have to hang around the supporting male?! You want to hang around then hang around! Why did you have to inform him of your status?! The pitiful thing is that the original owner didn’t even do anything and she lost her life in vain.

The parents of the original owner had no choice but to marry her to the supporting male, even though the original owner was born from her mother and father, but her mother is only a lowly servant girl, so she didn’t have any authority in the Gu residence. In addition, during the new year, she has never participated in any family banquets or whatever, the original owner can say that it’s one of the Gu family’s flaw! But this can’t be blamed on the original owner!

Rather than calling the original owner a young miss, calling her a servant girl is more suitable. The original would be willing to get married is only because of her mother.

The original owner has always looked forward to finding a person who would treat her genuinely and sincerely. At first, she thought the supporting male would treat her well, but who knew that the two of them would only meet each other in the wedding festivities [2]. As a matter of fact, the only reason the original owner died is that she was tired of life! No one could be blamed for this as well!

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Let’s say we blame the female lead, then what did she do wrong?! She only saw that anything beneficial to her more important than everything! The original owner also does not have the rights to blame the supporting male character! After all, how would he know and accept that his bride would flee the marriage and would swap with another person!

“But fortunately, this mission is simpler, I only need to ensure that I live my life happily and take care of the original owner’s parents and that would be enough.” Gu Jinmi said, reassuring herself.

The more Gu Jinmi looked at the original owner, the more she pitied the original owner. She clearly didn’t do anything wrong, yet she ended up dying like this. Hai! Just like that, a 16-year-old girl ceased to exist!

This time, she cannot meet the supporting male lead like that and get banished to the cold palace! Once the members of the residents know of this matter, their attitude towards Gu Jinmi would be terrible! They would bully any and everyone. But what can be done to be saved from this situation?!

Let’s just be honest, but what if after being honest, the supporting male character hates me even more?! No, no I think I’ll just be frank! After all, the supporting male character should already know of this! En, let’s follow this plan.

After the long worship in the hall, Gu Jinmi returned to her new room. She rubbed her stomach, en, I’m so hungry! I should eat a little something! This damn old marriage tradition can only eat a little in the morning and no food all the way till the night. How can it be like this?! Gu Jinmi carefully peeked out from her headscarf and looked around. There is no one in this room.

Gu Jinmi quickly removed the headscarf and ran to the table. Looking at the feast on the table, she furrowed her eyebrow, whatever, whatever, it’s better than nothing! Just eat a little, we’ll talk after I have filled my stomach!

Taking advantage of the situation, Gu Jinmi devoured the food ravenously. Damn it, I’m starving!

Halfway through eating, Gu Jinmi heard footsteps coming closer. Not having enough time to clear her mess, she hurriedly pulled on the kerchief and returned to the bed, waiting for the person to enter.

When Feng Chenyi came in, he noticed the mess on the table and frowned. This wouldn’t be… forget it, Feng Chenyi thought as he looked at Gu Jinmi who was sitting on the bed in all seriousness. When he uncovered Gu Jinmi’s face, he spotted crumbs by the side of Gu Jinmi’s mouth. He couldn’t resist smiling and said, “You.”

When Gu Jinmi saw the man who suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, she was smitten with him. So a man wearing red clothes can also look so demonically handsome! Last time, I’ve always felt that men who wear red are either perverts or has mental issues, looks like this description has to change! Keke, this man looks very good when he smiles!

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi who was observing him, not having even a little bit of desire, only unadulterated admiration and he started to regard her with new eyes. All the other women always look at him as though they want to eat him up! He smiled, “Is this prince very nice to look at?”

Gu Jinmi answered stupidly, “Very nice.” after saying that, she felt like burying herself into a hole! Especially looking at the man in front of her who was looking at her with a jesting expression. “Keke, ummm, I want to tell you something.”

“What is it?” Feng Chenyi asked Gu Jinmi curiously.

“Ummm, ummm, ummm, can you promise me not to get angry after you hear this?! Actually, honestly, my hands are forced, so you can’t blame me! Even though you can say that I’m also a little responsible for this! But it’s really only a little!”

“Stop with the nonsense, don’t bargain with this prince, if you don’t want to say it, this prince also wouldn’t listen,” he said as he turned to walk away.

Gu Jinmi immediately stopped him, “Hey, ummm, don’t leave just yet! I’ll say it, I’ll say it!” Seriously, it looks like her skills are still not good enough!

“Since you want to say it, the quickly spit it out! This prince still has things to do!”

“Ummm, ummm, actually, I am not the Gu’s family eldest daughter, I am only, only the least favoured daughter of the Gu family.” Gu Jinmi carefully peaked at Feng Chenyi right after confessing.

She saw his expressionless face and was frightened. I cannot have messed up already! I can’t have!

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1. [[1]: kerchief: used to cover the head of a bride common in the old Chinese culture

2. [2]: wedding festivities: wedding night in the bridal room with ornamented candles. It’s mostly red

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