RSMLP Chap 43 – Substitute Princess (4.1)


Feng Chenyi burst out with laughter after hearing Gu Jinmi’s words, “Hahaha, did you think that this prince didn’t know about this? Do you think you can enter this prince’s residence without this prince’s consent?”

“Then… then why didn’t stop it!”

This prince, why should this prince stop it? Besides this prince only had to find a girl whose family is well-matched according to social status to marry. As long as you are a daughter from the Gu family would be enough, this prince doesn’t really care about other matters.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenyi in surprise, “y-you don’t care? Are you sure?” if he doesn’t care than why would the original owner be forced into that ending?!

“What? Is that really surprising?”

“But… but, don’t you feel angry? The Gu family had lied to you!”

“What is there for this prince to get angry? After all, a puppet is all this Prince needs.”

Gu Jinmi frowned, this situation is not right! If that’s what happened, then the original owner shouldn’t have committed suicide! Where did it go wrong?!

“Ding dong, congratulations host, you have triggered the hidden mission.”

“Hidden mission?! What hidden mission?!”

“Finding out the original owner’s reason for death.”

“Reason for dying?! Looks like there is really something fishy with the original owner’s death! Does the hidden mission need to be completed?”

“No, it’s not a must, but after completing the hidden mission, there will definitely be rewards. So, host, you should choose to complete the hidden mission.”

“Ok, I got it.”

Feng Chenyi looked at the girl who was not paying any attention to him and felt a little depressed. This is the first time! “Hey, what are you thinking about?”

“No-nothing. Umm, you, how are you going to handle me? Actually, if you are willing, you could just give me a quiet courtyard. Oh right, but the courtyard should not be too untamed! I also don’t need a lot of people, you just have to provide me with one maid. As for anything else, I do not care. Of course, I will also guarantee you that I will not disturb you, I guarantee.” Whatever, I will settle for second best! The original owner also didn’t request that I have to be with the supporting male for a lifetime. So finding another would be an additional benefit.

Gu Jinmi added on, “ummm, if you really, really don’t like me, you can just get rid of me, I wouldn’t mind. Of course! You have to compensate me, I don’t need much, you just have to compensate me with twelve thousand gold. I believe the prince’s residence can provide me with it.”

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When Feng Chenyi heard Gu Jinmi and his face turned black. Never have anyone disliked and ignored him it has always been him ignoring people!

Gu Jinmi noticed the colour of Feng Chenyi’s face and at that moment, she felt uncertain, “Keke, if you are not willing, you just have to provide me with a courtyard. Also, if you want to get rid of me, you just have to compensate me twelve thousand silver.”

“En, if that is also not possible then just give me five thousand two hundred silver.” looking at Feng Chenyi’s darkening face, she said, “ummm, if you can’t, then you decide what you want to give me.”

Feng Chenyi felt that if he stayed in the room any longer, he would strangle someone to death. “Yu, come here, bring the princess to the Yilan courtyard.”

“Yilan courtyard?! Prince!”

“What didn’t you hear me? Hurry, bring her over. Oh yes, arrange a few people to serve the princess at the Yilan courtyard.”


Gu Jinmi shrugged her shoulders and looked at him speechlessly, looks like I can’t escape! But what kind of place is this Yilan courtyard?! Why did Yu make such a weird expression when she hears of this place?

Gu Jinmi followed behind Yu and asked, “Ummm, may I ask what kind of place Yilan courtyard is? Why did you act so strangely when you heard this place?”

“Actually it’s nothing, only that the ripple waves courtyard and the prince’s Jinyi pavilion are close to each other. No one has ever stayed in it before, even the prince’s mother stayed in the Wangyou pavilion.”

“What, very close?” Gu Jinmi raised her eyebrows worriedly, very close. How can that be?! This situation was not in the plot. I thought Feng Chenyi would arrange for me to stay in an area further away from him! Now how am I going to sneak out to play?! Looks like this beautiful dream has fallen through!

“Princess, we’ve reached, this is Yilan courtyard. Later, this subordinate will bring some slave girls for Princess to choose from.”

“You don’t have to, choosing the slave girls can wait till tomorrow! Oh right, Yu, is there any other women in the prince’s residence?”

“Princess, the prince only has you, one woman. He doesn’t have any other, princes don’t you…”

Gu Jinmi shook her head and said, “Ok, ok, I didn’t mean it that way, ok, you may go back to rest!”

“Yes, princess, this subordinate will take her leave.”

Gu Jinmi released a sigh when she was in her room. She felt comfortable after hurriedly removing all the heavy clothing on her!

“Hai! Annoying, annoying, here I thought I could leave the residence at any time, I didn’t think that I would unlock a hidden mission. Hai! Whatever, whatever, I don’t care, don’t care, the sky is already so dark, I’ll just rest for a while.”

Gu Jinmi threw herself on the bed. Once her head touches the pillow, she fell asleep, she can’t do anything about it! A whole day of transmigrating, she’s extremely tired!

Gu Jinmi woke up in a daze late in the morning. A girl appeared by her side, giving her a shock, “Y-you, who are you?!”

“Princess, this servant is Zizhu. His Highness ordered this servant to take care of Princess.”

“Ha! Oh! Then you can withdraw for now!” she ordered, turning her body.

“Princess, princess, you should get up already. His Highness is already waiting for Princess. Princess, hurry, get up! It’s already 12.45 pm, his highness has been waiting for you all morning.”

Gu Jinmi furrowed her eyebrows feeling unhappy, “Ha! Fine, fine, don’t say anymore, I’m up, I’m up! Can you not cry!”

“Ah! Oh!” Zizhu hurriedly wiped her tears away and said, “Princess, it’s all because I’m no good, it’s all because this servant has disturbed Princess.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Zizhu and sighed, “Ok, ok, I got it, I got it, and next time don’t address yourself as this servant in front of me. Be less formal.”

“This, this, how can this be! Princess you are…”

“Enough, enough, I don Save it. I am not someone with lots of money. I will get angry if you continue being like this. Just save it. I’m not an important and rich person. I’m going to get angry if you continue being like this.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Princess, this servant, no, I understand.”

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