RSMLP Chap 44 – Substitute Princess (4.2)


Zizhu marvelled at the properly dressed up Gu Jinmi and exclaimed with admiration, “Princess, you are so beautiful! Even though Zizhu have never met the capital’s most beautiful woman, but Zizhu thinks that if the princess and the capital’s most beautiful woman compares, the princess will definitely not be inferior to her!” the capital’s most beautiful lady, but Zizhu feels that when Princess compares with the capital’s most beautiful lady, Princess, you are by no means inferior!”

“Yes, yes, you are so loquacious. Ok, let’s quickly go meet His Highness! Or else His Highness is going to get angry.”

When she reached the vestibule, she saw Feng Chenyi who was sitting at the table. With a calm expression, he grumbled, “Humph! You still know to come!”When they reach the antechamber, Feng Chenyi who was sitting at the table, with an angry expression, he grumbled, “Humph! You know to come!”

Gu Jinmi rubbed her nose sheepishly and Gu Jinmi rubbed her nose sheepishly and defended herself, “Keke, ummm, ummm. Listen to my explanation! I was too tired yesterday, that’s why I accidentally slept in a little.”

“You sure it’s only a little, this Prince has been waiting for you for more than an hour already. Do you know how many things this Prince could do in this one hour?!”

“Keke, you didn’t have to wait for me! Then again, why did you wait for me?! Didn’t we have an agreement, that from today onwards, we wouldn’t be related at all?”

“What did you say? You dare to repeat that?” Feng Chenyi challenged Gu Jinmi.

“Keke, ummm. Nothing.” Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenyi intense gaze and said diffidently, “Ummm, you asked me here. Do you have anything to tell me?”

“Can I not call you here even if there is nothing?”

“Ok ok ok, I didn’t say anything, just say what you want to say! Hurry up! I’m am dying of hunger. I still had to go back to eat after you have told me whatever you have to!”

“Humph! You still know to be hungry! This Prince still thinks that you would want to sleep until night!”

“Cheh, in any case, I don’t even have anything on, what would be the problem if I slept until night time. Besides, what am I going to do if I’m not sleeping?!”

“You… you are so courteous. This Prince has never seen a lady like you. Females are usually awake at the break of dawn either embroidering or reading.”

“Cheh, that is only a group of females! I do not care about these matters! No interest.”

“You, you, you, this Prince don’t know what to say to you.”

“Cheh, yes, yes, I don’t want to talk to you anymore. Don’t tell me you are only saying these things to me, if it’s only like that, I am going back, such a bore!”

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Gu Jinmi was looking down on him! Feng Chenyi got angry when he looked at her. “Stop, when did this Prince say that you can return, is this what the Gu household taught you? Did your mother not teach you the four books and five Confucian classics? What is called ‘lady’? You don’t have a good character and good looks of a woman.”

At first, Gu Jinmi did not mind what Feng Chenyi said, but when she heard Feng Chenyi mention the original owner’s mother, she became a little angry and said a little nastily, “Your Highness, I don’t mind if you talk about me, but please don’t talk bad about my mother. My mother treats me well, she may be a person of low status in others eyes and may even be a shameless woman who climbed into her master’s bed despite her status, but in my eye, she is the world’s best mother, no other woman can compare to her. Your Highness if you want to scold me, I wouldn’t rebut but if you scold my mother then don’t blame me for not knowing what is honourable and despicable.”

Feng Chenyi looked at the angry Gu Jinmi and knew that his words had reached Gu Jinmi’s threshold, but he has too much pride to apologise. Moreover, he is a prince!

Seeing that Feng Chenyi didn’t tell her off anymore, she turned around and left. No choice! If I don’t leave, I won’t be able to hold back showing the original owner’s furiousness. I didn’t think that my emotions will get affected by the original owner’s emotions, looks like the original owner value her mother!

However, the original story has never mentioned anything about the original owner’s mother, this is a problem, no, I have to visit her mother. According to my sixth sense, the original owner’s death has something to do with her mother. But for now….

“Zizhu, hurry, get some food for me! I’m starving.”

Zizhu looked at Gu Jinmi with a long face and said, “Princess, you still have the mood to eat.”

“Why wouldn’t I have the mood to eat, I haven’t eaten my breakfast, of course, I’m hungry!”

“But… but… Princess, you just treated the prince like that, His Highness would be angry!”

“Angry then angry, so what!” who would have thought that that person would call me over and not say anything, caused me to waste my trip there and scolded me. I felt a little depressed, after all, no one has said that to her before! Humph! If he was angry then wouldn’t she be angry too?

“Princess, why are you not anxious?! Don’t you know many rich misses are eyeing the prince covetously?! Even the eldest daughter of the prime minister fawns over the prince to get his favour! Princess, why do you just…”

“What?! So what! Zizhu, there are some things you can’t insist on, besides, the marriage between us is just necessary for both of our benefits. As for the other, I’m not going to think about it. Moreover, I don’t have to like what others like. It’s not like His Highness is gold or anything important like that.”

“Princess, His Highness is gold, His Highness have wealth that is equivalent to that of an entire nation! You can say that His Highness treasury is inexhaustible!”

“Ah! Really? Feng Chenyi has that much money? Isn’t he only a prince? Is he wealthier than the emperor?”

Zizhu immediately covered Gu Jinmi’s mouth, “Princess, a loose tongue spells trouble! Prince, you must not say this ever again! Princess, be cautious of what you speak!

“Yes, yes, I know, I know, there is only two of us here! No one is here to spread rumours. But Zizhu, this Feng Chenyi has so much money?!”

“That’s right!”

Gu Jinmi heard what Zizhu said and was infuriated! She slammed her hand on the table angrily and shouted, “Feng Chenyi this bastard, so much money, yet you don’t want to spare me 12 thousand gold, you are just being stingy towards me! Steel chicken, don’t even want to pluck one feather.”

“Princess, softer, lower down your volume.” Zizhu cautioned.

“Why should I lower my voice?! I want that person to know, humph! I am going to bed.”

“Ehhh! But Princess are you not going to eat?”

“Eat, why eat?! I’m full from being angry, still eat for what?! Zizhu you are dismissed for now!” Damn it, Feng Chenyi, you bastard. I am going to frame you as a villain, frame you until you die.

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