XDTH Chapter 11: Set out to Zijin mountains


Hua Chenyi laughed while watching Xiebing rushed to the restaurant through the window. Xiebing criticised him silently in her mind, seriously, can this person stop laughing?!

“Huu, laughing one, laughter pours into the city, laughing again, laughter pours into the country, perhaps this poem is referring to you, Hua Chenyi!” Xiebing said unable to resist a smile.

Hic… I really like the look Xiebing is giving me. This is the first time I felt the benefits of my good looks. When he was secretly happy about being able to attract Xiebing, just that one sentence from Xiebing caused the corner of his lips to stop moving and the smile turned stiff and immediately got slightly smaller, this girl, who praises someone like this?!

“Humm, have you briefed your people? Then let’s move out, Bing er aren’t you scared that I would kidnap and sell you?” Hua Chenyi ran forward to hug her, but Xiebing seamlessly dodged him! Is hugging once is not enough, are you still wanting to hug more?! Looking at his empty hands, Hua Chenyi felt very disappointed and found a light topic to cover up.

“Kidnap and sell? Young master Hua, this place is the Jun family’s territory!” Xiebing put both her hands on her hips, her rosy lips drew back in disbelief and looked at him as if she was a tycoon. Her eyes sending a message to him: Kidnap and sell? Who would be the one being kidnapped and sold?

“Ok, ok, ok, my little host!” Hua Chenyi peered at Xiebing’s arrogant and cute look, stretched out his hands to pinch her small nose and smiled at her dotingly.

“Hehe, Let’s gooo!” Xiebing pulled Hua Chenyi by his hand down the stairs. Hua Chenyi stared at the soft and fair hand pulling on him, the sense of disappointment was swept away, turned his hands around and walked downstairs with Xiebing filled to the brim with joy.

Those people who knew Hua Chenyi would mistake him as another person! If they were told that this full of smiles and gentle red cloth teen was the cold, arrogant and obstinate young master Hua, Hua Chenyi, how many of them would run into a wall and start questioning the heavens: Oh dear God, did you raise the sun from the west today?

The two of them walked on the main street, one was insolent and in red and the other was cute and in white. They attracted all the females on that street.

“Handsome prince, which household are you from?” Hua Chenyi face turned black when he heard that.

“That little girl is so cute, look look, she is so cute when she smiles, I really want to pinch those cheeks.” Hearing that, Xiebing lowered her head deep in thought, my lips are all crammed together is still considered a smile?

“No that’s not right, the man in red is the cute one. If you don’t believe, look at his expression!” A big sister rebutted, pointing at Hua Chenyi darkened face.

Hua Chenyi listened to the continuous murmuring all around them and coldly ‘hmphed’. Not waiting for Xiebing’s consent, he called out his spirit pet, sat Xiebing on the back of the spirit beast and flew towards Zijin mountains.

Xiebing looked at the mystical silver wolf beast under her and thought, this young master Hua is really rich and overbearing. This mystical beast is rare in the Oscar continent and this super mythological beast is already considered a legend!

She raised her head and looked at Hua Chenyi very very unhappy face. Xiebing said with a smile, “Eh, little beautiful girl, come smile for me, this uncle!”

Hua Chenyi couldn’t hold his laughter in when he looked at Xiebing’s small figure looking so ambitious. This girl, I like her even more!

“Oh? This old man, didn’t you know that my laughter comes at a high price?” Hua Chenyi jokingly asked, dare to take liberties with me?

“Oh? Then how expensive is young master Hua’s laugh?” Xiebing asked, full of smiles, looking at the continuously changing scenery of the earth below them. She released a sigh, the environment in this life is really beautiful, in the modern time it would not be possible to see this landscape.

“Hmm, let me think, Bing er, why not next time you call me Yi? En, that settles it.” Hua Chenyi caressed his lower jaw with his long slender fingers, his eyes brightened up and stared at Xiebing, looking as if he was very satisfied with his price and also possessing a scoundrelly air. Xiebing rolled her eyes when she heard Hua Chenyi’s ‘price’.

The silver wolf glanced at the two people on his back and looked at the sun in the sky, I have not seen him for a while, has my owner changed his gender? But this kind of owner is also better.

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The road was filled with their cheers and laughter, Silver wolf sensed his master’s mood and also felt happy. Never has he ever seen his master in such high spirit before, no one knew that under the splendour of the most talented hid a lonely heart. The appearance of this little girl transformed his master into a teenager and not young master Hua, the continent’s genius.

“Master, we’ve reached!” Silver wolf reminded, looking at the camping site. (Spirit beast can speak when they reach the god-beast rank, super god beast can change into human form)

“En, Bing er let’s go down!” Hua Chenyi helped Xiebing off the silver wolf’s back and walked to the campsite together.

Xiebing looked at the different sized tents and the people walking here and there. She felt bewildered, eh, why are there so many people?

He seemed to understand Xiebing’s uncertainty. Hua Chenyi smiled and said, “These are the people from the 4 great clans joining the refinement this year, at the same time, they also want to obtain the Ziyang fruit. Now we are going to the Beiyan clan’s campsite. I came with my friend, Beiyan Feng…” there was one more sentence that Hua Chenyi didn’t say out loud: befriending Bing er is the most fortunate.

Not long after, they reached the Beiyan clan’s campsite. Just as the arrived at the entrance of the camp, a complain sounded out, “Little Yi Yi, you didn’t tell anyone you left the camp. You made me search for you for a long time, humph humph~”

Hua Chenyi face immediately turned iron black and yelled, “Beiyan Feng! How many times have I told you to not call me that disgusting name!”

“Humph! You… Wah! What a cute little girl, little Yi Yi, where did you snatch her from?” Beiyan Feng wanted to argue but after looking at Xiebing, he immediately threw everything to the back of his brain and just like the wind, he stretched both his arms to grab Xiebing.

Beiyan Feng was fast but Hua Chenyi was faster! With one swipe, he grabbed Xiebing and glared at Beiyan Feng, even he doesn’t know what’s wrong with himself. But when he saw Beiyan Feng wanting to carry Xiebing, he couldn’t resist but feel irritated!

Beiyan Feng looked at his still open arms, he ignored Hua Chenyi’s ill gaze and glared resentfully at Xiebing who was in Hua Chenyi’s arms!

Xiebing glanced at the blackface teen and she can’t deny that he is another very pretty teen! He also looks around 11/12 years old, wearing sky blue clothes, his black hair tied in a ponytail at the back of his head, the only flaw is the resentful look plastered on his fine, pretty face and his bright intelligent eyes looking accusingly at Hua Chenyi.

“Eh….. hello, I’m Jun Xiebing.” no matter how thick-skinned she is, Xiebing was unable to endure Beiyan Feng’s miserable look. She jumped out of Huaa Chenyi’s hug and gave a sweet smile to Beiyan Feng.

“Wah! You… you are Jun Xiebing?! The third innate gold spirit ability person in the continent?! Jun’s family’s genius little princess?!” surprise covered his face in an instant when he heard her name. He can’t be blamed for that, Jun Xiebing’s name had spread throughout the continent and she is the princess of the Jun family as well. Anyone of her title is of great importance for the whole continent to pay attention to!

Beiyan Feng really didn’t expect this. Hua Chenyi would sneak off and kidnap the Jun family’s little genius! Why don’t I too sneak off for a while? Maybe I’ll also bring back a genius!

Looking at Beiyan Feng’s expression, Xiebing started perspiring! Am I that famous? She questioned herself, rubbing her small nose. She nodded and said, “The person you mentioned, should be me.”

“Really? I didn’t expect Jun Xiebing, the whole continent was curious about was so cute! Little Bing er, I am Beiyan Feng, you can call me Feng gege!” Beiyan Feng said pinching Xiebing’s face as if he was very familiar with her and his change of expression is really like the little fatty Jun Zixuan.

“Beiyan Feng, are you intend to let us keep standing here?” Hua Chenyi glared at Beiyan Feng, how dare he pinch Bing er’s face?!

Xiebing observed the two people in front of her and smiled. Her impression of Beiyan Feng is a fond one.

“Oh my, I was so excited meeting Bing er that I forgot everything, let’s go in!” Beiyan Feng immediately brought them into the camp after hearing what Hua Chenyi said, awkwardly scratching his chest.

Walking along the road on the campsite, anyone who saw Beiyan Feng and Hua Chenyi will bow to them and at the same time, looked doubtingly at Xiebing, not understanding why second young master Bai and young master Hua were bringing a little girl into camp, this place is the very dangerous Zijin mountain range!

“Eh? Xiao Feng, why did you bring a little girl into camp? It very dangerous here!” the second elder of the Beiyan clan questioned Beiyan Feng and at the same time, he said gently, “Little girl, it’s very dangerous here, where is your family?”

Looking at the old man in front of her, Xiebing replied with a smile, “Grandpa, don’t worry. I will take care of myself. Yi gege will also protect me, right?”, turning to look at Hua Chenyi.

Only hearing the words Yi gege, Hua Chenyi burst with joy and reassured the second elder, “En, I will protect Bing er well!”

“Me too! I will also protect Bing er well!” Beiyan Feng promised, thumping his chest, unwilling to be outdone.

The second elder stared into their determined eyes and instructed, “Don’t run around and don’t be too far from me. If anything happens to the little girl, find me!”

“Not good! Not good! Spirit beasts are attacking the camp!” the second elder flew towards the exterior of the camping grounds after warning them not to leave.

The three of them looked at each other and followed behind the second elder, to the exterior of the campsite! These three are not still and quiet masters. How are they supposed to stay in camp feeling at ease? How would they?!

Looking at the situation, the three of them were dumbfounded…

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