TGCMM Chapter 13 – Who attacked who

~ Boom Sha Ka La Ka ~ What the heck ~

Shu Yu stayed in a house that Jin Yu had stayed in during the previous years. After the Lingyin party ended, under the watchful gaze of the demons who had either hope or fear in their eyes, she was accompanied by Fu Wang as they headed home to rest. Everything was fine at first but just as Fu Wang and her arrived at the door, something unexpected happened.

Like a bullet, a young child dashed out of their courtyard’s front door, rushing straight towards Shu Yu and only stopping when he was within seven feet from her. With a look of wanting to throw himself but not daring to, he shouted in a timid and crisp voice: “Lady Jin Yu, you’re finally here. Xiao Yu has been waiting for you for a long time. Since this morning, no, since the last time you left, I have been waiting for your arrival!”

Big round eyes, little fluffy ears, a thin yet powerful body, he looked like an adorable young child. That gaze full of love, even if she was dumb, Shu Yu would be able to tell that this child clearly adored Tian Feng Jin Yu. Speaking of true love and genuine concern, his is as good as BOSS’ acting. However, Shu Yu sensed that this young boy’s was true love, just based on the fact that for the past three years, he would always come to the Lingyin party to serve a killing machine like Tian Feng Jin Yu, advancing bravely with no fear of death.

Yes, Shu Yu found this familiar young child in Jin Yu’s memories. Then she had an eerie feeling, could it be that Jin Yu had some feelings for this child? Otherwise how is it that others are killed for showing their love, yet this young boy called Xiao Yu from the Cat Clan was able to serve her three times without ending up dead?

With Tian Feng Jin Yu, there was no such thing as emotions. Suddenly, from her chaotic memories, she pulled out some memories of the boy and was surprised. It was only after a detailed understanding that she breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, Jin Yu had no interest in the boy……wait, something was not right, why did it matter to her if Jin Yu liked this boy before? What is this strange feeling of “OMG an old lover has reappeared but this is not my fault, BOSS will you listen to me!”.

Because she was thinking, Shu Yu remained expressionless. She didn’t have time to react but it was different for Fu Wang. Upon hearing the young boy’s words, he internally narrowed his eyes and responded immediately, with a response that best suited his current status.

“You are the servant of this house? Since that is the case, please take Jin Yu and I to rest.” Fu Wang seemed to not have noticed the boy’s tender tone as he gave him a smile, a smile that depicted a moon, clean and chaste.

Xiao Yu’s smile fell, only now noticing that Jin Yu who had always been alone was actually relying on a young man. Moreover, this young man was able to call Lady Jin Yu by her name. He then remembered the rumours of a Fox Clan goddess that doted on a slave, Xiao Yu’s expression became gloomy.

There is nothing more sorrowful than finding out that you have a love rival and that he was better looking and had a better disposition.

Xiao Yu was from a middle class demon clan and like many other demon clans, he admired Tian Feng Jin Yu, the powerful and formidable Goddess. However, he had never thought about getting into her good graces until three years ago, when Tian Feng Jin Yu suddenly killed all the servants that were waiting on her in this house. He was then transferred from elsewhere to serve her here temporarily. Even though he only got to see her for a few days during this period every year, Xiao Yu realised that this Goddess was more tolerant of him than the other demons.

It was during that one time where Jin Yu lost her temper and killed all the other servants but spared him. This special treatment caused Xiao Yu’s teenage heart to be occupied at once. Since then, the adoration in his heart had gradually surpassed the fear and his heart grew closer to Jin Yu.

The young boy who had been excitedly looking forward to seeing his beloved felt depressed and could no longer keep a smile on his face. He tried his best not to cry but tears still formed in his eyes. He had heard the rumours but hadn’t really believed them, instinctively unwilling to do so but now that he saw the Tian Feng Jin Yu who refused to let anyone near her, standing alongside that young man so naturally and intimately, he could not lie to himself anymore.

Xiao Yu endured his heartache as he brought the two of them to the bed chambers before running away with red eyes. Fu Wang had a calm smile as he watched the young boy’s quickly disappearing figure, closed the door, tilted his head towards Shu Yu and winked at her.

“Each one once, we’re even now right?”

Huh? BOSS what are you saying? Shu Yu stood speechlessly. Even though she really wanted to ask him that, she had an idea of what BOSS meant. He must be talking about the appearance of former lovers, it’s fair that they’ve both had one. But this isn’t right! What former lover, she simply never had one! Even if there was, it’s Jin Yu’s, not hers! Then again, why did they have to discuss this kind of thing?

Shu Yu held back for a while but couldn’t help herself anymore and opened her mouth to retort but Fu Wang suddenly stopped smiling and said seriously: “Alright, jokes aside, we are still far from the moment we can relax. You have rested for the whole day, resume training now, it’ll be good to even make a little progress.”

Although she felt that Fu Wang was doing this intentionally, Shu Yu still held back her words and with the same serious look, she nodded: “I understand, you can set your mind at ease.”

Seeing that she really didn’t grumble or show any unwillingness, turning around to head right to practise, Fu Wang stretched his slender finger and stroked her head with a peaceful smile.

“Do you feel tired?”

Shu Yu’s expression was earnest: “I still don’t have the right to say I’m tired.” She had always wanted to try saying these commonly seen lines in teen mangas, and now that she had, it’s awesomely cool!

Fu Wang gazed down at her, “I understand, I’m afraid no one can understand this feeling better than I do, and because I do, that is why I asked if you were tired. At the very least if you can’t endure it anymore, I hope that you can trust me enough to tell me. Do you still remember the first time we met, you cried in front of me?”

Shu Yu turned red, damn it can you not bring up this black history! It’s just that she had just transmigrated and hadn’t gotten used to the place before being put under such stress that she lost control of her feelings.

Fu Wang caressed her again, “It was then that I knew that you were a little girl who hadn’t seen hardships, but you’ve surprised me this whole time. I have never heard you complain, never seen you give up, and you’ve even respected me throughout. You were also good to me even when I was recuperating my powers. You are strong, and you are gradually becoming stronger, but this is too hard on you. Sometimes, when I’m explaining things to you, there’s a part of me that wished you would talk to me, complain that it was too tiring, complain that I was too strict, don’t push yourself too hard.”

“At least in front of this partner, relax a little, you can chat with me about your thoughts, or crack a joke, is that ok?” Fu Wang’s gaze was gentle, his voice was also soft, “I hope that you can live for a long time.”

Chicken soup[1] with a beautiful sound and appearance is great indeed ~ it’s truly refreshing to hear it daily (thumbs up) Shu Yu covered her chest and fortified her shy young heart before answering with a serious face: “Please be rest assured, I won’t go die[2] so easily!”

Fu Wang: “……What?”

The night passed in teaching mode and as before, Fu Wang taught while Shu Yu listened. She’s at his turf afterall. Shu Yu still wasn’t good enough to practise those powerful and formidable moves so Fu Wang began by teaching her some useful little spells.

Fu Wang didn’t have innate essences so cultivation was challenging for him but in all other aspects, he was an all-rounded demon. He knew many useful little spells, even the unconventional ones. Who knew where he learned those from. What can be inferred is that with his status, it’s definitely not that simple for him to learn all this, he must have gone through countless sufferings to become who he was now.

”If you are attacked from all sides by demons or wild beasts, do the ‘Lian Xi Jue[3a]’ I previously mentioned to hide your scent, then use ‘Jie Xi Jue[3b]’ to imitate the beast’s scent, thereby gaining some breathing time.”

“There’s also ‘Piao Ping Jue[3c]’, this spell is one that I adapted from another. It conserves spiritual power yet the escaping speed isn’t slow.”

“In water you can protect yourself with ‘Xiang Shui Jue[3d]’……when you don’t have enough Spiritual power and find yourself in a hopeless situation you can use ‘Si Dun Jue[3e]’……”

Fu Wang’s lessons were presented methodically and clearly, they were very interesting. He would tell an interesting little story that was related to the spell before explaining the technique, or he would mock himself to help Shu Yu understand and remember it better. He was also patient when it came to the boring techniques, explaining it to Shu Yu again and again.

From his explanations, Shu Yu once more felt deeply that —— BOSS had previously been living in an abyss of suffering, with danger at practically every step, alright?! Otherwise how else would he be so familiar with these spells, even looking like he had saved himself from danger.

Apart from acting pitiful to gain sympathy, he’d actually not spoken much about his past, only saying a few words, casually mocking and laughing at himself. It’s just that when he’s teaching her like this and sometimes giving examples, Shu Yu could from his calm words, vaguely glimpse the hardships he once endured.

Shu Yu felt that if a person could work hard to become someone like Fu Wang, he will definitely not stay still. Perhaps Fu Wang was the kind that even after being dealt terrible cards, would ultimately emerge as the winner after killing everyone.

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After interacting with him for some time, the cruel and ruthless, dark psychology, crazy behaviour with an honest outwardly appearance BOSS that Shu Yu had read in the book was becoming too different from the current Fu Wang. Perhaps Fu Wang had some ill intentions but so far, he had never hurt her and had been wholeheartedly helping her. Shu Yu was sincerely grateful for his company and care, and in total admiration of his capability and cool-headedness.

“Of course, what I’m familiar with is the unorthodox. Because I lack spiritual power, I have to delve into a different path in order to survive. Our situations are not completely identical. Tian Feng Jin Yu’s body is exceptional, if you can regain her original powers, then you’ll truly be able to establish yourself in Meng Ze.

Fu Wang took out a few books and pieces of jade from a mustard bag, his tone revealing hints of a sigh, “The more I read, the more I feel like dust. Compared to the whole universe, how insignificant am I? The realm of Meng Ze is just a small world where demons are sealed, no one can thoroughly understand the vastness of the universe. Tian Feng Jin Yu is the TianHu Clan’s new generation Goddess and she has great potential but isn’t invincible. Therefore, even if you regain Jin Yu’s abilities in the future, don’t be arrogant and complacent. You have to constantly review yourself and strive unceasingly. Only then can you live without constraints in this world.”

During lessons, Fu Wang was always 70% imposing and 30% gentle, perhaps because he had guessed that Shu Yu came from a place that was very different from this world, leading to her cluelessness with many things and her thoughts that were different from the Demon Clans here. Therefore, not only would he explain the spells to her, he would often give her advice like this.

He also taught her how to conduct herself in this world, hence Shu Yu always felt that Fu Wang slowly became like a father, brother and teacher to her. It’s just that he would sometimes do or say ambiguous things that would give Shu Yu the feeling that —— Oh, BOSS still has not given up on seducing her. But whenever he seduced her, he was open about it, knowing how to read her eyes and pulling back in time, smiling as he watched her confusion, totally not giving her a chance to refuse. It was practically like a cat that was teasing a mouse.

Those days by Shu Yu’s side, Shu Yu had been constantly improving and needless to say, with Fu Wang’s character, he was bound to work even harder than Shu Yu. Tian Feng Jin Yu’s enormous library had practically been emptied out by him and the Treasure Pavilion tower was open to him. Like a dry sponge, Fu Wang absorbed all the knowledge without rest, hungrily digesting and making them his.

Continuing like this was indeed a little tiring, but compared to the past where he had to spend a great deal of effort trying a thousand and one ways just to learn a little something, his current situation was very fortunate indeed. So Fu Wang lived like a stranded fish that had been put back into the water. As for the butcher’s knife that was hanging over his head, he was often in this kind of peril anyway, he was used to it.

Everytime he taught Shu Yu something, he had to learn it himself first. Even though he couldn’t apply it, he had to have a good grasp on the theories and know-how otherwise he wouldn’t be able to guide Shu Yu. Speaking from this point of view, Fu Wang’s comprehension was worthy of a Demon’s but this comparison would make his physical weakness appear especially unfortunate.

Shu Yu also felt that way. Shu Yu once asked if there was any way to hasten his cultivation or to make up for his weaknesses. Fu Wang gave it some thought and replied with a gentle smile: “Maybe if I practise with Shu Yu, the results might not be bad.” It scared Shu Yu and she never brought it up again. Fu Wang also never spoke of it afterwards so Shu Yu strongly felt that maybe BOSS had been teasing her again.

After interacting for some time, she completely understood BOSS’ evil sense of fun. Like a lazy fox, he would stretch his paw whenever he saw something that interested him and just before the other person got angry, he would promptly stop and give a face of “What do I do with you, why are you always creating trouble” or “Alright let’s get down to business, no more joking around” that was full of sincerity, making the other party feel even more wronged. The level of meanness was comparable to that of an elementary school boy that liked to pull on little girls’ braids.

However, BOSS’ level was too high. Whenever Shu Yu cursed at him silently, after a while, she would be cured by his attentive care and begin to think that maybe she was being too petty and was making a fuss over nothing, he just enjoyed teasing people. Just like right now, she was coaxed like countless times before.

“You must be tired from practising, take a break first. I’ve brought some special delicacies from this place that I think you’ll like, come and try?”

After having a plate of fragrant soy sauce jerky, Shu Yu’s mood was at its MAX but just as she was about to attack the second plate, she was stopped by Fu Wang. Meeting Shu Yu’s confused gaze, he pulled out a thick book from a mustard bag and said: “There are all kinds of spells in this, a thousand and eight incantations. Remember one, and you can have three pieces of jerky.”

Holy shit how can you be so heartless, so callous and so unreasonable! Shu Yu threw him an accusatory look. Fu Wang held her hands and massaged her fingers, coaxing her tenderly: “One incantation for five pieces, alright? The more you remember, they’ll perhaps be of great help to you in the future, they’re all simple spells, hmm, ok?”

“Alright.” It’s for her own good afterall. She’s already a big girl and can’t possibly still require some coaxing in order to learn a little something. So she agreed. Shu Yu is an easy-to-coax young girl.

After that, even when watching the matches from the high platform for the next few days, Shu Yu always held a jade scroll as she practised diligently. Fu Wang sat by her side, next to a large plate of aromatic spicy jerky. Whenever Shu Yu recited a spell, Fu Wang[4] would add five pieces. The jerky being stacked neatly by Fu Wang would soon form a small mountain. Shu Yu’s desire to cultivate reached an all-time high.

Every daytime below the high platforms, the competition among the Five Demon Clans were in full swing as Shu Yu trained with relentless diligence on the platform. In the evenings, as soon as it ends, Shu Yu and Fu Wang would return to their house, paying no attention to others and staying as low-profile as they could. In fact, Shu Yu had seen Xin City’s festive liveliness at night and really wanted to go out and play. Unfortunately, she had attracted a lot of attention and now was the time where absolutely nothing must go wrong so she could only stay in the house to practise.

Fu Wang knew what she was thinking but showed nothing on the surface. Finally that evening after nightfall, after Shu Yu had finished practising, he snuck out of the house with Shu Yu and brought her to Yangtian Pavilion’s rooftop. Yangtian Pavilion was at the center of Xin City and towered over it. When sitting on the rooftop, you can see places that are far far away. Besides the stretch of drifting lights under their feet, they could also see the dark mountain forests outside Xin City that extended into the endless distance.

“Look, that mountain range is called Wuwen Mountains, the Clear Wilderness that I told you before, that is the entrance.” Fu Wang pointed towards somewhere in the mountain range. Shu Yu looked to where he had pointed and nodded in acknowledgement. It turns out that BOSS had brought her out today for an on-site visit and strategic planning. She thought that he had brought her out for a change of clothes and to visit the night fair. Wouldn’t this usually be the best opportunity to attack?”

Just as that thought came to her, a very small red fox lantern appeared before her eyes. Looking up, she saw a white and strong hand holding the lantern, and the soft look in Fu Wang’s eyes.

“This time, I can’t bring you below where there are many people. Wait for this time next year, I’ll bring you out to stroll……I see that you really like those lights, do you like this lantern?” The smile on Fu Wang’s face was faint, not the gentle expression he usually had. His current expression made him appear even more relaxed. Behind him was the bright moon and its’ silver radiance outlined his silhouette with a silvery light, making him look all the more peaceful and delicate.

Oh my god I’m going to have a heart attack! Shu Yu coughed as she took the cute red fox lantern and thanked him under her breath. The lantern was exquisite, the absolutely lifelike little fox smiled adorably and Shu Yu liked it the more she looked at it. She didn’t realise that her smile was practically the same as the red fox’s.

Beside her, Fu Wang turned his head towards her, hands in sleeves, long hair swaying gently in the breeze, he felt an unspeakable sense of relaxation just by looking at her. Shu Yu played with the lantern and suddenly remembered seeing Fu Wang paring bamboo branches yesterday. At that time she had no idea what Fu Wang was doing but it now seems like he was making this lantern?

“Fu Wang, you made this?”

Fu Wang smiled wordlessly, Shu Yu understood and adoration unwittingly shone through her eyes, “How is it that you know everything, I want you to be my master, teach me how to be a smart aleck, Master!”.

Fu Wang was dumbfounded, “You want me to be your master?” Before Shu Yu could explain that it was an offhand remark, he shook his head somewhat solemnly, “That won’t do, if there’s anything you want to learn, and as long as I know it, I can teach you. But I will not take you as my disciple.”

Shu Yu became really curious and pressed on: “Why?”

Fu Wang sighed helplessly, “If I’m your master, how can I still fool you into getting on my bed.”

Shu Yu: “……It was windy just now, I think I’m hearing things?”

With the same tender look, Fu Wang ruffled her hair, “You must be tired, that’s why you’re hearing things.”

Shu Yu: “Haha.”

Fu Wang: “Since Shu Yu is tired, let us go back.”

When they returned home, Fu Wang noticed a dark shadow lurking in the corner. A smile with an unknown meaning appeared at the side of his mouth before he closed the door slowly.

The one who adored Tian Feng Jin Yu, was fortunate enough to get close to her and would be more familiar with her was Xiao Yu. For the past few days he had deliberately turned a blind eye. It seems like he already suspects that this “Tian Feng Jin Yu” wasn’t the “Tian Feng Jin Yu” from before.

There are two days left before Shu Yu has to compete on stage, the plan has to be carried out.

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1. Like chicken soup for the soul – Probably referring to Fu Wang.
2. 狗带 (Gǒu dài) – Translates literally to ‘dog band’. It’s an internet slang coined by Z.Tao because its pronunciation is similar to “go die”. Can also mean “go away”.
3 All these are spell names:
a. 敛息决 (liǎn xī jué) Hold breath
b. 借息决 (jiè xī jué) Borrow breath
c. 飘萍决 (piāo píng jué) Float travel
d. 相水决 (xiāng shuǐ jué) Like water / Water appearance
e. 死遁决 (sǐ dùn jué) Escape from death
4. Author wrote ‘Shu Yu’ but it doesn’t make any sense for her to do all that while Fu Wang just sits there so I’ll assume it’s a typo.

This translation is brought to you by:
Iluska & Maelani Translations
Translator: Isadora
Proofreader & Editor: Sugakookie

Just some extras:
– The spells above are named very literally. They literally do what their names say so we didn’t translate them because it’ll make the paragraph confusing.
– The author used 少年 (11-15 years old) to describe Xiao Yu and 青年 (20-44 years old) to describe Fu Wang. Personally, I would assume that Xiao Yu is 15 and Fu Wang in his 20s.
– We’ve used ‘practise’ and ‘cultivate’ interchangeably but I would like to clarify that they mean the same thing. ‘Practise’ is just a more general term for it (e.g. practise the piano) and ‘cultivate’ is the specific action they’re doing to increase their powers (e.g. doing scales on the piano)

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