RSMLP Chap 45 – Substitute Princess (4.3)


Gu Jinmi didn’t see Feng Chenyi for the next few days, but she was not worried. Besides, she has not decided who is her target yet! Most importantly, in a couple of days, the royal palace is holding a grand banquet! Therefore, as the princess, she definitely has to perform! I’m not scared of the performance, the important event is that this banquet is where the female lead would appear! And as the male lead personal servant girl as well.

During this banquet, the female lead can be said to have become famous overnight! All the males present in the banquet took notice of her! The most, most important event in the banquet was that the identity of the female lead was exposed by someone, she, this ‘fake’ princess would be thrown in the cold palace! Thinking about the plot, at that point, the queen mother flew into a rage! She beat the original host till she left only half a breath left!

No, that can’t happen, I have to think of something.

Zizhu stared at Gu Jinmi who seldom wears these troubled looks and thought that Gu Jinmi has started to understand things properly now. Maybe she is wondering why the Prince has not come for such a long time, there are also rumours floating around that the Princess has lost the Prince’s favour! “Princess, I think the Prince has encountered a problem, not that he doesn’t miss Princess.”

Gu Jinmi retorted back, “I don’t care whether he misses me or not! Zizhu! Have you heard if the palace is holding a royal banquet in a few days?”

“Of course I know!this matter has already spread throughout the residence already!”

“Oh! Then Zizhu, do you know what performances are the ladies who are attending the banquet performing?”

“That, Zizhu also do not know and Zizhu has never attended before. But Zizhu thinks that most of them would be thinking to present the four arts [zither, chess, calligraphy and painting]

“The four arts!” In the original plot, the female lead played a song called seeking the Phoenix! Since the lead chose to play the zither, then I cannot choose to play the zither. All in all, I already know I cannot guarantee to win if I played the zither, but I have the upper hand of knowing what would happen. I can plan ahead and gain victory over the female lead at the end! I definitely wouldn’t do something that I cannot guarantee will work. I do not know anything about calligraphy and chess, therefore the choice I am only left with is drawing.

But if I draw, it wouldn’t be anything new, original and not only I will choose to present a drawing. I have to do something that will surprise everyone. Only then I will win. But what should I do?!

“Princess, what is it, what are you thinking about? Princess, please stop staying in your room all day long, Princess please go out for a walk! The flowers have already bloomed! There are many butterflies as well, it’s very pretty!”

“Flowers, butterflies.” But wouldn’t this be a very old method?! And, what if there was someone who did it before me, then what should I do?! “Zizhu, let me ask you, have you ever heard of a picture being able to attract butterflies?!”

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“A picture attracting butterflies?! Princess, how is that possible?! Even if the picture is really lifelike, it is still impossible to attract butterflies!”

“Oh! I see! Haha, nothing, nothing. Ok, let’s go out and look around!”

Up until before the banquet starts, Gu Jinmi has not seen a sight of Feng Chenyi. She felt a little depressed, this brat, he didn’t go alone right?! Whatever, whatever, alone then alone! “Zizhu, has the housekeeper arranged a carriage?”

“All is arranged, outside the residence.”

“En, then, let’s go!”

“But, Princess, are we not waiting for the Prince?”

“Wait for Feng Chenyi, am I stupid?! Besides, he is he, I am I, don’t place us on the same level! And, your Prince has not even appeared for half a month, why should I wait for him! Let’s go!”

“But, Princess, His Highness has already…”

“Already what already! It’s already so late, let’s hurry!”

“Leaving without waiting for this Prince? This Prince’s favoured wife is so willful!”

Gu Jinmi heard the voice behind her and said grudgingly, “Since the Princes has arrived, then Prince, please go on first! I will ask the housekeeper to arrange another carriage for me.”

Feng Chenyi’s face darkened after hearing Gu Jinmi, “Is the favoured wife still ignoring this Prince? Or does the favoured wife want everyone to know of the relationship between them? Are you still not coming up here?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenyi who have already entered the carriage and muttered unhappily, “Don’t even have the grace of a gentleman, hateful!” she walked in the carriage indignantly, but she couldn’t shed all pretence of cordiality towards him yet!

Gu Jinmi humphed coldly as she looked at the person beside her who has closed his eyes and was resting. She felt a little hungry and noticed there were cakes in the carriage. Not caring if anyone was watching, she gobbled them down.

Feng Chenyi looked at her and said scornfully, “Did our residence treat you harshly? Or did this Prince starve you, do have to act like this? No one is going to snatch it from you.”

“Humph! You mistreated me.”

“Oh! Then recount all the times this Prince has mistreated you.”

“Cheh, ummm, ummm, humph! You haven’t mistreated me yet!”

“This prince will not make things difficult for a girl. Besides, does this Prince look like a petty person?”

“Yes, looks like.”

“What did you say?!”

“Yes, you are! You don’t even know what have I been eating these past few days! Our residence only has people who act according to their own benefits and forget their morality, did you not know to the rumours spreading around? All of them thinks that I have lost favour, so all the food that was passed to me to eat are all too horrible to endure! But I don’t care!”

“What, why does this Prince not know?”

“You are such a busy person, how would you know?! Anyways I am not complaining to you! I just don’t feel justified, this world which only looks at power cannot be saved anymore!”

“You are very openminded!”

Of course, why wouldn’t I be openminded, moreover, we have our own opinions! As long as we have mutual consent that when the time comes. I can leave and you wouldn’t lose anything as well.”

“You. This Prince was really blind to think that you are docile.”

“Humph! I have never mentioned that I was a little lamb! You assumed.”

“Right, please don’t throw my face during the banquet.”

“Cheh, I wouldn’t!”

“Humph! You wouldn’t? Doubt so! From your posture now, it is just…”

“Heym Feng Chenyi, enough already! Would you be very uncomfortable not making caustic remarks at me for one day? Don’t worry! I definitely wouldn’t embarrass you, I want you to have face in the outside world. I definitely will shine at the banquet.”

“Humph! There is no need to do that, I only wish for you to not embarrass me.”

“Hey, Feng Chenyi, enough!”

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3 thoughts on “RSMLP Chap 45 – Substitute Princess (4.3)

  1. Why do the mc get more2 childish after arc about fiance childhood. But still I love this novel I don’t want to abandon it… hope the mc get better in character. Well the childish is cute but make less. Don’t want all content in arc focus on mc childish.. Thank you author for translation..


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