RSMLP Chap 46 – Substitute Princess (4.4)


Gu Jinmi looked at the palace’s architecture and was filled with all sorts of feelings. You can’t look down on the intelligence of the people in the olden days! This pavilion, this garden, is built very vividly and lifelike!

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi marvelling at the place, he rubbed his forehead and pulled Gu Jinmi forward. If he allowed her to continue to marvel at the scenery, his face would be thrown away!

Gu Jinmi felt Feng Chenyi sudden movement and demanded, “Feng Chenyi, Feng Chenyi what are you doing?! Let go of me!

Feng Chenyi impatiently glanced at Gu Jinmi from the corner of his eye, “Stop making a fuss, we are at the imperial palace. It’s not good if someone sees.”

Gu Jinmi stared at the floor, whatever, whatever, tolerate, this is the imperial palace, I cannot create a scene.

Feng Chenyi noticed Gu Jinmi helpless expression and smiles. Looks like there is finally a way to gain an upper hand on this little girl.

Reaching the banquet, Gu Jinmi sat beside Feng Chenyi and quietly observed the people around her. Cheh, these people are so fake! Tsk tsk tsk, so disgusting, indeed the imperial palace is…

Feng Chenyi noticed Gu Jinmi smiling and was curious, “What are you smiling at?”

“Oh nothing, I only saw something fun, that’s all.”

“Something fun?! What thing, what thing?”

“Humph! This thing, the human heart, how can you see it clearly?! But seriously, I have always known the people in the palace are all so fake, but now I see that it’s all true!”

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi’s scornful smile and looked back at the smiling ministers, indeed, that statement is right! The human heart is indeed frightening!

Gu Jinmi stared at Feng Chenyi and sighed, “Honestly, I have never thought of being your princess. Look at all the minister’s daughters, they are eating me alive with their stares.”

“Haha, that’s because of my charm!”

“Cheh, narcissistic.” Gu Jinmi took a piece of dessert and asked, “Hey, when on earth is this banquet starting?! We have been sitting half the day away. If I knew it was going to be this boring, I wouldn’t have turned up!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, what if the empress heard you?”

“Yes, yes, yes, I know, I know no one is listening, that’s why I’m complaining to you!”

“Ok, it’s starting already.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the man who just entered with a woman who looks like a goddess in tow, I don’t even need to think, this is the male and female lead!

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Gu Jinmi kept her eyes fixed on the female lead, this female lead is actually really pretty! Her mind is also pure, the pitiful thing is that she is too pure. If it was not for the female lead, the original owner would not end up like that! Furthermore, the original owner’s death is also undeniably related to the female lead! After all, female lead and supporting female naturally do not go well together and adding on the female lead’s pureness, in the end, I’m afraid the supporting female will not be queen!

Feng Chenyi noticed Gu Jinmi staring fixated on his second brother Feng Chenmo and felt very unhappy. In any case, in front of others, she is still his princess! “Love, is his royal highness that handsome?” He asked, pulling her into his embrace. He then softly warned, “Don’t create any trouble for me.”

Gu Jinmi struggled to get out of his embrace but failed. She looked at Feng Chenyi and asked irritatedly, “Are you crazy?! I am not looking at any royal highness!” If I want to look at a pretentious prince, I might as well look at the prince beside me even though he irritates me. This male lead is definitely not good.

Feng Cheyi felt extremely glad hearing Gu Jinmis answer but on the surface, he asked sternly, “Then what are you looking at? From the time the prince entered, you have been staring at him!”

“Cheh, I was only looking at the maid behind him.”

“Maid.” Feng Chenyi glanced over and asked, “What’s there to look, even though she is pretty but that’s pretty normal!”

“Very normal!” Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenyi not understanding the situation, “Are you sure?” What’s happening?! Shouldn’t the supporting male fall in love with the female lead at first sight? Oh! Right, it should be after the female lead plays the zither!

“Yes! Why? That maid doesn’t look like she is any good person. Even though her appearance looks innocent and pure, but I still don’t know how is she inside!”

Gu Jinmi couldn’t fully understand after hearing Feng Chenyi’s judgement of the female lead. She noticed that Feng Chenyi wasn’t joking and said, “Haha, is it? But do you know who this girl is? This girl is linked to you in countless ways!”

“Countless ways?! What do you mean?”

“She is your original princess and is also my so-called sister Gu Jinse.”

“So she is Gu Jinse! Your older sister doesn’t look like much! Compared to you, this younger sister, she looks a little more inferior!”

“Cheh, you have problems with your eyesight, didn’t you see all the males present now, their eyes are all plastered on her and there is me here explaining solemnly with you this, that is, I am me, she is her, she is not my older sister and sooner or later I would have left the Gu family.”

Feng Chenyi saw the determined glint in Gu Jinmi’s eyes, “Oh! Really? Why? From what I know, the Gu head treats his servants really well.”

Gu Jinmi laughs coldly and thought of her life in the Gu household. Gu Jinmi has to vent it out. What good, benevolent man?! How he treated his own daughter can’t even be compared to how he treats a stranger. “That is treating others, in his eyes, I am only a stain.”

Feng Chenyi doesn’t know what to say to comfort Gu Jinmi, he only said, “Jin er.”

“Why are you looking at me with that pitiful gaze, I don’t need anyone’s sympathy!” Gu Jinmi is very sensitive to people looking at her like that, please nothing’s happened to me.

“Keke, it’s nothing,” he said, turning his head.

“Hey, let me tell you, I am not a pitiful person, what’s pitiful is you people in the royal court, fighting and scheming against each other, at the very least I have an extremely loving mother whom I will bring along with me after I leave the prince’s residence, to live a happy life, ignoring you people!”

Feng Chenyi nodded at Gu Jinmi’s words, true! We, of the royal court, don’t have the power to decide anything! Or this is their sorrow!

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