TGCMM Chapter 14 – Plan In Progress

Jin Yu is formidable but also lonely. Many demons admire her but many more fear her or want to make use of her to climb up the ranks. In the eyes of those demons, Jin Yu is the epitome of a demented murderer. No one dared to approach her to find out what kind of person she was.

Bai Che of the Tiger Clan had been chasing after her for many years. Most demons knew about this but Bai Che was simply chasing after strength. He simple-mindedly thought that only the one who could beat him was worthy of his admiration. He pursued her with the intent of defeating her but he doesn’t understand her either.

Only Shu Yu and Fu Wang knew about Tian Feng Jin Yu’s disappearance. Now Xiao Yu had entered the picture, the little demon who secretly admired Tian Feng Jin Yu. If anyone had ever gotten close to the violent madwoman, it’s undoubtedly Xiao Yu. When a person truly adores another, he will be particularly sensitive towards anything regarding her.

Therefore, the fact that Xiao Yu wasn’t fooled by the facade and noticed the abnormally in Shu Yu didn’t surprise Fu Wang at all. So much so that the moment Fu Wang saw Xiao Yu, he had already concocted another plan that replaced his previous one. For the past few days, he had even deliberately led Shu Yu to slightly give herself away whenever Xiao Yu was spying on them. Shu Yu has become more vigilant than she was in the beginning but she always let her guard down in front of him, allowing him to achieve his goal easily.

In order to escape to the Clear Wilderness with Shu Yu on the eve of the fight performance, they will need an opportunity. At first, he had thought of provoking Bai Che to force him to attack and lead him to the Wuwen Mountains where the Clear Wilderness was located. Then, Shu Yu would pretend to be “unaware”, only appearing at the final critical moment and inadvertently falling into the Clear Wilderness to save him.

However, after the first meeting with Bai Che, his assessment was far from satisfactory. He had never met Bai Che before and had only gathered some intel about him before coming. From that, he had surmised that he was a conceited, short-tempered and egotistical man. However, it was just a guess and wasn’t foolproof.

From his observation during that meeting, Bai Che was indeed short-tempered but he wasn’t stupid nor as easily riled up as he had initially thought. Even though he was boiling with rage, he still managed to restrain himself and didn’t do anything to him. From this, he can see that he wasn’t as impulsive as he had thought.

In that case, it’ll be difficult to provoke him. Coincidentally, it was at that moment that Xiao Yu appeared.

Bai Che was a good candidate and Fu Wang didn’t wish to give him up. Even if this proud man could endure Jin Yu loving a lowly half demon, how about when he realises that Tian Feng Jin Yu was different? He would never sit back and ignore it, and this news that something was wrong with “Tian Feng Jin Yu”, Xiao Yu was the most suitable person to tell him.

Once again, Fu Wang saw Xiao Yu who was carrying over their lunch with doubt written all over his face. Although he composed himself quickly, Fu Wang had already noticed it. Fu Wang gave Xiao Yu an innocent smile before bringing the food into the room with a smirk.

It’s coming soon, Xiao Yu was already nearing his limits, all he needed was a catalyst.

“It’s late, Fu Wang where are you going?” After she had counted the jerkys that she had earned, Shu Yu glanced curiously at Fu Wang who was dressed in dark clothing and was putting on a cloak.

Fu Wang turned around with a mysterious smile: “I have some matters to handle, you can take the rest of the day off, we might have to start that matter from tomorrow night.”

Hearing this, Shu Yu remembered his plan and became nervous at once, nodding her head: “Be careful!”

“Don’t worry.” Fu Wang’s silhouette quickly disappears into the night.

At this moment, at a corner of the house, in the small compound where the servants live, Xiao Yu was frowning as he paced back and forth. He had felt for the past few days that there was something wrong with Tian Feng Jin Yu. He knows it. The Lady Jin Yu he admired would never show such a gentle expression, give off such a soft feeling or become so harmless. Even if she fell in love with that half demon, she wouldn’t become completely different from before. Most importantly, his heart is telling him that this Tian Feng Jin Yu is strange.

After careful observation, he came up with a startling conclusion. If this Lady Jin Yu isn’t under mind control, then she must be an imposter. But who could do such a terrible thing? With his heart full of anxiety, he bit his finger uncontrollably.

Suddenly, Xiao Yu sensed a movement in his line of sight and immediately stared at the dark corner alertly, shouting: “Who is it?”

A chuckle came from the corner before a slender figure walked out. When that gentle and warm face was revealed, Xiao Yu couldn’t help the horror that flashed across his face.

“Sir Fu Wang, is there anything I can help you with?” Although he said this, his feet took a step back uncontrollably. He noticed that something was wrong, he shouldn’t be here at this hour.

Fu Wang was calm. With a soft voice but a strange look in his eyes, he said: “You know it, don’t you?”

Xiao Yu became alert, his voice slightly shrill, “Know what? I do not understand what Sir Fu Wang is saying.”

“I prefer smart people, because they won’t act dumb when they are not supposed to, so what do you say?” Fu Wang spoke softly, continuing with ease under Xiao Yu’s increasingly watchful eyes: “Do you think that there is something different about Lady Jin Yu? I have to praise you, for you are the first to see it, and of course the only one. I am just a half demon, why will Lady Jin Yu dote on me so much, listen to my opinions and even become so different from before? You must be very curious about this.”

Xiao Yu’s eyes widened as he held his breath in anticipation of Fu Wang’s next words. Fu Wang had a self-satisfied expression, “By chance, I gained something great, then I was sent to serve Lady Jin Yu and used it on her. I used it to bewitch her so that she sees me as her lover……ah, that’s how I gained everything I have now and became the lucky half demon that all the Demon Clans are talking about.”

Xiao Yu’s expression changed from disbelief, anger, jealousy, hesitation and fear, before bravely asking: “Why are you telling me all this? Are, are you going to silence me?”

Fu Wang suddenly lowered his head, seeming to have thought of something. His tone became heavy, “I need someone’s help, Tian Feng Jin Yu is Tian Feng Jin Yu afterall, that kind of thing can bewitch her but……” He stopped, seeming unwilling to continue, turning around to say: “In short, I’m in a little trouble and I need someone’s help, that’s all you need to know. As for the rest, if you agree to my conditions, I will tell you then.”

“How about it, if you and I work together, you can also obtain an honourable status and wealth, and every other thing that your current status can’t get you……” Fu Wang spoke in a low tone, like a devil tempting him into hell.

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Xiao Yu’s hands trembled before he forced himself to remain calm: “I, I have to think about it.”

“Alright, I’ll give you a day’s time. Before the day of the fight performance, I want an answer. You should be aware of what the best choice is. Don’t even think about telling anyone about this because as long as Jin Yu says a word, no one will believe a servant like you.” Fu Wang spoke bluntly, his tone full of threat at the end.

Just as Fu Wang turned around, a voice spoke hesitatingly: “Wait. Tell me, Lady Jin Yu, was she hurt from the method you used!”

“What do you think, such a powerful thing, how can it be without risk.” Fu Wang glanced back slightly, answering him with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile, before entering into the darkness and disappearing.

A pale-looking, struggling Xiao Yu was left alone in the compound. It’s not that he wasn’t affected by what Fu Wang had said but what bothered him more was when he had said that Lady Jin Yu had been hurt. How could the proud and honourable Lady Jin Yu that he admired be disgraced by a half demon like that? Xiao Yu could not stand this truth.

The sky soon turned bright and a servant named Xiang Sheng who served alongside Xiao Yu yawned as he walked out the door. He gave a strange look to the battered soul that was Xiao Yu, who was sitting on the steps with droplets of dew on his hair.

“Xiao Yu, what’s wrong? You’ve been sitting here for so long that you’re covered in dew.”

Xiao Yu reacted only after he’d called him twice. He wiped his face and forced a smile: “I’m fine, I just couldn’t sleep.”

Xiang Sheng teased him: “It must be from excitement. After all, the Lady Jin Yu of your dreams is here.” Looking at Xiao Yu’s sullen expression, he sighed and said sincerely: “I know that you are angry at that half demon whom Lady Jin Yu dotes on, but there’s nothing to be mad about? He is but a half demon afterall, Lady Jin Yu is just interested in her new toy and will just toss him aside in the end. Speaking of that, even if Lady Jin Yu were to choose a partner, it can only be Sir Bai Che.”

“Sir Bai Che has been chasing after Lady Jin Yu for so long, he has power and looks, his status is compatible too, they are a true match for each other. That half demon will never be, but like I said, don’t think about it anymore. Lesser demons like us should just behave well and stop day-dreaming.

As Xiao Yu listened, he didn’t feel as unhappy as when he’d heard it the many times before. On the contrary, his eyes lit up and he started to mutter: “That’s right, there’s still Sir Bai Che!” Sir Bai Che loves Lady Jin Yu too, if he knew about this, he definitely won’t remain indifferent. He can’t fight the sly half demon but Sir Bai Che can! For Lady Jin Yu’s sake, he had to try this!

“Ah! Xiao Yu where are you going?” Xiang Sheng called out confusedly to Xiao Yu’s back as he rushed away, not receiving a reply.

After confirming that Xiao Yu had left, the confusion on Xiang Sheng’s face faded as the corner of his lips hooked up. He followed the path that led to the front yard where a figure in green stood at the porch with his hands crossed. Xiang Sheng walked over respectfully and spoke with a flattering tone: “Sir Fu Wang, I’ve done as you’ve instructed. Xiao Yu has gone looking for Sir Bai Che.”

“Good, you’ve done well.” Fu Wang spoke gently as he reached into the mustard bag and grabbed a bottle from it, casting it towards Xiang Sheng.

Xiang Sheng cupped the bottle of elixir, his face full of joy. After saying a few more nice words, he happily hid the elixir and returned to his room.

On the other hand, Xiao Yu who had hurried over to Bai Che’s residence had bumped into Bai Che’s steward at the entrance and was stopped at the door. The shrewd looking steward gave Xiao Yu a once over before raising an eyebrow: “A slave like you, what matter do you have with Sir Bai Che? If it’s nothing big, our Sir Bai Che has no time.”

Xiao Yu suppressed his anxiety and retrieved a pouch from his sleeves, put it into the steward’s hands and pleaded: “Please reconsider, it’s a really important matter. It concerns Lady Jin Yu and Sir Bai Che will definitely be interested in it. I beg you to let me in to inform Sir Bai Che.”

The steward weighed the pouch in his hand before saying with a long face: “Wait here.” He then turned and entered the house. Bai Che was practicing his sword in the backyard and the steward stopped at the side, putting on a smile as he carefully said: “Sir Bai Che, a servant who calls himself Xiao Yu has news for you.”

“Who is this tom dick harry[1] that disturbs me, I won’t see him.” Bai Che huffed.

Still looking at the ground, the steward rolled his eyes before saying again: “That servant says that it has something to do with Lady Jin Yu and he seemed very anxious, as if something big has happened. Also, I just remembered that this servant seems to be the one Lady Jin Yu treats specially……”

Hearing this, Bai Che paused his actions and gave it some thought. Bai Che then sheathed his sword into its scabbard and sat on the stone bench “Bring him to me.”

“Yes.” The steward beamed as he carried out the order, bringing Xiao Yu in before excusing himself to avoid their conversation. As the steward stood guard outside the backyard, he pulled out from his sleeves, the pouch that Xiao Yu had given him and a look of disgust showed on his face.

Such a small amount and he thinks that he can bribe me, he’s really delusional. If it weren’t for the Sir Fu Wang, who had flown up onto a branch and became a phoenix, who had promised him advantages. Wanting him to bring Xiao Yu to meet Sir Bai Che, he wouldn’t have agreed to it so easily.

After Bai Che finished hearing Xiao Yu’s story, he squinted his eyes. Even though it was just Xiao Yu’s side of the story, he was starting to believe it. Afterall, he was really unwilling to believe that Jin Yu would truly love that thing.

Xiao Yu was furious at Fu Wang for bewitching Jin Yu and hurting her, Bai Che was more concerned about the underhanded method Fu Wang had used to bewitch her. Tian Feng Jin Yu had always been cold and indifferent towards him. What if he obtained this method? At that thought, Bai Che became jealous.

He must obtain that method, when he did, the untouchable goddess would belong to him. For this reason, he must not disclose this matter and will have to solve it quietly, preferably before the day of the fight performance. If he can control Tian Feng Jin Yu, he’ll be able to surpass her. Triumphing over Jin Yu and pressing her under his feet, has long been Bai Che’s obsession.

With all these thoughts whizzing in his head, Bai Che couldn’t sit still any longer. He hastily dismissed Xiao Yu before heading stealthily towards the house where Tian Feng Jin Yu was.

Fu Wang’s scheme, is going as planned.

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1. Author used ‘小猫小狗’ which translates literally to ‘small cat small dog’, used to refer to someone insignificant, but we’ve decided to capture the meaning instead.

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