RSMLP Chap 47 – Substitute Princess (4.5)


Gu Jinmi felt bored as she watched the wealthy families fought each other to be the best, these things are such eyesores! How is that a dance?! Is it supposed to be that stiff? And that drawing, it only looks good, the feeling of the drawing is all different! Poor evaluation, poor evaluation.

“Ay! Who is this girl behind the Crown Prince?! Since you are here, come show off your skills too!”

When Gu Jinmi heard that, she lifted her head in enthusiasm and looked at Gu Jinse with excitement. The most exciting part is starting. Wuwu, I’m so eager! I want to see the female lead’s capability.

“I am only the Crown Prince’s personal servant.”

“A personal servant, dare to take back to me, who gave you this courage, don’t you know you need to use honorific titles for people that are of higher status than you? Don’t even have a single bit of manners.”

Gu Jinse was rendered speechless and looked at Feng Chenmo with tears brimming in her eyes.

Feng Chenmo looked at her expression and his heart ached! He immediately stood up and scolded, “General Li’s daughter, is this the proper manners and grace you supposed to have? Besides, Jinse is my people, Miss Li, are you saying that I cannot teach my own people?”

Miss Li saw that Feng Chenmo has stood up and didn’t dare to say anything else, her dignity just laid out there, but her hatred towards Gu Jinse grew.

Gu Jinmi found this laughable. The Crown Prince really loved the female lead dearly! “Your older brother has a tender and protective love for the fairer sex! The pretty lady hasn’t even cried! He stood up in such a hurry.”

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi and replied, “Isn’t this the result you wanted? Don’t think that I didn’t see that sly look in your eyes.”

“Humph! I just like to watch drama, how do you think my sister would retaliate?!”

“Crown Prince, you would make things difficult for me for a servant girl?”

Feng Chenmo responded, “What servant girl. Jinse is one of this Prince’s people, how can this Prince allow my people to be bullied as others wish?!”

Gu Jinse shook her head at Feng Chenmo, stood up and asked, ” Miss Li, where have this woman offended you, that you have to be against me?

“Against, how can this be considered to be against you?! I am not used to seeing an insignificant maid using this attitude to treat someone else. Not being brought up properly at all.”

Gu Linchuan heard that and immediately stood up. In a gentle voice, he asked Gu Jinse, “Jinse, where have you been, you haven’t returned home.” Then he told Miss Li, ” Miss Li, my daughter loves to play, I didn’t know where she had gone for the past few days, turns out she was at the Crown Prince’s residence! And has troubled the Crown Prince.”

“Daddy.” Gu Jinse quickly walked over and asked Miss Li, “Miss Li, I don’t know what attitude I should use now?!”

Miss Li ground on her teeth, but she could say anything, Gu Linchuan is the emperor’s grand tutor. Even the emperor has to give a little bit of precedence to him! But… “Yes, this woman has offended you, but I didn’t know you were Miss Gu! This woman doesn’t understand, isn’t the Gu residence’s Miss already married? Mr Gu when did you have another daughter?!”

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At that moment, everyone also thought that it was strange and turned their gaze towards Gu Jinmi. Gu Jinmi shrugged her shoulders, this is the so-called ‘getting shot even though I’m lying down’! But I’m very curious about how Gu Linchuan would explain this! If he admits my identity, he will expose himself as the bully! As well as offending Feng Chenyi and Feng Chenmo these two people of high stature!

Feng Chenyi looked Gu Jinmi who looks like this matter was not part of her business and questioned, “Are you not worried?’

“Worried, worried about what? That old man wouldn’t expose anything, even if he did, he will push all responsibility onto me, but I don’t believe that you would just sit by and watch!”

“You are very confident!”

Gu Lichuan said with clenched teeth, “The princess is this official’s daughter. Her health has always been weak so she has not met everyone. That’s why all of you only know of one daughter. Isn’t that right, Jin er?”

Gu Jinmi looked at Gu Linchuan and said, “Let it be whatever you have said!”

When everyone heard that sentence, they threw an unfathomable gaze at him.

Gu Linchuan clenched harder on his teeth, he didn’t think that Gu Jinmi would say that. He continued, “Haha Jin er you really love to joke around! Your mother misses you a lot! You, this girl, don’t even come back to visit, because of you, your mother fell sick!”

Gu Jinmi glanced at Gu Linchuan and exclaimed, “What?! Looks like my mother’s life would be much better if she stays with me! When I was still there, my mother has never gotten sick! Why when I leave only for a few days, she has already fallen sick?! This won’t do! Husband, why not, let’s ask Mother to stay in the residence with us? The residence has many unused courtyards after all if Mother comes over to stay, her health should recover faster! Husband, what do you say?”

Feng Chenyi saw that Gu Jinmi’s eyes were brimming with tears, even though he knew that she was acting, but his heart ached for her. He stood up, grabbed Gu Jinmi hands and said, “Wife, I’ll follow what you have said, besides, your mother is my mother. So, Mr Gu, we’ll be troubling you. Tomorrow, I will order some people to bring her here.”

Once Gu Linchuan heard Feng Chenyi, he didn’t dare say anything else except, “I will obey your highness’ command!”

Gu Jinmi sighed a breath of relief, finally completed one of my objectives. “Thanks a lot.” She whispered.

Miss Li cut in, “Since all the young misses have displayed their talents, the only one left is you, Miss Gu! Miss Gu what did you prepared for the empress dowager?!”

Gu Jinse said to Miss Li, “This young woman will embarrass herself in front of the empress dowager. Still, Empress Dowager, may I please request for a zither?”

Just as Gu Jinmi had expected, everyone was listening to Gu Jinse’s song, Feng Qiu Huang, intoxicatedly! Gu Jinmi also has to admit, Gu Jinse played the zither really well. Especially at the ending, accompanied by Feng Chenmo’s flute, it would sound really heavenly.

After that song, everyone was still immersed in the music, only when Gu Jinse spoke then they returned back to their senses. Gu Jinse received many praises for her zither playing! Even an old man stood up and wanted Gu Jinse to be his disciple. That old man had never accepted a disciple before! Everyone knows that it’s a great sensation as he wants to accept Gu Jinse as a disciple!

All in all, because of this piece, Gu Jinse became famous.

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