TCCMM Chapter 15 – The Unexpected

~ Come and find me, if you find me, I’ll let you…… ~

However, something unexpected will always disrupt this seemingly smooth plan.

Just as Bai Che was plotting to find out more about Jin Yu and Fu Wang’s private affairs, Shu Yu and Fu Wang were caught off guard by an unexpected situation. To be specific, it was Shu Yu who was caught off guard, because BOSS Fu Wang was currently lying unconscious on the magnificently huge and soft bed.

Shu Yu sat on the side of the bed as she watched Fu Wang, his face burning red as he slept with a deep frown, looking like he was in agony. His body had shrunk to that of a twelve year old and the half demon Fu Wang whose fox ears and tail had grown out didn’t look too well.

Why! Why did Fu Wang suddenly collapse and transform into his half demon form! They were discussing their action plan for the next day and Fu Wang was telling her that Bai Che might come by to pry and that they had to provoke and infuriate him but before he could finish his sentence, his body swayed and he fell over with his hands covering his head. Shu Yu was terrified and quickly carried the young fox onto the bed but she could not wake him up no matter what she did.

What should she do now? Ever since her alliance with BOSS, Shu Yu didn’t have to think much because Fu Wang had already thought of everything in advance and she only had to follow his instructions and everything would be fine, it’s especially worry-free. Now that Fu Wang had inexplicably fainted at this critical moment, Shu Yu was stunned.

Shu Yu did not stay in a daze for long. Seeing the pained look on his face, she determinedly went in search of a doctor as quickly as she could. During this period, all the spells she had mastered were related to killing and fighting. Her healing skills were nonexistent so she could only look for a professional at times like this.

But just after Shu Yu stepped out, Bai Che arrived. Bai Che didn’t see Tian Feng Jin Yu who never left Fu Wang’s side and only saw an unconscious Fu Wang who was in his half demon form with no hint of any strength to fight back. He rejoiced and immediately took Fu Wang away.

Let’s not talk about Shu Yu who had wildly dragged a Ling Clan doctor who had been scared half to death by her and her bitter expression upon realising that Fu Wang was missing. Let’s talk about Bai Che who had carried the unconscious Fu Wang with the intention of locking him in a secret dungeon to torture and interrogate him about the secret spell used to control Jin Yu but expectedly, Fu Wang woke up halfway.

At first, Bai Che hadn’t paid any attention to Fu Wang because in the eyes of this favoured man, Fu Wang was a useless half demon who survived by selling his sex appeal and only happened to learn that heterodox spell to bewitch Jin Yu. Simply put, he was of no threat to him. Therefore, even after realising that Fu Wang had woken up, he wasn’t nervous at all, even calmly throwing a few taunts at him.

“Your master doesn’t know that you are in my hands so she will not be here to save you. In my hands, you can forget about getting away alive but if you’re cooperative, I’ll let you die a quick death.”

Fu Wang did not make a sound. He had been shackled by Bai Che and lowered his eyes as he observed his surroundings quietly. It seemed familiar, this was Wuwen Mountains, it looked like a hilltop that was nearer to the entrance of the Clear Wilderness.

Bai Che had come here because of his scruples towards Tian Feng Jin Yu. If she suspected him to be behind her missing male pet, she will definitely make a fuss at his residence so he could definitely not put Fu Wang there. Bai Che’s first thought was a cave he had found in this place years ago.

Imprison the male pet here and interrogate him about the spells, kill him off and return to control Tian Feng Jin Yu. Everything will be resolved beautifully.

A second after he had that thought, Bai Che who was currently flying in mid air realised that he had spoken too soon when a swarm of poisonous hornet demon beasts appeared. Caught off guard, Bai Che suffered a few stings. In the shock, he unconsciously released his grip and Fu Wang who had been silent till now let go of the beast bag in his sleeves. Not sparing a glance at Bai Che and the falling poison hornets, he seized the opportunity and with a nimble leap, his toes landed on a treetop before he lightly jumped from overlapping branches and disappeared into the forest.

That swarm of poison hornets weren’t powerful demon beasts and Bai Che quickly killed off the hundreds of them. His expression was somewhat twisted as he went after Fu Wang.

Except when his white tail occasionally swept through the bushes, Fu Wang did not make a sound as he made his way along the forest. Fu Wang seemed calm but his frame of mind was in a mess. He can’t use his spiritual powers in his half demon state, nor can he use any spells, greatly reducing the methods he could use to survive.

His half-demon state was also extremely weak and that scent could attract aggressive demon beasts to surround and attack him. Previously, he would find a safe place to spend the time when he was in his half demon state since it usually happened at night but now……he didn’t know how long this unexpected half demon transformation would last.

Regarding this mishap, Fu Wang could roughly guess the reason. It must’ve been the bowl of soup he had for breakfast, it probably contained Yun Chi.

Yun Chi is a rare spiritual food, often accompanied by thousand year old snow plum. It was extremely nourishing for little demons because it promoted spiritual power growth. Seeing how the fox goddess pampered Fu Wang, they would of course do everything to curry favour. Tian Feng Jin Yu’s steward was in charge of their meals and unfortunately, he didn’t know about Fu Wang’s conflict with Yun Chi.

Fu Wang would obviously not tell others about his weakness of transforming into a half demon whenever he ate Yun Chi so no one knew about it. Fu Wang had accidentally eaten a piece of Yun Chi a few years ago and couldn’t remember the taste that clearly anymore. This morning’s soup tasted different but he hadn’t figured it out then. When he thought about it now, he immediately remembered the unusual taste.

Because he had been busy dealing with the issue of entering the Clear wilderness and teaching Shu Yu, he had been careless in this aspect. Fu Wang couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had made such a mistake. After all, he had never put anything else before his own safety. To think that he would overlook this, was something he would’ve never allowed to happen in the past.

“Hmph, you think you can get away from me? What a joke! Bai Che’s voice came from behind.

He was quick. Fu Wang hadn’t thought that the poison hornets he had raised could keep him busy for long. Afterall, he was the Tiger Clan’s pride and wouldn’t be that useless. Faced with absolute power, even if he had a thousand exquisite ideas, he wouldn’t be able to use them and could only try to stall him while finding an escape.

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It’s just that with this incident that wasn’t in his plans, the plan he had discussed with Shu Yu would be useless.

At the thought of Shu Yu, Fu Wang felt increasingly on edge. He had previously experienced many sticky situations like this and he often dealt with them calmly, even more so when he was faced with danger. Afterall, it was times like this that the more conflicted his state of mind was, the more difficult it would be for him to get out of danger. Only with a calm mind would he be able to find a way to survive this.

But right now, when Fu Wang suddenly reacted, his conflicted thoughts about Shu Yu affected him. Fu Wang messed up his footsteps for a moment and in the next, he was slammed against a tree, hard.

His body rolled to the foot of the tree and stilled. Bai Che snorted with disdain and stepped forward to send him a forceful kick. In the next instant, he noticed that something wasn’t right, the feeling at his feet felt wrong. With a ‘pop’, the thing he had kicked turned into a piece of dried wood and a breeze whisked past his ear as a white shadow flitted past.

Bai Che reacted promptly, turning to his right and grabbing onto that furry tail. It’s only when he grabbed onto the tail that he felt that something was wrong. Sure enough, the figure turned into a tree branch, like the dried wood from before. He had been deceived by this simple spell again.

Being played twice by the lowly half demon that he held in contempt, Bai Che’s drive steeped sharply. If he didn’t have to keep his whereabouts secret, he would’ve smashed this mountaintop in anger.

But Fu Wang had also noticed this point, that Bai Che didn’t dare to create too much commotion.

Standing on the fork of an old tree, Fu Wang watched Bai Che’s movements as he wiped off the blood stain on the side of his mouth. There was a depression in his chest area but his breathing remained unchanged. With a shake of his wrist, he took out a medicine pill and popped it into his mouth, adjusting his breathing until it could barely be heard.

A faint breeze blew the back of his ears and Fu Wang flew down without hesitation, like a leaf floating down from a tree branch. Bai Che was much faster than him and soon caught up but just as he was about to get to Fu Wang, Fu Wang changed positions mid-air, his right hand pulling out something from his sleeve and scattering it on Bai Che. Bai Che quickly avoided it but couldn’t escape Fu Wang’s left hand that also scattered something in succession.

It was a small fruit that seemed to have thorns. Bai Che avoided some of it but some stuck onto him. Even though the fruit adhered onto his body and he couldn’t tear them off, it had no other impact. Bai Che couldn’t care less about these harmless fruits, only ridiculing it: “Useless petty trick!” He grabbed onto Fu Wang, only to see Fu Wang smiling at him before opening his mouth and blowing.

A dull blue fox fire engulfed Bai Che’s body. Obviously, it would be impossible to hurt Bai Che with something like fox fire but when the thorny fruits on Bai Che’s body came into contact with the fox fire, it created a sudden explosion, burning away Bai Che’s clothes. Meanwhile, Fu Wang had taken this chance to break free of his restraints and escape far away.

Tiger Clan’s pride and joy, Sir Bai Che, had always been proud and arrogant. He had never met someone who was such an obvious weakling that could be easily killed but yet had unpredictable little tricks that came one after another, a crafty lad that he could neither catch nor kill. Green smoke rose from his clothes that were now in tatters because of the explosion. This image expressed his current feelings —— steaming with anger.

Fu Wang’s clothes were covered in blood and his body was covered with injuries. He had internal and external injuries but he couldn’t stop because the furious Bai Che was closing in on him. If he even let his guard down for a moment, he would be caught. To have been able to stall him up till now for just injuries from head to toe in exchange was already considered extremely lucky.

Guessing from the terrain, Fu Wang had led Bai Che into a mountain pass. There was a giant python demon beast in the mountain pass, sort of a gatekeeper for one of the Clear Wilderness’ side entrances. The clan heads would usually lead the way to the main entrance of the Clear Wilderness but Fu Wang had chanced upon this mountain pass during his research.

Fu Wang was used to doing thorough preparations before executing any of his plans and had looked into everything related to the Clear Wilderness, even things that were unknown to many. Fu Wang remembered everything vividly and they now came in handy. Aware that he wouldn’t be able to escape from Bai Che’s grasp, he decided to go ahead with his previous plan and hideout in the Clear Wilderness for the time being.

Upon entering the Clear Wilderness, one will have to wait for a full year before getting out. Fu Wang knew that the arrogant Bai Che who craved for greatness and success would never give up on this years’ martial arts competition to chase him into the Clear Wilderness. He would have successfully escaped once he entered the Clear Wilderness. But Shu Yu……Fu Wang’s eyes dimmed, revealing his complicated feelings before they disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Bai Che chased Fu Wang to the inner part of the mountain pass where it was unusually quiet, to the point that even insect sounds were nowhere to be heard. Bai Che sensed this with his animal instincts and became cool-headed so he could think clearly. When he saw a shadow flash across the mountain cliff, Bai Che followed it carefully. The winding cave stunk and Bai Che entered it with furrowed brows. Along the way, he did not encounter any danger until he reached the end where he saw a bloodied Fu Wang leaning against a grey rock, looking as though he was too exhausted to move.

Bai Che recalled the past few times he had been played and gritted his teeth as he threw his hand out in a testing slap. With half-lidded eyes, Fu Wang was hit by a gust of wind from the slap and blood trickled down the side of his mouth, his breathing becoming even weaker. Bai Che had intended to lock him up for interrogation but after being played by him time and again, he now wanted his life. As for that secret spell, he could wait until he returned to his clan and use his clan’s secret treasure to search through his spirits’ memories. It’s the same, just taking slightly longer.

With that thought, Bai Che showed no mercy and stepped forward with a strike but it failed because Fu Wang narrowly dodged it by rolling over to the side and Bai Che’s fist fell right onto the greyish white rock that Fu Wang had been leaning on. With a loud snap, the rock cracked open and the egg yolk and egg white flowed onto the ground, covering Bai Che’s hand too.

It turns out that this rock wasn’t a rock but a giant egg. At the same moment as Bai Che was taken by surprise, an angry cry came from outside the cave, gradually sounding closer. The python demon beast that guarded this side exit of the Clear Wilderness had returned.

Taking another look at the egg yolk and egg white under his feet, Bai Che understood that he had been set up by that lowly half demon again. He looked up again to see Fu Wang pressing a white jade pendant against a white portion of the stone wall before he disappeared into the stone wall.

Before he disappeared, Fu Wang flashed him an indifferent look, making Bai Che seethe with anger. His life had been smooth sailing since his birth. The Tiger Clan gongzi who, excluding Tian Feng Jin Yu, had never been on the losing end before, finally tasted defeat once more.

Now back to the other side. After realising that BOSS had gone missing, the usually kind Shu Yu suddenly blew up. If BOSS were in his usual condition, all would be good but he had suddenly turned into a half demon ahhh! He had even been passed out ahhh! Such a weak (?) Such a vulnerable (?) Such a delicate and charming (?) little boy, what if he encountered a bad person! If he didn’t encounter a bad person but a weird auntie, it wouldn’t be good either!

Shu Yu’s mind ran wild, going from “Bai Che kidnaps his love rival Fu Wang and threw his body into the sea to destroy the evidence” to “A human trafficker abducted the good looking little boy and sold him at a great price, driving BOSS into prostitution and he returns for revenge a few years later”. She could not stop thinking about it and she became increasingly worried the more she thought about it.

So she made a beeline for the most possible suspect, digging up three feet of earth at Bai Che’s courtyard which ended up destroying several rows of houses as she searched high and low for Bai Che. She made such a huge commotion that the performance and competitions on the tall platforms at the central square were forced to stop.

The demons at the site felt that they hadn’t seen Lady Jin Yu go mad in a long time but looking at her now, it was a familiar feeling. Hence, when Shu Yu went to the public square with a dark look on her face to look for Bai Che, the demons who have had the fortune of seeing Tian Feng Jin Yu’s madness swiftly went into hiding. Those who couldn’t hide themselves also retreated promptly. In an instant, the perimeter around Shu Yu had cleared out.

Although she was burning with anxiety, Shu Yu immediately fell silent once she saw this and after she had calmed down, she realised that……oh shit, what the heck should she do now? Just as she and the numerous demons were standing face to face in silence as the atmosphere gradually became tenser, Shu Yu realised that the white jade pendant hanging on her body had abruptly lit up. Her eyes immediately lit up too.

This jade pendant was a pair and also the key to entering the Clear Wilderness. For this kind of couple pendant key, when one jade pendant enters the Clear Wilderness, the other will glow too.

Now that it was glowing, it meant that the other jade was inside the Clear Wilderness. Dismissing the fact that their original plan started the next day, Shu Yu immediately headed for the Wuwen Mountains without a second thought. The longer the difference in time of entry, the further she will end up from him. If she didn’t hurry, she wouldn’t be able to meetup with him.

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