TGCMM Chapter 16 – Natural Formidable Power

~ No matter how clever he is, she’ll be utterly ignorant hiahia ~

The Clear Wilderness couple pendant key that Fu Wang had gotten using Tian Feng Jin Yu’s name was extremely useful. Shu Yu flew towards the main entrance of the Clear Wilderness with the pendant and stepped into the bright blue light without any of the guards even making a move to stop her.

She was now inside but how will she find Fu Wang? Shu Yu stood blankly at the vast plains, where all around her, tall grass grew to the height of a person’s waist. Looking up, she saw a cloudless blue sky, the scenery before her was as clean as window xp’s starting screen.

According to Fu Wang, the Clear Wilderness was the biggest of the three secret realms[1] in the Meng Ze Realm. It was practically a mini world, that is to say, it had grasslands, deserts and oceans. In short, it had countless mountains and rivers. How was she to know which corner he was at?

This was distressing because her sense of direction wasn’t good. Fu Wang had previously shown her a map but she couldn’t understand it so they agreed that once she was in, she should wait for him wherever she was, wait for Fu Wang to find her. During this time, she just had to ensure her own safety and not wander around so as not to get lost in strange places.

However, the current situation was different because she didn’t know if the poor guy was safe. What if he had been hurt, trapped, and couldn’t come looking for her? Because of this, Shu Yu felt that it was necessary to be □□ this time around and look for him instead.

That brought her back to the initial problem, how will she find him? Before Shu Yu could come up with a plan, she felt that something was amiss and jumped away from her initial spot. Right after she left her spot, a few small arm-length black snakes emerged from the nearby underbrush. Fangs dripping with saliva, the pliable grass withered and turned yellow the moment it dripped onto the grass.

It’s clear that these snakes had hidden in the underbrush to attack her. If this had happened back when she first came to this world, she would definitely not have reacted in time but now, her reaction speed had been trained by Fu Wang! Small demon beasts with these speeds were of no problem.

With that being said, she didn’t know how many more small black snakes there were in the grasslands. Shu Yu had jumped to another spot to avoid those snakes but before she even landed, a dozen other small snakes were already jumping up to bite her. As Shu Yu jumped around to avoid them, she felt like a mudskipper or popping candy.

At first, the little black snakes were just lying in wait in the underbrush but seeing that Shu Yu never landed, they changed tactics and started to jump and bite. These snakes didn’t seem like snakes at all, with their astonishing jumping ability and the way they flew straight towards Shu Yu like a sharp spear, leaving her with no opening.

Shu Yu had initially felt overwhelmed because this was her first true fight afterall. Just like how even the best students in school would be flustered when they first started at a company. But she soon became more agile. Besides their numbers and agility, these kind of demon beasts had no lethal power. As for the few that looked venomous, Shu Yu didn’t let them bite her so she wasn’t in any danger.

The delicate Shu Yu risked getting goosebumps as she avoided the little snakes, recalling Fu Wang’s lessons. He had said that most demon beasts in the Clear Wilderness were extremely ferocious and moved in groups. If she didn’t exterminate them or kill enough of them to make them fear her, she wouldn’t be able to escape.

At that thought, Shu Yu gritted her teeth and released a wave of fox fire. Her fox fire was a golden red flame that blazed hotter than the other Fox Clan’s blue flames. Once it came into contact with the waist length grass, the golden-red flames instantly surrounded her, shooting in all directions like radiation and in the blink of an eye, about six meters of grass around her had been burnt away as it continued spreading. At the same time, the little black snakes that had been hiding in the grass hissed non-stop as they were also burned. One by one, the coils of burnt snake fell to the ground.

Shu Yu was shocked when she saw the layer of black snakes that literally covered the area of burnt land. Damn it there’s actually thousands of them! There are already so many small snakes in such a tiny area, what about the other areas? Looking up, the flames had already burnt the grass within a hundred meters of her and was continuing to spread quickly, seeming like it had no intention of stopping.

Any good child who had received modern education would subconsciously be shocked by the fire. The initial reaction would be “Holy shit the fire is too big, I have to put it out quickly.”

After she had hastily put out the fire, she suddenly realised that this wasn’t the place she had lived in for twenty years. Even if she were to set this place on fire, there wouldn’t be any police officer to fine her. So her hands suddenly froze.

At this thought, an inexplicable sour feeling came over her, unexplainable and hard to get rid of.

All this while, she had been desperately training under Fu Wang’s guidance to increase her chances of surviving in this world and hadn’t had time to think about any discouraging things. Now that she was standing alone on this burnt piece of land as she looked at her foreign surroundings and the demon beasts’ remains on the ground, she suddenly felt a bone chilling sense of loneliness and fear.

After a moment of dejection and discouragement, Shu Yu hung her head as she found a spot with fewer snake remains and drew a circle before sitting right in the middle of it.

Since she couldn’t find a way to look for Fu Wang, it’s better that she doesn’t blindly waste her energy and instead believe in Fu Wang’s ability and luck as the BOSS. Perhaps he’ll appear by the time she counted to a hundred?

As she comforted herself this way, Shu Yu was overcome with boredom and began to use a stick to prod the charred snake remains next to her. They were charred and even smelled like meat, can they be eaten?

As Shu Yu contemplated this question, the BOSS that she was looking for was actually at a nearby underbrush, eyeing her with mixed feelings.

Thanks to the bowl of Yun Chi soup that didn’t agree with him, Fu Wang was still in the form of a weak fox demon youth and the lush undergrowth that came up to a person’s waist served as a screen that hid his body. On top of that, even though he couldn’t use his spiritual powers to create spells at the moment, he could still tinker with strange things and with it, Shu Yu did not notice his presence at all.

After Fu Wang tricked Bai Che and forced him to face off with the python demon beast, he took the opportunity to enter the Clear Wilderness through the side door that had been guarded by the python. Like Shu Yu, upon entering, he had found himself in this seemingly calm and beautiful grassland. Faced with the beauty of the bluish green waves and blue sky, Fu Wang who had injuries all over his body did not marvel at it like Shu Yu had. Instead, his first instinct was to confirm whether the place was safe.

The thick smell of blood on his body and his half-demonised traits that attracted demon beasts caused him to be attacked by many small snakes. Fu Wang killed some but after realising that there was only this one kind of demon beast here, he decided to stay here to at least let his wounds recover slightly because he really couldn’t hold out any longer.

Therefore, he stopped killing those small snake demon beasts and instead looked for a medicinal powder that expelled snake beasts and tried using it. Once it proved to be effective, Fu Wang sat cross-legged in the grass as he healed his wounds and recovered.

The terrain here was even and the wide open lands stretched as far as the eye could see. He would immediately know if there were any signs of activity and there weren’t any other high-level demon beast that he couldn’t deal with so Fu Wang was quite satisfied with this place. First, he skilfully sprinkled some medicinal powder on his body to mask the scent of blood before nursing the various wounds on his body.

He barely managed to stem the non-stop bleeding. After consuming some medicine for his internal injuries, even though he still felt a dull ache when he breathed, the scent of blood wasn’t there anymore. It was at this point that he was startled by a movement not far away.

The pair of fox ears on his head perked up alertly but after seeing the familiar red figure, it immediately drooped down, the tail behind him swinging subconsciously. Round silver eyes followed the figure that jumped here and there, unconsciously waning into crescent moons.

When he realised the series of small actions he had done, Fu Wang paused as he pressed a hand to his forehead, withdrawing his gaze as he sat down, lost in his thoughts. He had mixed feelings and they were extremely and unusually complicated.

Taking frequent walks by the river, how can one’s shoes not get wet? Regarding this principle, Fu Wang hadn’t believed it before. He liked to play with people’s hearts, liked to use their so called “feelings” to get what he wanted. He was very certain that the only reason he stuck with Shu Yu was because of her identity and how easy she was to manipulate. Whether it was ambiguous actions and words or diligent guidance and thoughtfulness, they were simply for one purpose —— To let Shu Yu rely on him or to fall for him.

He thought it would be easy. For someone who suddenly lost their protection, like Shu Yu, to arrive in an unfamiliar place, plus her young age, what she lacked the most was a sense of security. She needed someone’s company, someone to guide her. Moreover, she was soft-hearted and would not refuse other’s kindness, so after he noticed this, he gradually portrayed himself as a trustworthy and respectable teacher and partner, as a gentle and considerate man who treated her well.

He was confident that with time, Shu Yu would definitely fall for him.

In the course of achieving that goal, he had considered the possibility of losing his body or something else, but had never considered that he would lose his heart. That was absurd because he didn’t think that with what he had experienced since he was young, he would even have the heart to fall in love with anyone.

But that strange feeling of care…if it wasn’t love, what was it? Fu Wang was a proud man and would never lie to himself, he calmly evaluated his actions during the recent period of time.

Because he didn’t want to force her, there were many times where he had given up on the plan to force her to fit into the rule of ‘law of the jungle’. There were also those sincere explanations, spontaneous and conscientious loving guidance, the gentleness and winks, the ambiguity and pandering that even he hadn’t noticed. Even if it was all just a strategy, it was still slightly overboard and he had been completely unaware of it before.

After thinking back on his behaviour, Fu Wang made a decision extremely calmly ——— Towards Shu Yu, he did feel concern, even though it wasn’t yet love, he had reached a very dangerous situation.

If he cannot control himself, then he must stop his original plans and simply leave her side.

It was rare for Fu Wang to be so hesitant. He then tried to analyse the pros and cons but at this time, he suddenly saw Shu Yu drawing a circle on the ground and sitting in it before poking at the burnt pile of snake remains with a gluttonous look of wanting to taste them. Watching her slowly stretch a hand out towards the brown and fragrant snake remains, Fu Wang couldn’t help but to halt his train of thoughts and after heaving a long long sigh, he stood up and approached her.

“Snake remains are poisonous, they’re not edible.”

He felt sure of what he should do and this was the first time he hadn’t analysed something before making a decision. He hoped that this wouldn’t be a mistake.

Seeing Shu Yu’s head whip over to face him, and that pair of sparkling eyes, Fu Wang found it inexplicable. Why did he care about this girl?

Perhaps, it was because she was so harmless that he was able to relax to the point of not having any precautions against her and that was his downfall? Lost in his thoughts, Fu Wang felt like he GOT something. For example, if he didn’t let the other party feel threatened, it might be easier to accomplish his goal.

“Fu Wang!” When Shu Yu saw Fu Wang, she first felt happy before shock overcame her. The happiness was because the BOSS that she had been thinking of had appeared in front of her in one piece but the shock was because even though BOSS wasn’t missing any limbs, there were huge patches of bloodstains on his clothes. She felt like BOSS wasn’t far from bleeding dry.

Seeing Shu Yu run over, Fu Wang simply let his remaining energy drain away, falling sideways with a pale face. Together with his fragile snow doll appearance, his delicate meter rose by eighty percent and was the ultimate killer move for ninety nine percent of all women.

“It’s nothing, just minor injuries. I’ll recover in no time.” Fu Wang spoke softly as he leaned on Shu Yu, showing her his usual smile and looking at Shu Yu’s heartbroken expression.

Ah, since he cannot take back what he had given, he will have to take something of equal value in exchange.

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1. ~ An explanation for why ‘Secret Region’ is popping out of nowhere ~
清野秘境 (qīng yě mì jìng) is the place we have translated to ‘Clear Wilderness’ but a full and more accurate translation would be 清 Clear 野 Wilderness 秘 Secret 境 Region / Territory. We decided that it was too long so we shortened it but in this chapter, it has been revealed to us that there are three secret regions.
(I hope they go on adventures to the other two secret regions too, who’s with me 😂)

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