RSMLP Chap 48 – Substitute Princess (4.6)


Gu Jinmi laughed while looking at this scenario, the female lead is truely the female lead! Even though the female lead performed really well but the feelings of love were not expressed out!

Miss Li was a little unhappy seeing everyone pursue and flatter Gu Jinse, so she threw all her anger onto Gu Jinmi, anyways as long as one of these two sisters embarrass themselves, the other will also feel embarrassed. Miss Li had already flown into a rage, she completely forgot that there is still Feng Chenyi.

“Haha, even though Miss Gu played really well, but the second Miss has not performed!”

Gu Jinmi laughed, “Miss Li, did you forget that I’m no longer the second Miss, I am Princess Yi! Miss Li, you say that others do not have etiquette, you are also the same! After all, I am of a higher status! But since it is so, this Princess shall be magnanimous, since Miss Li wants to watch, this Princess shall satisfy everyone!”

Gu Jinmi noticed the worried look Feng Chenyi was giving her. She smiled, nodded her head and murmured, “Don’t worry!”

Gu Jinmi composedly walked up, “Daughter-In-Law would like to present a painting to the Empress Dowager by the time a joss stick finish burning.”

The Empress Dowager heard Gu Jinmi and nodded her head.

Gu Jinmi stood aside, picked up her brush and just started painting.

When Feng Chenyi saw that Gu Jinmi had a card up her sleeve, he felt relieved. But because every male in the room had their eyes towards Gu Jinmi, he felt unhappy too, what’s wrong with these males, I’ll have to teach them a lesson when we return.

Soon, the lighted joss stick finished burning, Gu Jinmi’s painting has been completed successfully.

An imperial palace maid beside the empress dowager presented the painting across the room. Looking at everyone discussing spiritedly, Gu Jinmi smiled.

“This painting isn’t anything special! It is only a few flower buds.”

“That’s right! That’s right! Even though it doesn’t look too bad, but it is lacking in talent!”

Gu Jinmi took a cup of tea from the table and splashed it into the painting canvas. Everyone was stunned when the flower buds blossomed!

Gu Jinmi smiled with content when she saw everyone’s expression, this was the outcome that I wanted, but it’s still too early to be so surprised!

“Wow! I didn’t see wrongly right?! The flowers bloomed!”

“Exactly! The flower buds blossomed, that… that… how can that be?!”

“Eh! Wait, wait, look, something is flying over!”

“It’s a butterfly, it’s a butterfly.”

Look, look, a butterfly is dancing at Princess Yi’s painting. It thinks that the painting is a real flower! Princess Yi’s painting is very extraordinary!”

Gu Jinmi slowly walked up to the empress dowager and said, “I sincerely wish that the empress dowager would be like these flowers, forever be in her most beautiful years.”

The empress dowager was elated, “Good, good, good, Princess Yi is really sincere! Rewards, rewards. Come, pass my decree, Gu’s eldest daughter, and Princess Yi receives a reward of twelve hundred gold and a pair of jade each.

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Gu Jinmi smiled, “Empress Dowager, thank you for your generous reward.” she shot a provocative look at Feng Chenyi, humph! Even if you don’t want to give me the money, I have money now!

Gu Jinmi returned to Feng Chenyi’s side and said, “See, the empress dowager is so generous!”

“Wife did you forget, the empress dowager said Princess Yi! If one day you are not Princess Yi anymore, would you be able to take this reward?”

“Feng Chenyi don’t play word games with me.”

“Relax! I wouldn’t pay attention to that point yet. Tell me honestly, why would your painting bloom, why would it attract so many butterflies?!”

Gu Jinmi stuck out her tongue and said, “That? You guess!” How could I tell you?! I have taken a long time to learn this trick! Last time because of my weak health, I enjoyed studying all sorts of things, I didn’t think that I could use those skills and knowledge now.

“I guess that you used honey!”

“F***, how did you know?!”

“Be more gentle, that’s because I can smell honey on you.”

“Haha, your nose can be compared to a dog’s nose.”

“You put honey into the tea. I didn’t think that you could be so smart! But aren’t you scared someone would find out?”

“Don’t worry! It’s no problem, that wasn’t any special honey. I can just say it was something like a honey rouge which I added into the paint. Nobody would know. Except you, this pervert. What do you think, I told you I would give you face right!”

“Nothing great, do you think being well-known in this imperial banquet is good?”

“Actually, it’s not good, but I wanted to make someone upset, that was my goal.” Gu Jinmi saw Gu Jinse unhappy expression and smoked brightly.

The banquet was coming to an end, Gu Jinmi was extremely bored. But what could she do! She has to pretend to be regal, but she is so tired and hungry. She could only stare at the food that was in front of her, it was torturous! Especially a foodie like her!

When they returned to the Prince’s residence, Gu Jinmi informed Feng Chenyi after she got off the carriage, “I’m tired, I will go rest already.” Not waiting for his acknowledgement, she left with Zizhu.

On the next day, Zizhu exclaimed excitedly, “Princess, did you know? You are now famous! Last night, whatever happened at the banquet, everyone knows about it!”

“Haha, is it? Right, Zizhu, do you know where Feng Chenyi is at?”

“Ay! Princess, have you finally understood things properly? You are now asking me where the Prince is, I’ll ask someone right now.” She said and hurry out immediately.

Gu Jinmi looked at Zizhu retreating figure and blushed. Zizhu ah! How low did you rank me?! ?! I just wanted to know if the Prince has sent anyone to fetch my mother! What are you thinking up in your head?! I can only express my tiredness to counter such an imaginative girl like you!

After a while, Zizhu returned and reported, “Princess, the Prince is in his study room.”

“Study room, ok, let’s go there!”

“Princess wait a while! Let’s change first!”

“What for?! Just go like this, hurry. I have things to do later.”

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