RSMLP Chap 49 – Substitute Princess (4.7)


Reaching the study room, Gu Jinmi boldly barged into the room. But upon seeing a few people looking at her so surprised, she lost confidence and said, “Ummm, sorry, I didn’t know you were discussing business, I’ll go out and wait till all of you are done.” and she turned around to leave.

“Wait, since you are here, don’t leave, we have finished discussing, all of you just do whatever this Prince had said, if there is nothing else, go home first!”

Everyone looked at each other, but couldn’t say anything else, they could only go back. But who is this girl?! Why haven’t they seen her before? It can’t be the Princess right?!

All of them felt a cold presence behind them and immediately ran out looking down.

“What, what did you find me for?”

“Ummm, did you forget what have you promised me yesterday?”

“What ?! Yesterday I had so many things going on, how am I supposed to remember?!”

“You…you…you… How could you do that?! You have promised me yesterday, how could you go back on your word?! Let’s not mention that you are a nobleman, but you are still a man! How can a man break his promise?!”

“Haha, am I a man? Little girl, do you want to verify whether I am a man?”

“Feng Chenyi. You… you are a rouge.” Gu Jinmi felt uncomfortable and moved back. Then said, “Feng Chenyi, you want to talk then talk, you don’t have to lean so close! Stand further away from me.”

“Haha, I wasn’t the one who wanted you to verify whether I am a man!”

“Feng Chenyi, that’s enough, is playing me really that fun?!”

“Yes, it’s fun!”

“You… you… you… I’m not going to argue with you anymore! When are you going to send someone to bring my mother here?!” Gu Jinmi asked Feng Chenyi urgently, after all, something happened to the original host’s mother during one of these days!

Feng Chenyi saw the urgency in Gu Jinmi’s eyes and was in a bad mood, this little girl has not worried about me before! Even though she is worried about her mother, but I feel unhappy! Wait, why?! Why would I feel so annoyed?! Is it….

Feng Chenyi assured, “Ok, This Prince knows, naturally, this Prince will send someone to the Gu household, you go back and wait!”

Gu Jinmi stared at Feng Chenyi whose mood suddenly changed and thought it was strange. But she shrugged her shoulders, whatever, once he fetches the original owner’s mother home, half the mission should be done!

It was only the afternoon that Gu Jinmi managed to meet her mother. She felt very timid, after all, I am not her real daughter! What if I get exposed, what should I do?!

But when she saw the original owner’s mother moist eyes, worries, timidness all disappeared. She threw herself onto her mother and cried, “Mother, wuwu. Mother.”

Even though Gu mother felt a twinge in her heart, they were still in the presence of His Highness, so she looked at Feng Chenyi who was behind Gu Jinmi and pet her daughter’s head and said, “Jin er, look at you, the prince is still here!”

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Gu Jinmi shyly looked at Feng Chenyi, wuwu, wuwu, this is so embarrassing! I cried in front of Feng Chenyi, wuwu.

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi, smiled and walked over. He hugged Gu Jinmi and greeted, “Mother, you are here! I have a lot of things to do today, that’s why I can’t pick you up personally.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, Prince, you just need to take care of Jin er,” she said, looking at Gu Jinmi with love and affection.

“Mother, you can call me Chenyi, don’t have to call me Prince.”


“Mother, it’s fine. You can just call him Chenyi, anyways, you are his mother-in-law!”

“You! You have already married someone, but you still don’t have proper manners.”

“Mother.” Gu Jinmi pulled her mother closer and said to Feng Chenyi, “Chenyi, ummm, didn’t you say you have things to do?! Why don’t you quickly go and do what you need to? I can accompany Mother myself.”

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi and Gu mother and nodded his head, “Ok then, then Mother, excuse me.”

Once Feng Chenyi left, Gu Jinmi quickly pulled Gu mother into her room, glance over Gu mother’s thin and weak body and her tears flowed out, “Wuwu, Mother, it’s all my fault, Mother, you have suffered.”

Gu mother petted Gu Jinmi’s head and said, “Silly girl, Mother only wishes that you can have a good home that you can return to! How is the Prince’s residence? Did you get bullied? It’s all because I’m so useless, if not for me, you wouldn’t… my daughter, you’ve had a tough life!”

“Mother, why are you saying all these?! I am very happy, Chenyi treats me really well, life in the Prince’s residence is also very good, that’s why I wanted you to come here, to live here happily and comfortably! Daughter will not let you suffer anymore.”

“Silly girl, Mother does not have any good prospects that would happen in this life already, Mother only wishes that you would have a good life now. Since you have found a loving husband, Mother can finally stop worrying!”

“Mother, what are you talking about?! Mother, I only need you by my side.”

“You! Mother only hate to part with the girl who used to constantly follow behind me and now, you are already married!”

“Mother, don’t worry, I am forever the girl who follows behind you!”

Feng Chenyi came to the Yilan courtyard in the evening. His heart softened when he saw the blissfulness and happiness on Gu Jinmi’s face. “Mother, I apologise! I have a numerous amount of official business, that’s why I only came now, Mother, I sincerely hope you’ll forgive me!”

“What are you saying?! Chenyi, you just go attend to the business that you have, I am fine. Since you are here, hurry come in! The dishes are ready, come eat!”

“Yes, thank you, Mother.”

“You, this girl, why are you caring about yourself only?! Serve some to Chenyi!”

“Mother, he has hands! He doesn’t need me to serve him.”

Feng Chenyi grievingly looked at Gu mother and said, “Exactly! Mother, I can do it myself. It’s fine.”

“Jin er.”

Gu Jinmi noticed Gu mother’s stern face and could only put, ay! There are green peppers, haha. Feng Chenyi you asked for it! She grabbed a whole bunch of green peppers to Feng Chenyi’s bowl and said, “Chenyi, Mother is right, it’s my fault. Come, come, come, you have been busy the whole day, replenish your energy with some green peppers.”

Feng Chenyi’s steward looked at the green peppers in Feng Chenyi’s bowl and started sweating, he knew that the princess did that on purpose. The prince’s most hated food is green peppers. If the prince got really angry, which side should he help?!

Feng Chenyi smiled as he looked at Gu Jinmi who was having fun. He took a piece of green peppers, put it into his mouth and chew. En, I didn’t think that green peppers would taste this good! It’s not disgusting when I ate this! “Come, Jin er, eat more meat too, it’s better to eat more meat!”

Gu mother looked at the loving gesture between the two of them and nodded her head. Looks like my daughter is really having a good life here

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