RSMLP Chap 50 – Substitute Princess (4.8)


A few days later…

Gu Jinmi looked at her mother and asked, “Mother, must you leave? Can’t you stay in the Prince’s residence? Is there anyone bullying you? Mother, don’t leave! No, Mother, I am going with you!”

“Ai! Silly girl, what are you talking about?! You are already married, you are someone’s wife, how can you still follow me?! The Prince’s residence is very good, Chenyi is not bad too, Mother is more relieved knowing that he is the one taking care of you.”

“But Mother, must you leave? Don’t!”

“Silly girl, sooner or later, Mother has to leave, at first, Mother was going to stay until you have settled in nicely then Mother would go back to her old house, but now that Mother knows that your life is good, Mother is relieved! Jin er, you have to live a good life with Chenyi.”

“But Mother, I can’t bear to see you leave!”

“Ok, Silly girl, stop crying. Oh right, Chenyi, I’d like to have a word with you.”

“Yes, Mother.”

After a while, Feng Chenyi and Gu Mother returned.

Gu Jinmi stared at her mother’s carriage slowly disappearing into the distance and her tears gushed out of her eyes. Even though it has only been a few days, the feelings between her mother and her became even stronger!

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi sad and hurt look and immediately took her into his arms and comforted, “There, there, it’s alright. When we have time, we’ll go visit her!”

“Wuwu, but I miss Mother, wuwu, I don’t want her to leave, I don’t want, I don’t want.”

“There, there, it’s fine. I am by your side, accompanying you. Don’t cry.”

“Wuwu, but, but you always bully me, I am ignoring you! You are a bad person.”

“Hai! That’s enough, little girl, let’s stop throwing a tantrum, let’s go in first alright?”

“No, no, I want to stay here.”

“Little girl, I don’t mind people watching! But are you sure you want to stand in front of the front door?”

Gu Jinmi looked at the people on the streets looking at her with a peculiar look and her face reddened, wuwu so embarrassing! We are in full view of the public…

Gu Jinmi hurriedly pushed Feng Chenyi and asked furiously, “Feng Chenyi, why didn’t you remind me?!”

“Didn’t I remind you just now?! You were the one not letting go of me!”

“You, you, you, I am ignoring you,” she said and rushed in.

Feng Chenyi chased up to her and pulled her, “Little girl, I am serious, consider my suggestion.”

Gu Jinmi smiled lightly and asked seriously, “Consider, what is there to consider?!”

“Little girl, did you forget?” Feng Chenyi asked sternly.

“Exactly! Look, you are bullying me now, I don’t want to consider that!”

“Little girl, what are you talking about? I tell you! What you have to think, what you don’t want to think, you still have to think.”

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“How can you be so unreasonable!”

“Humph! I am only unreasonable towards you, and besides, you are a princess, officially married to me.”

“But on our wedding night, you said you will walk your bridge and I walk my own road?”

“I regret it. How?”

“What how?! How am I supposed to know?! Feng Chenyi, you have to show me your sincerity! I am not going to simply just forgive you like that!”

“Sincerity! What would you like me to do?!”

“Puh-lease, I have told you everything, it is called sincerity! Think about it yourself, enough, I am going back. You think about it slowly!” She ran away immediately. Humph! Continue dreaming about getting me so easily!

Feng Chenyi stood on the spot, rubbed his nose, I really have no chance in wooing this woman! I should ask someone.

From this day onwards, Gu Jinmi would receive a flower every morning. Additionally, Feng Chenyi also constantly sends different kinds of rouge gouache, silks and satins, jewellery and jade articles. The Yilan courtyard is quickly being filled to the brim already.

Gu Jinmi looked at the person sitting beside her and said, “Feng Chenyi, aren’t you normally busy? Why are you so free these few days?!”

“Comparing other things to you, of course, the other things re not important,”

Honestly, in these few days, Gu Jinmi’s heart has already belonged to him, she only wanted to continue playing with him, humph! Who asked him to make me angry. “Enough, enough, enough, you have been sending me gifts every day, I can’t place it anywhere, besides, the gifts are of no use to me.”

“But little girl, you said you wanted sincerity! So, little girl, have you felt it?”

“Felt it, felt it, so you don’t have to do that any more next time.”

“So, you are saying yes to me?”

“Humph! Don’t be too smug, next time if you caused me to be unhappy, I will ignore you, understand?”

“Yes, yes, yes, then little girl, can I…”

“Cannot.” Gu Jinmi peeked at Feng Chenyi and wondered what he was thinking about. You want to move in? No way!

“Little girl, little girl.” Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi with a pitiful look.

Gu Jinmi immediately turned away, humph! I don’t want to fall for it! Furthermore, I definitely wouldn’t tell him that I will fall for it, wuwu, I am scared that my heart will soften when I see his pitiful look.

“Little girl, if you do not agree, I will stay here, at your place and not leave.”

“Hey, Feng Chenyi, do you have a fever?! You are not acting normal!”

“That is because I met you!”

“You, you, did you rub honey on your lips?! Such sweet words jumping out of your mouth, are you trying to make me sick?!”

“Why would I make you sick?! I love you so much! Little girl, I’m taking it as you agreed! Ling Yun, pack my things, bring it to Yilan Courtyard.”

Not even waiting for Gu Jinmi to understand what was happening, Ling Yun has already brought the Prince’s belongings into the Yilan Courtyard! Wow, this speed!

The next few days, the relationship between Gu Jinmi and Feng Chenyi improved like wildfire! Every day they are so intimate together. Moreover, the relationship between the male and female lead characters is in a crisis, if I grab this opportunity, haha, the female lead will definitely roll on the floor! Besides, I have already thought carefully about it, the original owner’s death definitely has a connection with the Gu residence. So if I want to find out the reason, I can only go to the Gu residence to take a look.


“What’s wrong? Jin er.”

“Chenyi, can we go to the Gu residence to visit?”

“Gu residence?! Why? Don’t you hate the Gu household?”

“Hate is another matter! There is something I have to do there! Just tell if whether you are accompanying me!”

“Accompany, accompany, even if Jin er wants to climb the sword mountain or swim the sea of fire, I will accompany her till the end.”

“Cheh, that’s more like it, then let’s go there tomorrow!”

“Ok. But little girl, you have to give something beneficial to me!”

“Benefit?! What benefit?!”

Feng Chenyi bent down and kissed Gu Jinmi and said, “This is my benefit! Little girl, you taste very sweet.”

“You, you, you ruffian.” she struggled out of Feng Chenyi’s arms and ran out.

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