RSMLP Chap 51 – Substitute Princess (4.9)


Early in the morning, Gu Jinmi brought Feng Chenyi to the Gu residence.

Gu Jinmi looked at Gu Linchuan and said, “Father.”

“Princess Yi, you’ve come!”

“En, Father, could I bring Chenyi to the place I used to live in?”

“Ummm, ummm.” The place Gu Jinmi used to stay in is a very simple and crude area. If Prince Yi sees about it, wouldn’t it be disastrous for him?

“Prince, ummm. Jin er, this… I have sent the room to be redecorated, so bringing the Prince there wouldn’t be too suitable!”

“It’s fine, I’m only going there to take a look, I think Chenyi wouldn’t mind! Father, I’m only bringing Chenyi there to look. Come, Chenyi, I’ll bring you there!” She said, pulling onto Feng Chenyi’s arm, walking towards the back to the courtyard.

Noticing that the place was becoming more and more desolate, Feng Chenyi’s heart ached, what was this girl’s life before?! No, I’ll have to compensate for her previously horrible life.

Gu Jinmi didn’t care what Feng Chenyi was thinking about. She came for a different reason! Even though she doesn’t know what the reason is. When her mother left, she said there was something important in the place they stayed when Gu Jinmi was younger. It sounds important but she didn’t say where specifically.

Gu Jinmi brought Feng Chenyi to her living quarters but to Feng Chenyi this is a run-down courtyard. His heart filled with dissatisfaction for Gu Linchuan. Seriously, even though you do not like this illegitimate child, you don’t have to treat her that way! This is worse than living as a commoner! No wonder she was full of thorns when I met her for the first time.

“Little girl.”

“Chenyi, help me look for something!”

‘Something?! What is the thing?!”

“I am also not sure, but when mother left, she told me to come here to find an important thing. But I don’t know what is it, she said it is my protection charm. Once I have it, my father will not harm me anymore. But I don’t even know what is it!” Gu Jinmi said with a pout.

“Don’t worry! I will help you look for it, Lingyun ask someone to come over. Come, let’s go out first! Hand everything else over to them.” Feng Chenyi said and immediately walked out, holding Gu Jinmi’s hand.

“Ummm, but there are so many people, what if someone else saw?!”

“Don’t worry! It’ll be fine. But what is that thing mother was referring to?!”

“I don’t know, mother didn’t specify, what do you think mother was referring to?! I am very curious! Most importantly, Mother said it is my protection charm.”

“I don’t know, but if Mother said that, it should be something important! That aside, little girl, tell me honestly, does your father bully you often?”

“No, not really, Father would only neglect us, but he didn’t even know that he had one more daughter living in his residence! If Gu Jinse didn’t run away, he wouldn’t even have found out about me! Although Father didn’t care about me and those maidservants always made things difficult for us, I have always felt happy. Because I was with my mother, I feel happy.”

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“Silly girl, in future, we will always be together, you will have me to accompany you. I won’t let a single tear fall from your eyes.”

Gu Jinmi hid in Feng Chenyi’s embrace and nodded her head. She said, “Ok, this is what you have said! You can’t bully me anymore.” Wait for a moment, this is the ancient days, the males normally have many wives and concubines, then wouldn’t he have… Thinking till this point, Gu Jinmi’s face turned glum.

Noticing that her emotions had switched, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Jinmi ground down on her teeth and responded, “Ummm, Feng Chenyi I suddenly feel that we are not compatible with one another.” I can only accept monogamy, I definitely cannot bear having to share my own husband with another woman. If that is the case, I would rather not have to bear with it at all!

Feng Chenyi immediately became gloomy, “Gu Jinmi, what are you talking about?”

Gu Jinmi felt the anger and annoyance he was radiating and move a couple of steps backwards and said, “Cool down! I have thought seriously about it before.”

“Gu Jinmi, you dare to repeat that.”

“Ummm, I, I feel…”

“Gu Jinmi you better give me a reasonable excuse, if not, Gu Jinmi, I will not let you go.”

“Ummm, do you dare say that you will definitely not go after someone else in future? I tell you, I want a loyal and faithful marriage, I don’t like to share with another woman. If I would have to, I might as well…”

“Silly girl, I was wondering what was wrong! So it was you, this little barrel of jealousy, no, not right, it should be a big barrel of jealousy has flipped over!”

“Cheh, I’m not!”

“Haha, you still say no, I can smell the sourness.”

“Feng Chenyi!”

“Ok, ok, silly girl, don’t let your imagination run so wild. In this lifetime, I will only have you, other women are not worthy enough for me to even look at.”

“Really? But don’t you males think using your bottom half?”

“That is other people, as for my lower half only can think about you!”

“Hooligan. Then I’ll warn you! If you ever betray me, you should worry about your lower half!”

“Haha, don’t worry! I definitely would not. If not, what would happen to your happiness!”

“Feng Chenyi.” Gu Jinmi stomped her foot and said in dissatisfaction.

“Prince, it’s found.” A voice said suddenly from behind. Gu Jinmi jumped in shock.

Feng Chenyi immediately hugged Gu Jini and glared at the person, “Don’t you know how to make sounds while you are walking? Didn’t you see you frightened the Princess?”

The messenger felt like crying, what is going on?! Wuwu, how can this be blamed on me! We have always walked silently!

“That’s enough from you! Don’t blame others.”

“Fine! What have you found?”

The messenger quickly handed the thing to Feng Chenyi. Gu Jinmi sat on Feng Chenyi’s lap and randomly flipped, “Eh?! This looks like an account book!”

“Haha, that’s right, this is an account book, I didn’t know that the clean Lord Gu had such an ugly side! Looks like Lord Gu hid everything so deep!”

“You, you mean…”

“That’s right.”

“That’s weird, how did Mother get the account book?!”

“Maybe your mother got the account book by accident! No wonder your mother said this could be your protective charm!”

“Mother, she…”

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