RSMLP Chap 52 – Substitute Princess (4.10)


“This account book is yours now! Do whatever you want with it!” Gu Jinmi declared and handed it to Feng Chenyi.

“Wouldn’t you… Little girl, don’t regret it!” Feng Chenyi took the book and looked at her a little worriedly, Gu Linchuan is her biological father!

“Don’t worry! I have no connections with the Gu residence. As for that hypocrite, I don’t care about him! Humph. The best scenario is that you can make Gu Jinse suffer too.” Humph! There was not a time when Gu Jinse was not bullying the original host! “Chenyi, do you think that I’m too harsh? I am treating my father like this.”

“No, of course not, my little girl’s heart is the best. Those people are guilty and deserve to be punished. If you are happy, that’s good.”

“Eh! Why did you not ask me why? Are you not scared I would…”

“Haha, I trust you! As long as anyone angers my woman, they wouldn’t have any good outcomes, don’t worry, your husband will help you restore your pride. I only care about you, others I don’t. Haha, don’t get angry anymore, if you are angry, you’ll not be pretty!”

“Since the thing has already been found, let’s go back. I don’t want to stay at the Gu residence any longer.” Gu Jinmi said, feeling suffocated in here.

“Ok, as long as you like it. Let’s go back!” Feng Chenyi said holding Gu Jinmi’s hand.

“Eh! Your highness, you are leaving already? Are you not going to join us for lunch? It has already been prepared.” Gu Linchuan said.

“Don’t need, we’ll be going back! Lord Gu, don’t bother to see us out! We’ll go ourselves.” Feng Chenyi said, nodding his head.

When they reached the Prince’s residence, Gu Jinmi went straight to the Yilan courtyard. She reflected on whatever that happened in the Gu’s residence and suddenly understood everything that happened!

The Gu residence’s account book, her mother’s sudden death, the original owner’s death, everything is linked! Wait a minute, so that means the whole reason everything happened is because of this account book! So the death of the original owner and her mother is definitely due to Gu Linchuan. Let’s not mention how her mother got the account book, but the reason for their deaths is definitely because of this.

“Ding dong, congratulations host, you have completed the hidden mission.”

Ah! It’s done! I don’t even feel a sense of accomplishment. This Gu Linchuan is such a hypocrite! The front is somebody but the back is another person, this kind of person can also be the Emperor’s teacher. So unfathomable!

The original owner is so pitiful, even till she died, she was still wishing to receive her father’s love! This father is the devil himself, taking advantage of her good heart.

Feng Chenyi walked into the courtyard and saw Gu Jinmi daydreaming. He covered her with a cloak and asked, “why are you out here in the cold, what if you get a cold? You don’t know how to take care of yourself properly. My heart will ache when you catch a cold! Look at your hands, cold like ice!”

“It’s nothing. I don’t feel cold, just felt like sitting out here for a while. I felt bored inside, so…”

“What’s wrong, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the account book?”

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“Yes! Chenyi, do you think my father has ever liked me? If that day, Gu Jinse didn’t run away from home, would I ever appear in front of everyone? Would he ever remember me, this daughter? I am a failure as a daughter!”

“Silly, others just don’t know how to appreciate you, they don’t have a good sense of judgment. In my heart, you are the best! As for Gu Linchuan, he deserves this punishment, when the time comes, he wouldn’t have a good ending. Besides, I still have to thank them for sending you to be by my side! If not, I might still be alone!”

“En, Feng Chenyi would you not want me too? If the feeling between us suddenly…”

Feng Chenyi covered Gu Jinmi’s mouth and knocked her head, “Silly girl, what are you thinking about? I love you so so much! Why would I not want you?”

“This is what you said! You can’t throw me aside next time. I will hold onto you for this whole life, you can’t leave me behind!”

“Haha, I am extremely willing. But little girl, we have been married for such a long time, shouldn’t we…”

Gu Jinmi’s face flushed red and said shyly, “up to you.” She immediately ran into the room after saying that. Wuwu, I’ve got no choice! That was so embarrassing!

After a few days, the Gu residence was finished, Gu Linchuan was exposed and fell out of power because he was the Emperor’s teacher and one of the elders in the royal court, the Emperor spared him and just demoted him.

On the day that they were leaving, Gu Jinmi went to watch them leave, she looked at Gu Linchuan whose hair turned white overnight and sighed, “do you regret anything?”

Gu Linchuan said ruthlessly, “I regret, I regret not strangling you to death when you were born, if not, I wouldn’t end up like this.”

Gu Jinmi shook her head, this Gu Linchuan refuses to change! But whatever happens to Gu Linchuan next time has nothing to do with me, anyway, I was extremely benevolent towards him, it’s Gu Linchuan who doesn’t know how to treasure things.

Gu Jinmi observed and noticed that Gu Jinse was not among the people who are leaving, so she asked Feng Chenyi, “Where is Gu Jinse?!”

“I don’t know, when the Emperor made his decree, she vanished, anyways, she cannot create any big waves, it would be impossible even if she looks for the prince for help.”

Feng Chenyi guessed correctly, the day before the Emperor’s decree, Gu Jinse sneaked out to the prince’s residence. She thought that the prince would help due to their relationship and help their family, but she didn’t expect the prince to turn against her. At first, he said she would be his wife, but now he only made her a concubine.

Gu Jinse has already been backed into a corner, so she could only endure it. In any case, as long as she lives, there will be hope that one day, she can turn over her fortune and take revenge on those that laughed at her.

But what Gu Jinse didn’t know is that she will never have that chance ever again.

Gu Jinmi leaned on Feng Chenyi comfortably and said, “Feng Chenyi, meeting you is the best thing that had happened in my life.”

“Me too.”

“Ding dong, congratulations, you have completed your mission.”

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