XDTH Chapter 12: Encountering a nest of Pythons at night


Oh god… chills went down their spines as the three of them looked at the sight in front of their eyes.

This is a really densely packed of pythons! What is most terrifying in the Zijin mountain? Not the spirit beast, not the saint beast, but the nest of pythons and the pack of wolves! The difference between these two groups as compared to the rest is the alpha and the queen python to lead, and they are very well coordinated! You’ll have to fend for yourself if you run into any of this group…

But this nest of python can just be considered as kicking a metal board, the power of the four biggest clans of the Oscar continent can’t just be blown away. If they can’t defeat this small nest of pythons, then I have overestimated the power of Oscar continent!

The three of them went to find a safer place to observe the fight.

“Wooo, Ximen clan is not bad, the leader is a level 5 Spirit saint…” Xiebing glanced at Ximen clan’s fight situation, the elder has released five green soul rings!

“After all, Ximen clan is one of the 4 great cans, this time, the leaders of the teams are all spirit saints and the second elder followed me here because he was scared that something may happen to me!” Beiyan Feng looked at the fight eagerly, wishing he could go up and fight as well if only I could fight! He thought.

“Humph, it’s only a small nest of pythons…” Hua Chenyi, looking at the fight with excitement, is an example of someone who says the grapes are sour yet have not tasted it [1], he wants to go out to fight as well so he just said anything he could!

“Woo, why not let’s join in too?!” Xiebing suggested and her eyes lit up as she watched their expressions.

“Ok! Then…” Hua Chenyi interrupted him immediately, “What Ok? Not Ok! Bing er is only five!”

Beiyan Feng returned back to his senses and regretted what he just said, if something happens to Bing er, don’t talk about the Jun family, he wouldn’t forgive himself!

“You guys look down on me! I’ll give you an advice, don’t look down little kids or you’ll bite your own tongue!” Xiebing’s mouth curled upwards into a smile, the 21st-century Xiezun have seen all kinds of scenario, this nest of pythons really don’t put her in their eyes!

Not giving any time for objections, Xiebing rushed to the nest of pythons in a flash! The two boys behind her cursed themselves silently for not pulling her back and followed her into the battle!

“Who let you out! Go back!” ordered the second elder who was levitating. He almost fell from the sky when he saw the three of them appear! What’s wrong with them?!

The three of them ignored the second elder and slaughtered a bunch of snakes! Xiebing took out a short dagger from her jade ring, every time she lifts her hand up it’s a snake dead! Eyes, head, 7 inches, across the middle! Xiebing was killing with extreme pleasure! She used her 21st-century method completely!

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Delightful! Very satisfied! For five years, I have not fought in a single fight, today’s massacre allowed me to fight just like how I have fought in the middle of the underground battle! Or maybe my body is just suited for battles, massacre!

While Xiebing was pleasantly killing, the two boys and the second elder just stood there stunned! They could only see a white figure darting around inside the densely packed pythons, killing the snakes around her! The three of them looked remarkably alike(had the same expression) as they stared at the sight in front of them in disbelief. It was like an ant fighting an elephant yet the elephant cannot resist at all!

“F***….” the second elder was the first one to respond, he couldn’t be bothered about his image anymore and let out a curse! Is this little girl a human?!

“Pervert! This… little Bing er is a pervert!” Beiyan Feng shouted closely after the second elder’s curse!

But Hua Chenyi looked profoundly at Xiebing, his brain only telling him two words: Be stronger! Be stronger! Only by being strong I’ll be able to stand beside Xiebing! The previous Hua Chenyi who only trained for the sake of training found his goal, which is to be so strong that he can stand on par with Xiebing!

If the three of them knew that Xiebing was purely using martial arts, she did not use any spirit energy, heaven knows that their eyes would roll back and they’ll just faint!

“Let’s go, let’s go kill too!” Hua Chenyi said rushing into the nest of pythons, releasing his soul power, nine orange soul rings appearing, level nine spirit master! An eleven years old nine-level spirit master, no wonder he is called the capital’s number one genius!

Following closely behind is Beiyan Feng, level three spirit master! Even though he can’t be compared to Hua Chenyi, but he is also one of the very few geniuses in the capital!

Xiebing looked at the two who have rushed into the battle, smiled at them and continued with her merciless slaughter! Yet in her heart, she was extremely astonished! Big brother was already very talented for being a level nine spirit master at 14! But this boy was a level nine spirit master at 11! Moreover, Beiyan Feng’s innate talent is very strong!

The second elder looked fondly at the three children who were enjoying themselves, next time this place will be their world! After fostering them, I can be reassured while training in seclusion!

In the Oscar continent, those that cultivate until the spirit elder would have a life span of 500 years, spirit emperor – 1000 years and god-level – immortal! To these people, status is useless!

“Bing er! Watch out!” Hua Chenyi who has been paying attention to Xiebing noticed a python’s tail about to sweep at Xiebing and cried out in alarm! He moved forward, pushed Xiebing out of the way but got hit by the python’s tail and smashed against a rock! The fainting Hua Chenyi still smiled after knowing that Xiebing is safe and sound.

Xiebing immediately dashed to Hua Chenyi’s side after seeing that Hua Chenyi was knocked aside by the python. She took out a healing pill and fed it to Hua Chenyi. She then yelled, “Are you a fool?! I could dodge that! That python cannot hurt me at all! Idiot!”

“Bing er, I’m fine with being an idiot or a fool! But I cannot see you being in danger, even if I know you can dodge it, I still am not able to let you be in risk! I’m not scared of sacrificing my life!” He replied determinedly, feeling the condition of his wound already starting to rapidly improve.

No, no way am I letting you be in danger!

I am not scared of sacrificing my life!

Hearing what Hua Chenyi had said, Xiebing’s nose tingled, her eyes felt warmer. “Fool! You are an idiot! Treat your wound properly!”

Hua Chenyi nodded and sat on the floor. Beiyan Feng watched this in shock, not knowing why a sour feeling spread in his heart.

Xiebing swiftly turned around and glared fiercely at the python which harmed Hua Chenyi and leaked her aura out of her whole body, “You dare harm a person that I, Jun Xiebing, value! Even if you die a hundred time is not enough!”

Xiebing gripped her dagger firmly and step-by-step walked towards that python! Every step she took, everyone could feel her murderous aura increasing!

Xiebing walked to the side of the python, one stroke, two strokes… a piece of meat was chopped off at every stroke. For a total of 3600 strokes, a spirit beast was minced alive by Xiebing!

Xiebing coldly stood in front of the python’s skeleton, her white clothes stained with blood, her black hair wilfully flying in different directions, looking like Asura [2], bathed in blood!

At this moment, Hua Chenyi’s wound had fully healed. He stared straight at Xiebing, watching Xiebing get angry for his sake, because of him that Xiebing became Asura! His eyes welled up. He walked to Xiebing and quietly stood beside her, not saying anything. Even though he has only known her for one day, but Hua Chenyi knows that he needs to quietly company her! Supporting silently!

The herd of pythons slowly retreated, Beiyan Feng and the second elder stared at the one red and one white figure in front of them, one tall and one short looking as if they were the figures of death gods standing tall and upright and sighed! The darlings of the world look very well-matched when they stand next to each other!

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1. someone criticises something good because they can’t have it

2. Asura is malevolent spirits in Indian mythology

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