XDTH Chapter 13: Purple Dragon


Two were in front, one big and one small, and another two were behind, one old and one young. The four of them stood in that arrangement, none of them spoke or moved.

Xiebing thought about the past when she was training, where she faced countless numbers of animals in the Amazon jungle and how she faced her darkest days! She was exhausted, starving, in pain and only could carry and endure all that by herself! Tears, that was something Xiebing never needed!!

But today, when she saw Hua Chenyi took the python’s attack on her behalf, seeing Hua Chenyi got hurt because of her, a tear flowed out of her eye.

How long… how long have I not cried…

Very long, very very long! Seeing Hua Chenyi scar made Xiebing furious, boiling with rage! No one can hurt the people I care about in front of me! The python’s attack set off Xiebing’s killing intent that was hidden for five years, that monstrous killing intent, the limitless anger!

Even though the snake was hacked to pieces, she still felt that she let the snake off lightly!

Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng have felt Xiebing’s loneliness, vicissitudes of life, unyielding nature, killing intent and lastly, a little bit of warmth.

Bing er… what in the world… have you been through? Why would such feelings come from you… every time I feel one step closer but would be harshly pulled further away.

Little Bing er, are you unhappy? When I see you like this, why would my heartache…

The second elder stared at the small white figure and a sense of fear flashed in his eyes! That is fear and honour towards the strong! Even the second elder was surprised by his thoughts, he didn’t think that he would be overwhelmed by a five-year-old! This girl is not a mediocre person. This old man still doesn’t know Xiebing’s identity, what kind of reaction would he give if he knew?

“Xiebing, go to the west side of the forest, I felt a weak presence there!” a voice transmitted to Xiebing, disrupted her train of thoughts. Hearing this familiar voice, Xiebing’s eyes showed happiness.

Xueying, have you advanced?” Xiebing restrained herself and asked Xueying telepathically.

“Not yet, but it would be done soon!” Xueying said with an indifferent yet a little gentle and soft tone, “you should head towards the west side of the forest first…”

“En, ok!” Xiebing closed her eyes. After she opened them, she has gotten rid of everything feelings she had felt thinking about her past. Since Xueying wants me to go, I’ll go there and take a look!

Xiebing turned to the three people around her and said with a smile, “I have to go out for a while, I’ll meet all of you again tomorrow!” She quickly left, taking the chance while they were not saying anything.

When the three of them could finally respond, Xiebing’s shadow was already nowhere to be seen.

“Where did little Bing er have to go, is it dangerous there?” Beiyan Feng snapped his head up and ask the second elder and Hua Chenyi dumbfoundedly.

“Don’t worry, Bing er promised that she will return tomorrow!” Hua Chenyi unenthusiastically reassured, not knowing whether he was explaining to the people beside him or reassuring himself instead!

“Feng er, Chenyi, who is Bing er?” the second elder asked seriously. Which family could train and cultivate such an outstanding girl?!

“Second Elder, she is the genius little princess of the Jun clan, Jun Xiebing.” Beiyan Feng answered the second elder seriously but he was actually waiting for the expression of the second elder to change!

“What? Who did you say she is? She… She is Jun Xiebing?” Not failing Beiyan Feng’s expectation, the second elder’s expression immediately changed. He thumped on his chest, I didn’t expect this doll would be the continent’s most recently rumoured, Jun clan’s little princess! Something unfathomable became so natural and right! Just as if this doll should always be like this!

Beiyan Feng has fulfilled his wish of seeing the second elder’s expression changed drastically and criticized in his mind, phew, this time, it’s not only me who got shocked at this news!

Hua Chenyi looked at both young and old, pursed his lips and said, “I’m returning to the campsite…”

As Xiebing made her way to the west side of the forest, she felt a very weak life force, so she quickened her pace.

Not long after, Xiebing found the owner with the weak life force, and at the same time, she was shocked!

Horse face, eagle claw, fish scales, snake body, its whole body was glossed with a purplish golden sheen, coiled up looking like a mountain, is the… the purplish golden dragon that is recorded in books?

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During the period when Xiebing was still in shock, the dragon opened its purple eyes and stared sharply straight at Xiebing, “A human? Why would you come here?”

Ay? Even though the dragon talked sharply, but it didn’t affect her beautiful voice. I didn’t think that it would be a mother dragon who is still incubating her egg!

Xiebing was in awe, don’t think the dragon is any different. She has already thought of a few different scenarios, she didn’t think that her child would be able to return safely by her side.

“I have no evil intentions, I came here because I felt a weak life!” Xiebing gently explained.

“All humans are selfish and greedy! What do you want?!” The dragon exclaimed while pulling her daughter even closer to her body. She was not listening to Xiebing at all, her previous encounter has made her bitterly hate humans!

“I told you, I have no evil intentions! If I didn’t notice wrongly, your life force is already quite weak, it is uncertain whether the baby dragon would be able to properly hatch!” Xiebing told the dragon indifferently.

The dragon heard that and was startled. She lifted her head and straight into Xiebing’s eyes. There were no greed or malice, only apathy could be seen in her pitch-black eyes.

Confirming that Xiebing doesn’t have any ill-intentions, she looked at her child with despair and sorrow. It’s all my fault, didn’t listen to the clan, insist on going to the human world to play. In the end, I was sneaked upon by some humans, had to use a secret technique to kill them and brought my daughter here to hide but I didn’t think that my life would dissipate in a day. My child… My child has not hatched safely… A purple tear dropped out of her eyes when she thought about it!

Looking at this scene caused Xuebing to be a little moved, the dragon in front of her is a mother, she only wanted her child to be safe… thinking about the past five years where her mother has been loving and protecting her, Xiebing wasn’t calm anymore, save her, I have to save her even just for this mother’s love!

“Eat this!” Xiebing said and took out a resurrection pill from her jade ring.

“What?” The dragon asked, looking at Xiebing with uncertainty but Xiebing’s eyes were free of any ill-intentions! She could feel the power of that pill when she looked at it. Her doubts grew, isn’t the whole human race greedy and self-centred?

Looking at the expression in the dragon’s eyes, Xiebing didn’t say any more, only stretching out the pill for the dragon to take.

The dragon looked back and forth from Xiebing to the pill, then thanked her gratefully and swallowed the pill! Once she swallowed the pill, an enormous current of warmth flowed throughout her body. Only then did the dragon fully understood the power the pill contained and felt even more grateful to Xiebing. She then closed her eyes and treated her wound.

Xiebing was quietly sitting beside the dragon, but her consciousness was watching their surroundings. Since I’ve decided to save this dragon, then I shouldn’t let her be in danger as well!

After a short while, the dragon has recovered completely and was completely moved by the power of the pills! Opening her fist-sized purple eyes, she joyfully looked at Xiebing, “Ok, my injury has recovered, thank you so so much, I am the daughter of the clan elder of the purple golden giant dragon clan, Tasha.”

“There’s no need to thank me, I am Jun Xiebing, you can call me Xiebing.” Xiebing also introduced herself since she had a favourable impression of that dragon.

The human and the dragon continued talking and slowly, Xiebing was starting to realise that Tasha is a young and innocent girl and her temperament is something someone would either hate or love! After asking the reason of her wound, Xiebing also learnt something about this continent, that is the spirit beast race.

No one has ever entered the white mist forest at one end of the Oscar continent, from Tasha’s tone, is a place similar to the human countries. Amongst them are four races, the white tiger, the purple golden giant dragons, the phoenix and the Sky wolf (Sirius).

The four races are at one side of the continent, never invading and the human race, but are also intolerant to humans entering their territory, so that’s why the White Mist forest would be one of the continent’s most dangerous areas!

As the two were talking happily, they suddenly heard a ‘Kacha’ sound which Tasha immediately jumped up at!

“Xiebing, my child is about to be born!”

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