XDTH Chapter 14: Contract


Hearing Tasha’s excited cry, Xiebing turned around and looked at the purplish golden dragon egg being held in Tasha’s arm protectively. There was already a crack on the egg.

“Kacha! The crack became larger and larger, watching the scene, Xiebing remembered the time when Xueying hatched out of his shell, this time the thing that surprised me when it is hatching wouldn’t appear right?

Xiebing and Tasha eagerly eyed the crack and finally, a purple head poked out. Its eyes were purple and showed a little confusion. It rolled its eyes, turned its head around, ‘Kacha Kacha’, and started eating its shell.

When the little thing finally showed his whole body, the baby dragon looked like a round ball, a cute, small head, plump body. His whole being was just exposing a cute-ness that makes females go crazy!

The little thing burped, pat his stomach then flew towards Tasha, “Mother, Mother!”

Tasha happily grabbed and wrapped him in her arms, “My precious baby, finally born safely into the world.”

After hugging his mother, he flew towards Xiebing and said in a baby voice, “Older sister, hug!”

Xiebing’s instinctively reached out for the little dragon, but her brain was still processing, why would this little dragon be close to me so automatically? In books, the purplish golden dragon hates contact with others that are not their own kind, but this little thing…

Tasha was shocked as well, she didn’t think that her own child would like Xiebing so much. She was more shocked than Xiebing, after all, she knew her species character more than Xiebing! Her eyes watered seeing her child in Xiebing’s arms acting so cutely.

Xiebing couldn’t resist petting him on the head when she looked at the little thing rubbing his head against her and talking in a baby voice. Needless to say, this little thing is too cute for people to not like, I can’t bear to let him go!

“Xiebing, my child seems to like you a lot!” Tasha said softly, not able to hear whether she is happy or sad about it.

Noticing the change in Tasha, Xiebing looked at her, wasn’t she fine just now? Doubt filled Xiebing.

“Xiebing, I have decided to let my child follow you, make a contract with him.” Tasha reluctantly said, both eyes staring at the little thing acting like a spoiled kid in Xiebing’s arm, trying to memorize every single detail of her child before leaving him with Xiebing.

“What? Tasha, are you serious? I can’t accept!” making a contract with a purplish golden dragon is a huge thing, she will not and cannot accept, because Xiebing has already recognised Tasha as her friend, she cannot take the little thing away from Tasha. As a mother, the greatest wish is to watch your own kid grow up!

“Xiebing, listen to me, I can’t bear to leave my kid, but our meeting today is fate, and you also saved me and my child, the purplish golden dragon species always repay their debts. Since the child likes you so much, then let the kid be by your side!”

Even though Tasha’s tone sounds sad, but her eyes were firm! She will definitely feel sad, after all, that is her child! But she believes in herself and told herself that he will grow even more happily under Xiebing’s wing.

“Tasha, I will take proper care of the little thing, are you leaving now?” if she continues rejecting, it will just feel very pretentious and deep down, Xiebing really likes this cute little thing. Seeing Tasha’s look, Xiebing knew that she has to prepare to leave already.

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“Yes, I’m returning back to my clan, Xiebing, take this!” Tasha said, giving a piece of purple dragon scale, “this is the purple-gold dragon clan high-level token if it’s possible, bring my baby back to the clan for a visit!”

“En! I definitely will!” even if Tasha did not invite, Xiebing will also go. After all, she has to let the little thing return home for a visit!

“Baby, you have to listen to older sister ok?” Tasha reluctantly said, petting his head.

It was as if he knew his mother was leaving. He looked at his mother will big, round watery eyes, looked back at the older sister he likes and nodded his cute little head.

“Tasha, I will take care of this little thing and I will definitely bring him back to visit you.” Xiebing guaranteed Tasha, not being able to bear with the farewell atmosphere.

“Xiebing, make the contract after that then I will leave.” Tasha lifts her head and looked at Xiebing with determined eyes that say if you don’t make it, I am not leaving!

“You? Why?!” Xiebing had no intentions of making a contract with the little thing, I was hoping to follow his wishes after raising him up, but now…

Xiebing recited the contract incantation. The little thing showed no signs of resist, so, as per the rules, Xiebing and the little thing successfully created a contract. And at this moment, the little thing is advancing! Xiebing’s soul power also entered the first level of spirit master.

Tasha was stunned, even though she has always been living in her clan, but she also knows of the human matters, why were beast tamers so precious, because they are so rare! I felt that Xiebing and my baby could form a contract because my baby likes Xiebing! But now, not only did the contract succeeded but my baby also advanced?! The scariest thing is that a five-year-old girl is now a first-level spirit master?! Five years old, five years old! Oh my god! Is she really a human?

If only Tasha knew that even though Xiebing may be a first-level spirit master, but she can defeat a spirit ancestor. She can even rival a high-level spirit ancestor! The purple golden dragons who first entered the world may tear Xiebing apart to examine her!

Xiebing secretly steadied her spirit power and blinked at Tasha with uncertainty in her eyes and asked her innocently, “Tasha, what’s the matter?”

Tasha gradually returned back to earth, staring straight at Xiebing, she reached out with her purple gold claw and poked Xiebing’s face softly, Woo, it’s soft! Poking it again, she exclaimed, “Wow! Xiebing, you are really a human!”

What? Really… a human? Xiebing’s lips twitched, this Tasha…

The farewell atmosphere dispersed after that sentence. Tasha looked at her baby who was advancing and was even more pleased with her decision!

“Xiebing, I am leaving now…” Tasha said, after being silent for a while. I don’t wish to leave my baby and Xiebing. Even though we only knew each other for a short while, but we are now friends and will forever stay as friends. 

“Tasha, take care of yourself, 10 years at most, I will bring Little Thing to White Mist forest!” Xiebing promised, turning to look at Tasha and Little Thing. In 10 years we will definitely go!

“En, baby, Xiebing, goodbye!” Tasha’s eyes started watering, don’t hesitate anymore, turn around and fly!

Looking at the purple golden dragon leaving, Xiebing caressed the little baby who is in deep sleep and declared, “From now on, you are Zi, Jun Xiebing’s little brother!” then she put him into the jade ring.

It is going to be daytime already! Not wasting any more time, Xiebing turned around and walked towards the Beiyan clan!

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  1. Thanks for the chapters!💖💖💖 I can’t believe Tasha left without even naming her baby.😏 And Xiebing named him Zi (purple?). How obvious!🤭


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