XDTH Chapter 15: You are seeking death


“Bing er, you’re back!”

Once Xiebing reached the campsite, she saw Hua Chenyi sitting in a tree. His face was full of worry but when he saw her, a joyful expression replaced the worried look. Looking at Hua Chenyi, Xiebing’s heart was filled with warmth.

“En, why didn’t you rest?” Xiebing asked Hua Chenyi who was obviously waiting for her, this idiot!

“I am training, it’s good you are back, let’s go in, Feng was worried sick.” Hua Chenyi blanked out for a while before smiling brightly, is she concerned for me?

Xiebing looked at Hua Chenyi doubtfully, is this the so-called cold arrogance that Hua Chenyi is displaying right now?!

“Wah… Little Bing er, you are back, I was worried sick!” Beiyan Feng immediately dashed in front of Xiebing the moment he spotted her walking through the door. He examined her all over, ensuring that she had no injuries.

The second elder was also extremely relieved when he saw that Xiebing was back safe and sound. If anything happened to this little descendent, what would the Jun family do?! It’s good that she is back…

Xiebing laughed softly, “I have made everyone worried.”

The three of them reproached Xiebing. The second elder then said, “It’s good you returned safely, we should meet up with the other clans! The aim this time around is to let these youngsters gain experience and to obtain the ripe Ziyang fruit. Let’s set off now!”

Xiebing and the two boys nodded their head and followed the second elder out, only to see a group of people already lined up. The person leading them is a thirty-year-old elegant middle-aged man and behind him is twenty 13-14 Beiyan clan’s disciples.

Once the leader saw the second elder, he bowed and reported, “Second Elder, all 20 disciples are here and ready to move off!” Then he looked at Xiebing curiously. The 20 disciples also looked at Xiebing curiously, not understanding why would they bring a little girl along with them.

The second elder looked at all of them, without addressing anything else, he nodded his head and just said, “Let’s go!”, not introducing Xiebing. This was actually discussed before, Xiebing didn’t want to reveal her identity! So the second elder listened to her!

The journey was silent. The Dongfang clan and the Nanfeng clan has arrived, only the Ximen clan was left. Xiebing pouted, this Ximen clan really think they are big!

The second elder and the other two clans started greeting each other and Xiebing and the two boys also started talking amongst themselves. After a while, the Ximen clan finally arrived.

“Sorry, there was an incident which made us late!” the leader of Ximen clan apologised. Xiebing noticed Ximen Li standing behind a leader, if she was not the young miss of Ximen, I would have slapped her!

“No prob…”

“Ah! It’s you! I didn’t think that a bitch like you is here too!” an ear-piercing voice interrupted the person replying.

A few people in the crowd frowned, especially the elder who was interrupted, this is provoking his prestige!

Hua Chenyi looked over and saw that it was the same girl, he emitted a bloodthirsty aura for a moment, this girl is looking for death!

Beiyan Feng saw that the teenager was pointing at Bing er who was beside him, he wanted to jump up and ask, who do you think you are, scolding my Bing er!

Even the second elder was enraged, how dare she scold MY people in front of everyone? And the person she is scolding is Jun’s genius princess!

Ximen Li noticed everyone staring at her and got intimidated, but thought that she is the young miss in Ximen, what can they do to her?! Her courage swelled up again, “What? Weren’t you so capable of talking yesterday? Yet today, you are hiding in your shell, like a tortoise!”

The senior of the leader of Ximen house glared at Ximen Li in rage, I really don’t understand why such a brilliant patriarch has such an idiotic daughter?!

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Xiebing’s eyes were calm, swept across the room and finally landed on Ximen Li. With a quiet voice, she said, “You are looking for death.”

A cold shiver swept down their spine when Xiebing’s eyes swept over them, wow, this doll is so scary! But when Ximen Li heard Xiebing’s tone and got even angrier, “Who do you think you are? Little bastard, kill me if you can!”

Little bastard? Bastard… bastard… bastard!

Xiebing’s eyes lit up in anger and suddenly a sharp cry sounded out, “AH!” Everyone became alert and saw Ximen Li’s face turn white and she collapsed on the floor, her right hand was all flesh and blood! Nobody saw how Xiebing did it, even the second elder only saw a blur! She was too fast, is this a speed that a five-year-old would have?

“I have said it, you are looking for death! Those who made me angry never have a good ending!” Xiebing said coldly and emotionlessly. And immediately after, the left hand, deposed! Left leg, deposed! Right leg, deposed! Dantian [1], destroyed!

After Xiebing ripped off Ximen Li’s four limbs, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket, wiped her hands and threw it away! Then walked back to Hua Chenyi’s side. In this ‘only the strong are respected’ world, destroying her four limbs and dantian is much worse than death!

Just like that, everyone witnessed a healthy and well young girl become useless trash with no limbs and a destroyed dantian! The person who caused this had no reaction at all as if the person she had made useless was an animal.

The leader of Ximen Li’s clan turned pale and looked at Xiebing, even though I don’t like this young miss, but making the Ximen Li’s young miss useless in front of her own clan is a provocation to our clan’s dignity! All the other clan members stared at Xiebing startled, we cannot afford to provoke this girl! She is this strong at five and so ruthless! We definitely must get on her good side!

From the beginning till now, he didn’t take Xiebing seriously. Looking at this Xiebing, his heart felt slightly painful. He wordlessly held Xiebing’s eyes and support shone through his determined eyes.

“Little girl, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?!” Ximen clan’s leader, Ximen Yu, demanded from Xiebing unhappily. The people of Ximen who were there were also very angry.

“This woman dares to provoke me, Jun Xiebing, repeatedly. So she has to be beaten till the brink of death!” Xiebing said, walking one step forward and looking at Ximen Li, who was still on the floor, in disdain.


She said who?

Jun Xiebing?! Jun clan’s genius princess, the continent’s third innate gold spirit ability?!

The person whom Ximen Li scolded was Jun Xiebing? And she still said she was… a bastard?

The people from the Ximen clan were suddenly unsteady, oh my gosh! This Ximen Li only knows how to create trouble! Jun Xiebin may also be a young miss, but comparing you to her, you are just tiny! Even if the patriarch wants to meet her, she will be treated as an honoured guest!

Beiyan Feng felt very touched as he was looking at Xiebing. He knows why she gave this reason. It is to not give trouble to their clan, otherwise, according to Xiebing’s personality, she would just ignore the Ximen clan!

Ximen Yu’s crumbling body stabilised. He glared at Ximen Li furiously, and asked Xiebing, “My clan’s young miss was unreasonable, I apologise in her place. But she has also received the punishment she deserved, could you please forget and be biased against our clan anymore?”

Ximen Yu finally realised that she can’t offend people like Xiebing. At five years old, already possessing such ruthless and strange footwork, how scary would this doll be when she grows up? Besides, young master Hua and young master Beiyan are protecting her and all the other clans are just being friendly with one another! If you can’t kill, then just be friends! I believe if the clan master was here, he also wouldn’t want to be enemies with this person!

“I have never held grudges, I will take revenge right away! Others don’t attack me, I wouldn’t attack them! But if they attack me, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Xiebing spoke in a light tone, but it sent shivers down the others’ spine. Definitely cannot be enemies with her, I have to report it to the patriarch, definitely cannot be her enemy! It’s too scary!

Ximen Yu understood Xiebing’s implication, as long as Ximen clan don’t offend her anymore, she would be just. Pressing down the shock, they commanded the members to bring Ximen Li back to the clan.

Dongfang clan’s leader felt the tense atmosphere and tried to ease the tension, “Ok, ok, that is over now, little friend Jun punished Ximen Li already, so let’s go now?” the last part was more for Xiebing.

Nanfeng clan’s leader, a middle-aged lady also nodded her head, “Yes, little friend don’t get angry anymore, let’s go now?”

Xiebing eyes both of them revealed a sweet smile and said, “Ok, let’s go, I would like to take this opportunity to accumulate more experience!”

Looking at this sweet and cute doll, everyone didn’t believe that just now that Xiebing was so ruthless!

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, you will definitely believe that this girl is an innocent and harmless little lady!

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1. 丹田:two inches below the naval where the qi(energy) resides

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