RSMLP Chap 53 – Substitute Princess – Extra(4.11)


“Feng Chenyi, Feng Chenyi. Come here!” Gu Jinmi looked at the playful child in front of her feeling hopeless.

Feng Chenyi quickly walked out of the study room and saw Gu Jinmi glaring at their child. He quickly walked over and hugged Gu Jinmi. Then he glared at the pitiful looking Feng Chenji and asked, “Feng Chenji what did you do again.”

Feng Chenji looked at Feng Chenyi feeling grieved, “Father, I didn’t do anything!”

“Fen Chenji.” Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenji unsatisfied and said, “You dare say you didn’t do anything?!”

“Mother, I really didn’t do anything!”

Gu Jinmi stared at her unrepentant son, turned her head towards Feng Chenyi and scolded, “Humph! You spoiled him, there is no use for the rules anymore, I don’t care already, you settle it.”

Feng Chenyi reassured her, “Ok, ok, ok, leave it to me, wife.”

Feng Chenyi looked over to Feng Chenji and said, “Explain! What did you do? What made your mother so angry? Didn’t I tell you before not to make your mother angry?”

“Father, I am really innocent! I really don’t know what I did wrong!”

“You still don’t know? Tell me, why did you skip school today, why did you cut the master’s beard? And who taught you tie a kite on someone’s hair?” Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenji angrily. This brat is getting more and more outrageous.

“Mother, let me explain! Even though I skipped school today, but everything the master teaches I already know! I listened for a while but it was a waste of time, Mother, didn’t you tell me that time is money? I am helping the residence earn money. Besides, the master’s beard is really too long, it has reached his chest, every time he teaches, my classmates would only be concentrated on his beard so when I cut off his beard it was to help my classmates! As for tying a kite in someone’s hair, all my classmates do that! It’s not anything major. Mother, you are making a big deal out of something small.”

After Gu Jinmi heard Feng Chenji’s explanation, she was extremely furious! She said, glaring at Feng Chenyi, “Feng Chenyi, if you don’t teach your son properly today, don’t think about even stepping in my room.” then she leaves immediately.

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi’s back and looked at Feng Chenji’s grieved face. He sighed and said, “You! Seriously, you would be unhappy not making your mother angry for one day?”

“Father, I really didn’t!”

“Still say you didn’t, you learnt to skip school, cut the master’s beard and tied a kite in someone’s hair. You tell me, how did your mother usually teach you.”

“Mother says that I have to respect teachers and others, and cannot use my status as an excuse to bully people, not to look down on people.”

“So now you tell me what did you do wrong. Do you know what you did wrong now?”

Feng Chenji looked at Feng Chenyi with a face full of guilt, “Father, I know where I was wrong, I shouldn’t have just left class, cut off the master’s beard and tied a kite in someone’s hair.”

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“En, you can change when you know what you did wrong. Since you know already, apologise to your mother first.”

Feng Chenji asked worriedly, “Father, but Mother is very angry this time, would she ignore Ji er?”

“Don’t worry! Once you apologise, your mother will definitely forgive you.”

“But, but… I am worried that Mother will not… father why not go to Mother first?”

“Fine!” he agreed, holding Feng Chenji’s hand into the house.

Feng Chenyi looked at Gu Jinmi sitting on the bed and hurried over. He hugged Gu Jinmi and asked, “Why are you still angry? Ji er already knew that he was wrong besides, Ji er is still small, still don’t know anything!”

“Still small, he is already 6 years old, but Ji er is still… I am worried that when he is older, he becomes a rich playboy!”

“Haha, don’t worry! Anyways, he is my son. Seeing how I, Feng Chenyi am, how can my son be such a playboy?”

“Humph! Where did this confidence come from?” Gu Jinmi said to Feng Chenyi and rolled her eyes.

Feng Chenji slowly and carefully walked in, looked at Gu Jinmi and immediately rushed over, “Mother, mother, Ji er knows that he is wrong already, Ji er promise Mother, next time I will definitely be good when I grow up I will definitely not be a playboy. Tomorrow, I will apologise to my teacher and the other person, Mother, please don’t be angry anymore. Ji er really knows his mistakes already.”

Gu Jinmi looked at Feng Chenji’s pitiful face and sighed. He stretched out and pet Feng Chenji’s head, “You know your mistakes, that’s good, next time you cannot do that, understand? If you do it again, I wouldn’t forgive you so easily.

“En en en, Mother, Mother, Ji er knew that Mother is the best.” Feng Chenji said, hugging Gu Jinmi.

Gu Jinmi pulled Feng Chenji in her embrace and said, “Ok, ok, you.”

Feng Chenyi hugged both of them in his embrace, looked at Gu Jinmi and Feng Chenyi and felt very content with his life.

“Ok, Ji er, it’s late now, hurry, do your homework!”

“Yes, Father, Mother, Ji er will go back first.”

As Gu Jinmi watched Feng Chenji leave, she leaned on Feng Chenyi and said unhappily, “Seriously, why every time Ji er does something wrong, I am the bad guy and you are the good guy! Looking at Ji er’s pitiful look, I don’t even want to say all that already.”

“Haha, Wife, isn’t this what you chose yourself?”

“Humph! Can’t I regret it now?! I don’t care, next time, I’m not doing this, did you see how Ji er was looking at me just now? He is scared of me!”

“Haha, ok, ok, ok honey. We’ll do whatever you say!”

“Still, I am still worried about Ji er.”

“Don’t worry! It’s no problem, Ji er’s path next time is his own to walk, we can’t help him choose, for now, we can only give him guidance.”

“I know what you are talking about, but…”

“Honey, since you are so worried about Ji er, let’s find someone to accompany Ji er! You can relax now that someone would be accompanying Ji er.”

“En, this would work. Who should we find?” Gu Jinmi asked Feng Chenyi.

“Haha, I know! We can give birth to another! Honey, shall we…” he said, pouncing on her.

Gu Jinmi pushed Feng Chenyi and said, “Hey, Feng Chenyi don’t! It’s still day time.”

“Honey, don’t worry, without my order, no one will disturb any of us. Be good!”

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