XDTH Chapter 16: Kill, Breakthrough!


The group of people shuffled forward. in the middle of their journey, they have met with many beasts, and the four clans beasts that they brought along were also killed. Nothing happened to Xiebing. Only Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng were worried to death, worried that Xiebing, who was only 5 years old, was tired, worried till they were panicking. Didn’t they realise that in the whole of this travelling, Xiebing didn’t pant or breath hardly at all?

Those that were secretly observing Xiebing was shocked! They selected the road that has the most beasts, thinking that they can make things difficult for the genius princess of the Jun family, not only did she not let anybody help her but even after walking for such a long time, she didn’t show any hints of tiredness. That just hardens their resolve, we have to have a good relationship with this little doll! If it’s not because of Jun clan’s strength, then for Xiebing’s huge potential!

Xiebing was already aware of these people, if they thought that their little trick wouldn’t be noticed, they are underestimating me! Did the previous generation not suffer at all? People only notice the glory of the genius but did they know of the pain before that?

Slowly, the crowd started to enter the centre of the Zijin Mountain. As the sky got darker, they found a spacious area and stopped.

“It has gotten late, we can’t traverse across the Zijin mountains in the dark. Let’s camp here, be careful of your safety!” the second elder of Beiyan, who was wearing a robe and having both hands behind his back, commanded strictly.

After listening to the second elder, all the young masters and young miss relaxed, sat down and started groaning. The few leaders looked at their own people, then looked at Xiebing and her gang, and shook their heads! Seriously, they are treated the same way, precious and treasured young masters and young miss, why is the difference so big?!

Following their line of sight and observing Xiebing, Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng quickly set up their tents, and Xiebing also took out the beast meat that they just gathered from her jade ring. The three of them were planning to treat their very empty stomachs.

The spacial ring is not uncommon in the Oscar continent, as long as one has enough money, they can buy the ring, so nobody was surprised. It would be weird if the Jun family’s pampered princess didn’t have a spacial ring.

On the other side, the other household’s disciples started preparing their tents and food. After toiling for a whole day, they couldn’t be bothered to complain, one by one, they ate and went into their tents to sleep!

Xiebing also went back to her tent and mediated on the technique. After the Python battle, Xiebing had the faint feeling that she was close to the breaking through to the third level! Levelling up comes faster than battles!

Suddenly, Xiebing opened her eyes. A smile flashed across her face and wanted to find someone for a fight, but just nice, a punching bag came in! After notifying Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng, Beiyan Feng went to notify the four great clans’ members! 

Everyone slowly woke up, they got out of bed and walked out of their tent! Angry? Why wouldn’t they be angry, it wasn’t easy to get rest after this tiring day, someone just had to wake us up! But this anger left after they walked out of their tent.

What? What is that? In every direction was green eyes staring at them!

Damn! First were Pythons, now wolves! Even the good-tempered second elder wanted to explode in anger and wanted to curse!

“Yi, Feng, do you want to compete?” Xiebing’s eyes showed excitement, she raised her eyebrows and asked the 2 people beside her.

Both of them felt her competitiveness and smiled, Beiyan Feng said, “Compete? Ok, since it’s a contest, some luck is also needed!”

Hua Chenyi didn’t say anything, but his eyes also showed a strong battle spirit, he is a good warrior!

The second elder had a headache when he saw that the three of them showed no fear at all, “Three brats, since all of you are so interested, then I shall provide with the prize!” He immediately took out glowing white bracers, very pretty, “This is a piece of defensive soul equipment. This is the prize for the winner!”

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The three of them glanced at each other, shock in their eyes. Oscar continent soul equipment is divided into, Soul equipment, Heaven Soul equipment, Holy Soul equipment and God Soul equipment! The second elder actually took out a Holy Soul equipment as a prize, who wasn’t shocked!

The others overheard the conversation, especially the leaders of the clans. They actually wanted to know Xiebing’s ability, but when they saw the second elder take out the Holy Soul equipment, they were shocked! The clans stood there as if they were watching a movie, protecting their disciples behind them.

Hua Chenyi laughed out loud, his red coat dancing in the wind, recovering his past arrogance, “Great! Today, three of us shall have a competition, I’ll go to the left, Beiyan Feng on the right and Bing er to the centre!” This arrangement allows two of them to notice Xiebing better, just in case she got injured!

Beiyan Feng nodded his head, the corner of Xiebing’s mouth slightly went up, showing an evil smile. The three of them smiled at each other and rushed towards the wolf pack!

Everyone looked at the red, white and blue, stunned. They heard the wolves unceasing howls, feeling their heartbeat thumping in their chests loudly!

Same as the last time, Xiebing didn’t use her spirit ability, only using her dagger, showed the most primitive killing! As she charged forward, behind her were countless wolf corpses. If they were observing carefully, all of the wolves were defeated in one blow! Not a single extra wound! Feeling the true essence rapidly circulating in her body, Xiebing increased the speed of her killing.

Not to mention, Hua Chenyi dealt with these one/two-star beasts with his ninth level Spirit Master ability. After ensuring that Xiebing was not in any trouble, he concentrated on his own battle, not wanting to lose to Xiebing!

Beiyan Feng was exhilarated, the pythons were not fulfilling enough, and at the end, they were scared away by Xiebing! This time I can properly show off my skills!

Everyone’s attention was completely taken by the small person in white, Xiebing’s movements are not fast, but they are very sharp, a kind of indescribable sharpness, once the blade is out, it’s a one-hit kill! The attacks made by the wolf pack are like nothing against Xiebing!

Five years old, don’t forget, Xiebing is only five years old! Even if she started training in the womb, isn’t that perverted! This… is this still letting someone live? Everyone thought about this. If talent was better, everyone would probably be jealous, but if this genius has reached an unattainable height, then everyone could only envy her!

Everyone was stunned. They heard a loud roar, it was sad and hoarse, everyone knew that it was the alpha wolf ordering a retreat!

Sure enough, once the pack of wolves received the order, they quickly retreated back, the three of them also didn’t chase them. They stood still, looked at each other and the corpses around them, and smiled at each other.

The scene that everyone saw: three peerless people smiling at each other, surrounding them were countless wolf corpses, such a killing atmosphere!

Not waiting for everyone’s reaction, Xiebing has already started walking back to her tent while sending a telepathic message to the two guys, saying that she is going into advancement.

Once they heard Xiebing’s message, they were surprised. They stood outside her tent, guarding her.

At this moment, everyone slowly recovered and stared at Xiebing’s tent as if they were looking at an alien. Leader Ximen Yu from the Ximen clan wiped her cold sweat away, whew, luckily yesterday I didn’t offend this person! If not, going home safely would be a problem!

Xiebing, who was in the tent, did not care about what the people outside were thinking, she was concentrating on dealing with the barrier to the next level and allowed her true essence to rush towards the barrier continuously. The tough barrier made sweat bead appear on Xiebing’s forehead. Work harder, just a little bit more!

Working hard would pay off, water can also penetrate through a stone, even more so Xiebing’s innate true essence! A small crack appeared on the barrier and every single true essence in Xiebing’s body charged towards that crack, “Heng!” Xiebing felt very comfortable after the true essence finally broke through the barrier, feeling the true essence return to her four limbs meridian.

I have finally broken through to the third level! Xiebing opened her eyes and saw her white clothes stained with little droplets of blood. She frowned then stood up and walked out of her tent.

Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng felt a huge sense of relief when they saw Xiebing walkout. Seeing that the two of them have been protecting her, Xiebing felt warmth, “Hurry, go wash up and rest, I’m fine.”

They looked at their own clothes which were also wrinkled and spoke to Xiebing for a little while. Then the two of them walked towards their tents.

Xiebing watched them leave then used her skill to fly towards a secret lake. I need to have a proper shower!

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