TGCMM Chapter 18 – He Doesn’t Like Me

~ So I must control myself —— the female lead said confidently ~

As for whether Shu Yu had really forgotten the fact that Fu Wang was an adult male……the young girl states that if she had remembered, things between them would be very awkward. She wouldn’t be able to stay calm like BOSS and her relationship with him was that of a teacher and friend. If she really were to lose control of her feelings, things would become very hard to deal with.

Urgh, BOSS had always been insecure and untrusting of others. Shu Yu understands his motive of drawing them closer by seducing her and BOSS might not mind it but she just couldn’t do it! Besides, BOSS couldn’t possibly like her, what’s with this purely physical deal? She’s slightly unable to accept it.

In order for their friendly cooperation to continue, Shu Yu feels that she needs to keep her maiden heart in check otherwise it would cause trouble.

Anyway, she just had to tell herself that BOSS wasn’t interested in her and that his seductive actions were all just his habits, then stay.firm as she faced BOSS’ honey trap. Then there won’t be a problem at all! With the addition of his current state, Shu Yu had gladly lied to herself that —— the one in front of her was an injured little cutie, his mushroom (hey!) can’t be used yet, so he can’t do anything indecent!

Shu Yu’s lie was very successful, to the point that Fu Wang sensed the radiance of motherly love in her eyes.

But there wasn’t time for Fu Wang to dwell on it for too long because night was falling and many demon beasts had gathered on this field. Fu Wang didn’t know the reason, but whenever he transformed into a half demon, he would become extremely weak and even attract many beasts. Because of this, he had been in danger countless times when he was younger. Hence, he had gotten used to looking for a safe place to pass the time, not letting any demon see his half transformed self.

As such, Shu Yu was the first person to have seen his transformation and still be alive, and also, the first person to promise to protect him.

“Fu Wang, just rest there. I’ll handle this.” When the tall grass in front of them started rustling and green pairs of eyes started to appear in the dark, Shu Yu stood in front of him and said this.

Fu Wang noticed that her hands were trembling slightly but her tone had a resolution and earnestness that wasn’t there before, filled with confidence. He wasn’t sure if Shu Yu was actually afraid, until she slightly tilted her head towards him and smiled as she said: “Afterall, we came here to train me. We can check out the results of my training and I also want to know if I have improved.”

Then Fu Wang saw the fear in her eyes. Although she had controlled her tone and expression, he still noticed the fear of facing unknown things and unknown danger, as well as the fear of killing.

“These are all weak demon beasts that won’t be able to hurt you. Don’t worry, you can run through the spells I taught you before. Don’t be in a hurry to kill, the most important thing is to familiarise yourself with this feeling and to hone your skills.” Fu Wang said warmly as he stared at her back, just like the lessons they usually had in the palace. With the exception of his sorry state, there was no indication that they were being surrounded by wild demon beasts.

His words gave Shu Yu great confidence and comfort. Fu Wang was never wrong and Shu Yu believed this point. Thus, her heart that had been beating intensely from just now gradually calmed down.

It’s just that if she had tapped on Tian Feng Jin Yu’s memories of the Clear Wilderness, she would’ve known that many of these restless demon beasts in front of her were classified as mid level and were much more powerful than the ones around her.

Fu Wang knew that she wasn’t aware of this but he didn’t tell her, knowing that Shu Yu was actually very outstanding and only lacked confidence. He faced Shu Yu with a calm and relaxed expression as he discreetly scanned their surroundings, in case any mishaps happened.

The fight was initiated by Shu Yu. She calmed her beating heart before burning the tall grass with her foxfire, causing the hidden demon beasts to jump out and reveal themselves. The red ring of fire spread in the dim light of night and Shu Yu did not rush to put it out, only carefully listening to their wrathful roars as they turned to ashes.

The majority of them were wolf looking demon beasts, with one pack consisting of hundreds while the others were red-eyed boars or weird looking long-tailed brown bears. There were also some smaller, unrecognisable demon beasts but they were few in numbers. Unexpectedly, the numerous snake beasts that she had seen during the day were nowhere in sight.

“This species is called Rock Wolf, they have an armour plating on their head that’s as hard as rock. Attacking the head will drain your energy, it’ll be better to aim for its underbelly.”

Shu Yu had been working hard at stabbing the wolf’s head and when she heard his words, she aimed for its belly and sure enough, it was much easier than before.

“The red-eyed boar’s horns are very hard but its eyesight is poor.” Fu Wang paused before continuing: “Its meat is gamey and tastes bad.”

Shu Yu pursed her lips, her hands moving more swift and aggressively as she looked at the boar demon beast with regret in her eyes.

Like that, Fu Wang stayed behind Shu Yu, occasionally speaking up as he eyed the demon beast’s movements. Seeing that Shu Yu had gradually found the feelings that had been left behind in Tian Feng Jin Yu’s body, with her movements becoming fluid and precise, a glint of praise appeared in Fu Wang’s eyes.

At this moment, he noticed that a mound of earth had bulged out beside him. A black worm broke out from the ground and shot towards his eyes. In terms of sensing danger and reaction speed, Fu Wang still surpassed Shu Yu as it was something he had honed from years of near death experiences. By the time Shu Yu noticed that the demon beasts behind her had broken through her line of defense and was attacking Fu Wang, that worm had already been nailed to the ground with Fu Wang’s hairstick, green pus oozing out of it.

Seeing that Fu Wang had been attacked, her hand movements became a mess as she asked repeatedly: “Fu Wang are you alright!” Her carelessness had previously resulted in him almost getting killed. If she slipped up once more and added to his injuries, that would make her too useless!

Fu Wang didn’t look up at her, “Incoming on your left, don’t be distracted.”

Fu Wang’s tone was stern. He had always been gentle and rarely spoke to her so harshly. The last time she had heard this tone was when she had trained excessively and sustained some injuries after putting in more training behind his back. Recalling the expression Fu Wang had back then, Shu Yu felt the hair on her back stand and didn’t dare to divide her attention, concentrating on dealing with the demon beasts that were madly gathering around them.

Shu Yu’s legs finally turned weak from all the killing, not because of how scary those demon beasts were but because she was sickened by the bloody smell and the broken limbs that littered the ground. She marvelled at how she hadn’t been injured at all, once more feeling how cool the original Tian Feng Jin Yu really was. Even though she was like a sample that could only use ¾ of Jin Yu’s powers, in a situation where she had initially been confused and couldn’t respond in time, she had managed to remain untouched while dealing with a horde of demon beasts.

Shu Yu’s hands and cheeks were bloodied and because her dress was originally a dark red, there was no way to make out whether it was stained with blood. It was only after feeling the weight of wet cloth on her sleeves that she realised that she was covered in blood. After this incident, Shu Yu wondered if the reason Jin Yu liked wearing red was because she was too lazy to change clothes after blood had splattered on them when she killed others.

“You’ve done well, just remember to avoid the blood splatters next time.” Fu Wang wiped the blood off her face as she sat beside him and let out a deep breath. He couldn’t help but to feel that despite killing a bunch of demon beasts and having her cheeks stained with blood, her temperament was still gentle with no trace of ruthlessness.

After cleaning her face, Fu Wang took her hands and wiped them thoroughly before holding them tightly. Shu Yu snapped out of her thoughts to see her hands in his grasp, only then realising that her hands had been trembling madly, only stopping when Fu Wang had held them.

“Um, it’s my first time killing so many living beings and I’m a little uncomfortable with it, I’ll be fine after doing it a few more times.”

She had no idea how forced her smile looked and how pale she was. Fu Wang wasn’t the type to shield someone from trials and hardships but seeing Shu Yu’s expression, he felt a foreign aching and tender affection in his heart. Words of comfort were sometimes useless so he just held her hands and cleaned them carefully. From Shu Yu’s angle as she looked up at Fu Wang who had lowered his eyes and head, he looked unimaginably gentle.

After Shu Yu had calmed down, Fu Wang suddenly raised his head to say: “When you’re in the middle of a fight, you must not be distracted by anything else otherwise it’ll be really dangerous.”

“But you……”

“Even if I’m in danger, you must not panic, you have to protect yourself.”

Fu Wang’s tone was light, without his usual smile. Shu Yu was slightly nervous and lowered her voice, “I’ve said that I’ll protect you.”

“I…have my ways, nothing will happen to me. Can Shu Yu promise not to get distracted the next time I’m in danger?”

Feeling that something terrible would happen if she disagreed, Shu Yu quickly nodded after a moment of thought.

It was only after seeing her nod that Fu Wang regained his gentle smile: “It must’ve been hard on you. We can’t stay here for long, let’s find somewhere else to rest.”

“Let me carry you, you’re still injured.” Shu Yu reached out to carry Fu Wang but he stopped her.

Fu Wang rejected her bridal style carry and they finally agreed on a piggyback. With mixed feelings, Fu Wang climbed onto Shu Yu’s back, wrapping his hands around her neck and resting his face on her shoulder.

He should be happy that she was taking the initiative to get close to him, but, it’s clear that she doesn’t feel anything towards him. She’s becoming more comfortable with their interactions, making him frustrated.

They had pretty good luck. With a clear moon above them, they soon found their way out of the grasslands and into a mountain forest, finding a clear pool of deep water not far from the base of the mountain.

Shu Yu wanted to take a bath because the smell of blood on her clothes was unbearable but Fu Wang was still nearby. After a moment’s hesitation, Shu Yu asked bluntly: “Fu Wang, do you want to clean your body? I can help.”

Hmm, he’s still a child anyway. As long as I do it with a pure mind, it’ll be fine.

Fu Wang was surprised when he first heard this but was troubled after seeing her honest and pure gaze. When did Shu Yu become so, so direct? This wasn’t good news to him. It definitely wasn’t like this before, could his appearance possibly have such a big impact?

Fu Wang’s internal conflict didn’t last long as he was used to keeping his composure after all. He quickly calmed down and replied Shu Yu: “Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

Feigning a slip of the tongue, he joked: “If it were not for my child-like appearance, I’m afraid that Shu Yu wouldn’t be able to help me with this.”

“Yeah.” Shu Yu replied obliviously: “Children are fine, I’ve helped to bathe my nephew before.”

Alright, maybe he just needs to focus on recovering from his injuries. After his half demon transformation was over, he could use his youthful body to do things. If he acted rashly now, it might produce adverse results, like Shu Yu seeing him as her nephew.

If the person he liked saw his body but didn’t have any romantic thoughts and was instead thinking of the time she had bathed his body, that would be too horrible. Fu Wang had never doubted his half fox demon blood as much as he did now. If he couldn’t even charm a clumsy and silly girl, he would’ve really failed as a fox demon.

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The author has something to say:
Yeah, it’s just helping him to shower, very censored (a pure mind

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