RSMLP Chap 55 – Unmarried mother runs with a ball (5.1)


Gu Jinmi didn’t care about the glance that the driver was giving her and just sighed relief. I’m so unlucky, drugged the moment I opened my eyes and lost my virginity. The most important thing is that I don’t even know who I slept with!

“Hey, hey, hey, System, are you still there? Make a sound if you are there!”

“Apologies, the System is now in the process of upgrading, so he can’t answer any of the host’s questions. The host has to count on themselves for the mission in whatever world they are in. But when the host is done with their mission, there will be a great reward! That’s all, ( ^_^ )/~~ goodbye Host!”

“Hey, hey, hey, System! Just die, how am I supposed to rely on myself?! I don’t know who I am! Damn it, my only advantage has now disappeared. Rely on myself? What a joke!”

Suddenly, halfway through her thinking, the life details of the original host appeared in her mind. So, the original host is an orphan and grew up in an orphanage. She was bullied by the others in the orphanage so she became timid and cowardly. It can also be said that she grew up being bullied!

When the original host grew up, she entered quite a good company, but she has always been a nobody in the company, like an employee who could be bullied by anyone in the company! Even if they were her juniors. Besides, the original host’s wages are always stolen by the head of the orphanage, so the original host is poor!

After looking through the information, she frowned. This original host is too weak! Not being bullied to death is already good with this kind of personality. But since I’m here, I will help the original owner to live on properly. But what is the original owner wishes?

Wuwu, System, I miss you so much! Why are you still not back? Forget it, I’ll take things one step at a time!

Gu Jinmi tiredly stepped into the office. The original host doesn’t have a single cent so the most important thing to do is to make money!

Gu Jinmi received weird stares after she walked into the office.

“Gu Jinmi, what are you doing? Look at the time, why did you arrive so late, didn’t you know that many things are happening in the office these few days? Hurry, help me organise these files.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the old woman and looked through the original host’s memories. This old hag has been oppressing the original host!

Gu Jinmi smiled while walking to her table, she picked up the files and laughed, “I clearly remember that the office timing is 9am, it’s only 8.56am now, so I’m not late! I know that the company is really busy these days, and I also remember that the chief inspector wants you to work on these files! Senior, once the chief inspector knows that you passed the job to me, I wonder what he will do!”

The old woman was shocked and did not know what to say. After all, Gu Jinmi, who usually turned the other cheek, denied her today.

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“And, the printing of documents and helping you buy take-aways, leave it to the newcomers. Even though I may be very kind, you can’t keep asking me to do it! I’m already working in the company for 2 years, although I cannot be called a veteran, I should be considered a senior already! Look at all these newbies, don’t do any work! Just sit here and be lazy, looks like I really need to talk to the chief inspector about this matter!” Gu Jinmi threatened while knocking the table.

Immediately, a few people stood up, took the files on her table and said, “Senior is right, we’ll just do these things ourselves.”

Gu Jinmi noticed that they were now being really careful and her dissatisfaction almost disappeared. Looks like nice people will be deceived by others and docile horses are being ridden. Cheh, who asked you to bully the original host. If she doesn’t set all of you in your place it’ll be weird. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. After all, we are not in a hurry. Those who have bullied the original host cannot run away.

Gu Jinmi sat down and took a look at the files. Luckily she has experience being a secretary in the previous few years if not, she will really worry that she will be fired. But now, these are small hurdles, nothing to worry at all. Haha.

Everyone was so quiet, not daring to bother Gu Jinmi. She was very satisfied. The problem now is that System is not here, I don’t know what my mission is. This can’t go on! I don’t even know when System is coming back.

Forget it, forget it. Don’t think, don’t think. The more I think, the more annoyed I get. Who in the world is the guy in the morning? I don’t recognise him at all. Why would the original owner appear in the hotel? And who is that fat man? Why did he bring the original owner to the hotel and drug her? Gu Jinmi had so many questions.

“Gu Jinmi, go get us 5 packets of beef rice, three packets of pork ribs rice and 4 cups of milk tea.”

After hearing this, Gu Jinmi raised her eyebrows. The beef and pork ribs rice is still fine since they are close to each other. But milk tea? It’s very far from the office!

She looked at the woman beside her and said, “I said before, these little things I’m not doing anymore and besides, even though the company is really busy right now, all of you have absolutely no time to go down for lunch? If that’s the case then I think all of you can save the eating time too. Keep dreaming if you want me to buy food for you. Aiya! I’m hungry already. I shall not accompany you already, goodbye everyone!” She left, not caring about the others whose faces have already turned sour.

“This, is this really Gu Jinmi?”

Hasn’t she always submitted to us? Whatever we asked her to do she would do.”

“Exactly! Exactly! It’s like she has become another person today. Not only has she gotten more courageous, but she also dared to argue with sister Yan. You didn’t see what happened this morning, sister Yan was so sour!”

“I saw, I saw, but Gu Jinmi really helped us speak up today, last time sister Yan constantly depended on her juniors and pressurised us. When we saw this morning’s situation, we were so excited!”

“Haha, you are right, but, you should be careful when you say this. Alright, let’s quickly get something to eat!”

“En, let’s go.”

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