XDTH Chapter 17: The Surprising appearance of Tian city!


Xiebing washed up quickly and changed into a clean white dress. She sat beside the lake quietly and comfortably and closed her eyes. She sat in the comfortable silence, enjoying the pleasant evening breeze.

Humph, with such a nice view, would definitely have insects to disturb me! Xiebing opened her black eyes which held a cold gaze. “Who am I welcoming?!”

“Keke, not bad, little lady, you noticed me so far away!” a very crisp voiced teenaged girl said, but her tone was extremely mean.

Following the voice, Xiebing saw 4 masked men, descending from the sky. Then, a teenage girl who was wearing a yellow shirt landed in front of the 4 men. So, the person who spoke was this yellow shirt girl. This girl is around 14-15 years old but she is already devastatingly beautiful and has an exquisite and beautiful figure. Her eyes are beautiful but looking at Xiebing tauntingly and in disdain. This is only a five-year-old girl, did they really need me to do this personally?!

“Oh? What can I teach you about?” Xiebing smirked, wondering about her luck. Xueying hasn’t woken up yet, Zi is still in advancement, for now, I can only fight to survive! But at the same time, Xiebing was a little hesitant, this yellow shirt girl is already at the Spirit Ancestor level yet I have never heard of her before, so there is a huge part of the continent that I don’t know about?

“Nothing to teach, but…” the teenage girl immediately became fiercer, “We just want something of yours.”

“Something? Pardon me but I, Jun Xiebing don’t have anything you want!” Xiebing’s eyes dangerously smiled, secretly took out a dagger and adjusted her body to the highest alert.

“Why wouldn’t you have? The item I want, only you have it…” the teenage girl said smiling, but her eyes didn’t have any sign of happiness, “We want… your life!”

“Haha! Many wanted my life and every one of them is in hell now!” Xiebing threw her head back and laughed, her imposing presence pressing down on all sides. She looked at the few people in front of her and her killing intent rising up.

What a joke! Is my life yours just because you say you want it? Xiebing’s power and killing intent are pressuring the people in the front.

The teenage girl and 4 men had horrified looks! This overwhelming pressure is from a five-year-old girl?! Especially the yellow shirt teenage girl, the pressure she felt was even stronger. This girl really must die, at 5 she is already so strong, what about when she is older?

Not saying half-sentence more, the teenage girl also did not say any more nonsense. The teenage girl reached for Xiebing’s neck in a flash and Xiebing dodged. She was surprised. She didn’t think that the teenage girl trained her spirit ability until it became this strong.

9 soul rings shone out of the teenage girl’s body, showing her grade. Ninth level Spirit Ancestor, she is a ninth level Spirit Ancestor! A 14-year-old ninth level Spirit Ancestor, who is she?!

Ninth level Spirit Ancestor? Humph, I shall try my ‘after breakthrough’ powers on you! Xiebing returned the dagger back into the jade ring, took out purple silk and intertwined it with the teenage girl’s white silk.

The teenage girl sneered when she saw that Xiebing also knew how to use silk. Want to fight you purple silk with my silk which was made from golden silkworm?! The teenage girl used her strength, wanting to tear Xiebing’s purple silk, instead, the corner of Xiebing’s mouth lifted slightly and tore the teenage girl’s silk!

The baby in the jade ring only had these references to compare to. He also doesn’t know the identity of his master.

The teenage girl was extremely furious when she saw that her favourite golden silkworm silk was torn by Xiebing. Even her beautiful face looked ugly at that moment. She called out to the people behind her, “All attack! Today, we have to remove her head!”

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“Yes, young City Lord!” the four of them answer in unison and release their spirit abilities. They are all fifth level Spirit Sage!

Xiebing had to be serious, I probably could handle a ninth level Spirit Ancestor, but adding on 4 fifth level Spirit Sages? F***! Who wants my life so badly?!

Xiebing faced the 5 strong opponents alone. A spirit sage hit her in the chest when she wasn’t careful and she flew faraway, “Bang!” She landed on a large rock and spat out a mouthful of blood.

She wiped her blood away from her mouth and forced herself to stand. She looked at them coldly and asked, “are you daring enough to give me your name?!”

The teenage girl looked at Xiebing and thought that she was just struggling to survive, so she said, “why wouldn’t I dare? I am Tian Xin, the young lord of Tian city. Haha, Jun Xiebing, after your death, don’t forget to report my name to the king of hell.”

Xiebing Bing took out a medicinal pill and ate it. She released her spirit ability, a first-level Spirit Master. Actually, Xiebing could have hidden in her jade ring but her pride would not allow it.

Jun Xiebing can be defeated but will not be defeated without fighting!

“Tian city is it? Humph!” she responded coldly. Looks like I’ll have to carefully research this Tian City! I have never heard of this place before! The wind blew around Xiebing’s body as she gathered her true essence, “Burning the sky technique: Burning flowers rain!”

Right after that, countless spikes in the form of petals fell from the sky like raindrops onto the 5 enemies! Beautiful! This was the first time Xiebing used a skill from the <Burning the sky> technique, she didn’t think that it would be so beautiful, majestic! She would continue using it if her true essence wasn’t going to run out already!

To Xiebing, it looks like countless beautiful petals, but to the five of them, they were deadly needles and bright red blood. 

A wave of killing intent washed over Xiebing but she couldn’t avoid it. She couldn’t move especially since she hasn’t recovered her strength yet. She was shocked! This is the first time I could sense my death being so near!

“Jun Xiebing, die!” The yellow shirt teenage girl looked like she was in a difficult situation, her whole body was dripping with blood yet it didn’t harm her beauty. She became crazy mad, she didn’t think that this little girl would make her look so miserable, and cause the 4 Spirit sage to die protecting her!

The teenage girl summoned her spirit beast to fatally injure Xiebing with one hit. The super spirit beast’s imposing presence caused Xiebing to not be able to move and could only watch as the super spirit beast attacked her.

“Peng!” Xiebing flew when it hit her hard. The empty dantian is now being thoroughly drained of all energy.

Just as the teenage girl went to give Xiebing the last finishing hit, a bright white light shone. The teenage girl screamed in pain and thrashed on the floor.

“Are you stupid? Why didn’t you call me when you are in danger?!” Xueying shouted in anger. Why didn’t she call me when she was in danger?! Who dares to harm her so badly?!

“Xueying, you are here.” She didn’t argue back, didn’t explain, only said that 5 words.

You came, it’s fine now that you are here.

Xiebing looked at Xueying’s 7/8 years old appearance. His delicate face, pure white hair and blue eyes which is filled with rage and distress.

Once Xueying heard Xiebing’s words, his rage slowly diminished, this is her complete trust in me…

“Jun Xiebing, I will be waiting for you, 12 years later in the Tian city’s meeting!” the teenage girl took out her life-saving scroll which helped her escape. After she tore the scroll, she left an invitation card and disappeared into thin air.

Xiebing saw that the teenage girl disappeared and cursed, “F***! Tian city, Tian Xin. Sooner or later, I will destroy your home!”

But as Xueying stare in the direction of the teenage girl, something flickered deep in his blue eyes,  what is he thinking about?

Suddenly, he heard something beside him, “boo…”. He couldn’t help but laugh. Seeing Xiebing being so cute, he softly pinched her nose and said, “Xiebing, go into the jade ring to recover! I’ll explain to your group of friends.”

Xiebing couldn’t hold on any longer, she took two bottles of foundation pills and two skill books. She also asked Xueying to tell Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng to wait for her at the school of Oscar then she fainted right after.

Xueying had a bittersweet smile on his face and carried Xiebing into the jade ring, sat her in a criss-cross position then he left. As long as it’s a person she acknowledges, she won’t be stingy!

Hua Chenyi and Beiyan Feng realised that Xiebing hasn’t returned back till now and was extremely worried, where is she? Why hasn’t she returned?

Just as they were starting to panic, the scenery changed. A white fog surrounded them.

Hua Chenyi calm down and asked in a grim voice, “Senior, who are you? And what purpose do you have with us?”

Hearing Hua Chenyi’s voice, Beiyan Feng also calmed down and stared in front of him coldly.

“Hua Chenyi? Beiyan Feng?” A clear, pleasant yet indifferent voice was heard from all around.

A figure appeared amid the white mist and the two of them finally saw the person who trapped them. In front of them was a 7 or 8-year-old white-haired child wearing white clothes. He has a fair complexion and eyes as blue and looked as endless as the sea…

The two of them were stunned! They didn’t think that they would be trapped but such a pretty young boy!

“Xiebing is dealing with something right now and has already left, she wants to pass these to you.” A set of pills and skill book appeared in their hands right after Xue Ying said that.

Not caring about what their expressions are, Xue Ying roughly explained about the pills and skill book then sent them out of his domain.

They were still in a daze when they were sent back to their tents. A voice appeared in their minds, “Xiebing asked you to wait for her at the school of Oscar.”

They stood there holding the pills and book, not saying a word.

“Yi, xiao Bing er’s skills are far above ours…” Beiyan Feng commented a little hurt, looking at the pills that shake the heavens and the skill technique that defies the natural order

“Feng, I am returning to my clan!” Hua Chenyi’s eyes expressed a little craziness, craziness to want to improve his ability infinitely. His clan’s training is his best bet for now. Bing er, I will wait for you in the school of Oscar. When we meet again, I will definitely be able to stand by your side!

Beiyan Feng and Hua Chenyi straighten their back, got rid of the sadness. Xiao Bing er, I will not disappoint you!”

“Second Elder, let’s set out, return back to the clan!”

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