TGCMM Chapter 19 – Brush Brush Brush

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The light of the moon shines brilliantly at the mountain top, as if it is covered in a layer of snow. Right beneath it, are a few boulders sitting in between the gaps of the mountain, along with the clear cool waters which are now hot springs. On the surface, the water is steaming with milky white mist, and from there two blurry figures emerge.

Shu Yu did as Fu Wang told, and temporarily sealed the gap of the flowing water, then she reached her hands into the water to warm it up. Given that Fu Wang does not really enjoy these things, he would even soak in the pool of water in his demon form. Shu Yu doubts that he will tell her to do the same, because this is Shu Yu we are talking about.

Fu Wang saw her through her, and snickers. Every demon in the MengZe Realm knows, except for the high and mighty Wing Clan, that the demons of the fox clan love luxury.

Fu Wang is able to remain calm in even the most difficult situations, and live leisurely but he is not one who would put pressure on himself, if it is possible, he would treat himself better, he is not that kind of person that Shu Yu thought of him to be, “the one that does not care about anything”. He has the blood of the demon, the one that only cares oneself, but that theory seems to be shaking.

Shu Yu takes off her red cloak, and submerges herself into the water, she ties her long troublesome hair into a bun, and locks it in place with a twig she found by the side. The water temperature is just right, soaking in a bath after a battle just couldn’t get better, it is practically healing. Now, she is capable of adjusting the temperature of the water, feeling happy with this new skill she GETs and now that she can bathe in warm water, she starts humming and rubbing her feet.

At first, she wanted to clean Fu Wang, since there’s dirt all over his face. But, she is soaked with blood too, thus he probably thought that she felt uncomfortable with all the smell, so Fu Wang changed his mind and told her to wash up first. Sitting near the bank, he wipes his hands and feet, and as for the back where he could not reach, he will wait,after Shu Yu is done, to help to clean his back.

Shu Yu usually listens to every small little thing that BOSS says, as she happily finds a corner, that is 2 meters away from Fu Wang, to clean herself. Oh, right, as for the important things, Shu Yu will usually reconsider what BOSS says before making a decision.

In the hot springs lies a rock that is slightly protruding out of the water, and Fu Wang is sitting on it. With his height, his seemingly little feet brushes the water surface. Putting aside the torn clothes by the shore, he then wears a clean white garment that makes him appear thinner than usual. The wound on his body has been reopened that beads of blood start to trickle, Fu Wang had to clean off the blood stain with a cloth, then apply some medicine on it. The most serious injury is the one on his chest, as it is one huge wound there.

With his eyes down, he unties the bandage that was wrapped hastily, cut off the hanging skin surrounding the wound, washed away any impurities that might be in the wound, applied some medicine and wrapped it all up. All this while, Fu Wang did not make any sound, therefore Shu Yu who was at the other end knew nothing about it. By the time she finishes her quick bath, Fu Wang is already sitting on the rock with his wound all cleaned up. Now, he is bandaging his wound on his arm that he had inflicted while fleeing.

Seeing how hard BOSS is pressing against his wound, so hard that it is as though that isn’t his arm, Shu Yu felt pain just seeing it, but BOSS seems to be fine. Did he eat something that numbs the pain?

Her eyes unknowingly land on Fu Wang’s eyelashes, those eyelashes with beads of water droplets hanging on it, with every blink, those beads of water fell onto his white garment, staining his garment with water, and revealing those muscles hiding underneath.

Bearing the pain of the wounds (which there isn’t), there lies a child sitting in the middle of the water under the moonlight, making it incredibly ethereal. Shu Yu is totally mesmerized, and when Fu Wang looks over, a sudden thought comes over, silently she sings the Chinese national song. Yes, I must be worthy of the red scarf, and to be a good hard working chinese citizen that builds a more socialised China.

“Are you done bathing, Shu Yu? Could I trouble you to help with my back.” Fu Wang is only wearing a piece of clothing, and nothing else, so he might have exposed a little too much, but he did cover the basic parts like his chest and other key areas. But no matter how little, he did cover more than those hot girls of the 21st century! Isn’t it just showing your arms and legs, how can they be so opened!

Shu Yu looks away, she puts on more clothes for herself, and feels instant relieved, then she walks towards Fu Wang’s back, ready to give him a scrub.

Fu Wang raises his hand, grabs his silver hair forward and places it on his right shoulder, then he proceeds to loosen his clothes and reveal his back.

His snowy white back reveals many bruises and wounds, at first when Fu Wang simply took off his clothes, Shu Yu’s heart immediately skips madly, till the point where his disheartening back is revealed, what she felt previously is all gone, now her face is more straight than a ruler.

Fu Wang turned around to look at her, a strand of hair fell back as he turned. He said: “Those wounds on the back are just small injuries, you can just clean them up, so you don’t have to be afraid that it will be painful for me.”

He didn’t mean it that way so that she won’t feel bad for him, but it is as if he feels that his wounds aren’t that severe judging from his tone of his voice. Rather, he was taken aback by Shu Yu’s gloominess and slight hesitation in her voice, “ What’s wrong? Are… you afraid of my wounds?”

“Hmm, how careless of me. You probably did not see these wounds in your world before, so it’s normal to be afraid, why don’t you take a rest by the side first, let me handle it, I promise you it is going to be fast.” Fu Wang assures her as he proceeds to pull his clothes up, with a chuckle, “Shu Yu, you will have to get used to this, it is quite common to have injuries like this in Meng Ze Realm, one day you might be wounded too, and at that time if you can’t look at your wound, what are you going to do.”

Shu Yu bit her lower lips, she did not even answer back, instead she stretched out her hand to pull down his thin silk garment. She gathers his hair that was on the wound, and places it on his shoulders, taking a piece of cloth, she leans forward and carefully wipes the blood stains.

With his back hunching forward, and with one hand pulling his robe, and the other hand pressing against the rock. He can feel the heat of the wound lingering on his back, caused by her shallow breath enveloping on the surface, coupled with her attentive movements. It is magical. From the day he was born, he has never felt such gentleness and loving feeling, now he could feel it after letting his guard down.

It is comfortable, even though it is obvious that no ointment was used, but with that person’s soothing hands, it no longer feels painful.

Shu Yu finally finished cleaning Fu Wang’s back. She could see a part of his tail softly nestled on the rock, with the tip of the tail in the water. Those white little furs are fluffing and swaying freely in the water. On the clean white tail, there is some dirt and a bunch of fur clotted with blood.

Shu Yu couldn’t help herself but to reach her hand out to touch that super fluffy tail of his, and ask: “Fu Wang, can I wash your tail for you?”

She didn’t realise that her desire can be heard in her tone, Fu Wang who had his head down and his eyes squinting, noticed it, his eyes relaxed and gave a Mmm.

Getting Fu Wang’s listless reply, Shu Yu turns happy, she then proceeds to fold up the robe that was covering his tail.

Her touch is amazing, but she can’t be rough just like the other time, what if she hit a wound? Shu Yu thoroughly cleans the tail, and when she is done she takes a side glance at Fu Wang, then she gives a purr.

The tail is so fluffy! Hmmm I love it!

“I brought a brush, can I brush your tail?”

Without even looking at her, he knows how eager she is. So she likes flurry things this much? Fu Wang nodded, while thinking about some matters in his head.

Not one person has been so attentive in cleaning his tail, he didn’t like it, just as he has never cared at all, and this is the first time he realised that his tail is actually more sensitive than he thought.

Because of the old promise to let Shu Yu “play” with his tail, that almost made him lose his composure, Fu Wang has decided not to let it happen again. But now, the feeling is different, he just wants to be near her.

Using a brush to comb his tail is terribly comfortable, Fu Wang holds his head up while being tossed by Shu Yu, and he groggily falls asleep. He was feeling tired from sustaining those injuries, then he fell asleep just like this, but with the occasional poke in those areas, he is rudely awakened by it. For it comes and goes, is really a toture.

In the end, Fu Wang had to splash his face with water to wake himself up. With a slip of his hand, his ears are splashed with water, flicking his flurry ears, Fu Wang noticed that Shu Yu has been looking at his ears the whole time, but rather staring intensely.

He silently sighed, Fu Wang turned to her direction, and said: “ Please do my ears too.”

“Yes yes yes!” Shu Yu held up the brush while revealing her 8 white teeth.

A little pinch and the ears tremble, touching down and the ears slowly drop till it nests on his hair. Shu Yu combs the fur on the ears till it’s smooth and shiny. Feeling satisfied, but before she proceeds to pat Fu Wang to signal it is done, Fu Wang has already fallen asleep in his hands.

Awww~my little angel has fallen asleep~

He should be resting since he is injured, and besides she forgot about the time and he fell asleep waiting, it would be rude to wake him up. Shu Yu thinks and thinks, she simply sits on the rock, and let Fu Wang lean on her. She then proceeds to heat the pond up, to create even more mist, and sure enough the surrounding air turns warmer.

Shu Yu heated the pond many times, and the sky is faintly bright now, Fu Wang is still not awake. But the air around them is too humid, staying here any longer isn’t going to be good. Shu Yu thinks over and over, and has decided to take Fu Wang to a place where she could make a fire, makeshift a bed and have him properly rest there. So she stood up while carrying Fu Wang in her arms.

Unfortunately, it is at this point, that she accidentally stepped on the green moss that was on the rock, and the two of them slipped off the rock and fell into the water, making a big splash.

Shu Yu: Oh man?

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