TGCMM Chapter 19 – Brush Brush Brush

~ Judges: Not a clean entry, ungraceful posture, zero points ~

The moonlight shone brilliantly on the mountaintop, as if it were covered by a layer of snow. Beneath the cliff were a few boulders that sat in the gap between the mountains. The clear cool waters had now turned into a hot spring and white mist curled up from the water’s surface, faintly revealing two blurry figures that were in the middle of a discussion.

Shu Yu had accomplished this by following Fu Wang’s instructions, temporarily sealing the running water’s gap before dipping her hands into the water to warm it up. Given that Fu Wang didn’t care for these comforts, having soaked in a cold pool of water at night in his half demon form, Shu Yu couldn’t help but to doubt that him teaching her how to do this was for her sake.

Fu Wang saw her through her thoughts and smiled silently. Every demon in the Meng Ze Realm knew that besides the Wing Clan who were particular about these, the fox clan demons also loved luxury and enjoyment.

Fu Wang could remain calm in the most difficult situations and live leisurely but he wasn’t one to be harsh on himself. If possible, he would also treat himself better. He wasn’t the kind of person that Shu Yu thought he was, someone that didn’t care about anything. He also had the demon clan’s selfish character of only loving himself, although that seems to have been shaken.

Shu Yu took off her red cloak and submerged herself into the water, her long and troublesome hair casually piled on top of her head and fastened into place with a random twig she had broken off. The water temperature was just right, nothing was better than soaking in a bath after a battle, she instantly felt healed. She could also adjust the water’s temperature to her liking. Feeling happy with this new skill that she had gotten and being able to bathe in warm water from now on, she started humming and rubbing her feet.

She had wanted to let Fu Wang clean up first because he had gotten dirt all over his face but she herself was soaked in blood and probably seeing that she felt uncomfortable with the smell, Fu Wang had changed his mind and told her to wash up first. He sat near the bank and wiped his hands, feet and body. As for his back that he couldn’t reach, he would wait for Shu Yu to help after she was done with her bath.

Shu Yu always listened to BOSS on these small matters so joyfully, she found a corner that was two meters away from Fu Wang to clean herself. Oh, right, as for more important matters, Shu Yu would usually reconsider what BOSS said before deciding that she should listen to him.

Fu Wang sat on a rock that slightly protruded out of the water. With his current height, his feet barely brushed the water’s surface. He took off his torn clothes and set them by the bank before putting on a clean white silk garment that made him appear thinner than usual. The wounds on his body had reopened and beads of blood started to trickle so Fu Wang had to clean off the blood stain with a cloth before applying some medicine on it. The most serious injury was the one on his chest, a gaping wound.

Looking down, he untied the hastily wrapped bandages, cut off the skin that was hanging around the wound and cleaned it before applying medicine and binding it. Fu Wang did not make a sound as he did this so Shu Yu, who was wiping her neck with her back facing him, knew nothing about this. By the time she was done with her quick bath, Fu Wang was already sitting on the rock with most of his wounds cleaned up and was now bandaging a gash on his arm that he had gotten from a sharp stone while fleeing.

Shu Yu watched BOSS press down hard on his wound as if it wasn’t his arm. She felt the pain just by watching him but BOSS seemed like he didn’t feel any pain at all. Had he eaten something with anaesthetic properties that stopped him from feeling the pain?

Involuntarily, her eyes landed on Fu Wang’s eyelashes. Condensation had formed into beads of water that hung from those long lashes. With every blink, the water droplets fell onto his white garment, leaving water stains and faintly revealing the flesh underneath.

Looking delicate and charming with his body covered with wounds (not at all), was a child sat in the middle of the water under the moonlight, looking incredibly ethereal. Shu Yu was totally mesmerised and when Fu Wang looked over, a sudden thought came to her and she started to sing the Chinese national song in her head. Yes, I must be worthy of the red scarf, and to be a good, hard working chinese citizen that builds a more socialised China.

“Shu Yu, are you done bathing? Can I trouble you to help with my back?” Fu Wang was only wearing a piece of clothing and nothing else, so he might have exposed a little too much, but he did cover the basic parts like his chest and other key areas. But no matter how little he wore, he was still much more covered than hot girls from the 21st century! Wasn’t he just revealing his arms and legs, why was she being so proper now!

Shu Yu looked away and put on another piece of clothing, feeling more at ease. She then walked behind Fu Wang, ready to help him scrub his back.

Fu Wang raised his hand and shifted his silver hair forward, placing it on his right shoulder before proceeding to loosen his clothes, revealing his back.

His snowy white back was scattered with many bruises and wounds. At first, when Fu Wang was shifting his hair and taking off his clothes, Shu Yu’s heart had been skipping madly with this simple action of his. It wasn’t until he revealed the wretched sight of his back that all those thoughts left her and she became even more decent and upright than a ruler.

Fu Wang turned around to look at her, a strand of hair falling back onto his back as he moved. He said: “The wounds on my back are minor, you can just clean them up, don’t worry about hurting me.”

He didn’t say this just to make her feel sorry for him. Judging from the tone of his voice, he really felt that his wounds weren’t that severe. Instead, he was taken aback by the upset expression on Shu Yu’s face. With slight hesitation in his voice, he asked: “What’s wrong? Is it because…you haven’t seen these wounds before and are afraid?”

“Oh, how careless of me. You’ve probably not seen these kinds of wounds in your world before so it’s normal to be afraid. Why don’t you take a rest at the side while I handle it myself? I’ll be done really quick.” Fu Wang assured her as he pulled up his clothes, still in the mood to chuckle. “Shu Yu will have to get used to this, it’s quite common to get these kinds of injuries in the Meng Ze Realm. You might get injured one day, what are you going to do if you’re unable to look at your wound?”

Shu Yu pursed her lips, giving no reply to his light-hearted words. Stretching out her hand to pull down his thin silk garment, she gathered the hair that had stuck onto his wound and placed it on his shoulders before taking a piece of cloth and leaning forward to carefully wipe away the blood stains.

Hunching forward, Fu Wang clutched at his robes with one hand while he propped himself against a large rock with the other. Amidst the painfully hot feeling of the wounds on his back, he could feel gentle puffs of air on it, coupled with cautious motions. It was startling. From the day he was born, he had never been treated in such a gentle and loving manner but all of a sudden, he was now experiencing it.

It was very comfortable. Even though no ointment had been used on the wound on his back, it no longer felt painful with that person’s soothing hands.

When Shu Yu finally finished cleaning Fu Wang’s back, she noticed that the half of his tail that was peeking out from underneath his clothes was softly nestled on the rock with its tip in the water. The white fur had puffed out and was swaying freely in the water. There was dirt on his clean white tail and it was matted with blood.

Shu Yu couldn’t stop herself from reaching out to touch that super fluffy tail of his, and asked: “Fu Wang, I’ll wash your tail for you okay?”

She was completely unaware of the desire in her tone and Fu Wang, who was hanging his head with half lidded eyes noticed it. His eyes became crescents and he gave a low hum of approval.

Getting Fu Wang’s calm reply, Shu Yu proceeds to happily lift up the robe that was covering his tail. Actually, she really wanted to see the base structure of his tail but she didn’t dare to. She had vowed to be an upright person and mustn’t go back on her word.

The tail felt really good but unlike the previous time, she couldn’t touch it as she would’ve liked for fear of touching any wounds he might have. Shu Yu thoroughly cleaned the fur of the tail that was in her hands. After she was done, she couldn’t help but to steal a sideway glance at Fu Wang and seeing that he wasn’t paying her any attention, she continued as she wished, gasping contentedly.

The tail was great[1]! Wahhh I love the tail!

“I brought a little comb, can I brush your tail?”

Without looking at her expression, he already knew how eager she was. She liked furry things that much? Fu Wang responded with another approval as he thought about some other matters.

No one had ever been so attentive with cleaning his tail. He didn’t like it and had never cared about it, so this was the first time he realised that his tail was actually more sensitive than he had thought.

The last time he had allowed Shu Yu to “play” with his tail, he almost lost his composure and had decided not to let it happen again. But now, he has changed his mind, wanting to become closer to her.
Having his tail combed with a brush was terribly comfortable and Fu Wang propped his head as Shu Yu’s repeated motions lulled him to sleep. Exhausted from his injuries, he almost fell asleep but the occasional poke at his sensitive areas would cause him to wake with a start. This happened repeatedly, tormenting him.

In the end, Fu Wang had no choice but to wash his face with water to wake himself up. When he accidentally splashed water onto the ears on his head, he flicked his furry ears, noticing that Shu Yu was looking at his ears, staring at them intensely.

Sighing internally, Fu Wang turned to her and said: “Please do my ears too.”

“Yes yes yes!” Shu Yu held up the little comb as she revealed eight snow white teeth.

The ears trembled with a little touch, and slowly drooped down to nest on his hair when she stroked them. Shu Yu brushed the fur on the ears until they were smooth and shiny. Feeling satisfied, she made a move to pat Fu Wang and signal that she was done, only to find that Fu Wang had already fallen asleep with his head in his hands.

Awww~the cute little angel has fallen asleep~

He was injured and should have been resting. Besides, it was her fault for losing track of time and causing him to fall asleep while waiting. It would be rude of her to wake him up now. Shu Yu gave it some thought before sitting down on the rock and letting Fu Wang lean on her. She then proceeded to heat up the pond water, creating more steam that warmed up the air surrounding them.

Shu Yu reheated the pond many times. The sky was now dimly lit but Fu Wang had yet to wake up. The air around them was too humid and it wasn’t good to remain here. After some thought, Shu Yu decided to take Fu Wang to a place where she could make a fire and take out a bed to let him rest on properly. So she carried Fu Wang in her arms before standing up on the rock.

Unfortunately, it was at this point that she accidentally stepped on green moss that grew on one side of the rock. With a splash, the both of them fell into the water, creating a big spray of water.

Shu Yu: The heck?[2]

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They’re suddenly under water. What are they going to do?

1. 赞 (zàn) – Internet slang for ‘like’
2. 卧槽 (wò cáo) – Internet slang to express surprise

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