RSMLP Chap 56 – Unmarried mother runs with a ball (5.2)


Gu Jinmi felt that something wasn’t right these days. She was feeling exhausted and most importantly, whenever she smelt a certain item, she felt like vomiting. Wait, vomiting… is it…

It can’t be, it can’t be that right? No, no, when I get off from work, I have to go to the hospital for a check-up. I really wish it isn’t what I am thinking of. If not, this matter has become really big!

Gu Jinmi managed to wait till after work. She quickly packed her things and ran downstairs. She flagged down a cab and told the driver, “take me to Shi Hospital.”

When she reached the hospital, Gu Jinmi felt very nervous, what if I am really…, then what should I do?!

Gu Jinmi held the test report in her hands, not knowing whether to cry or to smile. What should I do now? I really pregnant, what should I do now, what should I do now? Why are all the bad things happening to me?!

Gu Jinmi returned to her rented apartment and threw herself onto her bed. Hai! What should I do now? I’m… I’m… wuwu, damn it, damn it.

“Ding dong, ding dong!”

Gu Jinmi walked to the door lifelessly and saw an old lady. She furrowed her eyebrows and asked, “you are…”

“What, Gu Jinmi, where is your salary for this month? Why haven’t you sent it to me, don’t you know that it’s time to pay the bills for the orphanage this month?”

Gu Jinmi stared at the old woman who started shouting as soon as they met and was speechless for a moment, “Old woman, who are you? Who do you think you are? Demanding money once you see me, why should I give it to you? I remembered I have left the orphanage long ago! The reason why I have been sending money to the orphanage was that I am kind! Not because I had any obligations or responsibility to you!”

“You, you, you, don’t you forget, you grew up in the orphanage, have been spending money from the orphanage. Why can’t you send a little money to the orphanage?”

Gu Jinmi looked at the old woman disdainfully and said, “In the orphanage, I have been starving and freezing since I was younger! So old woman, all these years that I have been sending money to the orphanage should have paid back the orphanage for giving me a place to stay!”

“You, wuwu, why did I take in an ingrate! During that winter, I pitied her and took her in, didn’t even take a cent. But I didn’t think that after the ingrate grows up, she would treat the orphanage like this! Now that the orphanage funds are so tight, but this ingrate…” The old woman saw that there were people and acted as if she was the victim.

Gu Jinmi was done with everything! The person is acting in front of her, people surrounding them and her own troubles. Her patience was wearing thin. Then she said coldly,” Haha, old woman, during the winter, you gave me an old and torn jacket to wear, but you wore either a cotton-padded or a down jacket. We only had old cabbage to eat while you ate all kinds of meat. So old woman, you tell me where did all the money donated by the wealthy went? I’m really curious!”

“You, you, you.” The old woman didn’t think that Gu Jinmi would say that. She became flustered and could only glare at Gu Jinmi.

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Gu Jinmi looked at the gossip mongers surrounding them and said, “there is nothing to look at.” Then she shut the door.

Gu Jinmi let out a heavy sigh, climbed onto her bed and fell asleep without eating.

It was the next morning already when Gu Jinmi woke up, luckily, today is a weekend, I can rest. Actually, no. I have to think about what am I going to do after today.

Even though I don’t mind being pregnant, but if others know that this child is born out of wedlock, he will receive the same looks I get. This can’t happen. My best bet is to leave this place and come back after the child is born.

If I do this, money becomes a huge issue. I have to earn more money. But what should I do? Buying a lottery ticket is not going to be realistic, oh yes, I can speculate in shares!

Gu Jinmi quickly took out her laptop, looked into a few companies and bought some shares. These few shares I have bought have the highest potential for earning money. I should be able to earn enough in about 2 weeks. Then I’ll be able to quit my job, find another place to give birth, then decide on coming back here.

Two weeks later, Gu Jinmi earned back her money and still made a profit of a little more than 1,000,000. Gu Jinmi resigned at once, packed her belongings and left to a village in this town.

Three years later, Gu Jinmi looked at Gu Mianyang who was running around in the house and said, “Yang yang, be careful, don’t hurt yourself. Hurry, come back! We’ll be leaving in the afternoon!”

“En, en. Mummy mummy, are we returning to your hometown?”

“That’s right! Yang yang will definitely like it there. When we reach there, I will buy you good things to eat, alright?”

“Yes! Yes! Whatever mummy buys Yang Yang will like.”

Gu Jinmi looked at the well behaved and obedient boy in her arms and her heart was filled with joy. Luckily I didn’t decide to abort him! Now looking at this boy, my heart is bursting from joy!

“Mummy, mummy, is there a lot of things to play in that town? Are there many children?”

“Of course! Mummy will bring you to the zoo and the theme park! You are so cute, so you will definitely make many friends!”

Gu Jinmi looked out the car at the scenery and felt nervous, I have not gone back for three years already, what would have happened? And during these years, the system has not yet returned. Even though I know the mission, there is no storyline. Even though I have an advantage, I can’t use it. Hai!

“Mummy, mummy, what are you thinking about? Mummy, mummy, why are you ignoring me!”

“Nothing, mummy is just thinking about the past, what’s the matter, Yang Yang?”

“Nothing, mummy I’m sleepy, I want to sleep.”

“Ok, come here. Sleep! When we reach, mummy will call you.”

“En, ok, mummy.”

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