TGCMM Chapter 20 – Looking After

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Shu Yu held onto Fu Wang as they fell into the water. After struggling to stay afloat, she quickly fished for Fu Wang who she had accidentally let go of. It took her a couple tries before she finally felt an arm and pulled him up, only to find that something was wrong once she turned around.

Oh no, where did the young man go? Where’s his ears and tail? Why did he suddenly revert back? Shu Yu wasn’t sure if she should be happy or sad right now. Oh, seeing that Fu Wang was soaked from head to toe, Shu Yu decided that she should be worrying about him first.

Fu Wang who had been dropped into the water before being pulled out had a rare dazed expression, but he quickly recovered his composure, at least quicker than Shu Yu. Looking at himself and realising that he had changed back to his human form, the corner of his lips went up. It was great that he had recovered faster than expected because it was very unfavourable for him to be in his half demon form in a place like this. At least he would be able to use his magic now.

And Shu Yu wouldn’t treat him like her little nephew.

With the return of his human form, it seemed like all the unrest he previously felt had also returned. Fu Wang stood calmly in the water with his bare chest half covered. He let Shu Yu lead him by the arm as he shifted the damp black hair that was stuck on his face before pulling up the white garment to cover the wound on his chest that had been accidentally revealed.

Wordlessly, he held onto Shu Yu’s hand and led her ashore before pulling her out and covering the completely drenched Shu Yu with a cloak. He then said: “Go and change your clothes first, I’ll clean up my wound.” He gave her a soothing smile after he said this.

When Fu Wang returned from cleaning his wounds and changing his clothes, he saw Shu Yu standing with her hands on her bowed head, looking at him anxiously as she said awkwardly: “How is your wound? Are you alright? I didn’t mean it, I saw that you had fallen asleep and wanted to bring you somewhere to rest but when I was trying to stand I accidentally……”

Fu Wang wanted to explain to this worried girl that demons were pretty tenacious and wouldn’t die that easily. But for some reason, to her, he was a fragile fellow, what was he to do? He straightened his sleeves and stepped forward to hug Shu Yu, cutting off her words.

Stroking her hair, Fu Wang comforted: “I know, I’m not mad at you.”

Shu Yu’s shoulders relaxed. She felt a little embarrassed to be in his arms but couldn’t struggle or push him away because she was worried about pressing against his wound that seemed to be very serious. How can this be put into words? She had a weird feeling that Fu Wang was different from how he used to be?

The old Fu Wang liked to do some intimate yet ambiguous actions towards her occasionally, but he had always given off a reserved and polite feeling. However, something felt different now. He was more affectionate towards her. Could it be due to the fact that they had left that anxiety-inducing environment and were now in a safe place with just the two of them, so he was more relaxed?

Shu Yu thought that this was possible, but this put her in a bad situation. If he was still in his child form, she could still steer herself away from having any weird thoughts about him but with this man that was overflowing with max charms, her girly heart was faltering. And look at this unusual situation, it was just the two of them, living together for a year! Under these circumstances, it would be difficult to control herself.

Of course, she doesn’t fear this challenge and is determined to stick to her morals.

One of Shu Yu’s merits was that she wouldn’t back down once she had decided on something and she also had perseverance. She might look weak and easy to convince but she was actually very stubborn and tough.

Fu Wang ended this tentative embrace and released her. He hadn’t seen any shyness on her face, only a strong determination. He suddenly felt like this was going to be tricky but he was never one to fear challenges. Shu Yu must feel the same way towards him otherwise he won’t give up. He had never wanted something this badly before but strangely, the more desperate he felt, the calmer he looked. This was also known as, silently burning in the heart.

“Let’s go. I need a place to rest properly otherwise I’ll only add to your troubles if I go out like this.” Fu Wang gave her a small smile, grasping her hand naturally, “Judging from the terrain, there should be a cave where we can rest. There also won’t be too many demon beasts at the junction where realms meet, which is perfect for us. We can even stay here for a while longer.”

Just like before, Fu Wang quickly took control of the flow of their conversation. Shu Yu had always felt that BOSS was a strategist type of character and it wouldn’t be wrong to listen to him so she nodded in agreement. It’s just that looking at his upright body and slightly pale face, she couldn’t help but worry.

Feeling guilty, Shu Yu was more attentive than before. After they’d found a suitable cave nearby, she got to work spontaneously. Just like a hardworking bee, she took things out of her Qian Kun pouch and found a spacious area in the cave to build a makeshift bedroom. Once it was presentable, she waited as Fu Wang inspected the cave and sprinkled some strange medicinal powder before pulling him over to the soft bed.

“Fu Wang, take a good rest.” Shu Yu had an expression that said “leave everything to me, you just need to nurse your health”.

“Then I’ll be in your capable hands.” Fu Wang looked at the large and puffy bed that had been padded with many layers of quilts, then took off his shoes and outer garment before laying down. Upon lying down, it felt like he had plunged into a pile of cotton and there was a feeling of not wanting to get up. Shu Yu thoughtfully covered him with a quilt as soon as he laid down. This is just great, Fu Wang felt like he was floating on the clouds, he didn’t even have to use his hands or feet.

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This area was separated by a few screens and Shu Yu had even lit an incense with a soothing fragrance. Even the luminescent pearl used as lighting had been covered with a translucent robe because it was too bright, leaving a soft milky white halo. She could faintly make out the brows and eyes of the person sleeping on the bed.

Once Shu Yu set her mind to being thoughtful, she covered every detail. Silently, Fu Wang watched Shu Yu from where he lay, watching her navigate the cave with light footsteps as she cleaned up before laying down a defense spell —— although she wasn’t familiar with it and kept pausing as if she was trying to recall something, she finally succeeded. As he continued to watch her, his eyes gradually closed shut.

He didn’t know when it had started, but Fu Wang, who could only sleep when he was alone and in an absolutely safe situation, could now sleep soundly in the presence of another person. Realising this, Fu Wang had mixed feelings for the nth time. Every time he felt like he had understood his feelings for Shu Yu, he would realise that that wasn’t all, it always seemed to be deeper than he thought.

It was to the point that he would instinctively trust Shu Yu, and these involuntary feelings shocked him. However, whenever the anxiety emerged in his heart, it would disappear once he saw her clean and soft eyes. He had actually fallen so quickly and inevitably.

After Fu Wang had fallen into a deep sleep, Shu Yu went over to look at him and fell into a daze for a while, feeling terrible. Seeing that he had been sleeping for the most part of the day, she knew that his injuries were more serious than he had made them out to be. Before he got injured, he had always stayed by her side and she had never seen him sleepy even though he only rested for about two hours everyday.

Shu Yu had no way of helping him. She had already given him all the medicine that could be used but just as Fu Wang had said, the ones she had brought were all valuable elixirs that would only cause side effects for him because his body wouldn’t be able to withstand its potency. Therefore, Shu Yu could only watch as Fu Wang used his own medicine to treat himself before falling into a deep slumber.

As she recalled how clumsy she had been, to throw a sleeping Fu Wang into the pond, not only soaking him but causing him to have to re-bandage his wounds, she felt guilty and uneasy.

He had always been taking care of her and now that he was injured, she should repay the favour and take good care of him. She couldn’t always have someone else take care of her.

When the exhausted Fu Wang woke up, the scent of food wafted to his nose, reinvigorating the hunger in his body. It was only then that he realised that his stomach was empty and that he had been going without food for some time.

The cave wasn’t completely dark and when the sun was out, rays of sunlight would shine in through holes that were on the side of the cave. A dazzling piece of white would appear when it shone on the cave’s floor before reflecting off the wall beside it, slightly blinding the eyes.

The corner of a red piece of clothing flashed past the sunlight and the figure in red came to his bedside, it was Shu Yu. Her hair was casually tied back into a knot and her sleeves were rolled up, she looked extremely lively.

Shu Yu was carefully holding a porcelain bowl and upon seeing that he had woken up, she pressed her lips into a smile, feeling slightly happy, “I’d felt that it was just about time for you to wake up and tried making something for you to eat, are you hungry?”

Fu Wang sat up and looked at Shu Yu for a while before reaching out to shift a strand of hair from her face to behind her ears. At that moment, he felt the urge to touch her eyes and hesitated for a moment before dropping that thought. He withdrew his hand subtly before saying: “I’m indeed hungry and was awoken by the aroma.”

He leaned forward as he said this, peering into the bowl she was holding to see its contents, it didn’t look very good. But for some strange reason, he felt happy and chuckled: “Is it your first time making this?”

Shu Yu chucked the memory of his prior seemingly unintentional casual hand movement to the back of her head and let out a small cough, “I only know how to make instant noodles and egg fried rice. I was unable to control the fire so I took it as putting in extra practise and used foxfire instead. I failed a few times but this one should be edible, I’ve already given it a try and the taste isn’t too bad.”

“I’ve also added some reishi mushroom, just a little, its medicinal effects are mild and I’ve checked that this is just right for you.” Shu Yu lifted a finger to express that she had added a very minimal amount. She looked pretty cute with that serious look on her face.

“En.” Fu Wang pressed on his chest inconspicuously, accepting the bowl with a soft look on his face. He ate slowly, one bite at a time, then handed the empty bowl to her: “Is there more?”

Shu Yu was very happy, taking the bowl and scooping another serving for him before sitting at his bedside like before and watching him eat.

Maybe because Fu Wang did everything in an unhurried manner, there was a sense of peace, or maybe it was because of his disposition, that he looked good doing anything, beautiful like a painting. Even now, as he sat on the bed with no regard for his image, his hair loose as he drank from the bowl cupped in his hands, he made it seem like he was drinking some delicacy.

Shu Yu tilted her head as she stared at him, not realising the expression she had on her face. Fu Wang looked up and upon meeting her gaze, he couldn’t help himself but to put down the bowl. As if he had been enchanted, he reached out a slender finger to touch the corner of her eye, saying with a soft sigh: “That’s great.”

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