TGCMM Chapter 21 – Daily Assignment

~ BOSS’ Mystery Illness ~

Fu Wang had beautiful hands. The more time she spent with him, Shu Yu’s slight urge became increasingly difficult to control. It was just that she had managed to hold herself together and Fu Wang didn’t notice it. Whenever his fingers curled around the book he was holding and revealed his beautiful knuckles, Shu Yu’s gaze would involuntarily fall onto it.

It looked beautiful whenever he held the white porcelain bowl or wrote on the paper. Translucent blue veins peeked out from under his fair skin, protruding with every small movement he made. It was beautiful and it tempted her to touch it.

Shu Yu felt a burning heat at the corner of her eye and snapped back to reality, quickly covering her face once she came to. Dreaming about BOSS touching her eye with a gentle expression on his face, what is going on?

The weather outside the cave was pretty lovely, with the mixed temperatures of spring and summer, coupled with the blue skies, white clouds and gentle breeze. Excluding everything else and from just the scenery, Shu Yu hadn’t seen any place with a bad scenery ever since she came into this world. There’s no need to mention the Tian Xin Island that Tian Feng Jin Yu was living on but every place was exquisite like a fairyland, it was a pity that she hadn’t dared to explore much. Arriving in the Clear Wilderness, the sceneries were still brilliant and the air was unbelievably fresh.

There was an old tree not far from the entrance of the cave. She didn’t know what species it was and it seemed to be dead because it didn’t bud even when it was in season, but Fu Wang seemed to love that tree, often placing a rocking chair under the tree and resting on it as he swayed back and forth with his eyes closed.

Ever since they’d arrived here, Shu Yu realised that Fu Wang was very different from what she had thought of him to be, different from that strong image in the book. It turned out that he wasn’t a “workaholic” who seemed to have endless things to learn and never-ending things to do. Shu Yu realised that he actually liked to enjoy himself too. Not paying attention when one didn’t need to and enjoying oneself when one could, was perfectly presented by him.

For example, the rocking chair that he was sitting on now. During their first two days here, he had said that he didn’t like sleeping on the bed, then he entered the woods the next day and returned with two trees trailing behind him. He then sat there with a serious expression on his face and started hammering away, making quite an exquisite rocking chair.

In the following days, he spent most of his time lying on that rocking chair, basking in the sunlight that shone through the tree, idly recuperating from his wounds with a snow white fox fur covering him.

Compared to Shu Yu who was busy with completing her “homework”, Fu Wang lived a particularly leisurely life. It was a stark contrast to his previous hectic life.

He always had a small stove next to his rocking chair which he sometimes used to decoct medicine, boil water for tea, or to make some soup. There was a constant cloud of white steam that emitted from it, one which Shu Yu had never seen stop.

Fu Wang was quite particular about this and Shu Yu had noticed that he was always swapping out the small stoves and kettles. Whether it was making tea, soup or medicine, he always had various different utensils prepared for it. Today, a white clay pot was sitting on the stove as it exuded the clear and sweet fragrance of millet and red dates.

Shu Yu took in a deep breath as she stood at the entrance of the cave, twisting her neck and kicking her feet. She then rinsed her mouth and washed her face before running to Fu Wang’s rocking chair and setting down a small folding stool, which Fu Wang had also made. She then sat down after placing a cushion on it.

Shu Yu was distressed to see that his face was still as pale as before and hadn’t improved from the day before. Fu Wang had assured her multiple times that he would get better soon but although he had been saying this for a while, he still showed no signs of recovery. His lips were so pale that they were almost devoid of any colour, seeming like it would melt when exposed to the sunlight. His black hair was untied and it lay loose, a distinct contrast to his pale and colourless face.

Although the sick BOSS’ white lotus appearance was appealing, she was very worried!!! Shu Yu would have this internal struggle everyday.

As Shu Yu sat down by his side, Fu Wang who had his eyes closed and seemed to be sleeping, opened his eyes and the rocking chair also came to a stop. He leaned over and covered the clay pot’s lid with a damp cloth before lifting the lid and stirring with a white porcelain spoon that had been placed beside the pot. The millet and red beans had been cooked till they had burst open and the crushed red dates had completely soaked into the porridge. It could be seen that it had been left to simmer for some time.

Fu Wang gave it two stirs. Feeling satisfied, he scooped the porridge into a white porcelain bowl and handed it over to Shu Yu. She accepted the bowl and lowered her head to drink from it. Seeing that her worried expression was gone, he smiled and took the clay pot off the stove, grabbed some charcoal with a pair of tongs and placed it in the stove before putting a cyan coloured teapot to boil water for tea.

These series of movements were extremely fluid and elegant. Shu Yu kept stealing glances as she drank her porridge, feeling that BOSS was becoming even more beautiful, glowing anytime and everywhere, just like pikachu.

Of course, what she didn’t know was that in the natural world, every male that was in courtship had their own beautifying effect. Fu Wang had been secretly releasing his hormones, sparing no effort just to get her. As for whether he had achieved this goal……Shu Yu’s star sign is a capricorn.

After finishing her breakfast as she basked in the sun, just like before, Shu Yu received her homework from Teacher Fu Wang. There were a few books that sat on a side table beside Fu Wang’s rocking chair. Fu Wang pulled out a stack of paper that was at the bottom of the pile and flipped through it as he searched for a piece of paper which he handed over to Shu Yu.

On the paper was a picture of a blue fanged monkey. It appeared fierce and menacing. On the side was “ghost ape” written in a familiar brush stroke, including comments on the type of environment it preferred, its strengths and its weaknesses.

Fu Wang had drawn all these pictures. At the start, due to the fact that the drawings were too abstract, Shu Yu couldn’t recognise them and could only rely on her instincts. After she fought a beast that was beyond her level and returned with injuries, Fu Wang had no choice but to commit himself to practicing. His painting technique had improved at a remarkably fast pace, at least when compared to his recovery.

Shu Yu couldn’t hold back a sigh, BOSS lived up to his name indeed, learning everything so quickly. It was a pity that he was restricted by his mixed half demon body and was unable to increase his power using brute force like her.

All this time, Shu Yu’s life had gone on like this. In the morning, Fu Wang would make breakfast for her before assigning her homework, which mostly consisted of a picture of the demon beast she had to hunt. In other words, finding her a sparring opponent. The demon beasts had been sorted by how difficult they were to deal with, ranging from low to high difficulty. The intervals that Shu Yu spent being stressed to being at ease were short and whenever she started getting used to it, Fu Wang would find her a more powerful demon beast to challenge.

Thanks to Fu Wang’s detailed investigations and planning, Shu Yu hadn’t met with any great danger yet and her skills were on a steady rise. BOSS’ teaching methods were gentle and this caused Shu Yu, who had prepared herself for hellish training once they reached the Clear Wilderness, to be very content. Her daily beast killing training was just like going to work, leaving at dawn and returning at dusk, and she took it very seriously.

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“Try the ghost ape today.” Fu Wang was saying “try”, but from his tone, it obviously meant ‘Go and kill some small fries. So easy!’ It was clear that BOSS also had full confidence in her today! Shu Yu quickly composed herself, took the paper and read through it twice before rolling it up and placing it into her sleeve, preparing to begin today’s practice.

Just as she had taken a step forward, she felt a tug on her skirt. She looked back to see that BOSS had straightened his upper body and was looking at her with a smile, “Let me tie up your hair.”

Shu Yu sat back down onto the small folding stool. Fu Wang lifted the fox fur out of the way and began to tie her hair. He first undid the hair that she had tied that had already become frizzy, then he straightened it out bit by bit before gathering it and tying it up. Shu Yu wasn’t fond of complicated hairstyles so Fu Wang gave her a high ponytail. It was neat and it made her look valiant and heroic, like a swordswoman who travelled around the world.

Fu Wang hooked a strand of hair behind her ear and said: “Come back early.” His soft tone contained hints of ambiguity, making it unpredictable yet unrejectable.

Shu Yu nodded honestly before disappearing in a flash. After covering a few miles, she stopped in her tracks and covered her face. Shu Yu waited till her ears were no longer red before raising her head and patting her cheeks as she looked up at the sky with a sigh.

Fu Wang’s hands were still in mid-air and seeing that she was gone, he didn’t have any reaction, simply putting down his hand and laying back down onto the rocking chair. Following his chair’s rhythmic rocking, his eyelids turned heavy. He mustn’t be impatient, he had to take this slowly.

It’s just that his injuries should have already recovered and although he felt satisfied whenever he saw her acting all worried and concerned, he couldn’t go on being ‘injured’. Besides, this trial period with demon beasts was almost complete and they should continue onto the next phase.

On Shu Yu’s side of things, she had found the ghost face ape in the drawing and had commenced her fiery attack immediately. The hesitation she’d felt at the beginning of her training when she had to initiate attacks on the demon beasts had completely disappeared, she had changed a lot since then. Dressed in red, she moved with quick and light steps, her gaze calm. Her movements were similar to Fu Wang’s, neither too fast nor too slow. The battle was soon over. In the past, Shu Yu wouldn’t have ended it so quickly because her aim was to practice her magic, and she had to make full use of her “sparring partner”. But today, there was something that she wanted to do.

Shu Yu didn’t return to the cave until night had already fallen, which was slightly later than usual. An hour before, Fu Wang had already started to look into the distance repeatedly, his brows knitted. Seeing that she had returned safely, the wrinkle between his brows vanished.

He didn’t ask if something had happened and simply beckoned her to eat. Shu Yu walked over, not saying anything even when she had gotten closer. Fu Wang paused and scanned her from head to toe, his expression becoming serious as he asked: “You’re hurt?”

Shu Yu tensed up. She had gotten a small injury but in order to hide it from him, she had pretended to be fine, and she felt that she had hidden it well. How did BOSS find out? He was just as sharp as her mom.

Fu Wang only had a suspicion and Shu Yu had slipped up when he was just testing her. Of course he wouldn’t tell her this.

“Where were you injured? Is it serious?”

Shu Yu stretched out her hand obediently, “It was an accident, it’s just a scratch, it’s nothing serious and the bleeding has stopped.”

Fu Wang rolled up her sleeve and examined the wound. It wasn’t too serious and with Shu Yu’s body, the wound would be gone by tomorrow, leaving not even a scar. It was just that the wound hadn’t been caused by a ghost ape. Seeing that Shu Yu wasn’t acting strangely, Fu Wang didn’t probe further and proceeded to apply the medicine carefully.

Ever since they arrived here, they would have material comforts every night. Because there was no need to act, they could finally sleep separately. When night fell, Shu Yu went to bed after bathing, becoming a motionless bundle of blanket. This was a departure from her usual habit of going outside to stargaze. Fu Wang returned to the cave after his bath and was somewhat surprised to see that Shu Yu had already fallen asleep, immediately becoming worried about whether she had met with any trouble.

As his gaze swept around the room, he saw a spiritual plant on the table with a piece of paper under it. Shu Yu’s handwriting was on the paper and she had written “I found this by accident when I went out today, it should be useful to you”. He immediately understood what had happened.

Since the medicine she had brought weren’t suitable for Fu Wang, Shu Yu had been worried about his injuries and wanted to find some that were of use to him. It was a pity that she hadn’t been able to find any. After she finished her daily assignment, she would use the remaining time to search everywhere and she finally found this spiritual grass two days ago. The spiritual grass was guarded by a beast and Shu Yu had prepared for two days before successfully obtaining it today.

Fu Wang didn’t know about all these but he could guess what had happened. He stood in front of the table in somewhat of a trance, the piece of paper held in one hand. He remained there for a long time before putting away the spiritual grass.

Shu Yu hadn’t fallen asleep. She had wrapped herself in her blanket, leaving only half a head as she perked her ears to listen for any movement from outside. Hearing Fu Wang enter, she slowed her breathing. After a long time had passed, and just as she was puzzling over the lack of movement, she suddenly heard footsteps approach her bed. Fu Wang stopped in front of the bed and pressed his hand onto the pillow. As the faint bamboo scent on his body drew closer, Shu Yu felt her heart skip a beat.

She had thought that he was going to say or do something but he only leaned over wordlessly, leaving a soft kiss on the back of her head that was exposed. That kiss was light, like a butterfly fluttering in the night, gone without a trace in the blink of an eye. By the time she turned her head to look, the person behind her was already gone.

Shu Yu turned her head and burrowed into her blanket, touching her waist as she lay there, lost in her thoughts. She had a wound there that was more serious than the one on her arm. She felt that she had hidden it pretty well, Fu Wang hadn’t found out.

Just as she had that thought, she heard a voice from behind her head. Fu Wang had been sitting there for god knows how long and he rolled up his sleeves, giving her a smile: “I think you’re hiding something from me, such as another injury, what do you think?”

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