TGCMM Chapter 22 – Half a Year

~ The Sun Sets in the West, Tired Birds Return to their Nest ~

“You, which clan are you from? Reveal your name if you have the guts, I’m Kuang Xiao from the Tiger Clan’s seventeenth division. If you kill me, the seventeenth division will not let you off!” The bearded man panted heavily as he lay on the ground, his body covered with wounds. His muscular arm was held down by a slender and fair hand that was on his pulse and his back was stepped on by a black shoe.

He strained to turn his head and glare at the person behind him, his eyes large like a copper bell as they burned with rage, making him look very vicious. Concealed under that viciousness was lust as his eyes wandered around the lithe figure that had been covered up.

“Ao~” In the next moment, the man named Kuang Xiao gave a blood curdling scream as he felt the blow that had been dealt to his junior. This time, he was unable to speak anymore.

From the angle he was at, what he could see of the woman that was pinning him down was her black hair and red dress that fluttered in the wind, and the bottom half of her face that wasn’t hidden by the mask. Just by looking at the blurred outline of that section, he could tell that she was definitely a beauty. The more beautiful a person was, the more dangerous she was. Kuang Xiao’s muddled head suddenly recalled this phrase but this recollection had come late and it was too late for regrets now.

Covering his exploded balls and his junior that had been reduced to mush, the half-dead Kuang Xiao could only watch as the woman in red searched him and took away everything he had. She basically left him with the clothes he was wearing and simply disappeared. She hadn’t spoken a word the whole time, truly cold and aloof.

Kuang Xiao was the youngest son of the Tiger Clan’s seventeenth division’s elder and was a well-known tyrant in the city he lived in. It wasn’t his first time coming to the Clear Wilderness to train and he was one of the best warriors among the Tiger Clan’s younger generation. Who knew that within a few days of his arrival at the Clear Wilderness, he would run into trouble because of his old habit. Kuang Xiao’s greatest shortcoming was his lecherousness, losing all his principles whenever he saw pretty girls. Anyone who couldn’t defeat him, or anyone of a lower status could only be seized by him.

But the person he ran into today was obviously a glass shard. Kuang Xiao had seen her graceful back figure and seeing that she was all alone, the evil fires within him were ignited and he attempted to force himself on her. In the end, he was pushed to the ground and blows were rained down on him. She acted aggressively, not only shattering his demon core and ruining his cultivation, but also crushing his balls. After running rampant for so many years, he had finally met his match.

Regardless of how the little nobody felt, Shu Yu was in a good mood after teaching the hooligan a lesson because there were many good items in the Qian Kun pouch that she had taken from the hooligan.

Sitting on a tall tree branch, Shu Yu put away the half mask that was on her face. Fu Wang had made this mask for her because that face of hers was pretty well-known and they wanted to avoid situations where someone recognised her. She would usually wear a mask whenever she went out to work and besides, Shu Yu felt that it made her look cool so she didn’t find it a hassle to wear daily.

Bending a leg upwards while the other was left swinging, she looked through the newly acquired Qian Kun pouch. There were many medicinal pills, most of which she recognised, and as for the ones that she didn’t, she would bring it back to let Fu Wang take a look. There was a bunch of spiritual fruits, a few of which she had eaten before. She took a few and threw them into her mouth before continuing to look through the pouch.

When she came across a few books filled with explicit pictures and some toys, with which a single look was enough to tell that they were indecent, Shu Yu paused and threw them away. Why? Five out of ten demons will always have these kinds of harmonious items in their Qian Kun pouch. She still remembered the first time she had found such things in someone’s Qian Kun pouch. It was about five months ago, when she had first started training with the demon clansman in the Clear Wilderness, she had gotten it from a snake demon.

Back then, because she was curious, she had flipped through it sneakily but Fu Wang had caught her in the act. What happened next was so embarrassing that she didn’t want to recall it. Ever since then, she would always throw away these things once she found them. Most demons were truthful to their desires but she could never get used to it.

After packing up, Shu Yu stood up and pulled out a small wooden disc. The small disc’s structure was similar to that of a compass, yet it was completely different. Fu Wang had made it for Shu Yu because she had no sense of direction. That needle was now pointing to Shu Yu’s right, which was where they are currently staying at.

It had been more than half a year since they arrived in the Clear Wilderness. Shu Yu had initially sought out demon beasts as sparring partners, until later when Fu Wang had asked her to seek out other demons that were training in the Clear Wilderness, to now when she often ventured out alone. If she bumped into a foul breathed guy with wicked and licentious eyes, she would fight him. If the person she bumped into was someone from the Tiger Clan, she would deal a heavier hand. Who asked the Tiger Clan to have Bai Che.

Shu Yu vented her anger silently, such that even Fu Wang didn’t notice it. It can only be said that even though Shu Yu looked weak, she remembered favours and enmities very clearly. After beating them to a pulp, she would also loot them.

Fu Wang had once made an analysis, his expression sincere and gentle as he explained that her actions couldn’t be considered robbery, that it was just taking their money in exchange for sparing their life, because Shu Yu had never killed anyone.

Shu Yu’s first fight with a demon clansman was very tough because just like Fu Wang had anticipated, she was unable to use those moves on them.

Fu Wang had brought her home after that. He didn’t comment on her actions, simply tending to her wounds and waiting for her to recover before bringing her to watch another battle.

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That was the first time Shu Yu saw Fu Wang fight. He was good at making use of anything that was available to him and even if he was at a disadvantage, he could kill demons that were stronger than him. His strength lay in his wits, in his every movement and in his eyes. Compared to the calm and composed Fu Wang, Shu Yu felt that her powers were pathetic.

That battle was soon over and Fu Wang was covered in blood, hugging her as he whispered: “My experience comes from every fight I had since I was young and I don’t know how to teach that to you. Perhaps I’m aware of this but I’ve realised that I’m reluctant to do so.” He spoke calmly and frankly. Shu Yu couldn’t remember how she had responded but as she slowly got used to it, her hands became steadier.

Once, twice, she had forgotten which time it was, but Shu Yu’s unbearable demonic powers finally burst out and her opponent was beaten to the point that he was down to his last breath. Since then, she’d never gotten into another such predicament and had won more victories than defeats, her recent defeats totalling zero. She was now at eighty to ninety percent of the former Tian Feng Jin Yu’s true power, her growth was exponentially quicker than what they’d both expected.

Thinking about it, Shu Yu felt that Fu Wang was like a sharpening stone while she was the sword. In just six months, or more than half a year including the time she had just arrived in this world, she had improved tremendously.

Half a year ago, she could’ve never imagined that within half a year, she would be able to level a mountain or beat someone to the point of half crippling them without batting an eyelid. Sometimes, she would even feel that she was capable of actually killing someone.

It’s just that there were some things that she was capable of doing but they were things that she didn’t want to do. Just like some things, there were some principles that must be adhered to. Fu Wang rarely raised any objections to her way of doing things and the once or twice that he did so were in her interests. His strength was interdependent with his gentleness and it was difficult for one to find him hateful. Shu Yu was more receptive towards coaxing than coercion and was unable to reject him at all. She couldn’t refuse someone who had always been looking after and accompanying her.

BOSS’ brainwashing skills were improving. If they were in the 21st century, he would’ve established a cult in a hot minute.

Shu Yu returned to her residence with the needle’s guidance, an ordinary log cabin located by the lake. They had moved three times, with this being their longest stay, having lived here for three months. They had built this log cabin together, starting on a certain morning, they had gathered wood, chosen a location and planned the room’s layout, busying themselves for a few days.

She walked along a path paved with stone and pushed open a small fenced gate that led to a yard. In the yard was a plum tree and the small bells that hung off of it tinkled. Shu Yu walked carefreely, but if someone else were to come here, they’d only see a dense forest and would totally be unable to find the entrance.

The defense array that had been set up here was Fu Wang’s masterpiece. He had started his research on these four months ago and has been obsessed about it, spending most of his time on it. Initially, Shu Yu could see his progress but just a month later, she realised that she couldn’t understand what BOSS was doing. Once more, Shu Yu was faced with Fu Wang’s wicked comprehension skills.

Arrays, elixirs and mechanisms, that’s right, mechanisms. Fu Wang was learning all these simultaneously, and it was self taught, yet he didn’t end up landing himself in a sorry plight. Although he was quite busy, everytime she went to take a look, he seemed to be handling it with skill and ease. A majority of these were the Spirit Clan’s expertise, an extremely mysterious and unsociable clan that rarely interacted with the other four clans. She had obtained these jade scrolls from a Spirit Clan clansman that had tried to steal her treasures. Not understanding the information on arrays, elixirs and mechanisms that were written in it, she had given them all to Fu Wang.

Holding the scroll that was filled with things that she didn’t understand, Fu Wang revealed a rare look of joy. He then plunged in head first, delving hopelessly into his studies. At that time, Shu Yu had thought that BOSS might be addicted to learning, wanting to learn any and every thing that might be useful to him, seeming like he wouldn’t stop until he became an all-rounded genius. He was truly a straight A honours student.

Shu Yu remained indifferent but after that, whenever she ran into a member of the Spirit Clan, she would wordlessly fight then loot those with bad intentions, or try to talk things out with those who weren’t malicious, to see if they would be willing to make a trade with her for the scrolls that Fu Wang might need. She did this secretly, contributing to the growth of Fu Wang’s collection.

That’s right, don’t ask her why there are demons dabbling with mechanisms. You can only ask the author, god knows what settings she had written.

In any case, Shu Yu was unbothered. The original novel had been set in the human world, entailing the sadomasochistic relationship between the princess of a vanquished country and her enemy kingdom’s tyrannical emperor. For a transmigrator like her, to be able to walk down a different plotline with the BOSS, in an out-of-the-way world that had only been depicted in a few sentences, of course nothing would be impossible.

After more than half a year, the biggest change in Shu Yu was her mindset. Having lived with Fu Wang for some time, she’s increasingly able to conduct herself in a calm and collected manner.

At this time, Fu Wang would be in his study room. Shu Yu stood outside the window and peered in. Sure enough, Fu Wang was drawing something at his desk. Strewn across his large desk was piles of books and ink stained white paper. The cabinet in the room was filled with even more books and jade scrolls, in the corner of the room was various components for mechanisms and there was even a half-finished mechanism. Shu Yu only looked in from the window instead of entering because there was no room left.

After leaning on the window and watching him for a little while, the person who’d been drawing strange lines with slightly knitted brows was finally finished. He placed the brush on the bamboo rack, stretched out a hand to retrieve his cup and took a sip of the cold tea. Fu Wang then straightened out his rolled-up sleeves, stepped over the things on the ground and walked out the door.

“You’re back, what do you want to eat today?”

“I want to eat hot and spicy diced rabbit!”

The two of them headed for the kitchen. As the sun set in the distance, the tired birds returned to their nests.

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  1. I’m really happy for Shu Yu she worked hard and deserves the progress she has gotten. This come-home-dinner-married-life scenario with BOSS is really cute too.


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