TGCMM Chapter 24 – Resourceful in Capital Letters

~ BOSS: Where can you hide, hmm? ~

Hearing the door behind him open, Fu Wang, who had been lost in his thoughts as he gazed at the sun that was slowly rising in the distant sky turned his head and smiled at Shu Yu who was standing in the room with a foolish look on her face: “You’re up, I have something to give you.”

“Ah?” Shu Yu swallowed the yawn she was in the middle of and her sleepy eyes widened a little as she processed his words. It was early in the morning and BOSS was standing outside her room saying that he had something to give her? He would usually be nowhere to be found at this time of day, or could it be that she had yet to wake up?

Someone that had just woken up would usually be a little slow so Shu Yu’s mind was still focused on the fact that BOSS wanted to give her a gift. Looking down, she realised that BOSS had already put an exquisite and unique bangle on her right hand. This bangle was clearly the gift he had mentioned.

The bangle seemed to be made of jade but it also didn’t seem like it. There wasn’t much decoration except for a brilliant golden red that flowed inside the smooth bangle, bringing to mind the setting sun and its rays. It was very beautiful. It didn’t feel cold when worn on the hand but felt warm instead. Shu Yu reached out to touch it, feeling a little happy. She snapped out of her thoughts after a while and looked at Fu Wang with a big smile as she said: “Thank you.”

This was the first time that Fu Wang had so carefully said that he wanted to give her something. Ah, although he had given her gifts before, the feeling was different. But why would he give her something so suddenly?

For the past few days, she had seen Fu Wang making something very attentively. It had been a semi-finished product before so she couldn’t make out what it was but as she looked at that familiar colour, she realised that this was it. It had previously been separate parts that had been linked together but it now looked like a whole piece. Everything joined together seamlessly as if this bangle had been made from a single piece of jade and there weren’t any seams on it.

If she didn’t know for a fact that BOSS would never give her such a simple thing, she would’ve thought that it was just a pretty bangle.

Fu Wang watched as Shu Yu turned the bangle on her hand as if she were looking for something, curiosity burning in her eyes. The smile on his lips gained a trace of intrigue before it regained its warmth and tenderness. He held her hand gently and said: “Are you looking to see if the bangle has any other innovative uses? You won’t find it like this, why don’t I demonstrate it for you?”

“Ok.” Shu Yu was really looking forward to it and she obediently stretched out her hand.

She soon regretted it. Because BOSS Fu Wang held the bangle between his fingers and gave it a twist. When it reached a certain point, the bangle suddenly became two, connected by a thin chain in the middle.

This shape, why, why does it look so much like a police handcuff? Although the bangle was beautiful and the chain was also beautiful, this was still a handcuff! Shu Yu turned to look at Fu Wang suspiciously, only to see him put the other bangle on his own left wrist without any hesitation.

So BOSS, what’s the reason behind making this handcuff? No no no, she must trust that BOSS wasn’t someone with nothing better to do. He had spent a lot of effort to make this bangle and it must have some other function. In order not to hurt his feelings, Shu Yu said: “The way the bangle is worn looks quite familiar haha, ha, erm, does this bangle have any other functions?”

Fu Wang shook the bangle on his wrist pensively and said unsmilingly: “Just this function is great. I was inspired by the thing called handcuffs that you previously mentioned, that were used to catch bad guys in your world.”

The inspiration really came from handcuffs! So tell me, what exactly is the point of this? Shu Yu stared at this otherworldly version of ‘Handcuffs’ that linked her right hand to his left.

Some time passed and she tried to make herself appear more sincere as she said: “I like it very much, I’ll cherish it.”

“I’m glad that you like it.” Fu Wang smiled back at her, not making any move.

More time passed. Shu Yu shook her wrist and the beautiful chain between the two bangles gave out a light clink. “Can you open this?”

Her ‘keep a distance from the charming BOSS’ operation was still ongoing and she was nervous to be so close to him. As she asked this, she tried taking it off but the bangle that Fu Wang had just put on her with ease now seemed to have become smaller and couldn’t be taken off.

Fu Wang watched her try a few times before explaining, “This can’t be removed once two people put it on. Besides, the material I used is very rare and unusually strong. I’m afraid that even you can’t unlock it.” In the past few days, his greatest achievement was creating this material that was strong enough to withstand Shu Yu’s strength.

Shu Yu’s breath caught in her throat. So BOSS, this bangle that you made and gave to me, what do you mean by it? In that moment, a messy barrage of thoughts like,
‘Little Black House Play’[1]
‘Can’t be together in this life, so let’s be buried together’
‘No one will come to your rescue no matter how loud you scream’
‘The capital sends a congratulatory message’
flooded her head and she shook her head to disperse those thoughts.

No, I can’t be consumed by those thoughts.

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She didn’t speak and only listened on as Fu Wang explained in an unhurried tone: “However, it can be taken off with the key.”

Shu Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Indeed, BOSS simply felt like teasing her. So she asked: “Where’s the key?” But she was still too naive and had felt hopeful too soon.

“The key?” When Fu Wang laughed, it was as if the clouds had scattered and the moon had appeared, it was an immortal-like beauty, “I suddenly remembered that I haven’t had time to make the key yet.”

“This is really bad.” Fu Wang shook his head and sighed as he covered his forehead in distress.

Really bad? If you’re really distressed can you restrain that smile in your eyes a little bit? Shu Yu’s face turned red from holding back these words. Upset, she pursed her lips and shot Fu Wang a glare.

Fu Wang looked at her with a smile, as if he were watching an immature child throwing a tantrum. For some reason, Shu Yu sensed a message of “I’ll see how long you can hold back” in his eyes.

“I’m at fault, to have actually forgotten something as important as this. I’ll finish making the key very quickly. Shu Yu, don’t be mad, en?” His ‘en’ was long drawn out, soft and deep. Shu Yu felt that she was like a ball filled with air, slowly deflating once she heard that voice, her anger unknowingly dissipating away.

Fu Wang noticed the change in her mood. Unsurprised, he touched her cheek with the back of his hand, then casually withdrew it before saying leisurely: “However, it takes time to make the key. Till then, Shu Yu will have to put up with being locked to me.”

“Or has Shu Yu started to hate me and doesn’t want to stay by my side for even a moment……then again, I feel like Shu Yu doesn’t seem to want to see me recently. Is it because of something I did?” Fu Wang had the same smile as before, but it was also different. That smile was set off by the sadness in his eyes, making him look especially lonely and sad, as if he had been hurt by her avoiding him.

Shu Yu had an inexplicable feeling of guilt and she quickly reassured him: “No, I’ve just been a little busy recently.” Oh, now she just sounds like one of those cheating men in the modern times when they were faced with questions from their wife. Looking at Fu Wang’s gentle gaze that hid his loneliness, Shu Yu impulsively blurted: “I don’t detest staying with you, take your time with the key. I’m fine as long as it doesn’t delay you in any way.”

“Thank you for being understanding.” When Fu Wang said this with a smile, Shu Yu had the feeling that she had been tricked by his charms into doing something stupid.

Hahahha, it must be her misconception, she couldn’t have been that dumb.

“Oh right, Shu Yu just woke up and hasn’t washed up yet right, we can go together.” Fu Wang walked on the right, Shu Yu walked on the left, Fu Wang was in front and Shu Yu followed a step behind.

Fu Wang paused and waited for Shu Yu to catch up before continuing again, walking side by side with her.

Everything was fine when they were rinsing their mouths but when it came to washing their faces, Shu Yu was unable to wash with just her left hand so she could only tug Fu Wang’s left hand along as she used her right hand. Fu Wang had to cooperate with her so he leaned his whole person towards her. They were very close, so much so that Shu Yu could hear his breathing right by her ear. However, not only could she not take a step back, she couldn’t ask Fu Wang to take a step back either, the two of them were tied together after all.

Noticing her predicament, Fu Wang grabbed the towel with his right hand, “It’s inconvenient with just your left hand, let me do it for you. After all, it was my negligence that caused all of this.”

Shu Yu: “……ok, thank you.”

Damn it! Seeing BOSS’ sincere and soft gaze, she couldn’t refuse at all! It was exactly because she knew herself well and was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to refuse BOSS, resulting in terrible things happening, that she decided to put distance between them and to slowly drift apart from him. Look at things now! There’s nowhere to hide!

Fu Wang knew that she was bewildered because the emotions in her eyes were clearly displayed in front of him. She couldn’t even hide her feelings. With a smile, Fu Wang wiped her face with a cloth towel. He slowly wiped her forehead and between her brows, paused near her eyes before reluctantly sliding past the corners of her eyes to wipe her nose, finally lingering around her lips.

Fu Wang looked upright and serious, no different from when he was working at his desk but his movements were gentle and gave her a feeling of being cherished. Shu Yu was in a daze when she noticed a touch of tender affection from his slow and gentle movements and quickly suppressed this dangerous thought.

She had never even washed her own face so gently before. When washing it herself, she would usually just rub it in all four directions as if she were kneading a lump of dough. She did it very roughly, so much so that it was a waste of the beautiful face she currently had.

Fu Wang wasn’t done even after he’d been washing for quite some time. He was very meticulous and didn’t miss any spot, his OCD attitude of ‘cannot rub too lightly or too hard’ made Shu Yu feel very stressed. She had given him a pass for touching her face as he washed it but did he have to get closer and closer to her?

Shu Yu’s heartbeat sped up as she faced his handsome smiling face. She could only grab the cloth towel in his hand and look into his smiling eyes that showed he was well clear on what he was doing as she awkwardly said: “Erm, do you want me to help with washing your face?”

“Isn’t it inconvenient for you to use your left hand? Of course, if that’s what you want, I do not mind.”

Shu Yu: I’m dumbfounded. But seriously, can you stop smiling bro? You’re making me nervous.

Fu Wang: “It must be inconvenient to comb your hair also, why don’t I help you with that too? Ever since you learned to comb it yourself, other than the occasional times, I’ve rarely helped you comb your hair and I really do miss that.”

Shu Yu let Fu Wang stand behind her as he slowly fiddled around with her hair while she sat on the chair and stared into space with her hand on her chin.

Since when did BOSS who always had a calm smile that betrayed nothing, when in front of her, would smile so……genuinely that it could be seen in his eyes?

He didn’t know that every time he smiled like that, she was about to have a heart attack.

1. Original text: 小黑屋PLAY – ‘Little Black House’ is an internet slang for being blacklisted.
Original usage: When moderators prohibit users from speaking because they’ve violated forum rules, we say that they’ve been locked in the little black house.

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