TGCMM Chapter 25 – Skill in Acting Pitiful

~ Don’t be mad at me, okay? ~

Shu Yu lay on her back and stared expressionlessly at the starry sky above her. As she felt the night wind blowing on her face, she was crying a river of tears in her heart. Since that morning, when BOSS had handcuffed them together, up till right now, her innermost being had fallen apart.

Today, she didn’t go out hunting demon beasts, nor did she find trouble with other demons training in the Clear Wilderness. Instead, she was tidying things up because Fu Wang said that they should move to another place. She was getting stronger and this house that was situated at the crossroads of the middle and outer area of the Clear Wilderness wasn’t suitable for her training anymore, so they’ll have to move closer to the inner area.

Fu Wang had previously mentioned this to her but Shu Yu didn’t expect it to be so soon. Besides, they were still cuffed together, how were they supposed to pack anything?

Fu Wang ended up telling her this with a smile: “I did the divinations yesterday and today is the best time to move. Unfortunately, there’s no other suitable days in the coming month.”

He had learned many things and taken up countless skills, practically having turned into a tree of skills. Regarding fortunes and what not, he should also know how to predict them. Seeing his solemn expression, Shu Yu thought that BOSS might actually believe in this because he didn’t usually joke around with important matters. Since she couldn’t refuse, she could only have another soul follow her around as she packed up for their move.

It was easy for them to move because they had a Qian Kun pouch and could just put everything in it. Compared to moving houses in the modern times, it was somewhat more convenient. It’s just that there were some personal items that she needed to pack and she was a little embarrassed to have Fu Wang following her. Shu Yu stood beside Fu Wang with empty eyes as he folded a pile of her white inner garments with an honest expression on his face.

BOSS accidentally uncovered a few books that had been hidden under her pillow —— they had erotic illustrations and some were even coloured. Seeing the cover illustration of a man and woman hugging each other with only half their clothes on, Shu Yu’s eyes were so dead they could turn into ashes.

She realised that BOSS must’ve already planned things out before he cuffed her right hand but it was too late now. She couldn’t stop BOSS from using the excuse of ‘It’s inconvenient for you to use your left hand’ to help her pack up.

No one stop her, let her perish!

BOSS’ reaction was completely normal, so normal that it was abnormal. He remained calm throughout, so much so that Shu Yu suspected he might have already sneaked into her room and seen all of these before. But when she looked at his forthright expression, Shu Yu felt that it was just her having filthy thoughts and could only look down and pretend that nothing had happened.

This girl was still too young. If Fu Wang was really that open minded, then he wouldn’t have survived till now.

As for what Fu Wang was thinking, he only felt that Shu Yu’s tiny expressions were very cute. She stood beside him, in a dilemma as to whether she should stop him as she played with her fingers, not knowing what to say. The look of shame on her face when she saw him packing her inner garments was very attractive. Her ashen face when he pulled out her secret erotic collection was also very amusing, so much so that he almost laughed out loud right there and then.

Later, how she looked as she followed him around with her head obediently lowered made him feel like dropping a kiss on her lowered eyelids.

We can only say that the both of them were having a barrage of thoughts.

Afterwards, Shu Yu followed Fu Wang to his room to pack up and she had prepared herself to see something amazing in his room, but it turned out to be unexpectedly boring. Other than a few articles of clothing and some junk, there was a study full of books, jade scrolls and materials needed for creating arrays and making elixirs. There was not one shocking item!

Shu Yu had a strong suspicion that Fu Wang had packed anything that she couldn’t see in advance! In this regard, Fu Wang only smiled and didn’t try to defend himself.

Could he tell her that there used to be a big mirror in his room that he often used to look into the adjacent room to watch Shu Yu sleep? He can’t.

Could he tell Shu Yu that he had a pile of erotic books that were more brilliant and explicit than the little books she had? Of course not.

Could he tell Shu Yu that on his desk was a pile of portraits that he had painted? Of Shu Yu. This, he could. So he hadn’t kept them and Shu Yu saw everything.

But because portraits in the Meng Ze Realm had a degree of distortion to them and Shu Yu was used to modern paintings and photos, she didn’t realise that she was the person in the paintings. Not only that, she had also perfectly avoided the box on his bedside that contained the countless notes that she had written to him. She sighed, it seems like there was no excitement in BOSS’ life.

BOSS kept those two items away, looking a little sad.

Lastly, Shu Yu even dug up and packed a few spring onions and chillies that she had planted in the yard. How can one eat sliced fish in chilli oil without chilli and spring onions? The spring onions and chilli that she had only obtained after a long search, she must take them with her.

Fu Wang was in the kitchen with his large steamer for steaming buns and a small steamer for steaming dumplings, as well as his gadget for making dumplings and a tool to cut vegetables into perfect shreds. All of these convenient kitchen tools were made by Fu Wang based off of Shu Yu’s descriptions.

Within half a year, both of them had made great progress in their cooking skills.

After they were done packing, they set off comfortably on their road to resettlement, up till nightfall. Since the weather was fine and the stars were twinkling, they simply camped out in the wild.

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Shu Yu placed a mat on the dry grass, lit an insect repelling incense and started a bonfire at the side. As the firewood crackled and the insects cried in the distance, Shu Yu lay down on the mat and looked up at the sky. Not once did she turn her head to the side where Fu Wang had been intensely staring at her for a long time.

She didn’t move, but Fu Wang made his move.

“Shu Yu are you cold?” Fu Wang who was lying next to her suddenly asked.

She knew that it was useless but was unwilling to give up so she answered: “Not cold.”

Sure enough, she heard Fu Wang’s nonchalant reply: “Really? But I’m feeling a little cold, can I get closer to you?

There’s a bonfire right next to us! Are you kidding me? Besides, we’re so close that we’re already touching, tell me how much closer do you want to get?! As she yelled all these in her heart, Shu Yu simply gave him an ‘oh’ of approval with a calm expression on her face. Then, she was hugged by BOSS.

Hahaha, stupid humans, did you think that he wouldn’t make a move if you say no? Shu Yu already understood him. In the original novel, BOSS was the model example of a really stubborn person that would use any means to accomplish or get what he wanted. Although Fu Wang wasn’t as strange and twisted as the novel’s BOSS, this point was still the same.

Having experienced countless failures, Shu Yu didn’t want to challenge this anymore. It was just some touches to her face and some hugs anyway. It’ll be over if she just let her mind wander for a while and silently chant some sutras in her heart. Back when she had just arrived in this world, she had often engaged in even more intimate acts with Fu Wang, to put on an act in front of the other demons.

She could remain calm back then and not read too much into it. Sure, they were so close that they were stuck together and it was kind of embarrassing but she was forced into it. Now, probably because she was in a different state of mind, she couldn’t help but to start taking things to heart. As soon as Fu Wang came close to her, she couldn’t help but to feel like a cat that raised its hackles when it sensed danger.

At this moment, she was held tightly in his embrace and she couldn’t help the stiffening of her body. The two of them had slept separately ever since they came to the Clear Wilderness. They hadn’t slept together in a long time and were suddenly sticking so close that she could even hear his heartbeat.

She could also smell a faint scent from his clothes. He often lit an incense that had calming properties so his clothes had soaked up this scent. There was also another scent that came from him that vaguely resembled the fragrance of plum blossoms. It was very light and could only be faintly picked up when she was this close to him.

Shu Yu felt that she must be blushing right now. There’s no way she wouldn’t be blushing. BOSS was practically radiating his hormones constantly and those eyes of his seemed to have some added ‘duang’[1] effect, that made her unable to look away once she saw it. When she stopped looking at his eyes, his voice became pervasive.

He didn’t usually talk much but he seemed to have turned into a chatterbox today, constantly finding topics to chat with her about. Whenever he spoke to her, he would deliberately move closer and whisper into her ear with a low voice. It was magnificently rich and magnetic, leaving many things to the imagination, so much so that her legs had turned soft.

This messed with her so much that she didn’t catch what he had said and could only agree with him confusedly. This man was too dreadful.

If it were someone else that had acted like such an insatiable scoundrel, touching her head and face from time to time, even hugging her, Shu Yu would have used her soaring powers to show him why the flowers are so red[2].

But this person was BOSS! Let’s put aside the fact that he was acting so shamelessly in such an open manner that made one feel like they shouldn’t criticise him over something like this. For a long time now, he had been looking after and accompanying her, conscientiously guiding her along and with just these, Shu Yu could put up with his intimate actions that weren’t overboard.

Shu Yu had always been extremely loyal to those who sincerely cherished her and would meet strength with strength, and meet gentleness with gentleness. BOSS constantly poked at this character of hers.

The most significant and crucial point was that Shu Yu realised that she had thoughts about Fu Wang that couldn’t be divulged. That’s right, like every time travel romance novel, regardless of whether the heroine wanted to fall in love, she will always end up in a relationship. Half a year ago, she had vowed not to do such a foolish thing but now, even with her vigilance up, she still couldn’t stop her troublesome maiden heart and suffered a slap to the face.

But you really couldn’t blame her for her weak resolve! She was just a poor girl who hadn’t experienced much of life or love. After suddenly travelling to this world, she became mutually dependent on such a charming and handsome man. Day in and day out, they had close contact with each other and he even tried to seduce her, how could she not fall for it?

Long story short, this girl had fallen into the river of love. She was now struggling to swim back to shore but BOSS was holding her back and trying to pull her into the river. Such terrible hardship.

When Shu Yu falls for someone, even she is afraid of herself. At the end of the day, this was also one of the reasons why she seemed to be unable to harden her heart and give BOSS a clear-cut refusal……

“Now the both of us will feel warm.” Fu Wang’s voice came from above her head, carrying hints of a smile.

Feeling his tender care, his attitude of wanting to stuff and cover her whole person into his arms, Shu Yu felt mentally tired. BOSS had no idea about her troubles and only knew to put on a smile all day long as he gave out an aura of ‘Come on, come and chase me, if you catch me I’ll let you hehehe[3]’. Sending continuous attacks to her weak willpower.

You sneaky little demon! ╭(╯^╰)╮

“Shu Yu.”


“Were you happy today?”

Shu Yu didn’t answer. Fu Wang stroked her head, his palm covering the back of her head as he sighed: “I’m sorry, today……I was so happy that I overstepped my boundaries. Don’t be angry at me, okay?”

Fine fine fine! If you say so!

Shu Yu: “I’m not angry, I’m happy too.”

Beside her ear, Fu Wang let out a gentle laugh.

1. duang: A word popularised by Jackie Chan used to describe the exaggeration of something.
2. The flowers are red because they’ve been watered with blood, an internet slang to say that someone deserves a beating.
3. This has a vibe of…hmm…just imagine Fu Wang saying the ‘hehehe’ as he wiggle his eyebrows.

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  1. Thank you for chapter!! My favourite part is just seeing how Fu Wangs blatant methods are finally starting to get through to her after he gave up on subtlety. He was like ‘well being subtle hasn’t worked so it’s time to double/triple/quadruple on every blatant and sneaky trick I have.’ And finally he’s getting some results. So funny.


  2. Lol his attacks on her keeps leveling up.. except like.. I think the best way to blow her mind is to be straightforward lololol
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