TGCMM Chapter 26 – One Woman, One Show

~ Black Widow ~

Because Fu Wang said that he would only have time to make the key after they’ve found a place to settle, Shu Yu worked exceptionally hard to find them a suitable place to stay. However, whenever she found a place, Fu Wang would always dismiss that idea with various reasons. Shu Yu’s current level was insufficient to fend off Fu Wang’s tricks so for the whole day, they had been wandering around and checking out many locations but they didn’t find a suitable place.

The mountain forest gradually turned dark and it was clear that the day would soon be over. Sat in front of the bonfire, Shu Yu recalled the previous time they had searched for a place to stay. The both of them had simply walked around, stopping a few times until they found a place with good scenery, then they happily decided on staying there. It hadn’t been as troublesome as right now.

Fu Wang had been sitting beside her and drinking a cup of water when she asked this. His hand that was holding the cup faltered, then he said with a smile: “At that time, I hadn’t learned divination yet so I didn’t care about this.”

Shu Yu: “……” She couldn’t refute that.

Fu Wang: “Don’t worry, we’ll definitely find a suitable place tomorrow. But before that, are you going to wash up now?”

The most inconvenient thing about being locked together was taking baths and going to the toilet. It’s also inconvenient to change clothes! Whenever one of them had to go to the bathroom, the one that would blush and be embarrassed was always Shu Yu, never Fu Wang! It’s clear that the two weren’t on the same level when it came to feeling shame.

But it was Shu Yu’s own fault for falling for BOSS’ honey trap + pitiful strategy. She was still reeling when she’d said something like “It’s not inconveniencing me. You can make the key when you’re free, I’m not in a hurry.” No matter how inconvenient things were now, she was unable to say anything or rush him.

Actually, being inconvenienced wasn’t the main point. Shu Yu was thin-skinned and often felt embarrassed. With the number of times it was happening, she felt like she was going to get a heart attack and even brain hemorrhage, because blood was frequently rushing to her head. Plus with the thoughts she had towards him, it’ll be weird if she could go to the toilet in front of him alright? She felt unbearably stifled in every sense.

Today, Shu Yu was still feeling distressed and Fu Wang was still as happy as before. He liked to see the shy expression on Shu Yu’s face, liked the fact that she was constantly by his side and had no choice but to focus her attention on him. But he knew very well that this wouldn’t last long, a few days at most, and that he couldn’t force her too much.

Sighing to himself, Fu Wang kept a neutral expression on his face as he held onto Shu Yu’s hand and said: “Let’s find a place to clean ourselves. We didn’t clean up yesterday, Shu Yu isn’t used to it right?”

At first, Shu Yu refused to hold his hand but Fu Wang refused her refusal. Once Shu Yu’s hand moved, Fu Wang would tighten his grip further, he was very persistent. He had a gentle smile on his face but Shu Yu felt a chill on the back of her neck. Later, she gave up the futile struggle and let him hold her hand. She kept feeling that after being forced into becoming conjoined twins, BOSS seemed to have fallen ill, the disease was called thirsty for skinship.

Shu Yu was daydreaming so Fu Wang had to pull her along as he searched for a water source. After a while, Fu Wang felt humid moisture in the air and concluded that there was a water source nearby. But he suddenly wrinkled his brows and when he turned to look at Shu Yu, he noticed that her expression had turned serious. Clearly, the both of them had sensed it.

There was a bloody scent nearby. This scent was very common in the Clear Wilderness, be it beasts and beasts, beasts and demons, or demons and demons, a fight would start as long as there was conflict, so it was common for the scent of blood to hang in the air.

The Clear Wilderness had never been peaceful. Of the demons from the Five Clans, those with either status or ability and skill would be allowed to train in the Clear Wilderness once they reached a certain age, and that number was quite large. Besides the demon beasts inside, the other demon clansmen that were training inside were also dangerous. One would never know when one will die inside.

Dangers in the Clear Wilderness could come from the demon beasts, from one’s enemies or……companions. Shu Yu had seen many instances of this, going from her initial unfamiliarity to her current indifference. She had grown a lot and having witnessed this process, Fu Wang did feel a little proud.

The both of them noticed what was happening at once, there was someone running in their direction. They simultaneously concealed their breaths and hid behind a huge tree. Right after Shu Yu and Fu Wang had hidden themselves, two figures flew towards them. Behind the two figures were three more people.

Among these few people was a female from the Fox Clan. Shu Yu looked through Tian Feng Jin Yu’s memories but didn’t find this girl familiar so she didn’t worry herself over it. But what she didn’t notice was that the moment Fu Wang laid eyes on the lady, his gaze became serene for a moment.

With the lady was a man from the Snake Clan and the three chasing them were from the Tiger Clan.

The two figures at the front were a male and a female, the male was pretty and the female was bewitching, they looked like a pair of beauties. It’s just that they were in a miserable state, seeming to have sustained heavy injuries, supporting each other as they ran for their lives. They were chased by three men whose looks weren’t too bad, although they were no match for the male in front. In terms of strength, the three chasing were also no match for the one being chased but they had strength in numbers and that man still had to protect his lover despite the serious injuries he had sustained.

This group of people were now near Shu Yu and Fu Wang. The two fleeing seemed to have run out of luck. The woman stumbled and the man had rushed to help her up but they both ended up falling to the ground. As soon as the man regained his composure, he quickly hid the woman behind him as they kept their backs towards a large tree. The man was on guard as he turned around, wanting to seize the upper hand but he was too late and they had already been surrounded by the three people.

The woman clung to the man in fear, her hair was disheveled and her lapel was wide open to reveal her delicate and smooth skin. She looked at the three wicked men in horror, appearing indescribably frail and charming. Any normal man who saw a woman like that wouldn’t be able to help but feel tender affections for her. But that didn’t apply to this scene because the three Tiger Clan men didn’t even glance at her, only fiendishly pointing at the Snake Clan man.

“If you hand it over, we’ll let you die with an intact body otherwise we’ll crush your demon core and destroy your soul so that you won’t have a next life!” The muscular leader of the three men threatened, his gaze sinister as he looked at the Snake Clan man that had bloodstains on the side of his mouth.

She didn’t know why these people always had to say this line when they finally catch up to the person they’re chasing. Why don’t they just capture him first? The interrogation could come later. Shu Yu didn’t understand the logic behind it.

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Absent minded, Shu Yu missed the ruthless words they threw at each other and the crackle of attacks and counterattacks. The matter quickly escalated to the point where the Tiger Clan trio in the FFF Group[1] was about to burn the lovers. Seeing their situation, the man from the Snake Clan intended to sacrifice himself to create a chance for his lover to escape. Reluctant to leave her, he was broken-hearted as he made a sorrowful promise to the Fox Clan woman, that they would be together in their next life.

The man stuffed something into the woman’s hands before cruelly pushing her away and self-destructing his demon core to take down the three Tiger Clan men with him.

Then, nothing happened. There wasn’t a loud blast because the Snake Clan man had yet to destroy his demon core when he spat out a large mouthful of blood, an expression of disbelief as he looked down at himself. To his dismay, a bloody fist-sized hole had appeared on his chest and a hand protruded from it, having entered from his back. His core was held by soft and fair fingers, appearing especially strange with all the blood it was soaked in.

The blood-stained hand pulled out slowly and the Snake Clan man fell forward to the ground. In disbelief, he struggled to turn around and look at the person behind him —— the lover he had tried to protect with his life.

The Fox Clan woman was no longer cowering and there was no trace of fear on her face, only a soft smile. Seeing the familiar smile, the Snake Clan man’s vision blacked out, then he heard her say: “If only you’d given it to me earlier, then maybe you wouldn’t have to die. Yue Lang ~ It’s such a pity, I felt comfortable during those days you served me.”

“You, you lied to me……you……” The snake clan man’s expression was so angry and sad that it would make any man silent and make any woman cry.

The woman was unmoved, her bloody hand rubbing against a hollow jade ball, the thing that the man had stuffed into her hands at the last moment. Her red lips raised slightly as she squatted down beside him and touched his neck with her other hand. With a tone similar to loving whispers between lovers, “You only have your own foolishness to blame, Yue Lang.”

As soon as she said this, her hand crushed the man’s neck mercilessly. Shu Yu felt like she had heard a crack and involuntarily shrunk back her neck. It wasn’t her first time seeing this kind of scene but she couldn’t hold back a sigh. It seems like nine out of ten girls she saw here were the black widow type.

This was why she didn’t want to mess with the girls here, she wouldn’t be able to handle these types of girls, they’re too scary.

The show had ended with a couple’s falling out and the curtain should have fallen then, but a fratricide suddenly played out. Yes, it was the three Tiger Clan men this time, with the leader suddenly eliminating the two behind him. All of a sudden, only two people were left alive.

The Fox Clan woman walked towards the Tiger Clan man gracefully and was embraced by him as they became intimate. Glossy-eyed from the kisses, the woman leaned into the man’s arms and scolded: “What’s the rush!”

“You were constantly with that Snake Clan toy boy for the past few days. You might’ve fed him but don’t forget that I’m still hungry.” The man said as his hands started to get frisky.

The woman hummed: “It wasn’t easy for us to succeed, don’t you feel sorry for me?”

“Who said so? If I didn’t care about you, would I have listened to you and made plans to obtain that toy boy’s Penglai Mansion key? After we go to Penglai Mansion and obtain the treasure, that pure golden lotus will be yours. Darling, I’ve already promised to give you all the good things, are you still not willing to satisfy my hunger?” The man looked eager to please.

Seemingly annoyed by his pestering, the woman messed around with him exasperatedly. Right next to the corpse, the two of them did it.

Shu Yu had lowered her head and was silently reciting Buddhist scriptures when she realised that BOSS was the definition of calm, his expression unfazed. He was practically an upgraded version of Liu Xia Hui[2].

The two people did a round of rolling here and there and just when it seemed like they would go for a second round, the man suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream. It turns out that the moment the two were about to finish, that lady had attacked the man above her. This time, the Tiger Clan man had dropped dead before he could even say a word.

I’m not even surprised at this point. —— Shu Yu who had been watching the show thought to herself.

The woman pushed away the man that was on top of her and adjusted her clothes, looking sluggish yet gorgeous. She then looked at the corpses in disgust, “Hmph, each one’s dumber than the other.” She soon left the area, oblivious to the piece of willow catkin that seemed to have stuck onto the hem of her dress by accident and disappeared along with her.

Hidden in his sleeves, Fu Wang’s fingers moved ever so slightly. He looked at Shu Yu with a smile, “The show has ended, let’s wash up before resting.”


It wasn’t until the two were separated by a curtain as they washed themselves that Fu Wang’s smile vanished, replaced by a somewhat pensive look. He knew that woman.

It’s quite a coincidence, she probably counted as his childhood friend. That woman was also from the Qing Hu Clan and was a half demon like Fu Wang. They had similar experiences, both having developed a selfish, mean and vicious character after suffering untold hardships and rejection in their childhood. Probably due to their similarities, the both were friendly on the surface but secretly had thoughts about killing each other. After all, in that kind of environment, he would have to take her share of resources if he wanted to live well. The same was true for her and one less competitor meant a higher chance of survival.

He remembered that he was around eleven years of age when he had schemed against her and gotten her kicked out of the Qing family. He thought that she would’ve died there but he didn’t expect her to still be alive and that she would bring him such a big surprise. Recalling what the Tiger Clan man had said, Fu Wang closed his eyes and rubbed his fingers.

Penglai Mansion was the rumored celestial residence of the Lost Immortal and it’s said to be filled with treasures, a land that all demons desired to find. The jade ball that the woman got from the Snake Clan man seemed to be the key to the celestial mansion. Regardless of whether this information was true or false, Fu Wang decided to give it a try because they had mentioned that the pure golden lotus was in the Penglai Mansion.

The pure golden lotus could cleanse the undesired roots in a demon’s body, freeing a half demon from the body’s restrictions, enabling him to cultivate and become a powerful demon and have long life just like ordinary demon clansman. Fu Wang had never thought that he was inferior to anyone, but God was too unfair to him. If there was no restriction on his body, he would be able to do much more.

So regardless of whether this was true or false, he had to take a trip and find out for himself.

The bangle on his hand was tugged at by the other side, startling Fu Wang out of his thoughts. Hearing splashes from the other side, the cold and sharp glint in Fu Wang’s eyes softened. He turned his head to look at that indistinct figure, the desire in his heart becoming stronger. Just so that he could stay with her longer, he had to give it a try.

1. Honestly, I have no idea what this means…so just read my research:
From the novel 《笨蛋·测验·召唤兽》, the FFF Group was established by second year high school students in the F class to investigate complaints received and find out the truth behind any rumours.

2. Liu Xia Hui (柳下惠) – Used to describe someone with great self-control, someone whose principles can’t be shaken.

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