TGCMM Chapter 27 – Different Ideas

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Shu Yu sat in front of the table with a serious expression as she tried to assemble a small component. She had never been one for meticulous work. Back when she was in the modern era, she had never managed to master things like cross stitching and knitting a scarf that other children learned. To sum it up, Shu Yu is unable to do any work that required fine craftsmanship and even if she put her mind to it, it’ll always turn out looking three degrees uglier than what others had made. Now that Fu Wang had asked her to help, she brought out her full potential, fully showcasing the definition of ‘clumsy’.

At first, Shu Yu still kept in mind that Fu Wang was beside her and that he also needed to work, so she consciously made her right hand go along with his but forgot all about it when she became immersed in her work. As for Fu Wang who sat by her side, he simply let his left hand go along with her movements while he himself only used one hand.

The both of them were putting together the same component and both of Shu Yu’s hands had been busy from morning to noon but she had yet to complete even one. Beside her, Fu Wang had with one hand, finished assembling hundreds that had been stacked in a pile at the side.

When Shu Yu finally finished assembling one, she let out a long breath and wiped her sweat as she flashed a satisfied smile. She then turned to look at Fu Wang’s side, and her heart shattered. She felt like going outside and sparring with demon beasts or finding a demon she found offensive to the eye to fight with.

It’s not that she was becoming more violent but apart from her powers, she felt that there wasn’t any other aspect that she could catch up to BOSS. In terms of ability, she reckoned that the only thing BOSS couldn’t beat her in was having children. Shu Yu felt hurt deep down and could only comfort herself in this way.

Fu Wang saw her expression and knew what she was thinking. He stopped what he was doing and reached out to wipe the sweat on her forehead, saying softly: “It’s normal for those who aren’t familiar with mechanisms to be unable to assemble this but you managed to complete it without any guidance from me. Hmm, let me see…this looks pretty good.”

“Really?” Shu Yu blinked, having regained her confidence.

“Of course, it’s pretty good that you’re able to accomplish this much.” Fu Wang nodded his head with certainty. He obviously wouldn’t tell her that on his first day learning these, his speed was ten times faster than hers.

Sure enough, Shu Yu didn’t worry about it anymore. She propped up her chin as she looked at the large pile of items, feeling a little skeptical, she asked: “These are for making the key?” She thought that the key would be a small thing but Fu Wang said that he was going to make the key but ended up making such a large pile of things.

“Yes, it’ll be done soon, why don’t you take a rest.” Fu Wang wrung his wrists and cracked his knuckles. Under Shu Yu’s stunned and respectful gaze, he gradually assembled the various components into a somewhat strange looking table. This took him an incense stick of time[1] at most and Shu Yu silently glanced at his hand, then her own, before retracting her hands into her sleeve. She felt that there was no way she’d be able to assemble this thing even if she had three years.

Besides, this key looked totally different from what she had imagined, she would have to redefine the word “key”. Fu Wang clasped her right hand with his left and placed it into an opening on the table. Shu Yu felt a chill, then the bangle on her wrist disappeared.

The feeling of finally regaining her freedom was wonderful, Shu Yu was now free to go out and roam around the nearby mountains a hundred times! But she still remembered not to reveal a delighted expression otherwise the ever so fragile BOSS would think that she was happy to be away from him.

Fu Wang knew what she was thinking but when he saw her with a nonchalant expression as she tried her best not to show her happiness, he laughed in spite of himself and retrieved from a compartment under the table, the bangle that had reverted back to how it originally looked like.

“Take this, as for this ‘key’, since it’s heavy we’ll just leave it here.”

“Okay.” Shu Yu kept the bangle, agreeing with no qualms. After all, it was highly unlikely that she would use the bangle as handcuffs so she wouldn’t need the key. We can only say that she was being naive again because she missed the friendly smile that BOSS had.

This was the third day of them being chained together by the bangle. After watching last night’s drama, they went in search of a place to wash up and stumbled upon a suitable place to settle so they spent the night there. When they got up in the morning, they started on making the key, so they had yet to clean up this place. If things went according to plan, they would be staying here for six months until it was time to leave the Clear Wilderness.

Their new residence was a little special, located at the upper reaches of the river source. There was a stone platform on a precipitous cliff that caved inwards and faced the water. It was sheltered from the elements, with lush trees on one side and clear gurgling water on the other. Small purple flowers bloomed by the riverbank and an old maple tree stood beside the stone platform. Red and yellow leaves were scattered all over the pond, creating a really beautiful scenery that was pleasing to the eye.

Shu Yu was ignorant of these matters and only looked at the scenery, feeling that this was a nice place. Fu Wang dragged Shu Yu along as he explored the surroundings and checked out the Feng Shui and caves. He looked at the stars in the sky, the surrounding vegetation, the half open-air rock platform that faced the water and the surrounding rocks that were scattered around. Finally, he nodded with satisfaction and laid down a water-wood-stone defense array with a water-wood and wood-soil base before putting up a wood type maze array.

After some contemplation, under Shu Yu’s worshipful gaze towards the male god, he combined the direction of the stars in the night sky and the position of the huge rocks in the water beside the stone platform and laid down a star-shadow killing array. This killing array was probably the most lethal array he had ever deployed since he started his research and he only succeeded because of the particularly suitable terrain.

Shu Yu didn’t understand what was done, only thinking that he had simply put up two formations like before, but Fu Wang had his own considerations.

In Fu Wang’s innermost nature, he was a crazy gambler through and through. Just like when he first met Shu Yu, based on his own assumption after two meetings, he had taken the risk to sound her out. He would’ve died if this speculation had been wrong but he had placed a correct bet so he was now on a completely different path.

Similarly, when he heard about the Penglai Mansion last night and the pure golden lotus it housed, he had decided to go to the Penglai Mansion and had placed a little something on that old acquaintance of his that would let him locate her position.

Now the only problem was hiding this from Shu Yu and leaving for a period of time. He didn’t plan to bring Shu Yu with him. Although Shu Yu was pretty capable now, Penglai Mansion had disappeared for thousands of years and its sudden appearance begged the question of whether it really existed. As the situation was uncertain, he didn’t want Shu Yu to be faced with any danger and didn’t wish to see her get injured.

Fu Wang was swayed the moment he heard this news and started to plan how he would seize the keys to Penglai Mansion. But from the beginning to the end, he had never thought of asking Shu Yu to risk her life to accompany him. In fact, he didn’t even want Shu Yu to know about this.

He could only go alone and persuade Shu Yu to remain here. Actually, Fu Wang didn’t feel at ease having to leave her here alone, even if he knew that Shu Yu was powerful enough to protect herself in the Clear Wilderness.

After thinking about it, Fu Wang set up this killer array to securely protect this place. If……something were to happen to him and he didn’t manage to return, even if Shu Yu was here alone, she would still have an extra layer of protection even if there was any trouble.

If he really were to die there, he would just deem it as him having willingly played a losing hand. Without his harassment and schemes, Shu Yu might even live a better life. If he was lucky enough to return, then he wouldn’t let Shu Yu go and would definitely involve himself with her until his death.

Shu Yu was unaware of Fu Wang’s emotional turmoil. She cleared the space on the stone platform and laid out some furniture before sitting on a boulder and playing with the water. She made splashes with her hand, looking very relaxed.

However, her heart wasn’t relaxed at this moment because she was troubled by a problem. —— How could she deceive the perceptive Fu Wang and leave by herself for a period of time?

Shu Yu recalled last night’s incident and the things she had overheard about Penglai Mansion and the pure golden lotus. When she was at Tianxin Island’s library, she had found a book with records of unusual things and it had described the pure golden lotus.

The book described the pure golden lotus as an innate spiritual object that can change one’s innate root and blood, akin to reconstructing one’s body. It could make a purebred demon’s blood even purer, closer to that of ancient demons. For mixed-blood demons, it could change their bloodline and make them as strong as purebred demons. For half demons, they could be free of the body they were born in, free of the undesired root and the limits on their lifespan.

At that time, she had thought that BOSS would be very happy if he could get the pure golden lotus. Although he had never spoken to her about the loathing he felt towards being weak since birth and had always appeared indifferent, Shu Yu was clear that BOSS wasn’t such an impassive man, for he had deep obsessions. Shu Yu was a girl who had read the novel and she understood him far better than he thought!

Shu Yu had kept quiet then, but this had stayed on her mind. Seeing Fu Wang’s lack of reaction, she guessed that it was probably because he didn’t know what the pure golden lotus was. After all, the Qing family he was at previously probably didn’t have such ancient single-copy books. This was a good chance for her to go to Penglai Mansion without BOSS knowing.

In Shu Yu’s mind, the current BOSS was still a delicate and feeble handsome man who needed to be taken care of. If she knew that BOSS had read eighty to ninety percent of her books in the Tianxin Island library, how would she react?

The both of them thought that the other party didn’t know about the pure golden lotus and each hid their thoughts about going to Penglai Mansion, both wanting the other party to settle here while they themselves sneaked away. They were unusually on the same wavelength.

Shu Yu was getting better at acting dumb. Due to the barrage of thoughts that plagued him, Fu Wang didn’t notice the slight difference in her and so, the two lived in their new residence for two days, each bearing their own thoughts. Fu Wang was able to remain calm but Shu Yu became anxious. As time passed, she would be unable to follow the scent left by the fox clan lady. If she couldn’t find her, how would she know which nook or cranny that Penglai Mansion was located at?

That evening, just as Shu Yu was preparing to grit her teeth and tell Fu Wang that she was going out to practice for a period of time, Fu Wang unexpectedly beat her to it.

“I feel like my cultivation has advanced too quickly these few days and my body is unable to handle it. I might have to go into seclusion for a while. From tomorrow, I’ll retreat to the cave for at least a month or three months at most……it’s just that I’m worried about you being here alone.”

Hearing Fu Wang say this, Shu Yu felt excited. If Fu Wang went into seclusion, it would be the perfect chance for her to go to Penglai Mansion. Thank the gods! It’s just that, if Fu Wang was in poor health, wouldn’t it be best if she guarded outside to avoid any unforeseen trouble?

While she was still at a loss, Fu Wang spoke gently: “You can also take this opportunity to train yourself. You have never left my side since you came to this world. Perhaps you can try getting used to it.”

For the past six months, Shu Yu’s character had changed to become quite decisive. Without any hesitation, she decided to go to Penglai Mansion to bring back the pure golden lotus to gift to Fu Wang when he came out of seclusion.

“I’ll do my best with practice. Don’t worry about me, you have to take care of yourself when you’re in seclusion.”

“Got it, you’ll have to be careful when you’re outside too. If you encounter an enemy you cannot hold out against, just return here. The arrays I’ve laid out will be useful.”

With slight melancholy at having to part, they expressed their sincere concerns for each other and seeing the relaxed smile on the other party’s face, the both of them let out a sigh: “Fortunately, he/she doesn’t know.”

1. Ancient Chinese way of telling the time, it takes 5 minutes for one incense stick to burn

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