TGCMM Chapter 28 – Accident En Route

~ Two Flowers Bloomed, One Each ~

After Fu Wang went into seclusion, Shu Yu quickly left the place. She had to follow the scent left by the Fox Clan lady who had the key to the Penglai Mansion.

When she finally arrived, Shu Yu was disappointed to find that only a trace of her scent remained and she had followed her all the way to a canyon where the scent disappeared. It had probably rained and the scent was washed away. No matter how sensitive Shu Yu’s nose was, she couldn’t smell any traces of her.

Standing at the valley’s entrance with a bitter expression on her face, Shu Yu was a little hesitant. If she couldn’t find her, was she supposed to return empty-handed? No matter how she thought about it, she was unwilling to go with that option. Besides, Fu Wang was currently in seclusion so there was no point in returning, she might as well continue her search.

With her mind made up, Shu Yu looked around before walking straight into the canyon. Pink flowers grew all around the canyon and they smelled pretty fragrant to the nose.

Shu Yu had only lived in this world for about half a year and was still too inexperienced. Her sensitivity to danger was still far behind Fu Wang who had lived in constant danger since he was young. If Fu Wang were here right now and saw the silent canyon and smelled the fragrant flowers, he would definitely be on his guard.

But Shu Yu hadn’t, so she walked right into a trap, meeting failure head-on. As she breathed in the flower’s fragrance that was carried by the wind, her vision turned black and she swayed a little before fainting on the ground.

When she came to, an unknown amount of time had passed and she was surrounded by darkness. Shu Yu waited for her headache to alleviate before she finally saw her surroundings. She was currently tied up in the corner of a dark cave. There was a dark figure beside her, seeming to be another person that had also been captured. That person was motionless and she couldn’t tell whether they were dead or alive.

She assessed herself and realised that she couldn’t use the spiritual power in her body. She wasn’t injured but the mask on her face had been taken off and she had been tied up with a demon binding rope that was usually used by murderers and robbers. Although the binding rope sounded highly sophisticated, it was usually used by bad guys and wasn’t expensive. Fu Wang also had one and Shu Yu had collected many in her Qian Kun pouch from looting various troublemaker demons.

It was precisely at this moment that Shu Yu was extremely grateful to her teacher, Fu Wang. That was because he had taught her how to free herself from this binding rope at the quickest speed. When he had first told her, with a smile on his face, that he wanted to teach her some Meng Ze Realm street smarts, one of the topics had included tying her up with a demon binding rope. Back then, she had thought that BOSS was going to do something indecent and had been really nervous but it turned out that he was simply giving her a lesson.

Thinking back to it now, the embarrassment she previously felt had vanished and was replaced by her admiration for his insight. He was truly the BOSS!

She wriggled and moved herself to lean against the cave wall before adjusting her posture and yanking on the seemingly tight knot with her hands that were tied behind her back. Usually, she would’ve used her sharp demon nails to cut through the rope but the demon binding rope had been made to prevent this and could only be cut with a special knife. However, as per Fu Wang’s method, it would be faster to untie herself with her fingers.

Shu Yu had only learned to untie three simple types of knot and fortunately, the type that was binding her happened to be one that Fu Wang had taught her. Shu Yu quickly untied the demon binding rope and searched herself only to find that her Qian Kun pouch and the dagger that had been tied to her calf was gone.

Shu Yu frowned and clicked her tongue. Once again, she was grateful to Fu Wang for his meticulous preparations. She still had many of the items Fu Wang had given her, like the leather gloves on her hand that had hidden blades; her hair band that hid threads sharp enough to slit someone’s throat and what not; the hidden compartment in the heel of her shoes that contained needles, the poisoned kind; as for her belt, the left side had an additional layer that hid medicinal and commonly used powders, hidden on the right side was poison that Fu Wang had made.

Shu Yu took out a packet of medicine from the second layer and poured it into her mouth. If the person who caught her had used the most common kind of spiritual power suppressing medicine, then this packet of powder would be able to solve it. If it wasn’t, she didn’t have any other ideas but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

She didn’t usually need to use the items that Fu Wang had prepared for her, maybe because she had been too lucky previously. Of course, most demons wouldn’t be able to beat her in a proper fight but when it came to playing dirty, Shu Yu would be done for.

But that’s okay because she could still count on BOSS’ assistance, a big hooray for BOSS! Most demon clansmen had confidence in their own strength and the higher their cultivation level, the more fearless they were. They looked down on using such weak and opportunistic methods and only relied on their own spiritual power. So once they’re unable to use their powers, they are no longer a threat. But as a human being, and one that had been taught by Fu Wang, Shu Yu didn’t have this problem.

She had trained her skills well, so much so that even without using her spiritual powers, this body of hers would be capable of breaking large rocks with bare hands. Besides, she still had her weapons and medicine so she should be able to escape. The medicinal powder took a while to take effect but Shu Yu could feel that she was regaining her suppressed powers bit by bit, and she began to relax.

Shu Yu was now thinking about how she should deal with those kidnappers once she’d recovered her powers, how she should make them kneel and call her daddy.

Shu Yu’s ear suddenly twitched, she heard the rustling of movement not far away. She looked over cautiously only to see a dark figure squirming. Seemingly aware of her gaze, the person said: “Can you help me? Help me to untie this?”

He sounded like a young man. Shu Yu remained motionless and the young man continued: “I am Ji Luo Lian, the younger brother of Ji Sheng Lian who is the young patriarch of the Spirit Clan. If you are willing to help me, I can promise you a favour.”

The man’s tone was clear and indifferent, unlike that of someone who was asking for help. There was no emotion in his words, no fear, joy or anxiety, only boredom. Shu Yu gave it some thought before remembering Ji Sheng Lian. Among the five people at the Lingyin party, besides herself, she had been the only other female present. That girl had a gentle appearance and had been kind towards her.

Compared with the other four clans, Shu Yu preferred the Spirit Clan. Most of them had a character that was similar to their archetype. Except for a small group who were asking for a beating, most of them were peaceful and were not malicious to others without reason. In order to trade skill books for Fu Wang, Shu Yu had had more dealings with demons from the Spirit Clan.

So she stepped forward after a short pause and untied the demon binding rope on the man that was lying on the ground. Shu Yu thought that this man might have probably seen her before since he was Ji Sheng Lian’s younger brother but luckily, it was too dark to make out anyone’s face.

“I’ve saved you once, I don’t need any favours, just give me some books on things like arrays, alchemy or divination.” Thinking that Fu Wang probably didn’t need beginner level books anymore, Shu Yu added: “I want advanced levels, not basic levels.”

The young man sat up and spoke in a flat tone: “My Qian Kun pouch has been taken, everything is inside, I can’t give them to you now.”

Shu Yu suddenly recalled this and said: “I’ll be going after them to get my Qian Kun pouch. I’ll look for yours too, and you can give it to me later.”

The young man became quiet, then he asked, “Why don’t you just take it after you find it?” In his dull tone, his confusion of ‘Why are you so principled?’ could be heard.

“You’re not a bad guy and you’re still alive. We have no grudge against each other so I have no reason to take your things.” Shu Yu sighed, why was she such an honest girl?

Footsteps approached from the entrance of the cave. Shu Yu narrowed her eyes and grasped the blade in her hand, quickly hiding behind a bend near the entrance of the cave.

The flames flickered as two strong men entered with raised torches, chatting loudly as they walked. A rough voice said: “That Fox Clan girl’s Qian Kun pouch had many good things, first brother and third brother were really happy, why is second brother unhappy?!”

The other voice sounded even more unpleasant, a hoarse voice with a tone that was filled with disdain, “Second brother has always been timid, it’s not like ninth brother you didn’t know. He’s worried that someone will come for us if the person we get hold of happens to be a big shot. Hey, if I were to say so, the Fox Clan girl is pretty good looking. We can just kill her after we’re done playing, then burn everything, there’s no need to hesitate or be afraid!”

“Yes yes yes! Eighth brother is straightforward indeed!”

Hearing their awful sounding voices, Shu Yu was sure that they didn’t even amount to a small BOSS and were simply cannon fodder characters. Besides, was the appearance of these two simply to explain the current situation? Just from their words, she knew that there were nine of them in total and they addressed each other as brothers. Other than the secondth brother who was more cautious, the rest were arrogant daredevils. Listening to their uneven footsteps, Shu Yu added another line, these people probably aren’t very formidable and are likely to be very ugly.

“Alas, it’s a pity. First brother will get to play first. Will the girl still be alive when it’s finally our turn?” The man who’d been addressed as eighth brother was still muttering resentfully when he felt a cool breeze sweep past him as he seemed to see a red figure from the corner of his eyes.

He quickly turned around, only to see that ninth brother who had been following behind him had already fallen to the ground. There were thin trails of blood on both his legs and a needle in his throat that prevented him from saying anything. His face expressed his pain but he was unable to move.

The Fox Clan lady dressed in red that they had previously captured and held captive was stepping on his ninth brother’s chest. The dagger’s glint flashed between her fair fingers and she tilted her head to flash him a taunting smile.

“Don’t be sad, I’ll play with your first brother later. How about I play with you first?”

The eighth brother wanted to call out and warn the others but his neck hurt so much that he could no longer speak. The woman who had been stepping on his ninth brother’s chest now had her hand around his neck and had raised him up into the air.

“I hate people with dirty mouths and rascals like you who take off their pants whenever they see girls.” The eighth brother felt a chill in his mouth, a chill in his lower body, followed by a sharp pain. But just like his ninth brother, there was a silver needle stuck in his throat and he couldn’t make a sound or move.

Although he wasn’t dead, this feeling alone was more torturous than death. His demon core had been crushed and his little boy was gone. Even if he really survived, he could only live a shameful life.

Of course, the eighth brother didn’t know that for the past six months, although Shu Yu hadn’t taken anyone’s life while she was in the Secret Realm, if she encountered demons like him, she would first crush his demon core before cutting off his little boy. She would then assess the situation to see if there was any other part that needed to be cut off. Her behavior of leaving them alive was a more savage move than murder and truly lived up to her cruel reputation: A masked Fox Clan lady with a sadistic hobby.

The girl was currently in a bad mood and the dagger in her hand was hungry.

Shu Yu: I’m not a pervert, I’ve just watched too many American superhero films and have resolved to be a lone justice warrior. (Forever young

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