RSMLP Chap 57 – Unmarried mother runs with a ball (5.3)



Noticing the familiar environment, Gu Jinmi was filled with different emotions. I have no time reminiscing, the most important thing is to find a place to stay, if not my son and I will have to sleep in the streets!

“Baby, tomorrow we’ll find a house ok?”

“Ok, I’ll listen to mummy.”

“En, my baby is so good. Now quickly sleep!”

On the morning of the second day, Gu Jinmi brought Gu Mianyang to look for houses.

Gu Jinmi observed the surrounding and nodded her head in satisfaction, this house is not bad, it’s quiet, even though it is a little far away from the school, but overall it can be said that this house is perfect.

“Yang Yang, do you like it here?”

“Like it, Yang Yang like it here. There is a swing and a big tree!”

“En, it’s great, let’s stay here then.”

After making her decision, they immediately moved into the villa. “Yang Yang, you can go out to play for a while, let mummy clean up the house.”

“En, ok mummy, I’ll go play on the swing.”

“Alright, please be careful!” Gu Jinmi watched as Gu Mianyang ran out. She pulled up her sleeves and started cleaning. I don’t like strangers walking around my house. It’s only a little tiring anyways.

Gu Mianyang was in the backyard playing on the swing when a stranger walked out of the next house. Gu Mianyang immediately ran over, looked at Leng Qingyu and said, “Uncle, uncle. Will you be my dad?”

Leng Qingyu held onto the child, looked down and was a little shocked, this child…. He squats down and asked, “little guy, what’s your name?”

“I am Gu Mianyang.”

“Gu Mianyang, where is your mother?”

“Mummy is cleaning the house.”

“Oh, then can uncle bring you home?”

“Ok, uncle! My mummy is very pretty! You will definitely like her! So uncle, can you be my dad?”

Leng Qingyu blushed, what situation is this? But if I didn’t guess wrongly…. haha.

“Mummy, mummy, I brought an uncle home!”

Gu Jinmi was not paying much attention to him yet, and Gu Mianyang just jumped on her. Gu Jinmi quickly threw whatever was in her hands to the floor, caught Gu Mianyang and scolded him sternly, “Gu Mianyang, how many times have I told you, don’t jump on me like that, what if I didn’t catch you in time? You would have fallen!”

“Mummy, mummy, don’t be angry! Mummy, look, I brought home a handsome uncle! Mummy, can this handsome uncle be my father? Yangyang has no dad. Yangyang wants a father.”

After listening to Gu Mianyang, she was shocked, that’s right! I have never thought about it. Yang Yang is only a 3-year-old boy, he will definitely miss his father, fathers in little kids hearts are always heroes. But Yang Yang has never met his father before, so he must really wish to see his father! I totally missed this point.

“Yang Yang misses father.”

Gu Mianyang glanced at Gu Jinmi bashfully, not saying anything else

Gu Jinmi looked at Gu Mianyang and her heart ached, ”Yangyang.”

“Sorry to interrupt but woman, it’s been a long time!” Suddenly a man’s voice was heard from the door

Gu Jinmi looked over and got a shock, t-this man is… this is an exact copy of how my son will look when he grows up! Furthermore, this man still said it’s been a long time, how weird! Have we met before? Why don’t I remember?

“Mummy, mummy, this is the uncle I was referring to, isn’t he handsome? Can this uncle be my father?!”

Gu Jinmi felt really uncomfortable after listening to what her son said. Son, are you trying to sell your mother? “Ummm, excuse me, sir, please don’t mind my son, he is still young.”

“Woman you really don’t remember me.”

“Um! That, should I remember you?”

“Y-y-you, woman, you are like this eh. You dare to forget about me.” Leng Qingyu looked at Gu Jinmi feeling annoyed.

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Even though Gu Jinmi may have an idea of who he is, she still is unwilling to believe! Why did this situation now seem so contrived? “Um, um, cool down!”

“Cool down?! Woman, you are the first person who dares to forget about me.”

Gu Jinmi took a couple of steps back as Leng Qingyu who was taking a step closer with every word, “umm, umm, we were just one-night stands ok? Why would I still remember you”

“One-night stand! Oi! Woman, you really dare to say this! Do you know who am I?”

Gu Jinmi rolled her eyes at Feng Qingyu and replied, “don’t know.”

“I am the director of Qingyu company, and I can also confirm that I am this child’s father!”

Gu Jinmi was on her guard after she heard what Leng Qingyu said. She looked at him and warned, “w-what are you planning, I warn you, I will definitely not give my child to you. This is MY child, even if you want to go to court, I will stand my ground. Just stop thinking that you can make me compromise, you are only a sperm donor.”

“Y-you this woman, how dare you say that, who was the one who ran away silently the next morning. You still have the face to say that! Was it my choice to be absent from my child’s growth?”

“Y-y-you, want to talk then just talk! What! Why do you need to stand so close?! Stay away from me!”

“Woman, didn’t you hear, Yangyang wants me to be his father. Even though you don’t look that pretty and your figure is also not that nice, I still answered even though I was reluctant. But it was not for you! In general, kids with both parents grow up better with both parents!”

“Y-you, who is ugly! Whose figure is not good! When I go out I can attract a lot of men’s attention! I am 1.6 metres, forty-five kilograms, which is obviously the standard figure, okay!? Do you understand!?” Cheh! Humph! Don’t you know that it’s taboo to talk about a woman’s figure? How detestable!

“Why have you burst out in anger[1]?”

“You are the one!”

“Mummy, mummy, why are you quarrelling with uncle?”

Gu Jinmi wanted to say something but Leng Qingyu had already squatted down, looked at Gu Mianyang and said, “Yang Yang, be good! Uncle didn’t quarrel with your mommy, didn’t Yang Yang want me to be your father? Then Yang Yang can just call me daddy. “

“Is it really okay?” Gu Mianyang asked Leng Qingyu beamingly.

“Of course, if you don’t believe me, then ask your mummy.”

“Mummy, can I ?”

Gu Jinmi saw the two of them were looking at her intently,the words of refusal were in her heart but didn’t know how to say it at that moment. Forget it. Forget it. After all, Leng Qingyu is Gu Mianyang’s father. I can’t say anything. She can only helplessly nod.

Gu Mianyang immediately laughed and threw himself into Leng Qingyu’s arms and said, “Daddy, daddy, Yangyang has a daddy now.”

Looking at the interaction between the two people, Gu Jinmi couldn’t help but feel jealous. Yang Yang has never treated me this way!


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1. the author used 炸毛 which means angry until her hair is standing

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